How To Build & Sell An Online Business For Millions! (This Could Change Someones Life)

you know that people are selling online businesses for $90 million $40 million we have some for sale here for $15 million $14 million that's absolutely insane and I've actually sold some businesses online myself and in this video I want to actually explain to you exactly how you can build an online business and then you can actually sell it online for quite a bit of money and I've done this multiple times and I know exactly what works so you're going to want to watch this video all the way way to the end and I believe that this video could potentially change somebody's life if you actually understand exactly what I'm saying in this video trust me when I say this I know what I'm doing when it comes to building online businesses and if we even look down here we have 6,000 some selling for six and basically it just keeps going all the way down I went from highest to lowest to people selling their businesses for millions of dollars online so how do we actually do this I'm going to jump in and show you exactly how you can start your own online business and then you can sell it online for a large profit and at the end of this video I'm actually going to show you a secret that is happening right now not many people know about this so you are going to want to check this out this is really important and it's got something to do with AI because there AI right now there's lots of opportunities online to make money so let's jump into this now this is going to be a video that is different from my usual stuff I'm just in front of the Whiteboard and I just want to explain exactly how I started and solve my own business and how you can do the exact same thing as well the microphone's a little bit fuzzy in places but let's get into this enjoy all right so if you don't know who I am I've been working online for probably like 12 years now actually I've been working online most of my life I made my first website when I was like 7 years old and I live and breathe the internet that's what I do I absolutely love it and I think one of the best ways to actually be successful in life is to start an online business and then exit out of it for a big large uh lump sum of cash whether that be a million doll or whether that be 10 million or it could be 20 million or it could be 50 million or even yes 100 million there are plenty of stories online of people exiting for 100 million 50 million 20 million for example and I'll put some other ones up on the screen I think back Linko which is a Blog sold for around about $5 million but there are stories everywhere of people selling internet businesses for large sums of money now why is that we're going to get into that in a second and why I think the internet is really the best way to be successful in life now I've sold a couple of businesses online myself I recently sold one last year and it is one of my favorite ways to earn because essentially you start something you grow it to something good and then you sell it for a large um sum of cash you exit out of that business now why do internet businesses make so much money and why are they in my opinion opinion the easiest ways to be successful to like a trade business for example like a builder or a plumber first before we get into this now let's say you want to start a um online business it could be like a software product a SAS product which is mainly what I do but let's just compare first before we jump into the step-by-step tutorial let's just say you want to start a business online and it's a software okay that's we're just kind of spitballing here so let's just say you want to start a software you're going to need some income for uh sorry you need some um spending to get the software developed that's not it's not really that much nowadays and then you might have some overheads and stuff like that right you are going to have to spend a little bit of money up front to do that but the best thing about an online business is all of your assets are online right so for example your website is online your software is online everything is online um you don't have an office you can work from home everything is online you can get Freelancers to work for you you don't need any employees like on the books however if you go and do like a trade business like a builder or something like that you need to spend a lot of money you need to get an office pay a monthly um monthly rent for that office you need to get employees who you're going to be spending um wages on as like that you need to get vehicles more money you need to get tools more money and you have all of these physical assets that you have to put somewhere Vehicles tools office you have all of this stuff it's I don't like that type of business and that's why an an online business so this is like what just call this an offline business business for example like a Trader or a brick and morar store or something let's just say it's not online and that's why online businesses are much more attractive they don't have physical assets and there's another thing that I do want to talk about before we get into this about online versus offline online businesses are very easy to scale and I will tell you why let's just take a a business that's like a builder for example okay you've got a builder he he works in say Los Angeles La okay really his business is confined to that space La so that Builder Works in La unless he wants to expand to different cities and different states and become really really big he can do