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what's going on guys in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make money online but with this method you have to actually jump on this now I'm going to show you everything you need to do and you can start doing this today and I'm going to take you through step by step and we're going to cover a brand new product that just released today and we can get all the information we can start making money from this specific method now you're not going to need to go and create your own website so don't worry about any of that complicated stuff and I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do step by step in this video so you don't miss out but we need to hurry so you can start making money with this today now I'm still doing my course giveaway guys make sure you smash that like button find the Emoji in this video and then comment below what that emoji is let's jump into this method to make money online because it's important because this is going to be huge let's jump in right now and I'll show you exactly what you need to do to make money online with this myth all right guys before we get started I want to let you know that this is a limited time thing meaning that what I'm about to show you you might not be able to make money from it for quite some time time because you're can only make money from it right now and I'm actually going to be making money from this as well so I'm going to be doing exactly what I'm showing you in this video and that's what gave me the idea to do this video for you guys cuz I'm going to be doing this as well so let's get started and I'll show you exactly what we're talking about so what you want to do is you want to go to a website called Munch and on this website there are products that you can promote for a commission and I found one that's actually releasing soon it's it's released yesterday actually but you can start promoting it soon and you can make commissions and I'm going to be actually promoting this specific product so I want to go through and show you how you can promote this to get affiliate commissions to make money online so let's get started and go over exactly what this is so once you click on well actually let me explain to you what this website is first so this is a website where people upload products software books courses and things like that and you can actually come here and sign up and promote these products and get paid a commission so like it says here 40% 50 50% 50% 50% it's got all the percentages there so once you click on one of these for example the top one that I'm going to be promoting um and you click on this link here it takes you to what's called an affiliate page and it shows you the steps on what you need to do now this specific product is promoting a book and this is from a guy called Russell Brunson he's a very big online marketer he's quite famous in the online marketing space now if you actually scroll down to the bottom here there's a few steps that you can do to make money with this so I think this is a typo I think it's supposed to say 12th of October you can do a thing called phase one now I'm going to skip this phase when I do this because I don't really want to do this but what you can do is you can send a link to other people and if they go ahead and promote the product as well you will get what's called a second teer commission so you would get 10% lifetime commissions from whatever money they make I'm skipping that I'm not doing that phase two on October the 9th so this is coming up soon this is why I wanted to actually show you this in case you wanted to get started now and get ready they're going to be launching what is called secrets of of success most incredible free gift ever is what it's called and what will happen is you'll get a link and you'll be able to send um this link to people where they can get a free subscription box and all they have to do is pay for the shipping now what will happen is you will U make money on that but after that they have an upsell to a month monthly course where the course is $97 per month and you would make $40 per month per member that you send to them and signs up to their course so you actually get monthly payments on this on on the phase two which is what I'm going to be doing I'm not going to be doing phase one I'm going to be doing phase two you can skip phase one if you like um I don't really get into that type of stuff but I'm going to be doing phase two and so from the 19th of October to the 26th you can promote this product so this is the book here and then this is the course that they get upsell onto that's $97 per month and you can get a commission monthly from that so we'll come back to this page soon but what I'm going to do is I'm going to tell you how to actually get setup so you can make money from this and you can get everything that you need to get started the first thing you need to do is you need to go ahead and go to apply to be an affiliate once you sign up to be an affiliate it's going to take you to this page here where you're going to get what is called a affiliate link this is the affiliate link here now this affiliate link that's in there right now is just for phase one okay so it's for the phase one section it would be up to you if you wanted to do that or not I'm not going to do that once phase two releases what's going to happen then is this link will change or there will be more links added or you could potentially use the same link and it's going to take um people to the book where they can um get this free book subscription and then get an upgrade to a course where you would get a commission so what's the the first step to actually doing this I'll explain the first step to making money with this now you can't actually go ahead and just I mean you could but you don't want to go and just send your affiliate link out straight away uh without any kind of bridge page so the first thing we need to do is create what we call a bridge page and this is um called and we can actually use this to create email marketing automation Bridge pages and everything we need so I'm going to sign into my account and show you how to do that