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hey guys what's going on it's ashley here from and welcome to my copy blocks review now as you can see here on the screen uh a fairly blank screen because there's no like um normal dashboard with all the figures and facts it's quite simple to use that's why i like this but you can see the inside of the software so in this video i'm going to run through everything this does so you can make your decision whether this is the right product for you or not but what is copy blocks in a nutshell well this will basically do your copy for you okay your copywriting which is essentially you know the writing that you see on anything on the internet where you're trying to sell something or push someone to click on something that you're offering okay um it will do it through ai through artificial intelligence so there's a there's an algorithm there's a piece of software behind this that will just you put in a few things that i'll show you in a little bit and then it will spit out the other side uh the copy that you'll need to use on your sales page is on your facebook profiles in your emails lots of different places that this will do it for and it does it really well actually i've been having to play around with this before i filmed this video obviously and it's very cool um you know i've seen other artificial intelligence or touted as that around the net before but this actually spits out some pretty decent content you will have to edit it a little bit but what it does spit out is pretty top-notch to be honest it makes sense you know you've seen a lot of these artificial intelligence um software's that that you know they say they're artificial intelligence and then what it spits out is just like gobbledygook you're like what the heck is that right but this isn't the case and you know the reason why i think this would be interesting to you that's watching this right now is because since you know everything that's been going on with the pandemic and the crazy situation in the world so many people have taken their businesses online or started an online business and so the demand for copywriters is huge right now um now it takes years to learn to be a good copywriter it takes you know a long time as well to find a decent copyright if you don't want to learn yourself to do your copy for you or you could use something like copy blocks where the software works for you instantly from the moment that you purchase it so i think there's a big market out there this is a decent piece of software and that's why i think it should be interesting to you so do stick with me we will go into more detail later on in this video around how this works if at any point during this video you do want to pick up copy blocks all you need to do is click on my link in the description below once you click on that link you're going to come through to my bonus page that you can see here on the screen just scroll down until you see some orange buttons click on one of those and you'll go through to the sales page of copy blocks that you can see here scroll down again another orange button click on that and you will lock in your purchase through me now there's two reasons why i go through that process number one i've got a custom exclusive bonus bundle available on this promotion which obviously means you will not find my bonuses with anyone else only through me but in order in order to get those you have to purchase copy blocks through me by going through that process that i just ran through with you okay the link in the description the orange button on the bonus page orange button on the sales page now reason number two you can see a countdown timer there uh when that hits zero i'll be removing all of my bonuses so to avoid disappointment you want to get in the pot before it hits zero okay now the schedule for this video what we'll do is we'll run through my bonuses real quick now so you know exactly what you're gonna get completely free of charge bundled in with your purchase then we'll jump into the software and i'll show you how to set things up what it spits out the examples of those there's a lot that it does um and then after that we'll go through the pricing so if you do want to pick this up you know exactly how much it's going to set you back okay okay so let's go back to my bonus page we can run through those bonuses all right so i've got a bit of information here about copy blocks that you can go through in your own time and some testimonials there as well the pricing that will go through the end of the video like i said we've got a demo video from the vendors that you can check out whenever you want but you've also got bonus number one here okay i'll show you how to design a high converting page with your copy blocks uh copy so you can either design yourself because obviously copy blocks is just gonna do the copy which is the text right you'll still need to get someone to design those pages for you uh you know you're taking inspiration from other people or other pages that you've seen that have converted well and you can kind of take inspiration from that or you could learn to do design yourself and learn how to use but website builders but in this video that i filmed i will show you what aspects that you need to be using even if you outsource it or if you do it yourself how your website needs to look with your copy blocks copy to make sure that it's converting really highly okay because it's like copy is one side of things when it comes to websites or anything that you're using to sell something okay uh design is a huge aspect as well it needs to look good it needs to be placed properly