that it's going to be very expensive with an online business for example your customer base is worldwide and you can scale very very very very fast very quickly from zero to millions of dollars in income within a year within 2 years and to put that into perspective I know somebody right now with an online business they started around about I think 9 months ago and they're currently generating after um spendings advertising cost they're making around about 300,000 oh sorry 300,000 recurring Revenue per month in their online business and they did that with under a year and they are scaling even more and they're probably going to be easily to a million dollars per month within the next year because in online business we have a worldwide audience that we have unlim Li mited access to Via social media and advertising and stuff like that so what's the first step to starting your own product online that or business or product that you want to actually go ahead and sell for at least a million dollar in the future so you need to come up with an idea this is always people think this is the hardest part it's actually the easiest in my opinion and it's usually going to be a product like a software it could be a tool it could be some sort of AI thing because AI is really big right now now in this case we're going to focus on software because that is probably the most profitable right now easiest to scale uh because you can put in like um recurring revenues and stuff like that and it's just very simple to do now how do you get an idea for a product I'm going to give you an example of a product that I did and I sold and then I'm going to talk about how you can get some ideas as well now I'm not going to give away the product that I sold I'm not allowed to sold it IND I signed it NDA but I I can tell you the I I can tell you what the product was but I can't tell you what my product was so for example there is a website called booster theme online and this is a Shopify theme and what happened is when I I made a theme as well and I sold the theme but what I did is I went to this back in the day this is like probably I don't know six years ago now I went to this I think it's I can't remember um whatever I went to purchase their theme for my Shopify store at at the time I purchased the product and I didn't like it it wasn't very good so what I did at at the time I think it's pretty good now but so what I did is I made my I got my own product made I hired someone from I paid around about $6,000 at the time and I got my own theme made basically because I didn't like the theme that had for my store so that was my product I created a Shopify theme this is the first thing I sold I bought done um software as well which we can talk about so I created a Shopify theme I used it on my own store uh for for for for a while and then I sold it and we did a lot of Revenue selling this theme and then I got offered money for it and I sold the theme so I don't have the theme anymore and so this idea came from basically trying to use another product that I didn't like at the time so that was a very that that that's a way that you can go ahead and get product ideas you can make better versions of other products which is a very popular way of um making money uh building an online business now another way that you can do this and it's and remember we're sticking to software and remember you don't have to be a software developer I don't know how to develop software I went to right I paid someone $6,000 at the time us to make the theme and there was garbage when we first released it and I'll I'm going to talk about soon um how we scaled and upgraded as we went um and I'll talk about all that sort of stuff Perfection as well because people get stuck in that stage they never actually release anything but I went to I paid $6,000 for this product to get made that was it and it was a garbage product at the start and then we we spent a little bit more later on developing it but um you know we had income coming in then from the product so it didn't really matter so you don't need to be a software developer the next thing is you can go to a website called um there's a few places you can go to do research on how to develop a software remember you're not Reinventing the wheel you're essentially reverse engineering or other people are doing you're not copying them you're doing similar products because there's so much room out there for everybody okay you can have the you can have a product that's the same 10 times and they're all going to make money on the internet because that's just how it works now eventually the ones that don't do very well are going to probably drop off but and you will have the last few that's how competition works but you can go ahead and replicate what other people are doing so there's two websites I would recommend you go to to get some sort of product idea on what to create and with AI right now it's very popular a lot of these like um cat GPT knockoffs and stuff like that well it's not really a cat GPT knockof you can go make like an article writing website and you can link chat GPT and that's essentially a software you've just created very easily fact you can buy them for like $2 $300 on flipper anyway okay and then Munch remember this is for software but you might be trying to make something else um you know you can do funnels and all that sort of stuff so and excuse my writing I can't write that's why I work online I don't know how to spell don't know how to write anyway we go flipper flipper is where software is sold munch.

