Make $114,350 in 90 Days With AI (No-bullshit Guide)

look this video has no ads I'm not telling you anything here I'm not getting anything if you watch the video or not it is just an experiment a strategy I tried it worked and I want to share it with you today if you want to learn this strategy implement it stick with me for the next five minutes I promise you you'll not waste your time the next three to six months is a great opportunity for anyone to make good money online I'm talking about a strategy that can make you at least like ten to twenty thousand dollars in the next three months and can reach up to 100 000 or more so please Focus it's a couple of minutes this may change your life so what is that strategy the experiment I did simply three months ago I published a website without writing a single line of code this website in three months it passed 300 000 visits a month in total it's more than one million visit it got more than 48 000 backlinks according to ah shrifts and I achieved this without writing articles there is no blog without SEO nothing just push the website according to Flippa my website today was around 114 000 but let's be conservative let's say around twenty to thirty thousand dollars not too bad for the 90 days Venture and guess what you can do the same so what happened why it worked and why it can work with you too simply the idea is that artificial intelligence AI was trending from the beginning of this year and still trending this is why you need to act fast you have a great opportunity so what I did I created a free AI tool I didn't develop it I didn't write any single line of code I published it in less than one hour simply I just went to code Canyon I searched for a simple AI tool I found this image generator tool it's a SAS based script so I turned off all memberships I kept it hundred percent free and here we are we have free my free image generator The Next Step I did is I submitted this tool to AI aggregators like Future tools and other websites where people can discover AI tools and simply the combination of a trend plus a free tool was irresistible my tool simply went viral and I get traffic that I didn't expect and now with some calculations my site can be monetized with at least two to three thousand dollars per month or simply I can sell it according to Flap as we mentioned 114 000.

Let's give it out for 30 000 it's okay in three months not bad that's what we call website flipping please take this opportunity seriously and what you should do right now is Step number one is to find an idea of an AI tool let me share with you some tips to find great ideas is number one is to go to product hunt and filter out AI tools search for products on product hunt or maybe on appsumo products AI tools that are paid and create a mini free version of these tools and ideas also you can check Future tools and other aggregators for AI tool ideas other tip is to find AI apis you can go to Rapid API and filter out AI apis you can go to replicate and check their awesome apis you can check out NLP Cloud you can check leap for image generation we have a lot of apis out there that you can use to create many free AI tools and of course you can use open AI the big company behind charging PT and gpt4 and what's nice today if you learn some techniques like vector databases and combine them with GPT or open AI API it can save a lot of money and costs running these apis you can cut down your expenses you just need to learn just think about something other than Simple Text generation use your brain your creativity your imagination and do something think about automating a certain task for specific people or saving time for certain tasks just think use your brain and to help you more I will leave a link in the description where I will share with you some more ideas that help you craft a good AI tool you can check it by the end of this video so you found the idea simply build this free AI tool how to build it we are in 2023 we have no code tools you can buy ready-made scripts you can learn how to create them we have awesome Frameworks like next.js or react you can do this in a couple of hours come on instead of watching Tick Tock and YouTube shows for hours every day go and learn something that benefits you stop wasting your time time is passing and will never come back you have to to be grateful that you are born in this era where we have this technology and all these opportunities for you after you build the tool you need to publish it host it we can start also for free with digitalocean with Walter even with Google Cloud we have a lot of services that offers you free credits to launch your project I will also keep all these links in the description below after you publish your tool simply go to aggregators and AI directories and publish your tools there and to give them a little push it's good to engage on Reddit on Twitter and on medium this will help you grow faster then when your site grows you can simply monetize it or sell it you can use tools like flip estimator to estimate the cost of your website the main reason for publishing this video is to make you think again stop wasting your time go and learn skills that helps you change your life start with python prompt engineering I have three courses you can start with them here my channel totally free without ads just watch learn I will also leave some other courses from other channels I found them helpful I will leave all these links in description below if there is anything unclear we have a forum on my website you can push your questions and I'll be there almost every day for you to help you to answer your questions

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