different things need to be in different places or the correct places right and i'll show you how to do that in my bonus number one okay uh bonus number two is follow up with your perspective customers with my 30 day email sequence just copy and paste okay so um you know if you want and you really should be offering the copy that copyblock spits out the other end two prospective customers so you can make some money on the side and have an extra revenue stream but obviously however you decide to go out and find those clients they're not all going to be converting and saying yes please give me your copy um for my pages so you need to follow up with them via email okay and to do that you need to put a lot of thought into how you're going to follow up with these people how to keep giving them value um you know keep them engaged you know want to white list your emails so you your subsequent emails don't go into the spam folder lots of things here okay and inside of this bonus number two i'm going to give you my full 30 day which is long enough uh follow-up sequence that has been designed by professionals including myself um to work to provide value to keep people engaged and all you have to do is copy and paste it into your own autoresponder or whatever you use to send out emails okay that's bonus number two uh bonus number three that i've got here is learn how to sell your copywriting services on fiverr so fiverr is the obvious platform um to go out and sell your services the copy writing services the copy blocks will enable you to do i mean there are other sites out there like freelancer off the top of my head um [Music] uh up work i think is the other one up work right um but five is a great one to start with okay um so you should really be going on to fiverr and setting yourself up correctly to start offering your services now um i filmed this video to show you exactly how to do that correctly how to make sure that you're setting yourself apart from your competition because there will be a lot of competition when it comes to copywriting services because that's been around for years as a service um so in this bonus i'm going to show you how to get ahead how to set things up correctly and get yourself started offering services on fiverr okay that's bonus number three uh bonus number four is get traffic to your service offering with my top five traffic sources so uh obviously fiverr being listed on there you're gonna get traffic just by the very nature of being listed on there but um you should be putting your services or offering your services elsewhere and that could be social media that could be google ads that could be youtube ads it could be whatever right uh it could be to an email list that you have you know i don't know but um traffic is going to be the lifeblood of this because you need people to have eyeballs on your offering um to then you know purchase the copy that copyblox is going to give you right um one thing i would say you know already is keep your um your service offering price quite low because you're going to get copy blocks for a one-time fee that's going to be affordable and we're going to go through that later on um so if that's the case and it is you might as well offer really low you can undercut your competition that's going to be a great way to get lots of uh customers on board okay but the traffic sources will really help you i'll show you my five top ones all inside this bonus number four okay and then last but not least is bonus number five so any of any uh vendors any bonuses that the vendor gives to me to give to you i'll obviously put on my bonus delivery page so that you'll get access to those okay so this is basically launching today on september the 10th on the jvzoo network um at 11 am est so you will not be able to purchase before that point comes around but when it does the cart will open you'll be able to make your purchase just jump into your warrior into your jvzoo even uh find your purchase of copy blocks and when you do you'll see a button that says access affiliate bonus okay click on that you'll see ashley digital um that's my name on jvzoo and you just go through to that link and then you'll be on my bonus delivery page to access all these bonuses i just ran through with you automatically okay so super easy super simple no proof of purchase or receipt needed to be sent to me or anything like that okay all right so they're the bonuses let's now jump into the software so when you first get in um i mean i think i've got access to basically the front end so which is the basic version um maybe if you grab one of the upgrades it will look like there's more options but you know what right now i kind of like this it's clean it's easy to navigate it's simple it's not overwhelming this works for me so obviously as soon as you get in you click on add project okay you give the project a name so i've already oh no i definitely called that ass that's classic oh no that's that's um i look forward to your comments people i'm going to call it ashley test2 and not press s twice by accident with my finger uh that's actually test two okay so let's create new project um and then basically this software starts talking to you so look welcome ashley parry i'm ethan a professional copywriter powered by artificial intelligence i will be helping you with your marketing copies let's start with a few questions about your product what is the name of your product or offer so i tell you what my last launch was called latitude so let's call it latitude do that send it to him what does he come back with how would you describe your product or offer please be as detailed as possible okay so this