Comom is where people Pro uh launch their software products you can research you can see what type of software products are selling on flipper for over a million dollars or high prices you can see on Munchi what sort of software people are releasing and they make money on munchy people promote them so that's two ways you can research software what type of software is working in the marketplace and stuff like that however in this day and age right now 2024 and Beyond I would be focusing on AI type softwares um and when I mean software I don't mean like it doesn't have to be a software it could be a website that's like an AI writer or something like that to me that's a software so that's kind of what you can do to research there's in my opinion there's not a lot to do with research essentially because you could make the best product in the world if you don't advertise it properly you don't do your marketing properly you don't do all that properly none of this matters at all and I do want to talk about perfection as well because but before we get into the rest of this video because what a lot of people do and what I've noticed with people that have taught how to start online businesses and internet like applications uh software and stuff like this and this is what one of the things that I'm glad I didn't get stuck in when I started is perfection so you're going to have people like for example that make a software and let's say they spend two years on this software right and they and they tried to get it perfect right they miss around for two years the theme that I made we made that in two months okay I think two or three months let's just say three months because of testing and the reason we were able to do that is very simple we did not care about the product at the time we just wanted to get something out because we wanted to get some sales because we wanted to make sure that it was actually going to be a viable product in the marketplace and and to do that we got out a version that was pretty garbage at the time it worked uh and then it actually on I'll tell you what on the launch day it did not work it actually completely stopped working uh so we had to we had to close down the cart we had to actually um bug fix on the day we stayed up all night bug fix on the day and then relaunch it again and it worked but it was still a garbage product but the reason why is because when you actually scale a for example let's say you have a a product right that you've got ready to go you do like a beta test and you're like hey okay cool this product works just and this is like video games right they release the most garbage uh video games and they uh then they bring updates out every week that's what we do with software because it takes way too long to perfect a software you're going to you like you put way too much money into it before you even start making money now let's say so let's say here we got day one why uh and we'll do two day s actually we'll do day one we have this garbage product and let's say we have day I don't know 300 over here so you're going to have a a budget or something come whatever advertising we'll talk about that in a second but you're going to scale up your product and your your income's going to scale let's say today 300 as you scale that income and you scale all of that you can then reinvest that income into different versions of your app and software and upscale the quality of that product as you go as well so the product we'll do it in a different color here we'll do like a red the product you're going to upgrade as well have like version 1.0 here and then you're going to upgrade it a little bit to version 1.1 you're going to upgrade it again to version 1.2 you're going to add some more features and things like that and then you're going to upscale again to 1.3 and then you're going to upscale again to like 1.4 and it's going to slow down a bit and then once you kind of start to taper off your updates and all that sort of stuff and it's pretty much perfect at that point you're then going to just scale to the Moon with money right so like like Revenue so that's the thing you don't have to get your product perfect because you can scale your product as you scale your revenue and you can reinvest your Revenue back into updates on your products so this is something that you really have to take into account I've seen it many times before if you get stuck on trying to get the perfect produ at the at the beginning you're never going to even launch that product it's never going to be successful it's going to be dead weight and it's just never going to work and that's one thing I'm glad I never got stuck in stuck in when I was starting my adventure on product it's it's hard for me to explain idea research because it's just going to come to you you might spend a month researching looking around whatever but it will come to you nine times out of 10 you're probably just going to do something that's already in the market because that's what's working so now let's talk about um this is my favorite part of this actually this is my favorite part is the money and all that sort of stuff so let's say you have a product and you're ready to start making money you are going to need some advertising cost so you're going to start doing some advertising there thousands of courses out there YouTube videos on how to advertise products that's not what this is about but you've got a product that you have created let's say it's a software let's say in this scenario we're going to say you don't have a recurring um a recurring uh income every month recurring subscription we're going to say you're selling a product for $100 at this point in time one fee that's it one product so we're going to be selling that for $100 and I'm just using $100 to keep the values in this video simple to understand it could be $4 $500,000 2,000 2,500 whatever but we're going to stick to 100 so let's say you're selling that product for $100 in advertising okay and we just sell the one product that's it now the most important thing when it comes to advertising your software remember we're trying to get the software to as much money as possible uh profit as possible as fast as possible and then exit out of this business and sell it for a large sum of money it could be 10 million 20 30 40 50 whatever even just a million if you want to flick it off quick but we are trying to scale as fast as we possibly can now the this it depends on