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in this free tutorial I'm going to show you how to make money online and this is the perfect time to do this with this brand new trending product that I'm going to show you that's making people money online now I've actually done some research and I found out that there's actually quite a lot of people making money with this specific method but not only that the actual specific product I'm going to show you that's brand new and we actually haven't talked about this before so I found some people that have made £99,000 $60,000 $123,000 and nearly $2 million now the 2 million was a mix of the product I'm going to show you and other products the product that I'm going to show you in this video to make money online with is one of their top 10 selling products so these are just some of the results and I found loads of people making money with this specific method now this product that I'm going to show you is brand new to this channel we haven't talked about this before and more importantly it's actually brand new to a platform that I'm going to talk about soon in this tutorial so that's why it's trending right now because this is brand new and it's trending for two reasons because it's Christmas we'll talk about that in a second and because it's a brand new specific product I'm going to show you how to do this step by step and we're not going to miss any steps in this video and yes this works worldwide doesn't matter where you are now we're still doing the giveaway for my courses if you would like to win access to my courses every single one make sure you find the Emoji in this video smash the like button and then comment what that emoji is it's different this time guys and then I will pick a winner in the next video Let's jump into this tutorial and I'll show you how to make money online with this brand new big Trend that's happening right now all right guys so it's nearly Christmas time I know it's a few months away but let's be real time goes really fast now but it's nearly Christmas and around this time there's always so many ways to make money online now the method I'm going to show you in this video you can start doing this now and you can make a lot of money up till Christmas and you can even even do this method after Christmas and still make money online so I'm going to show you exactly how to do that and we're going to use a brand new product that is actually trending right now and it's really easy to make we don't actually have to hold the product or anything so let me explain to you exactly how this works and how you can make money online with this method but this is the best time to make money online because there's so much stuff you can do like you could sell courses for Black Friday if you like or do affiliate marketing deals for Black Friday today or you could try this one and get an early right now so the first thing you want to do for this method is head over to and what you'll see is there these things called ceramic ornaments and this is what the ceramic ornaments look like down here so you can see what people do is they you can put your own designs on these and sell them or you can actually sell them and people give you their designs now if we actually go to here we have Christmas ones which is obviously the theme of this video and we can actually go ahead and sell these and we can get all the designs ourselves and everything and I'm going to show you how to do it in this video now you might be asking why is this new why is this trending well we can actually use a print on demand service to create these and this print on demand service just added these recently to their product catalog and that's why it's blowing up right now and a lot of people are actually selling these because it's so easy to sell them now so let's jump straight into this and I'll show you exactly how to get started but what I would recommend you do is go to first and go and put in ceramic oraments and what you can actually do is you can click on these specific ones and you can go ahead and click on the store here and you can actually copy the store name and then when you copy the store name you can go into this website here which is called aura.

Al .io and we can go ahead to product and we can go to shop analyzer and we can actually analyze specific stores on YY for free this is a free account and we can see how much money they have been making online it's absolutely insane we can get a full load down on the estimation of what they've been making their top products and everything we can literally see everything so this specific store is just a random one that I chose they have made $ 1.9 million so far and these are their most popular products and as you can see down here this is an engagement uh sorry engaged Christmas ornament a personalized family Christmas ornament now it's not specifically their top sellers but it is in their top 10 which is absolutely insane so you can go ahead and you can research these specific stores and we can see that people are buying these specific products and we can go ahead and create these and I'll show you how to do that right now but what I would recommend you do on the Christmas stuff is just go into Etsy and put in Christmas um ornaments and just see what ones are selling the best to get some of the best designs now the next step what you want to do is you want to go ahead and you want to head over to chat GPT this is important because this is how we're going to get our content and I'll show you exactly what you need to do I'm just going to copy this real um real quick for us um you want to go to new chat and you want to do chat GPT 4 and you want to have a plugin called photo realistic okay this is going to make us photo realistic image prompts that we can use I'm going to go and post into here which is Santa writing slay with presents now I've just put this in for the tutorial so you might want to put in something else but you don't actually need to with this plugin because it's very very smart and it gives us everything that we need to do I just need to say yes and it actually gives us everything that we need in a very specific in-depth Advanced prompt that we can go ahead and then use to create an image all right so as you can see it's now finishing off its prompt so I'm going to copy this entire prompt right here and then what you want to do is you want to go to a program called