How To Create AI Tool In 2 Minutes Without Any Tech Skills

today in this video I will show you how to build a custom AI tool 100 free without any API keys without any skill without coding and guess what you can do this in less than two minutes if you are ready let's start simply open your browser and go to free and click on create your Custom Tool simply sign up or log in with Google and here a new dashboard simply click on playground look how easy it is first of all select an icon for your tool you can do this with canva go to canva create a design custom size select 100 by 100 create a new design go to elements and let's search for an icon my tool will be a YouTube title generator so let's search for YouTube and click on graphics and let's pick one like this one here Center it let's download transparent compress download go back to my dashboard and let's select the icon very nice what's the tune name I will call it the best AI YouTube Tyson generator you can add your meta Title Here is subheading generate YouTube titles in seconds with AI anything and now create them in the description and description for the tool anything what's important here is this section here let's select tags for example here we are talking about marketing maybe SEO and now we need to select the model for now we have only GPT 3.5 I think in the future we have gpd4 on other models so select 3.5 anyway it's an awesome model it's powering charging PT then we need to select the template I will go ahead and select one input because you are going to let the user enter only one input the niche or the video topic and the input label is video topic and click on select do you see this message here it tells you that since you selected one input template you need to add this Dynamic value to your prompt so we are going to create a prompt here that generate YouTube titles for example generate five catchy YouTube titles for a video about and here the topic after about will be dynamic value entered by the user with the user input so simply paste this Dynamic input kit user input under score one this will tell the tool to Simply replace the user input inside the prompt that's it and what's nice here if you set the tool to public and it was verified you will get a free link to your website here or to your custom link you you said let's keep it now private and create tool you see how easy it is go to tools let's check the tool here edit open the tool and here we are the best AI YouTube title generator tool let's enter our topic let's say email marketing tricks click on send and now the tool is working perfectly you can build unlimited tools for any for free without API Keys you are using the power of GPT models to build your own custom tools with your own interface you can play with the playground and build maybe templates with one two three inputs as we mentioned you can keep it private to use it by yourself or your team or your friends maybe you can share it or sell it to public if you want YouTube to be available publicly and get a free link to your website and don't forget the most important parameter here or factor to make your tool better is your prompt here so make sure to optimize your prompt as we learned here on my channel in the prompt engineering courses how to create and craft the best prompt so play with this playground build the free AI tools and by the way this website is still in better soon you will see more templates more models more functionalities and much much more free AI tools to use here on the website I hope you enjoyed this video if you have any questions I'll be waiting for you on my website on the Forum to get totally free support

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