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as you can see right here guys they are making up to ten thousand dollars per month online with this method that is absolutely insane what's going on guys welcome back to another video in this video I'm going to show you how to make money online using a very simple method that a lot of people are making money with right now and we're going to go ahead and use AI technology to speed up this process and essentially turn it into a copy and paste method and I'm going to show you how to do this step by step we are not going to miss any step in this video and I'm going to take you through everything that you need to know so you don't miss out on any information and the best part about this method is you don't need your own website so you don't need to go and create a complicated website you don't need to code anything you literally need to just use very simple AI tools to copy and paste this specific method and what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how this works how to get started and I'm going to show you all of the tools that you need so you don't actually have to go and look for all of the tools yourself I'm going to show you how to do all of this in the next 15 minutes this is a very short 15 minute tutorial but before we jump into how to actually make money online with this method I am still giving away access to my course what you need to do is find the Emoji in this video smash that like button comment below what the Emoji is and I'll pick a winner in the next video let's get started and I'll show you how to make money online by copying pasting with this method all right guys so the first step to this method we need to do a little bit of research now the research process is extremely easy and it's actually very quick because now we have ai technologies that we can use to help with the research process in fact we can actually use this for most of this method and that's what I'm going to show you in this video so what you want to do is go to openai.com and click on chat GPT and I went ahead and I've done the research for us so what I did is I told chatgpt to give me 10 YouTube ideas for AI generated content to make money so I'm going to check gdpt and I've got chat gbt to do the work for us it's very simple to do I told chatgpt to give me 10 YouTube video video ideas without showing my face because I don't want to show my face and what it's done is it's giving us 10 ideas that we could potentially use for this method now this method is blowing up right now people making a lot of money and I'm now going to show you exactly what that is now I haven't chosen a specific topic from this because I already actually have one where I know that's working very well so what I've done is I've gone to this channel right here called above inspiration now you can use chat GPT to go and find specific uh channels right so I could go and put in documentary style videos into YouTube and I could find types of channels in that Niche so I found a video in the motivation Niche or sorry a channel and if you go down here you can see that these are motivational videos and they're around about eight minutes long most of them if we click on them what they do is they're giving us Motivation by using images text and voiceovers and we can create all of this with AI Technologies and then you can go down here and you can kind of see what they're doing here they this is how they are making money by Links down here and advertising as well and we're going to jump into all of that in this video but more importantly if we actually go to socialblade.com we can see that this channel is making around about 600 to 10 000 per month in advertising Revenue alone so that's not including anything else that's just advertising Revenue so it's absolutely insane you can see how many views they're getting per day so now we have to jump into the next step how do we go ahead and start making money with all of the stuff we're going to use this channel as an example so the next step we need to do is we need to go ahead and we need to do content creation Now the content creation process in this method is extremely easy now we can do this very quickly with AI software so what you want to do is you want to go to a website called in video dot IO and I will leave a link in the description it's an affiliate link I would get a commission but you could use this program to potentially go and create the content that you need and I'll show you exactly how easy it is right now now this is in video here you can go ahead and check it out they have lots of features but a new feature they have is try and video AI the co-pilot for video creation so you can go there and click on that and I've actually created an account that we can use for this tutorial now I'm going to go back and get my prompt and I'm going to put this in here and it says create a five minute motivational video about Not Giving up for YouTube and I'm going to go ahead and click generate video and this is going to go ahead and use as AI technology to create an asset video it usually takes about three to four minutes but this is just showing you how insanely quick it is right now to start a business online because of AI ten years ago when I was doing the stuff online it took 10 times as long to do because we didn't have ai techno we are in a period where you should be taken advantage of this stuff to make money online alright so it's created our video and we can either go motivational Seekers or life Learners or self-improvement enthusiasts I'm going to go self-improvement Enthusiast because this actually lines up with something that we need to look at later on we can do inspirational uh professional clean we're going to just leave it on inspiring and go continue and it's going to go ahead and create that video based on those three things we just told it to do alright guys the video took a little bit longer than I thought but it is now done and you can see really how good this is this is a very good video it's exactly like the motivational videos from that YouTube channel and I just created this within five minutes using AI software now this obviously is a paid version if you want to get rid of the watermarks you would have to pay a subscription for this which you can do but it's just insane how easy it is to create these artificial intelligent videos now to go ahead and make money online so now what we need to do is we need to go to the next process and that process is traffic how do we go ahead and use these videos to get traffic to make money online well what we're going to do is we're going to upload them to YouTube and we are going to optimize the videos