Best Way To Make Money Online Per Day With Done For You Kit In 2023! (Step by Step)

this is an award for making money online this is another award from the same company and these are also two Awards right here for making money online and in this video I'm going to show you exactly how to make money all right guys so over the years I've made a full-time living online for over 10 years now I have tons of awards and in this video I want to show you how to make money online and we're going to do this with a done for you system that's already ready to go so I'm going to give you a winning system that's making money the tools needed to do this step-by-step tutorial on how you can do this and we're going to do this all in the next 15 minutes so super quick now you can do this worldwide and that's one of the best things about this specific method so let's jump into this tutorial but before that I'm still doing my course giveaway what you need to do is find the Emoji in this video once you find that emoji leave a comment below smash that like button and then I will pick a winner in the next video so make sure you subscribe so you know if you've won so let's jump into this video to show you how to make money online with this done for you system alright guys I'm going to show you a few ways to do this method to make money online so you want to do first is you want to head over to and you want to go ahead and register an account or login if you already have one the next step is you want to go to the marketplace and you want to put in keto and you want to click search now I'm not going to get into too much detail of about what this website is because this is a done for you system so I'm just going to go directly to what we need to talk about but briefly this website is an affiliate marketing website where we can promote products for a commission and you want to come down to this one here called the custom keto diet where you get a 75 Commission Now what you want to do is you want to click on affiliate support page and the reason you want to do this is because they have everything that we need to go ahead and make money with this particular offer so first of all you can actually join their Facebook group to get more tips and tricks I would highly recommend you actually do that and they'll also promote new offers in there as well but if we go all the way down we have everything that we need to get started every single little thing from keywords to videos to even landing pages so the next step is we need to go ahead and create what we call a landing page or a bridge page now the good thing about this is they actually have one for you if you have your own click funnels account you can go click here to clone the pre-sale pages and they're going to give you all of the pages that you actually need make this work now I have my own page that I've created and I'm going to show you exactly how you can use that one instead of using this one because I feel that it works better I've tested it before in the past but that's what you want to do if you want to go ahead and get some custom Pages you can simply just go ahead and download those now the next step before we actually get into the pages is we can do two things to make what we call a lead Magnet or give away a free offer you'll understand what this is about in a second number one you can download their one so if we go click download here it's going to give us a free book that we could go ahead and give away to people so we can get leads and we can make money with affiliate camera missions or if you don't want to use their one because everyone's going to be using their one you can go ahead and use chat GPT and you can put in something like write a 3000 word book on the top eight keto diet tips now I've just thrown this in there for this tutorial but as you can see it's given me a book for a lead magnet to give away for free so we can get leads and we can get sales so what we've done I'm going to use this whiteboard for this example we have gone and we've gone and downloaded a free book okay so this is going to be the free book that we're going to give away for free we're going to call it FB not Facebook free book now keep that in mind and we're going to come back to this in a second and I'll explain to you how this is all going to link up the next step is we need to go ahead and create an email account so we can actually go ahead and send that free book out now you could use something like gitresponse to go and do this and what happens is you go ahead and sign up to get response and you go and create what is called an automated system that sends out the book automatically what I'm going to do is leave a video below showing you exactly how you can go ahead and set all of that up there is a little bit of a process but it'll show exactly what you need to do and we're going to use that to go ahead and send that book out now the next step is we need to go and create what is called a bridge page so this is a bridge page right here okay now this isn't the product we're promoting or anything like that but this is called a bridge page let me explain to you how that works so we have our free book okay and what we have here is called a bridge page so we'll just call this a BP and what we do is we send people to this bridge page okay we can't send people directly to the offer with the traffic method that we are going to use so we send people to this bridge page and what happens is they click a little button where we say get a free book and then what happens is we then use that email system called get response so we'll name this gr and what happens is that lead or that email goes on to get response and then they get sent to free book okay so that is how that works and then what actually happens as well is there is another step that we're going to talk about in a second I'll leave a arrow right here so we can talk about that so when you get this page I'm going to go edit the page now don't worry about the book that's on there don't worry about the text you can change all of that I will leave a link below for this specific page that you can use what you want to do is you want to go back to digistore and you want to go up to here and get your affiliate link and you want to copy this affiliate link oh there you go that's the product I was not supposed to do that you want to click on here and you want to copy this affiliate link now I'm going to go back to here and I'm going to go down to free download and I'm going to go open the pop-up okay we want to open the pop-up and then we're going to go pop up here and show pop-up and we already actually have one in this funnel that you can use and this is the pop-up here and you just want to make sure that this here and go to set to action is set to submit order and form submit then you want to go to settings and you want to go to General and in this one here on on submit to go you want to highlight this and you want to go and put in your own affiliate link and then what's going to happen is when people go ahead and they put in their email and they sign up for that book if you have set up this correctly they are going to go ahead and get that free book sent to them but then they're also going to get directed to your affiliate link that is going to send people to this because we can't send people directly to the page now how do you connect get respect response with click funnels super easy you go to settings and Integrations and you can go ahead and follow the