Best Lazy Way To Make Money Online For Beginners In 2023! (100 A Day)

in this video I'm going to show you six ways that you can make money online and not just anyway these are some lazy way in case you're looking for easy methods to make money online in 2023 and even one of these methods we found someone making 45 an hour and they've made more than thirty thousand dollars that's insane now I make money every single day online that's my full-time job I've even won awards doing it so I do know what is working online right now with some of these particular methods you won't need any money to start them and these are extremely easy to do and easy for you to figure out and I'm going to take you through every single one step by step so let's jump into this video and I will show you how to make money online in 2023 the lazy way for beginners let's get started alright guys so we're going to go through each one of these now they're not in order so number one isn't necessarily the best and I'm going to show you some of them where you can actually use AI AI like chat GPT and mid-journey to make the process much faster for you so let's jump into the first one and we're going to get through this really really quickly guys and I've done most of these in my business already and I know that these can potentially make you money so the first one is faceless YouTube channels with AI now you don't necessarily have to use AI if you don't want to but it can help now I actually have a faceless YouTube channel I've talked about it in previous videos you can go and find that on my YouTube channel but essentially what you do is you go ahead and you create these channels that are faceless you don't have to use your face and you don't have to use your voice I'm going to show you some examples um I'll show you this one first the five best laptops for students they don't show their face or anything like that and they're potentially using an AI voice now what you can do is you can use chat GPT to do two things with this you can use it to actually give you a list of faceless niches like this right now I actually spelled it wrong but that's okay one of them is a ASMR gaming tutorials and DIY animation product reviews reviews which is what I just showed you storytelling top list which is kind of like the same as product reviews um we have music production and remixing and travel Vlogs I don't know how travel Vlogs work because you probably need to use your face now what I can do with check GPT is I can ask it to actually make me a video script so I'm going to tell it to give me a video script all right what I've done is I've asked it to write me a video script of the five best laptops for students now what you would do is you would potentially go and find these laptops and then you'll go and find royalty free images online and you can do content like this now how do you actually go ahead and make the money first you make the money from advertising but you also make money from these links down here these are affiliate links where you would get a commission from Amazon so you can go ahead and you can use chat GPT to do that and here's some more examples of other channel we have this channel which is a faceless YouTube channel about making money online and making websites it looks like with this particular one and then we have what are called rain channels where they just do images and rain sounds and they have those going for like 10 hours 15 hours and things like that and you just make money from advertising on those particular channels and then how do you actually go ahead and make the videos you can use a software like in video where you can use a free video editing software and you can edit images and videos royalty free from online and you can use chat GPT to help you get ideas and write content for you and you can go ahead and you can start your own business with YouTube faceless channels alright the next one we can do is called affiliate marketing and we can also use AI for this we don't have to but I'll explain to you exactly what you can do what you can do is you can go to a website called and you can go ahead and create yourself an account in a specific Niche now don't worry about the niche right now I'll explain the method to you first and then you can decide on what type of Niche you would like to do what you want to do in Pinterest for example I've gone ahead and searched for health tips we'll use this as the base niche in this tutorial what you can go ahead and do is you can create these things where you go and give away health tips and if you actually click on this particular pin it goes to a specific website and on that website it would have the health tips that we are actually looking for now there's a few ways you can actually go ahead and do this you can go and create a website yourself giving away health tips or you can just straight make money via what we call an affiliate link if you go ahead and create your own website you can use chatgpt to go and write these articles for you but what you want to do is head over to a website called and sign up to an account once you've signed up to an account go to the marketplace and click on top offers and in the top offers section you're usually going to come across what what we call Health Products so these two are house products um this is a health product as well this is a health product and this is also a health product and another Health product and they keep going what you want to do is you want to find a specific product usually one that will give you um that will give away health tips or something like that or just something to do with health it would be better to do your own website but you don't actually have to if you don't want to and then what you do is you go ahead and you get the specific link so let's just say that we're going to go ahead and promote this link you would go to promote and you're going to get what we call an affiliate link create hop link what you do is you send people to that specific link so what you want to do is you want to use a link shortener and then you want to go and post it on Pinterest but keep in mind you're going to have to post a lot on Pinterest to build up a following and to get traffic so you're not going to make money straight away it will take some time but what I recommend you do is this is create the pins create your own free website I have tutorials on my YouTube channel on how to do that and then in here have links to that um specific products they have affiliate links in the content right guys so now what I want to do is get into some really easy methods that you can use to make money online and one of the most popular ones right now I actually know someone doing this they're making quite a bit of money and I also used to pay my thumbnail guy quite a bit of money and that is creating YouTube thumbnails now you can actually use software now free softwares or paid softwares and you can go ahead and create YouTube thumbnails so if I click on this here this is called I'll leave a link below but if I click on this for example this is the thumbnail here I can click on customize this thumbnail and what's going to happen with canva is when you click that customize this thumbnail all of these thumbnails on the left are going to come up that you can actually click and then customize these specific thumbnails now keep in mind some of them are going to be paid but it's not very expensive to actually have canva and you'll be making money in return anyway but let me show you how much some people are actually making so for example if you go to this guy here is making 25 US dollars per hour this person seven US dollars per hour this person 10 US dollars per hour this person 25 US dollars per hour 15 US dollars per hour 15 us per hour most of these guys are making more than minimum wage by simply going and creating YouTube thumbnails now what I want to show you here is a YouTube channel this is a gaming playing right now but as you can see all of their thumbnails are very similar so once you actually create a template and you work for somebody you can keep using that same template over and over again and you can just change it but I would highly recommend creating YouTube templates using to go ahead and create thumbnails and you can also use something like now you won't make as much money on people don't really expect to pay much money on Fiverr but people are making from 87 slips just click on this one real quick this is the top rated one um 80 86 New Zealand dollars that's like 50 US dollars for one thumbnail oh yeah there you go 50.

