Is Really A Good Copywriting Tool? A Software Review + Facebook Ads Test

so lately i've been scrolling tick tock and been seeing this resource called everywhere they claim it to be a huge time saver for writing copy whether it be for your blog post your facebook ads whatever it might be we're gonna go check it out so this is gonna be a review but also a test to see if the ad copy performs better than an actual person writing it that's what we're doing today i'm super excited because i've seen the hype i know it's a relatively new company and i love reviewing softwares let's dive into it and let's check it out okay so right off the bat ad copy simplified compose high performing audience based ad copy in seconds i love to hear that we got a little demo here okay cool this is a really solid website by the way so i'm going to go ahead and start a free trial here and i'm just going to sign up real quick all right welcome getting a few things set up for your disclaimers for success all the outputs are generated by ai oh wow they have product descriptions as well okay so this ai is not just for ad copy then it's for all sorts of other things which is really cool we're here for the facebook primary text because that is what i wanted to test so we're going to go ahead and create this the name of your brand or product i'm going to put i'm gonna be testing this for my vegan leather footwear brand which is called tastemaker supply but instead of using that name i'm gonna put vegan leather shoes i think it'll just relate more pretty much everything that i included in this paragraph is something that i would include in a facebook ad now it's time that we test this out so in three two one make copy now typically it doesn't take me that long to actually oh okay okay right off the bat we got a lot of different copy so let's look at the first one good style a better experience we build vegan leather shoes with the environment in mind it's scratch resistant water resistant and guaranteed not to crack or peel for uh in 10 plus years that is pretty good i'm gonna heart that okay right off the bat let me just say that the first four or five that i've read have zero grammatical or spelling issues i haven't even mentioned my family's most groundbreaking charming intelligent robot me tastemaker was born when founder your ghost marco polos wanted to make more from his shoes i have no idea where that came from dude i don't even know who this guy is is this guy even a real person dude let's check dude i don't even think this is a real person um if you want to change the world but can't fasten your shoes then tastemaker is the brand for you that's funny vegan leather shoes made to fit every occasion from 79 usd i wonder if they pulled this from our website probably i bet they did i bet they did because how else would they be able to know that i'm gonna give this a four stars and the reason why i'm giving it four stars is because i'm blown away by first of all just basics right spelling grammar the variety of different copies um the different types of approach that they're giving you to write a facebook ad copy this is really really solid the reason why i'm not giving it five stars is because i noticed a couple places where they used words i didn't input like recycled there's one where the the sentence is incomplete there's just some small things right this this this random founder name out of these i think there's probably 15 or so three of them really stand out to me and what i'm looking for is a way for for this copy to hook people in because i'm going to use this as cold traffic copy which is for people who have never heard of my brand before let's try it out with some real facebook ads shall we now's the time we actually get to test this copy against my facebook ads that are currently running and i'm super excited for this because one of them in particular i really want to test is this one looking for a perfect pair of vegan leather shoes sometime back we were just like you on the hunt for a pair of truly high quality vegan leather shoes that search led us to great taste maker shoes a taste maker we have perfected our craft of creating quality vegan leather shoes that are as close to their animal counterparts as possible so what i'm going to do is i'm going to take my prospecting campaign for women it has just over 4x return on ad spend so what i'm going to do is i'm just going to copy the campaign keep everything the same i'm going to target these four interests i'm going to use the same creative and we're going to come back in a couple days and check out what the results are look at a couple metrics and see if there was any difference using the ad copy all right i'm back and it's november 17th which means it's been two days since my new campaign has been running with the facebook copy so let's dive right into the numbers and look at the two campaigns to see which one performed better so in order to judge it fairly what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna pull up the data for the first two days of my original campaign and compare that to the the two days for the campaign and that way we can kind of see from the beginning results which one is kind of on its way to success for this one we can see that this resulted in five purchases the cost per result was 36 dollars and 12 cents that's not bad you know five five purchases for 180 dollars 36 dollars per cost result is actually pretty good now let's look at the copy.

ai campaign and see what the results were so here is the data and we spent a total of 188.52 cents the results were two purchases at a cost per result of 94 dollars and 26 cents obviously from this we can say that even from the beginning the campaign where i created and copyright everything it performed better it performed better it got more purchases and did it at a lower cost per result so the big question is is worth it and do these results mean that is not worth it should you just learn copywriting by yourself well first of all i imagine that copy.

ai is a resource for people who don't have the time to optimize a facebook description and think about what they should write you know the truth is with my original campaign it took me probably 10 minutes to write this maybe even less and i'm not trying to say that to brag i'm saying that all i did was have a really deep understanding of what my customers always ask and i just put that in caption form i guess what i'm saying is that there's nothing that can truly beat a human's understanding of their customers you know two or three years of experience talking to my customers in real life online on social media i've talked to literally hundreds of people hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of my customers and over time i've just developed this understanding of what my customers ask and what they always need with that said in my opinion i'm still a big fan of you are saving a ton of time the actual caption itself is pretty damn good you know based on my personal experience and what i know to be true about people's attention spans and copywriting as a skill this is a good caption i think what would really buff it up is if you added your own line breaks and you added some emojis maybe to kind of ease the eyes make it so it's not one big block of text that you just have to read through then i think this would be a really really strong facebook description it definitely has a huge use in the market especially for people who don't have time to make descriptions and write blogs and all these different things it does a pretty damn good job of crafting a long form piece of text that is pretty much very very relevant to your brand this is a great tool for people who are just starting their business and might not have all the knowledge and experience of talking to their customers and interacting with them they're just getting started of course you don't understand your customer needs you haven't talked to them enough and you haven't talked to enough of them in general i would say it's also a great tool for people who are very busy maybe they're releasing you know five blogs a week or constantly changing all sorts of ad copy and testing it at a very very high level it's also super helpful for people who don't want to hire a digital marketer and they just want to hire an ai robot because at the end of the day the ai robot is going to produce highly relevant text it's going to save you the time to train and manage someone if you actually were to onboard them and it's only 99 a month which might sound expensive if you're a startup or you know something like that but 99 a month can be super worth it especially considering that they're able to produce facebook descriptions blogs just blogs alone would probably be worth the 99 a month i would say if you're on the fence of trying i would say go ahead and try it out and even run some ad campaigns just like me because you might have different results they have a seven day free trial so i would take advantage of that my final thoughts on this is that the best way that you can use a tool like is if you understand what a good caption looks like and you have a deep understanding of what your customers want to hear and the language they want to use and you use and together you can craft these beautiful little blog babies or facebook description babies that are super optimized because this gave me a lot of ideas that i don't think i would have thought of that i could turn into something that would be highly effective so that's pretty much it um really fun video here i really enjoyed this i love reviewing new softwares or even old softwares that can improve your workflow so if you have any recommendations on your favorite plugins softwares apps whatever it might be please include them in the comment down below and i'll find a way to create some content around it with that guys i think that about wraps it up if you enjoyed this video my only favor is to give me a thumbs up because it allows me to get this content out to people who might want to use it or might find it entertaining hope you guys have a great week and see you next time peace

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