was latitude was created by a 12 year old kid so let's say see how this 12 year old kid cracked a let's do this instead cool that will do it's not perfect and you'd probably put a lot more thought into it than i am doing right now in this video um but you're giving it something to work with you're telling it that it's a 12 year old kid that's running the training which is true that's what um you know latitude was created by well that's who latitude was created by um he is he's going into 2.5 billion dollar loophole and that's how much he's earning per week passively so you're giving the technology the ai something to work with so let's see what it does we do that see please choose your preferred tone of voice professional academical childish luxurious mysterious slang friendly and confident well that very much depends on the offer or the service or the product that you're selling on the page that you want copy blocks to create the copy for right um i i don't know i'm gonna go with because i just remember our sales page had kind of a luxurious um video on there especially at the end so i'm gonna click on luxurious okay and click on send please choose your preferred writing style filtered and optimized or highly creative let's go highly creative who is your target audience well to be honest with latitude it was pretty much everybody um so let's do that but i guess you could you know you can have other offers that are more niche you know let's put everyone see this is a cool aspect of this you know it doesn't necessarily just have to be english copy you can do it in other languages so if you're watching this and your audience isn't english speaking bingo this is interesting right so i'm going to choose english all done i can proceed now to write your copy blocks okay write my copy so then it will do its thing as you can see from that progress bar and then we're going to get a few options out the other end so look secret's to make more than see that's wrong so we want to be editing that a little bit but latitude is an application that helps you make money with your smartphone 10 minutes a day we pay you up to 5000 a week and about a thousand a month after you make only 10 minutes a day effort uh i don't know why they've done that just figured out how to can earn 2537 dollars per week that one's a little bit better but i'm not really liking those too much so let's regenerate the copy and give me some more options so latitude creates the performance model portfolios that outperform the market we're the smartest money you've ever invested uh i see this one's better right latch shoe can help you earn money for as little as five minutes per day join millions of people around the world uh and take advantage of this loophole and earn up to two thousand five hundred dollar thirty seven dollars per week that's cool um latitude is a social profile i don't know why it's done that so this is just general ad copy that we've got selected on the right hand side of here okay um and i think what i need to kind of get across to you is that i basically replicated our sales headline that we already had on the latitude sales page which i guess you're not really meant to do you're not meant to feed into this artificial intelligence and already copy written text right um you're meant to just do general stuff and then let it do this so maybe i'm confusing this a little bit by giving it already optimized text but you know this is a review video this is an overview video so don't take this for gospel this does spit out decent stuff um you know even when you don't put in already created copy like i just did um you will have to do a little bit of editing a little bit of tweaking but this is taking the thinking off of your shoulders and it's you know it's harboring all of that okay but you can choose different things you've got facebook primary text um and then so it's taken my description again it's got the the product name all the various aspects that i've already selected and then i'm going to say i've reviewed google's advertising uh policies generate the copy again for facebook let's see what it spits out for this genius or cheat would you believe that this 12 year old kid figured out a loophole that makes him passive income without ever hitting the end of the runway well i don't know why it's the end of the runway but maybe see that maybe that's the artificial intelligence thinking about um latitude you know that's what all to do with flying you know plotting your course on a map maybe that's what i thought about that's really good though that's good already um see look that's what it's thinking like latitude is a revolutionary new platform which connects products uh to their customers based on physical location see latitude on a map so that's what it's trying to do with that so you've got to you've got to cut this ai some slack it's never going to be as good as a human being but the for the price that you pay on this uh it's pretty good you know we've got facebook headlines that we can generate for that as well uh website and e-commerce let's see what let's see what um headlines it generates for websites there you go learn how this 12 year old became a millionaire it's pretty decent uh 12 year old accidentally hacks two yeah that's really good uh latitude is the number one passive income system sky rotting skyrocketing digital currency profits that's really good as well so obviously the ai is performing better in different copy blocks here maybe not so well and i get that right because it's the general ad copy it's very general so it's struggling to do better there but if you give more specifics like this is for website and