How To Make Money Online With High Ticket Products You DON’T Create! (Full Guide)

so I think one of the best ways to make money online is to do it with high ticket products over the last 10 years I've made a full-time income online and a majority of that income has come from high tiet product and there's multiple reasons on why you want to use high tiet products to make money online and we're going to dive into all of those in this video and I'm going to take you through this step by step you won't need to have your own email list you won't even need to have your own website and I'm going to show you everything that you need to know and explain to you why I think you should jump into high ticket product because it's much easier to make money online with these let's jump into this and I will explain everything you need to know about making money online with high ticket product now we're still doing the giveaway guys information for that will be in the description so first of all before we actually get started with this what is a high tiet product it can be in any specific Niche it can be a $2,000 product a $10,000 product a $20,000 product it could be a physical product like let's just say this sells for I don't know $2,000 for example even though that wouldn't but it could be any specific product it could be a soft Ware it could be a course it could be anything a lot of people think High ticket products are just courses that is not the case you can have a Shopify store where you sell $5,000 barbecues that is a high ticket product what I want to do is I want to dive into this specific product here that has just come up now I've actually promoted this and made a little bit of money and that's why I want to talk about this specific product and why this is a good example of a high ticker product that you can make money with online so this is called affiliate marketing so you actually find these specific products and you promote them and get a commission so let's just do a little bit of a deep dive on this specific product before we move into the other information how you can make money with this so if we look into this product this is called simpler traffic so what this means is this product is based around getting traffic to People's businesses and websites online so that's the first thing we need to determine what is this about what is our target audience so our target audience is people who are looking to get traffic to their business now if we scroll down I'm not going to go over every single thing that we need to go over here because a lot of this doesn't really matter like obviously you'll know the dates when you do it but let's go over the pricing structure of this first and then we'll scroll back up to the top so this is the pricing structure we have what is called a front end so there's multiple pricings for the front end one price if you pay for is $2,500 you get 50% of this if you promote this specific product or they can do $47 per month and you'll get 50% of H sorry 25% Commission of that one or they can do a 90 997 split three times 50% commission from that or 25% Commission on the $47 a month actually I think the $47 a month could actually be um what people pay as well after they pay that so that's very high ticket so not only are you getting the full 50% Commission on the full pay you're getting 25% Commission on the monthly subscription that they pay after that then there's a one-time offer which gets offered after which is um 497 to uh 4997 and that's a 40% commission very High ticket right there and then there's an upsell and a down sell which is very standard stuff in this industry we have a down sell of 20 uh $297 a month and then we have a is this a subscription here as well of 297 the reason why I promote these is because essentially we can actually make a lot of money in something called the pre-launch so let me kind of explain it to you um as best I can there's a thing called a pre-launch where you send people to this specific product it's not live yet but you're warming them up for the launch and what happens is they the person that makes the product does like a competition right so for example a dollar per lead in the pre-launch and then there's a prize pool in the pre-launch so $110,000 in um pre-launch prizes I think it's around about $3 for the top uh $3,000 sorry for the top person in this one we can look at the leaderboard soon what that means and this is how I structure my um promotions is if I'm getting $1 per lead and I could potentially win a share of $10,000 but let's just go off the $1 per lead all I would need to do is spend $1 to get a lead and I get my money back no I wouldn't make any profit in the pre-launch but I would be building up that list for them to then promote the main product where we would make lots of money right that's how this works and that's where a lot of people get this stuff completely wrong what they do is they either don't do the pre-launch at all and they miss out on all of those um that buildup lead and hype and they just go down and do the actual launch or they do this all wrong and they try to make a profit in the pre-launch so for example they don't want to spend money on Advertising because they might spend over $1 per lead if that makes sense what I do is I am willing to spend at least $1 per lead or even $2 per lead and advertising cost in the pre-launch to get the hype going because I know that I could make money on the actual launch and that's how a lot of businesses actually function some businesses will make a loss for years before they actually start to make a profit now one of the best things I like about promoting High ticket products is you get all of the information that you need and you don't have to go and create your own product for example if I had a e-commerce Shopify store right and I wanted to promote a high ticket product I would have to usually