but uh by using specific keywords and tags and that's how you go ahead and get the traffic but we need to do one thing first and that is create a thumbnail and then I'm going to show you how to actually go ahead and make money with this now I will talk about one way to make money and that is via advertising and I'll talk about another way in a second a lot of people think you can't monetize these types of videos you actually can this person here um the answer is yes essentially you can go ahead and read through this article this person actually creates AI content YouTube channels all the time and they do get approved for monetization with YouTube so you can get approved for monetization for these types of videos it's very important to understand that because there's a lot of misinformation out there and someone gets disapproved they think that everybody does so there's no rule saying you can't monetize these types of videos now the next thing what we want to do is we want to go to canva.com I'm going to create a YouTube thumbnail so I'm just going to click on one of these random thumbnails here I'm going to actually choose a very basic one because I want to do a basic thumbnail I will go ahead and choose this one right here and go customize this template and what we need to do is go to pixels.com and we need to find a photo that we could use that is motivational because this is a motivational video so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to use one of this guy running okay you would obviously go ahead and find another one or whatever fits your specific video I'm just going to download this one real quick and then what I can do is I can go and customize this template right here which I oh yeah we've already done that and I can go ahead and I can drag this onto here now you might be thinking what type of information you put on a thumbnail if you remember if we go back here I said create a motivational video about Not Giving Up So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to do something simple like these guys so you see that these guys have stuff like dreams Without Limits no excuses attitude is everything I'm gonna just say something very simple like I'm going to get rid of this and I'm going to say don't give up and I'm going to make that bold because it would look much better and I'm going to increase this here okay I have a very simple thumbnail you might want to change the text because we might change it to Black the color sorry just because it's for it to stand out a little bit more no because it Blends in with the other one we'll go back to White okay I'm gonna now and then all I need to do is go share and download this image now before we move on to actually uploading this to YouTube we need to do one thing we need to actually figure out how do we make money from this so there's two ways that we can make money we can make it from advertising or we can make it from other products but first of all I just want to do a bit of a disclaimer that uh what what you make is going to depend on you you might not make any money uh and this might not work for you but it all depends on how much work you put in you're not going to make hundreds of dollars a day straight away it can take time and you might never make money so just keep that in mind I base the earnings of what I see other channels making so just keep that in mind when trying to make money online it depends on how much work you put in because a lot of people they'll just do one video and stop we're not going to make money if you do that you definitely will not make money if you do that so there's two ways to make money here is the second way we can go to clickbank.com and we can click on self-help because this is a self-help motivational video and what we can do is we can go down to here and we can go and click on uh for example this product I don't know what this product is but I can click promote and I can go and get an affiliate link that I can put in the video descriptions so lists now go and upload this video and I will just show you how easy it is to now upload videos to YouTube and we can actually use AI as well to optimize the videos right I apologize guys my camera went flat what we need to do is we're going to use this AI technology you can use something called let me just get rid of a few things here you can do something called vid iq.com I'll leave a link below and what we can do is we can actually use this to generate um what we call a title obviously for the video so I'm gonna but you gotta tell it what you want first so motivational video about Not Giving Up So I've put a motivational video about Not Giving up and I'm going to click refresh and this is going to give us some titles and we can actually do the same down here for the description so get AI description and what you want to do is you want to add some keywords so motivation don't give up Fitness I'm gonna go generate all right guys so what I've done to um just speed up the video is I've actually done a Title Here Unleash Your Potential I will not quit and never give up and then I put in the inspirational and motivational video that is the keywords that we are trying to Target here and we have a description now which we can insert and we have three options that we could potentially use and if we go down here we also have keywords now you would have to upgrade to do this so I'm just going to put in the first three but it gives us keywords as well that we can use it gives us everything that we need to use vid IQ and we actually messed up the text here but that's okay but as you can see we now have this um up here and we have our thumbnail and we're all ready to go and you can potentially go and upload this video and make money online however what you can do is you can get this link here and I would recommend shortening the link and go and post the link into YouTube here and you would shorten the link but when people click on this link they would go to that product and they would get a you would get a commission of around about 63 if someone purchased that product now you'll notice here that there's copyright protected content found this is because we are not we are using the free version to create that video that is why so I do know that and I'm not going to be using this specific video but that guys is how you can go ahead and make money online by using AI generated content and it's very easy to create this content now to go ahead and make money online and use this here to optimize your YouTube videos alright guys don't get subscribed smash that like button tap that notification Bell and I'll see you in the next video

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