I'll leave a link below where you can sign up create your own free account to follow along but there's a few things you are going to want to do now I'm going to leave a video in the description that's going to actually show you a full tutorial on how to set up get response but I'm going to show you how to set up an email marketing list very basic one and a capture page so we can actually go and start sending out this information so the first thing you want to do with this is you want to go over to tools and you're going to have all of these options and we first want to go to What's called Automation and we want to set up an automation system okay with some emails and stuff like that now I'm going to do what is called a um a workflow in a second but first i'm going to create some automation messages now the video below is going to show you how to connect your email to get response and stuff like that and they've also got their own tutorials so just assume that you've set up all your emails and stuff now I'm going to go and create an automation message and I'm just going to do a basic message that we're going to use in a second okay and this is just going to be something like the the thing is you could go ahead and use get response to create emails and stuff like that but once this actually releases they're going to give you all of the emails that you need so you won't need to actually go and um create the emails what I've done is I've asked chat gbt to speed this up to um create a a email based on a book that I'm selling about success okay and so I'm going to just copy all of this stuff into this email stuff here we've put an unlock the secrets of success with and we're going to just say h what are we going to say we're going to say mg so that's the name of the book okay that's the short version of the book we're going to put that into here okay cool and then you have your email in there and you're ready to go we're going to go to next step and this is what we're going to do our first email that we're going to send out this is going to be automatic because we're going to actually send people um somewhere else I actually chose the old version by mistake that was silly of me um you want to choose the uh new version obviously but I'm just going to go ahead and choose one of my templates here and then delete it and redo the email okay I'm going to copy all of this here from chat GPT remember you uh the the product is probably going to have emails ready for you to use okay so I'm just going to I've accidentally went into the old version of get response the new version is much cleaner to than this and easy to use I'm going to paste this into here and you would change this information right so we're don't have a code so we'll take that out but this is the email and then what you would do is you would have a link so click here and then you would post your affiliate link right here all right so what I've done is I've gone and I've got my affiliate link from here now remember guys that it depends on the phase that you promote right so if I promote from the 12th of octo uh 12th of October this is supposed to be October I'm not going to make any money because that's just because I will be recruiting people but on phase two so the 19th of October this link is most likely going to change and it will take people to a different page that has a book on it so just keep that in mind um so what would happen is if you don't want to do phase one like me then you would send it on phase two from this date forward the 19th so I've gone and put this in here from chat GPT you obviously fill in the blanks and I'm going to paste in the link by pasting it right here and then we're going to going to go to next at the bottom here and we're going to make this message live because we're going to be using it in a second okay so we'll do that the next thing we need to do is create what we call a contact list so don't worry about this message right now we're going to go to um contacts and we're going to go and create what we call a list so create list and I'm just going to call this YouTube tutorial I'll actually I'll call it SOS secrets of success I'm probably going to use it and then go to create and this is going to be the list that you're going to um connect to your automation the next step is you're going to go to tools and then you're going to go to automation okay and we're going to set up this email so it can be sent out automatically so we're going to go to create workflow and we're going to just go start from scratch like I said I have a full tutorial Below on how you can do all of this and we're going to go subscribers and this is where people going to come in to our Automation and we're going to go select the list specific and we're going to select the list the list that I just created was SOS okay so now that's done and then we're going to go to um what we call send a message we're going to drag send a message into them we're going to link it up we're going to click that and I'm going to go to Automation and I'm going to go to book to email one and what's going to happen is that now when people go to our list that we're going to um send traffic to I'll show you how to get the traffic in a second they're going to get onto the this automation workflow and they're going to get sent the book automatically and then we're going to also be building a list at the same time so now I'm going to go save and publish and that's um ready to go so that will work as soon as I connect it to my bridge page all right so next tip we want to go to those tools and we want to go to forms and popups I think that's where we go yeah forms and popups we're going to create an form that collects an email and this is going to be really cool because this is how we promote this now the reason why is because you can't just go and send people straight to an affiliate link with the traffic method that we're going to use so we're going to go um we're going to go to Legacy just because it's easier for me to use I know how to use that and we're going to go to Crea a form and we'll just do old version just because I know how to do it you might want to go new version because they offer technical