I Found A New EASY Strategy To Make Money Online & This Is How It Works (Hurry!)

over the last few weeks I've been working on a brand new method to make money online and is doing extremely well right now and I want to share how you can do this yourself now this is a trending make money online method right now that is absolutely blowing up and I feel if you want to make money with this the best time is to get in early and that's why it's working so well for me right now and what I want to do in this tutorial is take you through how you can do this step by step you don't need to show your face online or anything like that that's the best thing about this particular method and you can start this for completely free so what am I talking about how can you go ahead and start this method and make money online let me explain how this works and then I'll show you a tutorial step by step on how you can get started so right here you can see that this is an Instagram account and they have nearly a million followers and what they do is they create this content with AI generation software and they are not showing their face online so all of these images are created with a software and they have an insane amount of followers online right now and this is just one account as you can see it says Nemo AI art so this is all created with AI software that's insane and they have nearly a million followers if we look at this one they have a hundred and eleven thousand followers and they have posted hardly any content and what they do is they create these AI generated videos using pictures you and what I want to do in this video is show you exactly how you can do this yourself these accounts are blowing up right now there are hundreds of them and these guys are making money online if we click on this specific link right here you can see that they have things listed where they make money so for example they are selling a book they probably get an affiliate marketing commission from this so how can you actually get into this let me explain to you step by step how you can go ahead and make money with this method without showing your face one of the steps is you are going to have to go and create an Instagram account but before we do that you need to go and pick a niche so now let's jump into the tutorial and I will show you how to make money online with Instagram using AI let's jump into the first step and use our first piece of AI technology all right guys I'm going to take you through this step by step the first step is you want to go to openai.com and you want to open up chat GPT and make your own account as you can see here I have check GPT ready to go now the first step to this method is we want to go into a specific Niche now as I showed you this one here is really really good and we are going to use this for our example in this video so this Niche is more like storytelling and stuff like that but what you want to do if you don't want to go into that is to go to chat GPT and just say something like give me 50 faceless Instagram Niche ideas and it will give you a bunch of ideas that you could potentially use for example straight up the bat I see one here abstract art that would be potentially good for AI now keep in mind most of these are not really going to be relevant but you can get some really good AI niches in this specific list so first of all use chat GPT to go ahead and do that and see if you can find any that stand out like street art and graffiti would be good you could do AI for that color form vibrant flat layers you could do that's the first step you want to do the next step is once you have your Niche you want to go ahead onto Instagram and research that specific Niche and see if there's other people doing that Niche and how many followers they have how many likes they're getting how many shares they're getting and how they format their content this is really important this is called reverse engineering because what we want to do is we want to do stuff that is already winning it saves us a lot of time we don't need to reinvent the wheel so we're going to take this video for example okay you can go and watch this if you want but it's it's a space one we're going to use this for this example in this video the next step is you want to find some sort of AI image generator now I use mid-journey for this tutorial but you can go and find other AI software if you like there's lots of free versions out there and let me show you exactly what I've done now keep in mind we are going to be doing a space reel okay now if you look here I did a version one which turned out real bad and then a version of four so let me just copy this and I will show you exactly what you need to do this is a very basic one right here in mid-journey we go forward slash imagine and it gives me a prompt and I'm going to paste this in image of space and planets that look futuristic and I'll say with the Stars and then I'll go dash dash A R spec ratio ar916 and then dash dash V4 so we do version four and I'm going to push enter now you'll see up here I've done just like I've pretty much just done the same thing over and over again and every time it's given me a different set of images so you don't actually need to change the prompt too much to get what we actually need to get so for this example I'm going to download a few of these and we're going to use these images here now you can see that these images are now generating themselves and these are different to all of the ones up here this one here I did image of space alien I should have said looks futuristic but this is what it gave me I like the second image and then what I did is I clicked upscale two and then it gave me this image here that I saved to my computer now if we look at these ones these have come out really really