your on you what what your thoughts are on as fast as possibly can my first business I sold after 5 years of having it I think around about and then second one was around about 3 years I think we scaled no probably probably five maybe four five as well um but we scaled the um second one up much faster than the first one but you could do it in a year two years it just depends on how fast you're willing to scale the business there's one important um Factor kpi key performance indicator that you need to know about it's the only one I care about I don't care about anything else and that is customer lifetime value what is a customer Worth to your business over the lifetime of that customer being in in your business relationship now I do things a little bit different when I'm um promoting a software selling a software whatever getting traffic I do things a little bit different I do something called ccov now what does that u mean now it's called um customer circle of value now you got to think of a time period where you want to figure out the average lifetime value of a customer in this case we're going to say 6 months let's say you run advertising for 6 months on your six month month six months sorry on your $100 product and we want a we track everything and on the sixth month we want to know how much a customer averagely spends with us so we have these three circles two month two months for each circle okay so at the first Circle actually I'm G to make the first Circle red because that's the most important Circle in this mathematical equation um this is going to be the most important Circle and then we're going to have the blue circle which is going to be the next most important and then we're going to have the black circle which is going is kind of like the worst Circle okay so we're going to have the black circle here now keep in mind each of these circles is two months Okay so we've got two months here 2 months here and 2 months here and we're selling the product for $100 so at this point of time the customer value lifetime value is $100 because we've sold the customer a product for $100 so their their lifetime value here is 100 100 100 and then that's it right now the reason we've got these circles is because generally what's going to happen is uh we're going to have this is kind of maybe I should rename it the relationship Circle but it's a relationship with your business so the people that stay in the blue in the red circle whether it be for 2 months 3 months 4 months they're using your product these are the most valuable customers and this is the most valuable time to promote more products to them and or and increase your um value uh in that two-month period and then some of them might come out to the fourth month and what I mean by that is we'll explain it better in a second but eventually what happens is people will stop using your product not all of them but they'll find better products they might not need your product anymore or whatever right so let's just say in the two months these people are still using your product but they're not really like they're getting less and less interested in your brand okay and this happens in business it's fine it's normal and then on the the last two months the customers are like you're going to have people that are like oh I don't really want to use this anymore whatever blah blah blah okay and so this is the most important period this is the um most important again after that and then this is the most important again least important though and then once they get out of here then they're basically nothing anymore cuz they've stopped using your product and but now I'm not saying they sto using your product but their relationship with your C with your business is a lot less because you're six months down the track you might have not have produced any more new products or anything like that so let me kind of explain to you why this is very important but at this point here on this black line okay this is where I want to know and just keep in mind the 6 months is just for this tutorial you might be tracking a year 3 months four months I want to know at this line how much on average a customer has spent with me and at this point it's going to be $100 because we have one product at $100 so the customer circular of value at this point of time at 6 months is $100 and that's it okay so keep that in mind but the point of the circle is to kind of explain that now what we want to do is we want to increase this $100 value so let's just say for example you're running advertising cost and so actually sorry I lied there's two metrics you that are the most important in this business and that's advertising cost how much you how much you paying to acquire a customer to use your product and then how much are you making so let's say you're you're spending $100 to get a customer at this point in the center so you get a customer here you spend $100 to get them and then throughout their entire Journey to the six months like I'm not now I'm not saying every single customer you get is not is not going to be interested in your product in six months you're going to get customers that are going to stay in the middle for forever they're going to love your product they're love everything about it they're going to buy everything you that you've throw at them these guys as well some of them in here a little bit like that as well but then it gets a little bit worse as people get like bored of your product or whatever so let's just say we're spending $100 on advertising cost and we're making $100 you be like Frankin we're not making any money man what's going on we're broke we're not making any money we're spending money and we're not making profit it's okay because now we can introduce B funnels some products we can add UPS sales and we can now increase this $100 very fast and this is why I love internet businesses and this is where the power really really starts to come in I don't really care about making money straight away as long as I even if I'm losing money if I'm spending $100 and I'm only making $80 per customer I don't care because I know I can scale it very very quickly once I get these two numbers okay so the most important thing is you need to figure out after a few months of advertising how much are you paying per customer to get and how much are you making back at this point in time in this tutorial we're even we're not making any profit so how do we increase that profit