support but I'm used to the old version because that's what I use they just recently updated it and I'm going to go to list Builder wizard down the bottom here we're going to get some pages that we can um choose I'm just going to choose this basic one here I always use this one right here and this is going to create us a page that we can use to send people to to click their email and Link it up to that automation we just created now why that it's actually loading I to say why it's loading but while it's loading we're going to go back to here and and we're going to think of um what we can use as the title so I'm going to use secrets of success and I'm going to say get your free copy get your free copy of secrets to success and we'll just make that all the same get your free copy of secrets to success I'm going to delete this and then under underneath I'm going to say what it's about cuz that always helps so we're going to add some more text here and we're going to say um book on starting a online business and brackets and then you might want to put something underneath that says put an email below to get sent the free book now what you want to do is you want to go to settings and you want to choose that automation that I actually um talked about so you want to go to list and you want to find the one that we created which is called the one that you create called SOS and then we want to um leave we want to untick this and we want to just leave it as that okay that's all you want to do and I'm going to click save now there's one more thing you need to do as well we want to go and choose a thank you page custom okay and so what we're going to do then is we're going to get our affiliate link copy that and we're going to go ahead and put it in there so what happens is once they give us their email they also get directed to the free book so they're going to get emailed the free book and they're going to get directed to the free book as well and then click save now we're going to click publish and we're going to get our link to this page and I'm going to show you how to get the traffic now just quickly guys I did forget if you can't see the um product here anymore you need to scroll down to the bottom cuz it'll be in the just launched section so just keep that in mind now once you have that form done you want to click on get response will host my form and click copy and you want to go make a short version of that you could use any type of Link shortening website and it's going to create a shorter link for you so you can copy that link H or you could go and host it on your own website but that's another whole ball game that we're not going to get into the next tiep is you want to go ahead and get some traffic you want to go to a website called and sign up to create your own account once you've signed up you're going to um go to a dashboard where we can get traffic so just sign up it's very easy to sign up once you sign up you're going to basically have your own account where you can get traffic on tap you can get traffic whenever you need it now what this traffic is is it's other people sending out your link in their own email list so it's their own email list so you want to find one that's in a in the specific Niche for that product you're promoting so for example this one is like making money online so something like digital marketing um um most of it's pretty good for making money online so for example we'll click on this guy called Gabe and what you do is you go to the specific page and you can see it reviews and all that sort of stuff but what is what what you got to kind of focus on is the tiar of the traffic so what type of traffic does he have he has 94% to 100% tier one traffic mostly USA this is what you want and the traffic is best for make money online and business opportunity ClickBank Warrior plus JV zo offers and things like that so this is what this guy does and you can see some of the results that people are getting from buying his specific traffic and as you can see Matt P here he's actually quite a big um YouTuber so that's quite interesting that he's using this guy's traffic so this guy has traffic that we can go ahead and we can purchase to send to our own office so I'm going to go to buy solo and what you want to do is you can see how many how many clicks you want to buy and you're going to pay 44 cents per click that's pretty good so let's say you want to buy 400 clicks you're going to pay around about two well you're going to pay $201 down here right that's not too bad because if you go ahead and make $400 from this you're doubling your money and obviously you're going to have to do a little bit of testing and stuff like that but this is what I would recommend doing you can actually see here's one of my links in here that I actually um used to send traffic to so you want to go to your setting account as well and once you're in your settings account you want to go ahead and put your link in that you created okay you can do that in settings I don't need to show that it's very simple to do and then your links will show up here you can go ahead and you can send traffic to if you like these are called your saved links you can click manage right here and you send traffic to that page but make sure you click only top tear traffic as well it's going to be a little bit more expensive actually I just noticed that um but you want to make sure you're clicking top tear traffic to get the best traffic from actually doing this and what you're going to do is you're not only going to make money from selling that specific product from munai this Russell Brunson product you're going to be also building your own email list you can keep promoting products to in the future and over time all right guys so that's this specific video on how to make money online you want to go ahead and set up just like I showed you in this video on how to promote this specific product and then use this traffic from to send to that page that we created to sell the product and make your own email list I'll see you guys in the next video and I'll leave a video in the description on how you can use get response

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