nice I actually like the third one so what I'm going to do is I'm going to click upscale three and it's going to give me a version of that one image that I can now save to my computer alright guys the next step is we need to do one more thing with chat GPT I'll show you what I write in the message section here so what I've done is I've asked chatgpt to give me 20 space quotes now you can do different things for this so you could say give me 20 inspirational space quotes give me 20 motivational space quotes but just for this example I've asked to give me 20 standard space quotes and I can actually go through and I can see this one right here looks pretty good exploration is in our nature we we began as Wanderers and we our Wanderers still this one actually looks really really good so I'm going to use this to my example but that's the next step we need to start getting some space quotes that we can go ahead and use for our content so ask chat GPT to do that for you the next step after that is we need to go ahead and make our Instagram real in this particular particular tutorial I'm going to show you how to use a Instagram a video platform called in video dot IO I will leave a link in the description for this if you want or you could use other ones as well if you like it doesn't really matter what one you use as long as it has a text to speech function which this one does so I'm going to go create new and I want to go to templates and I want to choose a template now you can choose any template as long as it has some text on it that you can edit so I'm going to choose this one here just because it's a space one and it gives us an example what you want to do is you want to click 916 or you could also do Square landscape depending on where you're going to be posting this but for Instagram 916 and go use template now what I'm going to do right now is the first of all I'm going to delete the music we don't need the music in this tutorial and I'm going to leave some text here I'm going to delete most of this stuff okay because it's not really going to be needed for this now what I want to do is I want to go ahead and I want to start uploading some images that I downloaded from mid Journey I'm going to just drag 3 and here that I'm going to use for this tutorial okay so now I have three images I'm going to start to drag them on here so the first one we are going to just replace there we go so we have a beautiful image there and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to add the next one at the end beautiful image there what I'm going to do is I'm going to copy this and then paste it and it's going to give us another scene and I'm going to go ahead and put another image on there and go replace and I'm going to do that multiple times now what I would do actually is probably shorten these a little bit I think the best video time is around about 10 seconds maybe uh they're not 100 sure on that you will have to check but I'm just going to bring this down to around about 10 and then I'm going to copy and paste again and I'm going to add that last image okay so now I have three images right here and I you'll see I also have some text now that text is not important right now we can change that soon the next step is we now need to do what we call text to speech so go to voice over and do automated text to speech okay and then go back to here and just copy your uh text here that you're going to use so we'll just copy this one here and then go ahead and put it into here and then what you want to do is you want to choose someone's voice so we'll just go John and we'll go generate voiceover and this is going to generate the voice over for us once this is generated we can go to add and you can see now that it has added the voiceover for me exploration is in our dinner we began as wondering now you can actually make this smaller like this to match the voiceover and we have now created a simple 10 second video or 12 second video super easy now what you can then do is you can actually change the text here to match what the voice over is saying now I'm not going to do that in this video but that is what you can do I'm going to actually delete it for this video just you can kind of see what we have if we look at this we have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean so that is really amazing we've just created an amazing looking reel that we can go ahead and we can now export so you click export and you want to do it in the best quality uh and you're probably going to want to do it in 720p because I think that's uh you can do it for free I think the 1080p you have to pay so I'm going to go ahead and Export that video and then I can now go ahead and upload that to Instagram reels all right guys so now that you have the video downloaded and ready to go I've already done that what you want to do is you want to go and do this multiple times on an account and you want to go and do these reels and post and some of them will go potentially go viral and some won't do as well but keep doing it and it will grow your Instagram account and then you can monetize it to make money through multiple ways of doing that now I'm not going to get into monetization right now but one of the ways you can do something like affiliate marketing but make sure you subscribe hit that notification Bell so you know when my next video comes out and I will talk about how you can actually monetize it once you had the following once you have the likes and the shares coming in so you can actually make money from the Instagram account and as you can see this one actually only just started so they haven't done much content and they're already at a hundred thousand followers all right guys I'll see you in the next video

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