6 Ways To Earn Money With Prompt Engineering

hi friends today I will share with you six proven methods I tested to build an income stream with prompt engineering I will share both simple and advanced methods so anyone can utilize this opportunity but before we start in just one minute in case you are a beginner what is prompt engineering it is simply the art of interacting with language model it's how you talk with language models like charging PT it's about asking the right questions to get the best answers for example this is chargpt let's say you want to generate domain names anyone can say generate 5 domain names about email marketing this is what we call a prom that texts the input you feed the language model in our case is chargpt and you will get an answer very nice so this is a prom and this is the answer one feed and prompt engineering is how to craft the best prompt not like this one let let me show you another example delete this chat and I will paste now my special private power prompt to generate domain names I will say also email marketing is a niche and now let's take a look on this prompt and the answer you can see we are getting domain names with relevance why it's effective and so on so we are getting a better response better Answers by utilizing these power prompts so prompt engineering is how to create powerful prompts to get the best answers out of language models like charging PT or googlebot and others and not only that the other aspect of prompt engineering is how to build and create automation scripts if you are following for example I built the chargpt earthquake script that can search the web and then scrape the content and then summarize and give you like a Content research and like a couple of seconds so in automation screen tips we combine power prompts with scripting to automate a certain workflow so this in short prompt Engineering in a little bit I will share with you one of the best free resources to learn prompt engineering starting from today just bear with me a little bit let's now go back to our main topic and see our six proven methods to make money out of prom engineering so number one and I think it's the easiest or the simplest approach which is selling prompt templates and here we have two options number one is to sell individual prompts On Prom marketplaces for example you can go here to promptbase.com create an account and start selling click on sell here and submit your prompts you can see in my account I have bought all these prompts from prompt base on their website is snack prompt also you can go here sign up and create and sell your prompts the other approach in this strategy is to sell a prompt library for example I in my case I sell this premium from library on my website so you can package multiple prompts like this one here and sell it together and to help you I created two three full guides one on how to craft and create powerful prompts and the other guide is how to sell these prompts you just need these guys to go and start with this strategy but wait a little bit let's see the other five strategies maybe you change your mind and go something more advanced so let's see strategy number two which is selling automated scripts as I mentioned before prompt engineering has two aspects the other aspect is about creating automation scripts so we can combine a powder prompt with a script to automate a certain workflow for example let me show you this I created this sample script and here we have this power prompt that is combined with this script to rewrite articles let's go here and run this by the way it's not that complicated to build these scripts it's really simple if if you learn how they will tell you how in a little bit just bear with me please so you can see here a simple interface you paste the article here and click on start and it will rewrite the article so you can build these scripts and sell them instead of a prompt you build and sell automated scripts you can go to websites like gumro to sell any digital product like scripts like prompts anything you want so you can build scripts that converts maybe articles into social media posts maybe to do automated content research we have a lot of ideas you can check here my videos on my channel the GPT Max Edition the charge EPT earthquake I have a lot of ideas on my blog posts where you can learn how to build these scripts let's move on now to number three number three is somehow more advanced a little bit which is building customized AI Solutions or tools for your clients for example last week I showed you how to build an AI tool on WordPress so you can provide this service to your clients and I mentioned in that video that I would be publishing the YouTube title generator tool the AI tool that can generate the best YouTube titles and it's now publish and live on my website you can see here so you can build these tools to your clients and what's nice if you go here down you can get my free guide on how I built this tool step by step the prompts I use the code everything so you can get all the secrets behind this tool and utilize this to provide as a freelancing service or gig what's nice about these Services it's still new we have low competition so now is the right time to start if you wait for a couple of months the competition will be higher and you need to Market more and so on now it's an opportunity for you to provide these new services and gigs now strategy number four is one of my best instead of selling a prompt or a prom template or a script what you will do is you are going to build an AI API and sell it on marketplaces for example you can build an AI content generator and sell on rapid API if you check here my account on rapid API I'm selling all these apis here for a monthly recurring membership it's really a great idea and what's nice I have a full guide on how to get started how to build apis how to sell them how to Market them everything you need I'll also leave a link in description below now before we move on to number five and six let me share with you the top three courses and resources to learn prompt engineering 2343 starting from today the first one is on edx prompt engineering and advanced charge GPT it's a free course the second one on Coursera also it's called prompt engineering for chart GPT the third one is my free playlist here on my channel it's a full playlist no ads and you can go and check the comments to see how powerful and beneficial is this series I worked hard to make the best prompt engineering videos here on my channel number four is charging PT prompt engineering for developers on the planning.ai number five is learnprompting.org and number six is prompting guide dot AI I will leave all these links in the description because don't worry about them right now you can see we have a lot of free courses that you can start right now to master this skill and build a business out of this skill let's now move on to number five number five is to start a SAS business software as a service or simply building online tools that you can monetize with a monthly recurring membership or simply keep it free a side project to grow your business and get traffic and build your email lists for example I build free AI kit it's a set of free AI tools and a web website where you can build AI tools totally for free with no code so this website acts as a side project for me where I can promote my other products like my prompt engineering course my ebooks I can build email list so I can provide value with this website in exchange of building my business growing my business the second website I have is promoter kit a set of marketing tools you can see here I'm promoting my API promoting my ebooks I even add some affiliate banners so you can build AI online tools and sell for a monthly recurring membership or simply monetize with ad spaces or to grow your own business with these powerful AI tools if you want to learn more about this you can check this video where I showed you how I turned a simple AI tour from zero dollars up to thirty thousand dollars in value in just three months anyway so number five is building online tools or SAS AI business number six is education and consultation after you learn these courses that you have some experience you can now provide a consultation service or maybe create an ebook or a course and sell it like in my case I sell my prompt engineering Mastery course go from zero to scripting workflows and I create ebooks and educational resources around prompt engineering this new hot skill or it can provide one-to-one Consultation Services for businesses to automate their workflows this is very important and it's now new as I mentioned the competition is still low so take action and start today learn the skill we have a lot of free resources start with my free series I'm sure you will thank me later it's free without ads learn the skill and build your income stream see you soon

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