e-commerce right boom now it's now it's um spitting out better stuff um now sales copy this is the world that i'm in right now it's got pain to agitate solutions let's see what it spits out with that right so it's going to give us a pain it's going to agitate that pain and then it's going to provide people with solution just by using this description of the product and the product name so let's generate it let's see what it comes out with it's taking a little bit longer than usual because i think it's taking a bit more thinking on this one right so we've got bank account it's shrinking every day you want to know how solution work with unafraid unashamed and unapologetic apologetic marketers of all ranges and expertise and scale ambitiously uh not so sure about that one that's pretty cool middle aged adult tired of juggling complicated investments latitude has your solution that's pretty cool that's cool see look that's very cool right i didn't even say how has it done that that's so cool right i didn't even say that i don't think i did did i in the in the product description that last shoot is about nfts that's what it's about right it's about how that 12 year old is making money from nfts and how you can too if you pick up latitude how does it know that look latitude offers a personal and hands-on on alternative in the form of a revolutionary blockchain-based wallet and high-performance cryptocurrency trading platform establishing a completely transparent open decentralized platform to make personal finances powerful and straightforward that's see that's super cool right i don't even know how it did that and that makes a lot of sense and this one's the best one so far that shows you how powerful this artificial intelligence is this is matt i could go through this all day i find this fascinating but i'm gonna bore you guys silly if i carry on doing this but you can do emails um you can do corer answers so if you want to get yourself big on cora sentence improver i think that's going to be one of the upgrades though marketing real estate listing shopify product features marketing ideas seo company this is very cool guys and then you just copy and paste it and put it where you want and you saw there there was a couple of hiccups a couple of things that weren't bang on but some of them are really bang on uh again you'll have to do a little bit of editing but i think this is worth it all day long but that's up to you to make your make your choice really okay so that's the inside of the software that's what it looks like remember to go and check out that um demo from the vendor on my bonus page whenever you want as well but let's go through the pricing so you know how much this very cool piece of tech is going to set you back if you do want to pick it up okay so it's all the pricing is back on my bonus page here uh so for the front end is 47 bucks or you can get a bundle at 247 which gives you upsell one two three and four okay if you want to get the 247 or if you just want to get the front end at 47 um it gives you all of this stuff okay that it says there right upside number one which is the unlimited version at 97 so you can do unlimited amounts of copies you get unlimited credits unlimited projects which is going to be perfect when you sell this to other people as a service unlimited downloads ai training train the ai to write the way you want it to write they say i can learn this is done by giving the ai examples of how it should write that's very cool so that's episode number one upsell number two which is the pro version at 67 more copy categories so you get email writer sentence improver i said that would be one of the upsells right expand sentence 20 new categories coming in the next few months uh faster speed of copy generation if you grab this so that's the episode two okay priority vip support right up so number three which is the agency at 47.

So client slash team access um everything you need to start a wildly successful copywriting agency business um stunning ready-made video agency website irresistible proposal ms word and powerpoint highly optimized cold email cold call email sequence um [Music] all of this stuff to do an agency okay that's episode number three upsell number four digital marketing agency success package at 67. uh get 10 new state-of-the-art agency kits in one awesome package done for your websites proposals graphics contracts and more designs so that's very cool how you get loads here um 10 software apps to help you deliver the services uh exclusive rights to our testimonial on case studies to impress your clients cool stuff here man episode number five reseller 30 and 50 accounts at 497 so you can go out and resell copy blocks if you get the 30 or 50 accounts package okay admin panel to create and manage users done few marketing kit training and bonuses we handle the server and our hosting on our super fast amazon cloud and it is super super fast right the copies you know the copy is what it is but look it is a super nicely designed piece of kit right um we handle the support uh plus unlimited reseller rights to six premium apps okay so guys that was basically my copyrights review if you've got any questions then please do leave them in the comments below and i'd also really appreciate it if you could hit the like button because it helps me out with the youtube algorithm also hit the subscribe button and the bell notification icon next to it so you're notified of any new content that i upload to youtube in the near future but that's it from me until next time keep safe keep well and i'll speak to you very soon cheers guys

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