How To Make Money With Temu As A Beginner In 2023! (Easy 11 Minute Guide)

Teemu is one of the biggest websites online right now and people are making money on this website every single day and I want to show you how to make money on Teemu as you can see timu came out in around about 2022 and it's absolutely skyrocketed in Google Trends because it's making people insane amounts of money and it's now one of the biggest platforms online for people to buy products from so what I'm gonna do in this video is show you step by step how you can make money with Teemu and I'm going to show you everything that you need to do now my partner she actually makes money with temu every single day she has been for some time now so I'm going to show you how to make money with it right now but before we do that guys I'm still giving away access to my courses what you need to do is smash that like button find the Emoji in this video comment below what that emoji is and you could potentially win a chance to get access to every single one of my products so let's jump into this video and I'll show you how to make money with timu right now let's get started alright guys so if you don't know what Teemu is this is timu right here they have a website and they have an application that you can use on your phone and you can buy all sorts of products from this website and as you can see they have a massive amount of traffic this one product right here has sold over a hundred thousand and they have 49 000 reviews just on this one product and this one here has 8 000 views and as we scroll down here they have all of these deals and they have loads of cheap products and they have for example categories here that we can check out I'm not going to go through teaml itself much because this is more about how to make a money with Teemu but as you can see there's all of these different types of categories there's thousands upon thousands of products that you can purchase from temu and they come from overseas and get delivered to you so how can we actually make money with this what you want to do is when you get to the timu website you want to scroll all the way down to the bottom I'm just going to go slowly so you can actually see some of these products and see see some of those um stuff that they actually sell out that's crazy 34 000 um reviews on this I actually have this product this torch right here and it's extremely powerful and it's very good quality this is a very good quality product I use it when I go fishing and then this watermelon slicer we can keep going down we've got these black cards here which look really good they're waterproof playing cards we have this shaving kind of scoop to catch the hair we have this bathroom protector for for toilet edges I suppose we have so many different types of products and we can keep scrolling down and there's just so many so when we actually get to the bottom of this so you want to keep scrolling to the bottom and it will say affiliate and you can go um see more if you like but it says affiliate so we're going to click on this where it says affiliate real quick and what's going to happen is it's going to take you to this page and as you can see it's tracking that I'm in New Zealand so I could potentially make up to 100 000 New Zealand per month but if you scroll down I'll show you kind of what you're going to be getting with this you can earn up to 20 commissions from this website I'm going to show you how to get all the traffic and everything soon but you can earn up to 20 commissions which is insane and then anyone can join you literally don't there's no wait time or anything you can join instantly when you sign up so there's no they don't check anything like so there's no like approval process or anything like that you simply join and then you get a link that you can share and I'm going to show you the back end in a second and they have over 3 had a thousand people who have joined them as Affiliates who are currently making money with them so you just want to click on sign up and you're logged into your affiliate account it's going to look like this so they can actually um they tell you how many people have withdrawn recently you can withdraw via PayPal and all of your earnings will be here and then on the right here there is a link that you can copy and this is going to be your specific link where you make money from and you can get up to 20 commissions or you can get um per new user download of the app so for every user that downloads the app you will get a three dollar reward so that means that even if they don't make a purchase you could potentially get three dollars per download of the app where people actually download the app that's actually insane and so you get all of these rewards as well which give you a bit more of an incentive to actually go ahead and promote this specific product but how do you go and promote this and how do you go and make money promoting the tmu website an app I'm going to show you right now because the most important part is now we need to look at how you can get traffic to your affiliate all right guys so I'm going to talk about two ways that you can make money with now one of them you might prefer more than the other so make sure you stay tuned and I want to show you how to make sure you don't get banned doing this so I'm going to explain to you exactly how to not get banned because that's important on one of the actual traffic methods now if you actually watch here um I forgot to mention your referral will get a 100 coupon bundle and a 50 off via the affiliate code so if you actually have friends or something like that or you when you're actually advertising this link you could mention that that the person who signs up will get a hundred dollar coupon bundle and 50 off via your affiliate link so that's an incentive for them to sign up through your specific link because they get those bonuses okay so now let's talk about