go and create that product myself The Branding and everything like that because it's quite hard to you know do all the testing or go ahead and find the product with a digital product like this for example all of the information is sent to me so here is all the information here that was sent to me regarding this product on Skype when I signed up we have everything that we need so all of the information but more importantly we have what we call email swipes so we have our affiliate links here we have affiliate swipe Pages that's email um swipes that we can use so emails we can use to promote this and then there's some information down here as well but more importantly it's got everything that we actually need and then the pricing structure as well again so now let's get into how could you make money with this if you potentially want to get into to this what I would highly recommend you do is you focus your um campaign based on the pre-launch so set yourself a budget on the pre-launch so they the pre-launch is $1 per lead let's say you take $11,000 and you are willing to spend around about $1,000 to get 1,000 leads to this company it would actually be a little bit less than a th000 because they got to go through your Bridge page and then their Bridge page there's a few ways you can do this you can do Google advertising you can go put a video on YouTube for example and you can actually Target people who are interested in traffic to their website you can literally choose it in the targeting audience and that's why this is so important what we could do is we could use something like nid here um to create a video on how to get traffic for companies so for example I'll write something and we'll come back all right so what I've done here as I've said do a video showing people how they can get traffic to their website now that's not very optimized for this offer because we're trying to tell people with secret myth that we know about but we're going to let this do its job and we'll come back in a second another way is you could use something like chat GPT and something like Photo realistic to go ahead and create an image that you could potentially use on like Facebook you can say something like generate a picture of someone struggling to get traffic to their website now we could take that prompt into mid journey and we could tell mid journey to generate us an image that we could use for Facebook advertising and then we can go ahead and run advertisements for that specific product now you might be wondering what do you actually send them to what you want to do is create something called a bridge page now I'll leave some tutorials in the description on how you can do that but a bridge page is when you send someone to a page where you collect an email and then what happens is when they put that email in they then get redirected to the specific offer so that would be this offer here where we um we send them to our link so we get a link here it says um get your affiliate Links Page so I'm going to um open that up real quick so we would send them to what is called an affiliate link and that would take them to the page where they see the offer or the pre-launch offer and you can get your affiliate link for example from this company by putting in your ClickBank ID and email information and you'll get what is called an affiliate link so what happens is you're sending someone from an advertisement to a bridge page and then that bridge page they get sent to the actual product and you also collect the email on that bridge page so you're not only sending um leads to those to the company that you're promoting you're actually building your own email list where you can go ahead and promote products in the future so you could go to something like a website like Munch and you can find tons of products that you can promote to go ahead and make more money in the future now why do I like high ticket products for example with this one if we are making $1,500 per sale so let's say 50% commission I would need 100 people ke to purchase to make $150,000 if we go to this website here and we see all of these other offers that are getting um that we could promote you can get um 15% at $17 50% of $47 we have 50% of $67 50% of $37 you would need thousands upon thousands of sales to make anywhere close to what you would potentially make with selling a high ticket product all right so now this video has been created for me using AI to get traffic to your website tired of seeing your visitor account stagnate don't worry you're not now it doesn't play the video because you actually have to download it CU it needs to export the specific images depending on if you choose the free or paid version but as you can see I can use AI to create a video to go ahead and do Google ads all right guys I wanted to show you this real quickly because a lot of people have been asking me how can you make money online what is the best way to make money online and I believe the best way is to go to a website called Munch find high ticket price products that you can make big commissions from whether it be in the software space the course space whatever you're or even in e-commerce space if you can find high tiet products to promote you can make good money and the best thing about it is you don't need to create the products yourself it takes over a year to put something like this together this is insane they got to create the content create the landing pages do the webinars figure out the dates they've got to go ahead and create these pages right here they've got to hire affiliate managers it's an insane job to do and all you do is sit back relax and send traffic to the links all right guys I'll see you on the next video don't forget to subscribe smash that like button tap that notification Bell and this is one of the best ways to make money online

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