let's talk about that all right so so let's get into the profit now I'm going to get rid of the circle but we're going to still use the circles in different stages of how we increase our profit okay so remember our software right now is not profitable we're breaking even we might even be losing a little bit of money don't sweat it doesn't really matter so now we need to increase our profits it's so easy with internet businesses I'm telling you it's very very simple to do we can increase this $100 very very quickly actually what I'll do is I'll talk about every single Circle separately it's going to make it a lot easier from start to finish okay so we have the red circle this is the most important part of your business where you're going to make the most money off your customers with and now remember we'll just say hypothetically for this video within the first two months okay so this R circle is within the first two months this is when your customers are most engaged this is where you're going to make the most money from your customers in your business now there's also different stages of the circle too but we won't get into it what we will do do though is we'll talk about the middle of the circle the middle of the circle is where the people make the purchase of your product they see it online or whatnot okay so now we need to talk about how do we increase the pro the the the lifetime customer value within our business from the start from the very beginning of when they see our product and they purchase it so keep in mind we're going to have um sorry I got a it's a bit messy here we're going to have a product that is $100 we're just going to use squares as the product we'll just say this is the landing page this is $0000 product okay so how do we increase the revenue now we start to use funnels H sorry profits because we're already getting re Revenue what we're going to do is we're going to then create another um product now we're not going to be creating a software where you could we're not going to be creating anything crazy let's say our software is an AI software that writes that that does something to do with AI I don't know but it's an AI software our main software is AI we can sell an ebook for say or a book of some sort for 20 $29 now this is an upsell so some people going to buy it some people will not for $29 let's say this is a book an AI book we use cat GPT to write it didn't take us long it's a book about I don't know a thousand best ways to make money with chat GPT or something but it's related to our product our main product okay very simple to do the next thing is we can also do um if they not interested in this uh this or product we can then do what is called a discount upsell where they where they click and they say no thanks not interested we can say hey well do you want it for I don't know $10 instead for the same product where you have probably been in one of these funnels before now we're creating funnels to increase our profits and then we can also do um an I'm not going to get too technical here cuz you could honestly go on for like four or five times 10 times even I've seen but let's just do do one more um we could do maybe maybe they're not interested in any of this stuff they click no thanks and we could actually have another product here that they could be interested in remember they've already bought this product okay and then we're just offering more products at the sale time this could be a a course that you make over the weekend or something or whatever and whatever it's $49 we could say hey are you interested in that as well so keep in mind they've purchased this and there's a there's a chance they might purchase one of these so we instantly increased our customer lifetime value just in that time space now you're going to get a low percent thatb purchase these it might be 10% uh sorry 10% it might be 20 it might even be 2% you're not going to know till you start actually checking the stats but you're going to get people that are go and buy this stuff as well apart from and as well as your software so this is in this stage right here this is right in the middle where they have actually gone ahead and they have purchased the product this is what we're offering them now we get into um bit more technical stuff let's say we have a one month let's say this is the one month line okay within that one month we can then promote other products to them via email marketing you've got to remember they've made a purchase we now have their email okay we have an email list with whatever 10 people five people whatever we have an email list so now let's get rid of all of this other stuff here okay we have this email list now so there's a number of things we can do with this email list it's really endless we can promote so we can in the email list we can kind of separate who purchased the UPS sales and who didn't so first of all straight off the bat we can go ahead and we can offer them that $29 upsell and that $49 upsell through the emails for say the first week some of them will purchase some of them won't okay cool doesn't really matter we're going to make money at this point as well now we're really starting to increase our customer lifetime value here now on top of that we can also promote even more products you've got to remember these people are using your software at this point of time they are Super Hyper interested we'll say they're hyper interested in your products and we can actually just say we can just extend this email [ __ ] this email stuff we can just extend this email stuff out to like two months because that's really what we're going to be doing I I've got an email list that went for two years an email list where we promoted products for two years from our people purchasing our software that's how really in-depth this stuff can become and so we're advertising the uh we're advertising products now if you don't want to make like so you've got this email list you can advertise ebooks you can advertise um more software that you've made you can advertise other people's products and you can get what's called affiliate commissions from other people's products okay so you don't even have to promote your own product at this point of time if you can't be bothered making one or you can't be bothered finding one which I do all the time I prom products so essentially you've got this endless supply of income that you can keep promoting to these this email list now keep in