how you can actually go ahead and get the traffic and I'll talk about traffic method number one traffic method number one is you want to go to Tech talk and you want to put in the top search bar here timu finds and there is a big Trend where people have timu fines and they promote them on Tick Tock now don't worry the next method doesn't involve you actually getting the products but as you can see there's lots of people that are doing these Teemu finds now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and pick uh the first one here and this is that person's specific profile and you'll see that that's all they do they'll go and get products from temu and they will promote them now I'm not sure if all of these are Teemu videos but if we go and watch this one I will show you what it's like it's just a simple 44 second Tick Tock which is purchased specific products from temu and she's promoting them very easy stuff you can go and check that out now the products are really cheap so it actually makes it worth it to buy the products and put a little bit of effort into doing a good video but what I want to do is show you something now you'll see here this person has a link you can't go and put your timu affiliate link straight on your profile so that's not what they have done they've got it somewhere else and I'll show you how to do that the reason is is because you could potentially get banned because because it's an affiliate link it can be classed as spam so you don't want to put your affiliate Link in the profile here what you want to do is you want to use something like link tree and what link tree does is you can actually put a link into linktree see how I have my specific products here and then you can actually use this as a middleman or like a bridge page if you will so people would click your link tree first and then they would go to the linktree page and then click on your affiliate link so let me show you how to do that real quick I'm going to go to add link I'm going to go back to my Teemu affiliate page I'm going to go copy and I'm going to go back to here and I'm going to put in the URL and I'm going to go add as you can see it's automatically said click the link to get a hundred dollar coupon bundle and it did it all automatically for me so when someone so what what I do is I go ahead and I get my um my link for my link tree here and now as you can see it shows it on the right side here and I can turn it off if I like and then what happens is I get a link from linktree so I go share and I get my link tree um link down here and this is the link I would be putting on my Tick Tock so that's what you'll need to do for that I'm going to turn this off because I'm not actually going to be promoting this but that is the first way to go ahead and get traffic is to make these Tick Tock videos by buying cheap products from temu and then having a tick tock profile and putting your link tree Link in here or another type of Link service and then having your affiliate link inside linktree alright guys now I'm going to show you another way to get traffic and make money with Teemu we're going to take this product for example which is a rechargeable floodlight torch if we go to YouTube for example we put in the top powerful rechargeable torches you can see that people are doing reviews on these videos on these torches sorry but you want one where you don't actually have to buy the product so if we actually go down to here it says the best rated flashlights on Amazon that's not the one I wanted sorry the top five best flashlights on Amazon and we click that you'll see that this is a video about torches now I've actually gone and created a video exactly like this using Ai and I'll show you right now I did not do anything to create this I literally just told a machine to do it I'll tell you what machine is second and for some reason it used David um edinburgh's voice but you can change that there's a rechargeable battery I'll try and find the one there's one where it was talking about the torch before all right here known for its long lasting battery life so I told it to give me the best torches from temu and it does mention timu how did I actually do that I did it with this software here so what you want to do is you want to go to this website called in I have a link in this in the description if you want to check that out you go to in video Ai and you click on YouTube video editor and you create yourself an account and what you do is you tell it what to do now I've already made a video but I will tell you what I wrote in I said give me a video this is what I said I said give me a video showcasing the top five torches from temu and then what you do is you click generate video and it goes through and it generates that video for you and it generated the video that I just showed you and it's all AI it takes about five minutes to create the video and then what you can do is you can upload that to YouTube and then in the description down here you can put your teamu affiliate link and you can get paid commissions from those videos now how do you actually go ahead and get traffic to your videos you need to optimize your videos for that I have lots of videos on my YouTube channel on how to do that but you could use something like vid IQ which will do that for you and it will tell you exactly how to optimize your videos all right guys so that's how you can go ahead and make money on Teemu this is going to go ahead and create this video for me I'm not going to finish it because it's very simple it goes and creates a video based on what I gave it and then you can download that video and then you can use vid IQ to go and upload it and then put your team affiliate Link in the description to make money on team alright guys don't forget to subscribe tap that notification Bell smash that like button and I'll see you in the next video

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