I got that pretty right and then standard we have 45 us for two thumbnail designs and then forty dollars each for three thumbnail designs so you can make fifty dollars per thumbnail this is one of the best ways to go ahead and make money with this method all right another great way to make money online this is going to be a very quick one is use AI tools to make stickers and sell on Etsy if we go to Etsy right here and I put in stickers you can see people are selling stickers and they make up money by selling stickers we actually did a video recently where we saw a store that's making hundreds and thousands of dollars we actually found one that made millions of dollars selling stickers online what you can use is you can use mid-journey and AI tool to go ahead and create some stickers I've created some right here which are steampunk rabbits we actually did this for a tutorial recently but you can see the kind of prompts I've been putting in but you can use AI tools to create these stickers for you don't have to go and create them yourself and you can see I've got a really nice one here and you can go ahead and you can sell these on just a quick one because this is a really simple one to do and understand if you want a tutorial on this there is one on my YouTube channel now we're going to jump to number six quickly and then we're gonna go back to number five and what this is is this has been a scriptwriter now we talked about being a YouTube thumbnail designer you can actually become a YouTube script writer as well because people need scripts for their videos this guy charges 35 an hour 45 an hour 30 an hour the scope chart is 20 45 25.

Let me show you how easy it is to make a video script with chat GPT all right I just asked check GPT to write me a one minute video script about how to make money online and right now it's doing that exact thing for me so as you can see you can go ahead and you can use chat GPT to go and create these video scripts that people are paying 25 35 45 dollars an hour for it's insane this person's made twenty thousand dollars this person thirty thousand this person eight thousand this person five thousand ten thousand so this is a great method to go ahead and make money online alright guys the last method I quickly want to talk about is called AI launch jacking let me explain to you exactly what this means so if we go to a website called it lists products that are getting launched into the marketplace soon and you can get paid a commission from promoting those particular products it's called affiliate marketing as you can see down here has a list of products that are getting launched soon and it has the commissions that you'll get paid fifty percent fifty percent fifty percent fifty percent it's usually around about 50 here's an example of one here where you get um where there's prizes and what you do is you click on the JV page and it will take you to a page with all the information that you need on that particular product as you can see down here it's got the date it's got the um the commissions per sales you'd make 1 600 per sale it's got how many um leads uh how much you'll get paid per lead prize pool all of that sort of stuff and what you can do is you can go ahead and you can promote these specific products to make a commission and what I'll do right now is there this is a little bit more in depth for this video but if you want to know how to make money online with this I will leave a link in the description of a video showing you how I've done it in the past go and check out that video below and this and it will show you exactly what to do all right guys so that is six ways you you can go ahead and make money online in 2023 some of it using AI some of it not with the launch jacking method you can use chat gbt to create the content all right go try these methods and hopefully you can make some money online with these

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