mind the the the longer your circle gets right so the 6month period 4 6 that's our kpi right we want to know um lifetime customer value at 6 months the less these people are going to buy okay just keep that in mind because they've already purch a lot they're using your products and that stuff and they a lot of them not all of them but a lot of them are going to end up like 6 months down the track one you're down the track not interested in buying your products anymore because I've already bought them and and they might be using other products or whatever but we we want to know at 6 months what is our customer lifetime value now on like on average and it's going to be an average it's not going to be 100 plus 29 plus 49 plus whatever because it's going to be an average because not every single person buys that stuff is going to be just a general average so let's say at 6 months let's say we're still spending $100 per customer to get a customer sorry we're spending $100 still let's say our average customer value now we just this is just a low figure just to give you an idea is now 120 okay so just off doing UPS sales promoting products through emails we're now profitable by about 20 % because that's our new lifetime our customer lifetime value or if we do if maybe it's 130 we we don't we're not going to know until we get to that point but now you can see the power of this because now we know that we can spend $100 to get a customer and we're going to make 20% on that on that acquisition cost to acquire that customer this is very very Val these numbers are extremely valuable when you were doing a business and generally just is just generally but generally I will calculate my lifetime customer value at around about the sixth month Mark so I'll go ahead and I'll run ads or whatever I'm doing social media marketing whatever I'm doing for six months and then I will calculate on average how much am I spending per customer how much am I making per customer um lifetime value on average and then I'm like okay I want to increase that and just remember you can increase this very very quickly okay you can double it you can triple it you can add in a $5,000 coaching thing right let's say your um your software is an AI software on how to I don't even know it does you can you can usually always have some sort of high ticket offer inside your software no matter what it is let's just say for example you have a software that's Ai and it creates AI um articles AI content and stuff like that you could have a coaching program on how to make money with AI content for $5,000 if a few people buy that your lifetime average lifetime customer value is going to explode this is real this is the big boy stuff right here I've even seen $10,000 ones I've seen $20,000 ones and yes people will pay that type of money so that is the um that's how you scale okay you figure out your how much you're paying what you're getting a customer for and then you figure out the 120 and you can scale to the moon so let's say we're 6 months deep um no let's say let's say we're 6 months deep okay we have spent two months optimizing our funnel adding more products kind of figuring out things out okay so two more months let's say we spend four more months or three more months running ads to see where our lifetime customer value is so let's just say 4 months it could be 3 four I don't know it depends so let's just say we are now 12 months deep into our product and we've pretty much optimized it but we could always add more let's say 12 months and at TW at the 12 month point we know that we are spending let's just say this is once again whatever mathematics at the moment we've got the $100 we're spending to to acquire a customer and they are making us back we're making a 20% profit on that customer from the advertising cost you obviously going to have other overheads maybe you're going to have some workers and stuff like that some like Freelancers maybe just depends or you're going to have like customer service and stuff but let's just not add that into this right now because it's normally not that much anyway it might cut into your profit like a few percent so we're 12 months deep now what do we do and we're scale and and we're optimized we're optimized that's the most important thing we're optimized now we scale this thing to the Moon we start focusing on profits revenues and how much can we get this made and I actually did forget sorry we can also add a recurring product in there as well which is which is what you are going to want to do so let me just talk about that quickly and all that email marketing stuff that you do like you're sending out products you're sending out products you do want to add something in there that's a recurring Prof uh a recurring payment every month so it might be a product for $30 a month or $99 a month you do want to add that in especially if you're doing software because this is a real big money maker and it's very important this is one of the most important things when you exit out of a software business the people that are buying the business they really really want recurring um income inside that business uh it's very very important very important actually it's probably more important than just like it's obviously more important than a oneoff sale for the product so anyway now we know that we're going to make around about 20% profits now keep in mind Guys these numbers are not accurate they're not accurate accurate at all I'm just saying this for the tutorial okay but let's just say we make 20 well let's actually let's just say uh 15% let's say we make 15% profit we got 5% a little bit in overheads on a few other things so 15% profit we're making okay we can now just scale I don't know if you can see that we can just scale now so we can just go and put as much money as we want into iing and we can focus on scaling scale scale scale scale scale scale scale and that is how you scale that business to like whatever $200,000 a month or you can scale it to $500,000 a month we've even seen ones that are scaled to a million dollar per month and then you scale it as much as you can go and then you have um you get to a point where you've got good recurr recuring commissions uh sorry good recurring payments coming in every month for whatever recurring offer you have in there we have sales coming in from the original software you could even have a recurring thing on that software a recurring plan and then but we're scaled now