How To Make Money On Redbubble As A Beginner In 2023 (Easy Free Guide)

this guy right here is making around about fourteen thousand dollars per month online every single month and what I want to do in this video is show you one of the methods he is actually using to make this fourteen thousand dollars per month and I'm going to show you how to make money with Redbubble online all right what's going on guys welcome back to another video in this video I'm going to show you how to use the internet and make money online using Redbubble and it's a really simple strategy and that guy that I just showed you he's using one of these methods to actually make that income and what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how to do this step by step and not only that I'm actually going to be showing you a secret tool that I've never showed on this channel before and not many people know about this so you can make more money online with Redbubble now what can you expect from this tutorial I will show you how to get started how to get the tools that you need and this is a step-by-step tutorial and I'm going to show you how to get this all done in the next 10 minutes so let's jump into this completely free tutorial and I will show you how to make money on Redbubble in 2023 alright guys the first step in this Redbubble tutorial is to go to and put in bubble spider and then click on and it's going to bring us to a website that looks exactly like this and we're going to use this to find low competition niches to make money in the first thing you actually want to do is you want to take the trend bar and you want to make sure the trend bar is in the green numbers here the green numbers mean that it's trending this is really important the next thing you want to do is you want to do Max competition and you want to bring it round down a little bit so you can do like 1500 500 or whatever you like and this is going to show us the max competition the lower the better but if you go too low you might find stuff that um is you're going to really bring down your Niche and not going to have as many niches that you can actually go into the next step on trademark is you want to tick the red one and make sure that it's turned to the X now as you can see down here it says page 20 and if we actually put this trending more down it'll page 10.

So you kind of narrow it down but let's get into it what what this does is this is finding us trending topics on Redbubble with low competition so for example hot dog girl summer is trending like crazy but the competition is quite low so if we actually copy this right here and put it into Redbubble and we go and paste it into to see what this is we can see that this is a t-shirt called hot dog girl summer now this is actually a really good one because it's trending quite high and it's a low competition uh particular Niche now let's just keep scrolling down here I just want to have a look at a few just to kind of go through and see if there's anything that kind of stands out to me but we're just going to go through some examples here real quick all right another one that I found was this one here and this is called the banana cat meme and what this is is it's a it's a cat and a banana I am aware of this meme right now and people are selling stickers t-shirts and all sorts of things like that so that's the first step to making money on Redbubble is to go through this particular popular keyword Search tool and find trending products in low competition niches and then go and create products around those particular um products and as you can see here this graph will show you like when it's been trending so if we actually look at spider Punk for example it just started trending recently on Google so that could be another good one as well so if we go to spider Punk and as you can see it's it's a Spider-Man um that spider punk I don't really know too much about spider Punk but that's what spider Punk seems to be on Redbubble and then we also have some other ones that are kind of break out right now all right and another one here I've found was um wolf with flowers girl now this one the reason I picked this one is because it would be great for our example to kind of show you the type of stuff that you could go ahead and create so for this one for example you could go and do t-shirts you could do stickers and actually saw some really cool stickers before so there's some stickers here and you can create this there's two ways you can create this oh that's a really nice sticker there as well so there's a few ways you can go ahead and create these types of stickers but before we get into that if you don't know what Redbubble is essentially Redbubble is a website where people go ahead and they sell t-shirts stickers art so you can see there's some Assassins Creed stuff here pillows stickers phone cases posters wall art hats some pet stuff it's essentially like an Etsy but it's called Redbubble and I'm showing you how to make money on Redbubble so now I'm going to show you exactly how you can go and get some content so let's say hey you're going to pick this specific Niche and you want to make money in this Niche let's take a look at two options you can do t-shirts and stickers so what I would do if it was me I'll show you two ways to do this you can go to and you can put in t-shirt design I'll just put t-shirt design and you can manually find someone to design t-shirts for you right so as you can see there's all of these people who will Design t-shirts for you so let's just click on this one here which is fiverr's choice I actually know let's go for one that's a little bit cheaper that I think we can find let's do this one here now keep in mind these are New Zealand dollars so you can actually take off about 30 to get to US dollars so for example this is a starter pack for what is say 40 US dollars and you would get one initial concept design and then you'll get all of the information that you need to go ahead and create yourself a t-shirt don't worry you don't have to hold stock or anything like that so you can go ahead and you can use to go and find people who will create t-shirts for you or you can do a standard package or a premium where you would get some more stuff on top of it I presume you'll have to go through and read the information now if we go back here you can see there is a ton of people who are willing to do t-shirt designs for you so you're never going to run out of people who who will Design the t-shirts for you to sell the next thing we can do is stickers you can find people on here who are willing to create stickers for you as you can see this guy will Design some stickers for you this person here looks like they have some really nice stickers they will do four initial concepts for 25 New Zealand Dollars let's say 16 US Dollars then we have standard and a premium package so it's actually really cheap considering all you have to do is sell a a specific amount to make your money back and then you're in the profit and because you're going to be saying Hey I want stickers based around this specific Niche well it's going to be easier and you're not going to have as many revisions because they're going to know exactly what you want to get done now the next option is you could use something like now mid journey is an AI bot where you can go and get things created so for example I got these dog stickers done that we're going to use in this example just to get this tutorial out to you as fast as possible and these are some stickers that I created so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and show you how you can go and create content to upload to Redbubble to make money on Redbubble once you've got a sub content designed and in this specific example we're going going to use stickers what you want to do is you want to head over to Redbubble to make money with Redbubble and make sure you have a red bubble account once you're signed into your Redbubble account and this is a brand new one for this tutorial you want to click on account and click on sell your art and then you want to go create products add designs now keep in mind guys that Redbubble is a print on demand service you don't actually keep any of the products so if you take a look down here you'll see that we have all sorts of products that we could use this specific design on I could do a t-shirt if I wanted to or I can do anything I can do stickers and all sorts of stuff okay as we scroll down there are so many options that you can use alright guys so I've found the stickers here and you can do things like phone cases where you can pick different types of phone cases you can scale the image and things like that but I'm going to click on stickers and I'm just going to leave it like this there's nothing that I really need to change however you can change your markup so I'm just going to leave it at a 20 markup but or you could do a 30 markup or you could do a 10 markup if you like right this is the profit that you make per sale so it's how much you make you make a percentage so if you sold let's put it let's just leave it at 20.