steps on how to set that up they have tutorials on how to set that up it's very simple you just go to get response here and they have it set up in my settings so what we're doing is we're sending people to the bridge page we're sending them to get response where we get our email list that's actually supposed to be an r and then we send them to our free book or free offer and then they're going to get sent to our affiliate page okay well the offer page where we make a commission so now how do you actually get the traffic that's the best part about this offer they have everything that we actually need to make this work so what we can do now is we can go to their affiliate page we can scroll to the bottom they tell us the gender the age group and the countries that it best Works in so all we need to do now is scroll all the way down to here and we need to First download the keyword list we are going to need that and we need to download so they actually have emails that you can use and get response if you like but we want to download videos so I'm going to download one called a guide to keto and I'm going to download that video I'm just going to unzip it real quick all right so now I have a full video that I can actually use for this it's got this lady here and she's talking about the product and not only that I have a full keyword list that I can use so how can we go ahead and get traffic for this it's actually quite easy so there's something that's kind of changing right now on YouTube and you can get in on this quickly it's kind of new so recently well not really recently but obviously adverts have been on YouTube for quite some time and this is an advert right here at the top you can see it says add now recently it's not showing here at the moment but they've been testing out ad placements down here in these sections so if you remember back in the day on Google search on actual Google itself there'll be like one sponsored ad now there's four or five they're going to be pushing more advertising the same way on YouTube so they're going to start putting more advertising in these sections down here I've seen it recently that they are actively testing this out so we're going to use ads because this is the best way to get traffic right now quickly and they are testing it and pushing more ads on the space of YouTube so what you want to do is you want to go over to YouTube ads and you simply do that by going over just do just put in Google Google ads and sign up an account alright I do apologize my camera went flat but this is what your dashboard should look like I am actually on the old dashboard I changed to it because that's what I do like but she might be on the new one what you want to do is get a new campaign and click new campaign and then you want to click website traffic the reason why is because your account will be fresh and you're not going to be optimized for sales or leads anyway and then just go continue you won't have any of this stuff here that's just because my account has been used and you want to go to video ads and then you want to go to continue or you can do Discovery ads if you like however video ads is fine and then we're going to go to continue you want to name your ad and then you want to do countries now these are the countries the top six just have a look at that when you do the thing when you go to the website but I'll just put in USA for now just for this tutorial Target that one go down languages you want to put English in if you don't it's going to be sent to people who don't speak English or can't read English and you're going to be wasting money on Advertising now a bit strategy it might be different for you the reason is my account is different for your to yours my account has spent quite quite a lot of money on it so this is what the bid strategy is optimized for so you'll probably have clicks there you want to have make sure it's on clicks if it's a fresh account I'm going to put in 20 here you can you just want to do a bunch of testing and see what works for you but we but maximize conversions is what my accounts for so that's why that's there and that's why this is coming up because it's telling me to increase my budget based on my account has all the information from my account networks you can leave it on that we want to go to additional settings this is really important where it says devices you want to set a specific Target device take off tablets take off TV screens now down let's keep going we now need to do audiences and we want to go add an audience and I'm going to do a new audience and you want to go to custom segments and new segment and we want to do people who searched for any of these terms on Google so we can actually take that sheet that we had so we can use this plan to get keywords I'm just going to use a basic one here but there's all of these keywords that we can use so I'm just going to put in keto people have searched Keto and put an enter and it should give us information now keep in mind this is just United States only the audience is going to be bigger when you put in those other countries it's gonna get bigger and bigger however this has got a hundred million to 500 million impressions the um female 60 female and then this is the age group as well which is pretty close to what we were looking for and then we're going to click save obviously you would put multiple keywords in there but I'm going to click save and that's the audience set we're going to use and I'm going to click save Google ads are pretty easy to set up but I would recommend going and using some um tutorials online to kind of get a hang of this this isn't really a full-on tutorial on how to set up Google ads take off optimize targeting it sucks sometimes it's good but it just take it off it's not that good you could test it but it's not very good now I'm just going to go get a random video off YouTube okay so you're gonna go and upload the video that I showed you before or whatever when you download into YouTube and you're going to get the link when you upload it so you will need a YouTube channel now keep in mind this says that videos longer than three minutes don't usually perform well this is a five minute video now this is just from a random gaming channel but what you want to do is you want to go down and you want to start putting in your links so with your um with your page here that you created right you're going to get a link that you can send people to so this is the link here okay and you can obviously have it on your own website but I'm going to go ahead and put the link into here and then you simply want to do a call to action like download and then a headline something like best keto and then you can also put a description of of the thing right and this is showed up it's going to show up on Google in those other sections as well and then you just go create campaign now I'm not going to go ahead and create campaign because I'm not going to be running this particular ad but that's how you can go and get traffic to this and they give us all the information here that we need and they give us all the landing pages all the banners if you want to do banner ads they give us a keyword list email swipes videos and everything now this is not my product it's just a product that gives you a complete done for you system to make money online alright guys don't forget to subscribe tap that notification Bell smash that like button and I'll see you 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