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hi everyone today in this video we will see together how we can build a full online business covering both technical side and marketing side and with the help of AI and Chad GPT I selected an idea that somehow less competitive at the same time we can Implement in different ways and methods so it may be a good choice for beginners and to Advanced users the idea today is an email validation service business so people will pay you on a monthly basis or buy credits to use your service for example the balance is one of the best and affordable email validation Services if you're going to pricing people will pay per credit so they can get 5 000 validations for ten dollars and so on another example is my email radiation software which is part of motor kit if you go here to email section we have the bulk email verifier where people can relate emails for free and also I implemented the API so people pays to get access to the validation API all these are different methods to build and monetize and email validation service we talk about all this in this video the technical side how we can build such Services how we can use Ai and charge GPT how to Market this service sharing with you some scripts a lot of value in a couple of minutes and without ads stay tuned and keep watching so let's start and see what is an email validation service unlike 30 seconds let's imagine that it's your wedding party and you send invites to all your friends but at the wedding you found that half of your friends didn't attend they are not there you made a mistake you sent the invite to the wrong addresses the same concept applies in email marketing let's say you create a product and you want to promote your email list and you send a campaign about 50 of the addresses were in were invalid simply The Campaign Will Fail or simply you will lose a lot of sales you don't want this to happen this is where the email validation service comes its main role is to validate your target recipients emails if they exist or not before sending your campaign so today we will learn how to build this email validation system maybe you can use it for yourself to cut down costs or maybe to build a full business as you will see today so let's start by picking a name for our business like any business we want to get a brand name or a domain name you have two options you can squeeze your brain and think about ideas or you can simply use Char GPT let me go to my premium prompts library and today I will reveal one of my premium secret proms let's click on this one let me give you something for free I will copy my prompt template this one and simply paste inside chargpt and my Niche is an email validation service that's just paste that prompt I will give it to you also by the end of this video so don't worry about anything copying or something just follow up now understand the concept and then you can apply so let's wait for chargpt and here we are it will give you a list of domain names or brand names with explanation why it chose this name and you can pick one if you want so let's say you did your research you got some ideas and you picked one that's somehow not the main point now we got the name with the help of charging PT step one done let's now move on to step number two so how we can build an email validation service we mainly have three methods let's start with the easiest approach is to buy a ready-made script for example I searched the web and I found on code Canyon a script if you go here and search for email validation I found this email verifier Pro to be honest with you I didn't test it but it has some good reviews you can go to live preview and test by yourself before buying if you want if you buy this script you'll have a full email validation business we have the SAS version also you can buy it from their website if you want to build a business directly but to be honest with you I don't prefer this approach especially in our case in a technical website like this one you understand this more later in the video where we playing the technical side behind email validation it's somehow complex but in general I usually buy a lot of scripts if you go to my account here you will see I have a lot of scripts I bought from code Canyon some for research some for starting a side project like for example large file sender this is a script I bought from codecany and you can see today it's getting some traction I can promote my other stuff and for example free it's also a script I bought from code can I started a business directly with it and it's getting a lot of traction also I can also promote my other stuff here so in short I don't prefer using this method to store an email validation service but in case you decided to test it you want to buy it and test it make sure to Rebrand your script you need to do some styling make sure to test everything the main problem here is support if you face any technical problem you need to wait for the author to fix it and you are providing a business you have clients you have customers and you don't understand exactly how it works so in case you're a developer you're a PHP developer and you understand the code maybe you can go with this approach somehow simple for you to start directly but for beginners to buy a technical script like this one it will be somehow hard Provide support later on or to update the script I mentioned it as a tip maybe you need to test you need to research or something but I don't prefer this approach the second approach which I prefer and it's somehow easy is to build a validation service on top of an API for example if you go here to de-bounds and log in you see you have the API option this API allows you to use the email validation service but using your own custom code and what's really nice if you go here to documentation inside the e-bounds they have an awesome documentation really so with the help of this documentation and charging PD Can it can create the validation script easily in like 10 minutes go into single validation and you can see we have examples of node Ruby PHP python even in c-sharp whatever language you'll find all the codes here you can just copy it paste it and try it it's very simple for example and promoter kit I do this I use my own validation system Plus apis like de-bounds now maybe the main problem with this approach is we need to write some code again charging PT is here to help us if you go back to our premium prompt Library let's go here and search for python let me give you another prompt for free from my library so this prompt I will copy it go to charge EPT new chart paste and simply this prompt will help you write any python script will ask you what type of script you want and so on now I will save some time I already did this and let's let's see here we are and you can see now charge it wrote the photo script for me that validates using the E bounce API but the idea is we are going to use an API to validate emails and please Focus very well here a very important tip is to use caching you know we are paying for this API but what we can do is to Cache validations like I do with promoter kit here to cut down costs so when a user verifies an email the first time I catch the result then if another one requested the same email I will get the results from my cache instead of calling the API so in this way I can cut down the costs so use an API with caching to implement the email validation service this is the second approach before moving on to the third approach which is the most advanced approach which is building the email validation service from scratch yourself let's see how we can monetize how we make money with these scripts the first method as we mentioned is to build a SAS service like the e-bounds or maybe you have about never bounce all these are email validation services that you pay them on a monthly basis or you buy credits like in the