If you sold this specific um sticker for a dollar you would make 20 cents okay so just keep that in mind but these are the prices that you're going to be that that they're going to be selling for so magnets 12. uh glossy sticker 3 to 23 and then three to twenty and four to twenty five and you just go apply changes so now we have that ready to go and all you do is you put in your description now this is really important you actually want to make sure you put in your description um like quite you know because people search right so for example so what I would do guys is I would put in um stickers and then dogs or dog stickers and see what kind of sub names that come up like Pug poodle and things like that so I'm going to actually go with lab Labrador because this one here is actually a what's cross Labrador and um and German short notice pointer we're probably going to put a labrador pet sticker and then you want to put in some tags okay so stuff like pet dog sticker and think and things like that now I'm not going to do them all right now for this tutorial but you want to fill in the tags section because when people search that's what's going to come up via tags and things like that these are actually really really cool stickers the next step is you want to put in a bit of a description what you can do is you can go back to here and you can click on some of these and you can don't copy their descriptions but you can get some ideas of the features and that's the description adorable smiling black Labrador or that's the title maybe no black lab sticker so very basic but you can go through these particular stickers and see what types of descriptions they have done I'm just going to put um dog sticker again but it's important that you put something in there and then I'm just going to go all the way down and just um we'll go I don't know we'll just put drawing art pick a couple things here and that's it and I'm gonna go save work now I have a sticker ready to go the next step is you wanna you wanna you have to upload five of these okay and the next step you're gonna go sell your art I'm gonna go set up your store and you want to go through the process of adding a profile picture adding a cover image adding your Social Links you don't have to add your Social Links and then adding a bio and then what you want to do is you want to go through the process of adding your name and address confirm your email confirm your mobile number and add your payment details so your payment details are going to be I'll do this real quick for you and then we'll move on so I'm going to do US Dollars PayPal and then what I would do is I would hook up my PayPal account and then I would verify my PayPal account I'm not going to do that in this video and then I'll click save changes I don't know if it's going to work okay so what I'll need to do is put in all my personal details and stuff like that and you just fill it out putting your payment information and then you're ready to make money online with Redbubble alright guys guys so that's how you can make money online with Redbubble but the most important part is to make sure you use this specific tool I'm not affiliated or anything use this tool it's free to find trending products on Redbubble don't forget to subscribe smash that like button tap that notification Bell and I'll see you in the next video

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