How to Create AI Tools in WordPress in 5 Minutes

hi friends in this video I will show you how to create an AI tool using WordPress something really special let me show you what to expect so this is my website level and you know it's a WordPress website and here is my sample tool a store generator so I will enter a topic for example about friendship generate story it will load and here we are we have a small short story AI generated story and we can copy it and use it before we start if you are wondering and asking why should I add an online tool and especially an AI tool to your WordPress website short answer in three words massive website growth if you want to learn more about this you can check my full post in description below how online tools help me reach 1 million visit per month anyway let's start and build our AI tool with WordPress so you can see here is my website I will go now to my dashboard step one is to install a plugin so simply go go here to plugins then add a new and simply search for WP code in my case it's activated you can see so simply go here to code Snippets and click on ADD snippet I will create a blank snippet as your own and you snippet and I will call it for example story generator tool anything you want AI story generator the second step is go here and select PHP snippet and simply here paste this function don't worry I will give you all the codes you just copy and paste just focus on the concept now and follow up with me simply go here set to active and save snippet make sure it's set here to run everywhere so step one done step number two go back to your dashboard go to pages and click on add a new page this page will hold our AI tool now in my case I will be using a page build like Elementor in your case you can use whatever page builder you want I am comfortable with Elementor and now that page builder will open and here we are simply drag and drop a heading and I will call it my new AI tool to Center and you can change the styling whatever you want and of course you can go back here and add another heading like a subheading and select H3 for example and this is H1 you can add a simple description like this is a story generator powered by AI so there's a subheading we are done we have the tool now I click on publish and then I will open my page and this is my new AI tool page step 3 page and add custom HTM and so simply H tml and add HTML code here below simply now we are going to create our tool if you go back to our main tool we have simply an input box we have a button and we have this text area where we see the output and this copy button again don't worry we're not going to code anything I will give you the code just to copy and paste it here we are I'll paste the code and you can see here it's simple HTML we have input box a button and we have the result container a copy button and some styling CSS styling as I mentioned don't worry you just need to paste the code and by the way I didn't write any single line of these codes I simply ask charging PT I want an AI tool I want an input box a button and generate the full code this is why I tell you always it's very important to learn these new skills prompt engineering and how to talk and interact with language models especially with charging PT you can generate code this will open the door on infant opportunities the next step is we want to connect this interface this HTML code with our function here that generates the story so what we are going to do simply is add some JavaScript code like this this code will allow you to get the topic from the user and then pass to our PHP function here it's that simple anyway I click on update now and let's go here refresh the page and now we have the tool let's enter something for example sharing is carrying generate story and here we are we got our story generator tool now what if you want to create something different maybe you want to create a tool that generates block title ideas generate code maybe generate paragraphs articles I don't know depending on your website Niche and what topic you are in for example right now I'm developing this tool the YouTube title generator tool it's not yet published it will be soon for example I will tell it about email marketing tricks generate titles and now this tool will generate some catchy video titles you can see here they can also copy that them and use in their own videos so you have infinite possibilities you can create unlimited number of tools for example if you go here to my website free AI kit I think you know it if you are following this website allows you to create free AI tools you can see we have a lot of tools block generators long tail keyword python code generator block title generator a lot of generators so we have a lot of ideas so you can do whatever you want so how we can edit this tool to generate whatever you want let's take a look on the code if you go here to JavaScript you will see it's simply getting the topic from the user we get a topic and we are calling our PHP function let's go back to our PHP function to understand it simply this function is calling open AI API to generate text so don't forget you need to get your API key how simply when you go to open Ai and sign up you can go to account slash API keys and create a new key anyway you paste your key here and then and simply you can change the prompt you can see the prompt we are passing the topic from the user with our prompt for example let's generate five block titles about a topic let's update but let's say email marketing tricks generate and here we are we have five titles or block titles based on this topic so it's very simple you just need to change this prompt here and this is why it's very important to learn how to craft the best prompts and this is what I teach in my full prompt engineering course how to create the best prompts and how to automate things and much more you can check it in description below if you are interested if you found this video helpful please smash 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