I Wish Every ChatGPT User Watches This!

I wish every charge EPT user watches this video understanding the next few minutes will help you save tons of time and opens your mind to a new way and using charge apt it helps you get mind-blowing results please try to focus just for two minutes this video has no ads I'm not telling you any courses here it is just about learning something that will really help you automate tasks save a lot of time in your business and your work in your life anywhere so I think the best way to explain that concept today is with a simple practical example let's assume you are a YouTuber the YouTube production workflow is as follows first we need a topic then we need to pick a title for the video then a thumbnail then a script then record publish and promote for now forget about recording and everything it's somehow an advanced concept when it comes to AI let's focus on titles thumbnails scripting and Publishing and promoting the video usually these steps takes around 10 hours for average YouTuber depending on the content on the creation workflow and so on for me it takes like five to ten hours to finish these four or five steps maybe you can tell me now okay we have charging PT you can go there and ask it for ideas titles thumbnails maybe ask you to write a script for you use some prompts use prompt engineering that we learned before and so on maybe use promoter kit free YouTube AI tools to generate titles and ideas and so on that's fine but this is not the best approach today we want to be more productive you want to save more time and you want to get better results instead of 10 hours I want to finish this in less than one hour and get the best results I can in this YouTube workflow we are talking about four or five tasks only maybe in some scenarios we have 20 tasks maybe in some advanced cases we have 50 tasks if you want to ask chargpt for each task and chat to get the best results it will take a lot of time we want something more powerful automated and can do the job in one click so what is the other approach what I have for you today look at this I will run this simple script I will enter a video topic let's say YouTube SEO then enter the video duration I want an 8 minutes video and then hit enter look at this we have vital ideas we have thumbnail ideas we have a script and even it's created a Twitter thread to promote your video on Twitter all this in less than 30 seconds cool huh what's the idea here please Focus for one more minute even if you help a programmer even if you don't know what's here in this code don't understand anything just focus and get the idea it's only one minute bear with me please I will give you the script ready for you the tutorials how to set up everything step by step in a little bit but just focus for one minute now to understand the idea behind this so you can customize if you want based on your own scenario on your own workflow so what I'm doing here is I create a simple script very basic script in Python that tells the user to enter a topic and a video duration in minutes then I created four prompts if we go to the prompts script you will see I have this prompt that will generate YouTube titles this one that will generate thumbnail ideas this one will generate scripts and this one will generate a Twitter thread or tweet from YouTube and you can see here we have Dynamic inputs you can see here these values so you can customize these prompts based on your own needs let's say you are a blogger you can change these prompts to create a blog titles and other than the blog itself and promote the blog and so on let's go back to the script so the first thing I'm doing is creating 10 cache title ideas look at this look at the idea here the out output will be these titles then I will pass those titles or these titles to the second prompt so we are doing something called a chaining chaining the prompts so the titles is a parameter inside the second function then we create a script and we pass the user minutes and the topic and when we create the Tweet we are passing the script generated again changing the script inside the last prompt it's like a chain of prompts connected together working together I hope you got the idea it's very important this will help you save a lot of time in any workflow to automate it did you hear about Auto GPT or Lang chain maybe the open source Library it's almost the same concept but in this example I made it as simple as possible and it's open source it's simple so anyone understand a topic and customize based on your own needs if you want me to create videos about line chain and auto GPT let me know in the comment section below now to make things simple for you I create a step-by-step guide with a script with everything all details and I showed you how to customize the script based on your own scenario maybe on a blogger maybe you are a marketer a teacher whatever you are I showed you examples how to customize the script for different cases you'll find a link in the description below and please if you missed my free Python Programming course and how to integrate with charge apt to get mind-blowing results please go now and watch the free course no ads nothing just watch and learn these skills today invest in yourself as the best investment you will ever do I hope you enjoyed this video you got some benefit if you have any questions I'll be waiting for you in the comment section below smash the like button and see you soon

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