I Used AI To Get 52.2% Email Open Rate!

in the last seven eight years I sent thousands of emails and newsletters today I have more than 98 000 person subscribed to my newsletters and I reached a consistent open rate which is around 50 almost 30 percent higher than the average industry percentage for example if we go now to campaign Monitor and see these statistics you will see the average operators 21.5 according to MailChimp the average is 21.3 according to HubSpot you can see in the real State industry we reached 26 now if you go to my account to convertkit and log in and go here to send broadcast you can see my average open rate is almost 50 48 52 51 45 48 and so on in this video I will show you how I did this and how you can do the same you know I don't like wasting time so let's dive in directly in short the main four factors that affects your open rate is the sender name if you go here and open your account your Gmail anything you will see this sender name if this was recognized by recipients you will have a better chance to open your emails the second factor is your email list quality what I do always if you go here to growth subscribers you will notice I have here segments and I have a segment here to delete always so every week I open this segment and I delete all subscribers in this list what is the segment it's simply inactive users so I filter out and delete inactive users almost every single week to keep my email list clean and active this will increase your overall reputation and therefore it will help you increase your open rate and what's nice usually in any email marketing system in my case it's convertkit we have something called the cold subscribery engagement if you click on this image you will see that this automation campaign will send an email to your cold subscriber trying to reactivate or make them re-engage with your newsletter and if they don't they will simply be read automatically or unsubscribed automatically so make sure to use this kind of Automation in your email marketing system so you can always delete all inactive users because they will affect negatively your overall performance number three is spam filters you know in Gmail or Outlook we have this spam folder where Gmail and Outlook and Microsoft use some AI Technologies and spam filters to filter out any spam emails now the idea of passing the filters and reaching the inbox maybe requires a one hour lecture to make sure your email reaches the inbox but in short now what I want to tell you just focus on one main thing which is avoid spam words and triggers in your subject line and inside your email copy I just asked charging PT what are the top spam words triggers in subject lines and you can see here it tells me free guaranteed congratulations price urgent and so on so avoid using such triggers and words in your subject lines inside your copies to avoid being mocked as a Spam so you can reach recipient inbox now we reached number four which is the most important factor and I think it is the main fact that helps you increase your open rate which is simply subject lines if you go now and open YouTube for example please focus on this and you start scrolling Within These videos just ask yourself what makes you stop simply the thumbnail and the title so what makes you click on a video on on YouTube is a thumbnail and a title if you're gonna go to medium.com again and you start here scrolling in these stories what makes you stop to open and read a certain story it's mainly the title here or the thumbnail but mainly on meeting the title emails are the same some people receives tens and maybe hundreds of emails to their inbox every day what makes your email stand out as simple as subject lines here let's go and search for my name and you can see this is my last newsletter this is the subject line I used so what makes you stand out in your recipient's inbox is your subject line so the main focus is on the subject line if you are following me you know I don't like talking too much and theories and Concepts and so on so let me show you some examples of subject lines that worked with me then I think you'll get the idea by yourself now what I did is I created website called boost CTR dot ieo on this website I mentioned it before but in case you are new here this website is simply a database of successful subject lines so when I send a campaign or when I see a successful subject line I test it I simply add this subject line to this database and you can see it here you can simply refresh and check new ideas with the formula and the template of the subject line so you can just copy this and you can tweak it to match your topic or your industry and so on now let me show you this simple trick I create a new website called free AI kit if you go here you will see these three tools here let's start with the first one the email subject line generator you just go here enter a topic like for example email marketing tips and click on send and this tool which is powered by AI will generate a list of subject line ideas if you go back here and open the subject line template generator or Creator and let's go here and get any subject line look at this click on send now this tool will create a generic template based on your subject line so maybe you found a subject line on Blue City are here but it don't fits you in your industry or the template here is not clear just uses AI tool to create a generic template and then it will give you some examples based on this template in different niches and industries so you can get some ideas and the last two left we have the email subject line tester again paste your subject line here and click on send and this is very important more than before you send your campaign and will give you now an in-depth analysis for your subject line look at this the effectiveness score the sustainability score the sentiment analysis spam triggers all caps words emojis and some alternative ideas for your subject clients so make sure to use these three AI tools no sign up is required just open free aikid.com and use these free tools before you send any email marketing campaign and by the way these tools is powered by chargpt so I combine the power of chargpt with prompt engineering to create these power prompts and if you want to learn how I do this learn more about prompt engineering you can check out my full free course here on my channel you can go learn how to connect to GPT how to create scripts workflows automate tools and much more if you want to discuss anything about email marketing you can go now and join our Forum on level hassan.com Forum are you waiting for you there see you soon

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