we want to exit we want to sell this business we're we we're over it we want to relax we want to retire we want to get out of this thing now that's why I sold all my businesses I want to retire and I still do dabble in this stuff and obviously do YouTube and that but that's the goal to get out sell out and get outs and this is why I like online businesses because you can sell them for a huge amount of money lifechanging money so how do we sell our business uh there's a few ways you can do it um but you've scaled it up you've scaled up your software by the way software is the best guys that's that's where the money is especially of recurring software so there's a couple places you can go you can go to you're not really going to be selling your stuff for 100 Mil on there okay so you can go to that's really high but and on I've seen I've seen some sell for like four five mil a m uh 4 500 Grand whatever is pretty is a right place to sell your software Empire flippers is another one so what is um what's go EF Empire flippers is like flipper but they sell they they do like bigger deals but more like Amazon websites and affiliate websites and stuff like that Empire flippers or there's actually private Brokers that you can go through I can't remember the names off the top of my head but I will'll put PB here private Brokers are probably going to be the best one for you because they already have a list of customers who buy businesses all the time so you need to understand how it works an online business whether it's a website a software or whatever is an online asset it's an online real estate that companies people they want to purchase I know companies that they and all they do this one company I know all they do is buy I don't know if I can say exactly what they buy but all they buy is Click Bank affiliate marketing websites right so people will make these websites promoting a product and then this company all they do they buy as many as they can because that's how they grow their incomes by having all of these websites that stay online forever and that's how they that's the the like that's just how it is like they just buy online businesses so you can go and find private Brokers Empire flippers or private Brokers to exit out of your online business that you have scaled and is now making a lot of money or you can keep it if you want but I like to exit out so I have cold Hard Cash that I can then invest into other things or do whatever with now the Franklin hatra brand can't sell it cuz it's me right I sell it it dies there's no one there so but you can sell software and things and whatever so let me tell you a quick secret before we go there's a business strategy model that's happening right now and is blowing up it's about AI it's kind of bit dicey to be fair but hey you don't want to be the next Blockbuster so you got to just get on the trends basically what a couple of my mates have been doing and I've kind of been a little bit dabbling in it I haven't really started yet they're buying businesses that are bloated with employees so hear me out let's say a business that makes websites and funnels for example you're going to have let's just say that business has um a a boss okay so you got a boss whatever the guy that created the the business making websites under him let's just say he's got four people we'll just put P for people making websites uh for him okay making websites now in that as well they've got say two people who are doing social media marketing advertising for that business and then let's say uh actually we'll do that separate so we got the people that make the websites got the people that do will put s here for social media marketing they do like the ads okay let's say one of them runs the ads one of them um go goes and um does the ad copyright okay and then let's say we have um let's say we have people that do the copywriting we have two people that do copywriting okay in that business so what they do is they do like landing pages for the business and they whatever right let's just say it's bloated there's people in there we want to get rid of them I know that sounds mean but that's business so you buy this company you buy this company they have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 eight employees you're the new owner you're this guy here what we've what what my matate have been doing is cutting people and using AI now instead so instantly they are getting rid of a lot of overheads so let's just take this one for example instead of having um four people making websites you can get rid of three of them now and you have one person making websites and he's using an AI software to make the website sites rather than have three people or four people here this person runs the ads this person does AD copy social media you only need one now because the person who runs the ads can now use cat GPT or other Facebook or other software to make ad creatives rather than hiring someone to do it for them rather than the company hiring someone to do it for them the two people that do copywriting it might be four five6 whatever you now only need one because that person can now use chat GPT to make copyrighting content or you could get rid of them all together and you could just have yourself and one person who does chat GPT for everything so basically the secret here is people are buying businesses that are bloated with employees human employees or like um contractors whatever online businesses they're getting rid of most of them and they are replacing them with AI and then what's happening is they're cutting cost and they're reselling the business for a profit for a large profit because they're cutting all the bloat out and replacing with AI and I know it's dicey it's dicey people losing their jobs for AI but if if you don't catch up you're going to be the next Blockbuster you're going to just you're not going to survive in this Cutthroat world right now with AI right guys I hope that helped you understand online business and the money to be made there is a lot of money to be made in online businesses the best businesses around for a reason and why you can sell them for a lot of profit okay your local building business isn't going to be selling for hundred a million dollar it ain't going to happen unless it's a massive Countrywide business it just ain't going to happen so um yeah give it a go guys and I'll see you guys next video

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