mid Journey you can Google mid Journey if you don't know what this is but this creates AI images for us now I'm not going to explain to you how mid junor works you can go ahead and find that online uh and tutorials but it's very easy to use all you need to do I'll show you a simple way to do this is you go for SL imagine and then you get the Imagine prompt and you paste in that prompt that we got from chat GPT and that AI plug-in that we could uh use to create that prompt and what it's going to do is it's going to go ahead and create four images for me now why this is doing that because it might sometimes it takes some time I'm going to show you four that I've actually created up here so I created these four right here and then I created these four right here as you can see very different types of images very different types of styles so if you do this a few times with different prompts you're going to get different styles which is good and we can choose different specific Styles we're going to use this style for our specific ornament and and then as you can see this one is now doing its thing and it actually um this one has actually come out a lot better than I thought but as you can see we have four images that we could now potentially use and I'm actually going to use one of these ones and I'm just going to click on uh I want to upsize number two so I'm going to go U2 and that's going to upssize image number two for me sorry guys I apologize my camera is playing up I think it's gone flat anyways we now have this image that we could use and we can go ahead and we can now use this so I'm going to go ahead and up do that open and browser and I'm going to right click and save the image now once that image is saved we can then go ahead and use this so the next step you want to do is you want to first off go ahead and start your own Etsy store if you don't have one there are tutorials online and how you can actually go ahead and set that up you just want to go ahead and start your account and then create a store once you've created a store you want to go to printify decom and you want to start up your own account and on printify WE essentially what happens is we don't actually have the product these guys send the product out for us and once we get an order it will automatically be done for us and it'll send out the order from our Etsy store and you can connect this to Etsy as you can see they have an Etsy integration so printify and Etsy and this will integrate into your store you just push connect and it will all link up and then your designs that you create will show up on Etsy and then they will be for sale so let's just pretend you have your own um printer fire account I'm going to go just put an ornament in the search bar these are new products and I'm going to click on this one for example here there's all sorts of different types you got wooden ornaments you've got uh this specific Christmas one actually I might choose that one we've got all these different types of products now if you do get a printer F premium you will get these for cheaper so what you pay for this one for example is $10 and you could essentially sell this for 15 or 20 or 30 and get a profit margin on top of that or you could do this one so these guys send this out for you we actually choose this one for this design uh and we're going to go to you go start designing and it's actually given me a different design that's actually okay this works very well with our um our theme now this is a metal ornament so you can do ceramic metal wood and this cost $4.70 I'm just going to drag my image on and they actually have their own AI image generator if you wanted to give that a go but I haven't done that yet so I'm not sure how good that is so what I've done is I've just dragged my image onto Printery and I'm going to enlarge it here and get it all lined up and as you can see that lines up pretty good we need to make it a little bit bigger here you might need to mess with image sizes just so you get a good image size but I think that's really good it would be nice to actually fit the reindeer in as well and now I'm just going to go save product and that is how easy this is to do and then when you have your Etsy store um connected did which I actually think I do you're going to get these different types of images as well that you can use it's like placeholder images so this is really really good it's set up really really nicely and then all you have to do uh if you have your itsy store connected it does everything for you so it does the I would recommend changing the title a bit better a better title okay but it's done a full description for us they take care of all of the shipping for us and I'm just going to oh and then sorry and then you can do your pricing down here you can have a 40% profit margin you can change it to a 20% profit margin you can have a 70% profit margin which means that you would um make a 20 H sorry a $10 profit on every single one that you sold if you had a 70% margin and then just go save as draft and this is now going to be saved as a draft now I don't have this connected to Etsy as you can see so I can't actually publish this but once it's saved as a draft uh you can go ahead and you can publish this specific product on ety to go and make money as you can see this is just my tutorial account and then you can go and put on Etsy and you can start selling it now I would recommend doing Christmas ornaments for now because obviously Christmas is coming up so you want to do um Christmas ones but once that's over you can actually do something called a uh a ceramic mockup where people will actually send you their design and then you can go ahead and put it on Printery and then send it to them that way and that sometimes works out better because you don't actually have to do the design you're just selling the product and then they will send you the design to put on it all right guys I just want to show you a nice easy way to make some money coming up to Christmas online and this is a great way to make money online because you can essentially use this website Printery to supply the product you can use cat GPT to get yourself an image and then you can use YY to sell that particular product all right guys I'll see you in the next video don't forget to subscribe smash that like button tap that notification Bell and I'll see you then

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