e-bounds to validate your emails so the first model which is maybe the most complex is building a SAS website I will tell you a little bit how we can build the interface we have multiple options also just bear with me a little bit the second option is to sell an API on rapid API I think this is the easiest approach as I explained before in my API videos so you create a simple script and you publish on rapid API and you sell on a monthly base like this one here you can see this is my email validation API on rapid API and what's nice soon I will have a full course about building and selling apis for total beginners from scratch you can join the waiting list in the description below we have a link you can join and secure your spot the third method is by building a free tool like this one on promoter kit you know it's free anyone can use it but they need to log in to sign up so in this way what I'm doing I am building my email list the second benefit of this website is banner ads you can sell ad spaces or promote you other products creating a side project if you have a business creating a side product is very important it can get a lot of traction to your business a lot of traffic especially with online tools I mentioned this a lot before how online tools help me reach 1 million visits per month you can check my guides in the description below anyway now it's time to learn some complicated technical stuff I'll try my best to make it as simple as possible even if you don't want to implement this understanding these Concepts will help you a lot in business in general and in email marketing so usually when you want to validate an email we have three levels three steps number one is syntax validation is to ensure that the syntax of the email is correct like it has an ad sign it has a domain name and so on this is the easiest thing to validate the second level is MX domain validation it's simply connecting to the DNS of the domain and checking if the DNS has a male Exchange Server an MX record listed this will help you ensure that there is a mail server behind this domain this is also somehow simple to implement with python and charger PT the third level which is the most complicated and here where the problem is is validating the existence of the target mailbox usually to validate you need to send an email if it bounces back it's unvalid if it if it was sent it is valid but we want to validate without sending emails we want to validate the mailbox of your recipients and here we have problems like IP black listing when you try to validate emails in bulk the mail servers will Blacklist you so you will get always access denial or maybe failures or maybe invalid emails but in reality you are blacklisted you are blocked so Implement something like IP rotation to validate emails in bulk and we add some rate limiting we have a lot of technical details here I will share all these details by the way in a full guide and I don't want now to go in detail technically I will leave this spot for people who want to go in deep I will have a full guide attached with this video and description below where you can find all the scripts all the codes all the prompts all details technical stuff and so on but in short now in one minute you must understand that in this approach you need to write the full code from scratch validating every single level and implementing technical requirements like multiple servers multiple IPS rate limiting monitoring a lot of things to ensure not to get blacklisted and to get the right results and we have problems like catch all emails where the server will respond always with valid email even if the email is not valid like in Yahoo mail servers so we have a lot of challenges here I will keep all this for the full detailed guide if you are interested you can check it and read it it's totally free I want to move on to building the interface as I mentioned if you want to build an online tool you need to be you are if you want to build a SAS like this one you need to build a UI an interface user interface so usually we have four approaches you can build it yourself if you know like using react or next JS or any front end framework instead of wasting time like two hours on YouTube shorts and Instagram reels let's waste one hour also on learning some technical stuff that really helps you the second approach is hiring a developer okay a third one is using no code tools today we have something like a website helps you build websites without a single line of code using known code tools we have a lot of tools like framer like webflow do a simple research I will also share some in my detailed guide so you can check if you want so the third approach is building with no code tools and number four is using Seminole code tools so we have something like anvil I mentioned also in one of my videos I think handle python yes this one it helps you build your eyes on top of Python scripts this is why also I tell you go and Learn Python scripting it's really easy to learn and to give you a lot of opportunities you can automate things wide in your view on how you can do businesses especially if you are working alone at home like me or if you are planning to have your online business from home learning this skill python scripting have a lot of opportunities for you to help you in your online business and marketing in a lot of things by the way I have a full python scripting course for beginners inside my prompt engineering course I don't know if you joined or not but if you're interested you can check it also in the description below so this is the four ways to build UI Seminole code tools no code tools hiring a developer and building it yourself let's now talk a little bit about marketing and launching your product after you finish implementing whether it's an API or maybe a free tool or maybe a SAS business I want to share with you three main tips to to push your service to Market your service number one is to publish on product hunt you can see here my websites are published on product hunt this will give you some exposure you can also add these badges on your website to help people find your own product hunt and review your products the second way is by picking up two platforms like Twitter and medium and start creating content around your service or your business and number three is SEO I believe it's one of the best I know it takes some time but it's very important and especially if you learn the lean SEO technique I mentioned before where you pick like 100 keywords and you create a template and you can start filling up this template with blog posts somehow fast and today we have charging PT you can build a lot and Target a lot of keywords to get a lot of traction fast to your business and by the way let me reveal and give you something else if you go here to my prompts Library marketing let me give you another prompt also today so this one the advanced keyword research SEO plan this prompt will help you create an SEO plan based on the keywords for example let's copy it go here to charge GPT a new chart and paste and let's say email validation service for example and now this prompt you can see we have now a table containing the keyword cluster the long tail keyword search intent a lot of things an SEO content strategy you can use to push your business as I mentioned all these prompts will be available for free for you since you are here with me supporting my channel maybe with a like so you can get all the details the prompts technical details and the guide below this video and if you are interested in learning how to craft these power prompts and how you can build automation workflows Learn Python scripting connecting with charging PT to build your automation scripts you can check my full course become a prompt engineer going from zero to scripting automated workflows that's it see you later

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