Stupidly Easy $200/Day ChatGPT Copy Paste Method To Make Money Online For Beginners

and as you can see right here guys this guy has made over a hundred thousand dollars when the particular method that is very similar to what I'm about to show you in this completely free tutorial what's going on guys my name is Franklin and in this video I'm going to show you a stupid easy way to make money with chat GPT this is extremely easy to do and anybody can follow along now I've been working online for many years I even have awards for doing so it's my full-time job and I know some of the best ways to make money online now you won't need any money to start this particular method and you won't need to go ahead and create your own website because I do know that that's a very complicated step to making money online so we are eliminating that step in this video you won't need to go and start your own website and like I said this is a very easy method to do so make sure you follow all the way to the end so you don't miss any of these easy steps this is what you can expect from this tutorial I'm going to show you everything you need to know in this quick nine minute guide I'm going to show you all the steps so you can learn everything in the next nine minutes I had a few people on one of my other videos saying they wanted some a little bit shorter tutorials so they could learn everything much quicker and that's what I'm bringing you in this video so let's get started but before that if you want more videos every single week make sure you hit that subscribe button let's get started and I'll show you how to make money with chat GPT for free alright guys the first step to this method is really easy and I'm going to show you an exact example of how this works you want to hit open to open and when you're on you want to click sign up or log in if you have an account and then you're going to be taken to chatgpt this is an AI software that you can use to make money online that's what we're going to be using in this example to show you how to actually do this method once you are on chat GPT and you have it ready to go you want to go over to a website called so to find this particular website here I'm going to go to Google and print design Moto email prompts and it's the one at the top and you want to click on this specific link and then what we're going to do is we're going to go scroll through here and we can see that it gives us very Advanced prompts that we can use in chat GPD for this method so we have email marketing prompts for subject line generation email marketing prompts for body copy which is the actual email itself so we're going to use that one of these ones right now to go and create an email that we can use to make money so for example I'm going to take write a body copy for a promotional email with the subject line and then we put in our subject line let me go do that right now with chat GPT and I'll show you the results now guys chat GPT is doing its work and I want to explain to you what I put in the subject line I did make a spelling mistake but no problem chat GPT is fun enough to figure it out so I put right over a promotional email with the subject line learn how tcd Builders should say Builders could build your dream home now what I've done is the reason I have done it like this is because to make it more General like we could have said hey let's do a subject line on affiliate marketing you know something something like that but I wanted it to be more general for the more general public because that's what this method is about and you'll understand in a second as we go throughout this video now what I'm going to do is I'm going to click stop generating because it's actually doing a really really long email so I've clicked stop generating but let's just pretend that we have this email that we have gone and created by simply using a prompt and it's actually really good email to be honest I'm just reading through it right now so we did this by using this website right here which I just showed you and you can do subject lines as well and you can do um uh what are the best practices for Effective email marketing design you can actually ask chat GPT for email advice as well so anyway what we've done is I've gone and created an email that we could potentially go and use to make money with and you could go ahead and create a subject line as well by simply going doing something like something like this I'll just do this real quickly actually we can do it right Honest we can do it right here give me 10 promotional email subject lines for my building company okay so this is going to go ahead and give us I should have said um Home Building well here you go building dreams let us create your perfect home for you it's just giving me 10 email subject lines so now we have 10 email subject lines and now we have an email body that we could potentially use so now let's go ahead and I'll show you how to make money with check GPD essentially what we can do is we can actually go ahead and get jobs with this method so for example if we go to and there's actually email marketing jobs that are live right now so let's have a look here we have a newsletter email marketing manager 30 hours per week we have I need someone to send 50 official emails per day and they're going to pay a fixed price that would be per day so that looks like it would be a dollar per email that's pretty good and then I did see some down here that looked quite interesting email marketing for my e-commerce store 30 plus hours per week and then you can load more jobs but if you actually look here there's a list of people that are doing email marketing jobs so this is email marketing ten dollars per hour he's made over two hundred thousand dollars so far with email marketing and then we have this guy here we have digital marketing Specialists that's more like Facebook ads and stuff like that we have an email marketing specialist here 15 per hour we have someone here 60 per hour we have someone who is 50 per hour and if we're actually put on something like email marketing copywriting we're probably gonna get people that are even worth more I'll show you right now we have people who are email copywriters twenty dollars per hour cold cold email email copy 60 per hour so as you can see just on this website alone these guys are making really good money in their email marketing space now if we look at this one and we go down this is another website I do like upwork better but this is another one looking for an email email expert email marketing expert um we have um build get response flow so you can go into more advanced stuff by building email marketing flows if you like MailChimp for Real Estate email marketing help to automate MailChimp but as you can see this is and then you can also go to your local job board in your country so this is in my country right here where people are looking for email marketing Specialists email marketing specialist email marketing specialist email marketing automation specialist which is like uh ads and email marketing and all of that type of stuff so there's not many but there are a few email marketing Specialists here you can go and put email marketing jobs into Google and it will show email marketing jobs in your area you can also use LinkedIn to find email marketing jobs as well and then not only that you can use Fiverr and what you could do is you could actually do some more advanced email marketing stuff for example it says here I will set up Advanced email marketing flows with clayvio now you could do this with something like gitresponse for example so what that means is you set up an automate an automated email marketing system by using things like get response now if you want to know how to do that I do have some videos below that will show you exactly how you can set up get response and you can actually go ahead and make money on websites like Fiverr by setting up email structures and email plans for businesses alright guys that's how you can go ahead and make money with chat GPT you can use this website here to go ahead and create emails and subject lines and then get jobs in the email marketing space where you will be paid to actually go ahead and do emails for people and companies don't subscribe smash that like button tap that notification Bell and I'll see you on the next video

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