Make Money From YouTube WITHOUT Uploading s Single Video!

today in this video I will show you how to build an online business from YouTube but without uploading videos without creating videos even without having a YouTube channel it is not a simple method it will not make you rich in one week I'm here to share real strategies real methods proven and tested that really works but it requires you to watch learn and ask if you have questions before we start I have two simple points number one this video has no ads so if you learn something new in this video please help me Smash the like button maybe we can reach 1 million Subs soon number two I provide free support with my videos so if you have questions keep watching I will tell you a little bit how you can get support for free and ask me anything you want so if you are ready let's start so the idea is about creating a product for YouTubers based on YouTube public data combined with power of AI artificial intelligence maybe the idea somehow looks weird and complicated let me explain with a real practical example step number one a list of successful YouTube videos how simply we have this formula high views plus 3x Channel average views let me show you a real example right now open YouTube and go to any YouTube channel and filter out the top performing videos check the number of views and see if it is three times the average views on this channel for example if the average child view is 10 000 for the last 10 videos and we have a video that got for example 50 000 videos so this is a successful video in this channel so grab it and add it to your list so we are going to collect a list of successful YouTube videos and you can use maybe notion maybe Google Sheets anything you want any application to collect this data and make sure to collect as much data as you can like title description number of views publish date the thumbnail anything you can call black collect in your data set now what's nice is I automated this process if you go now to the YouTube section you can use this to discover successful YouTube videos so you can automate the process and collect data easily so step number one done we collected a list of successful YouTube videos step number two monetize the data yes you have that right now we can make money and build a business out of this data set we collected let me share with you multiple strategies the first one is a real example I found online it's called creators hook this guy simply collects successful data and sell this data with a monthly recurring membership and not only that he runs also an used letter and monetizes a newsletter so with this data you collected you can build similar tools but since this idea is already taken let me share with you something different something more advanced and somehow more Dynamic with lower competition number one is to build an online tool based on this data for example this is my YouTube title generator tool on my website this tool simply connects with charge EPT API and use this data to generate titles so here I'm not simply telling charging PT generate some titles no I am feeding it with successful titles and then generating content based on these titles let me review the secret prompt I used behind this tool you can see this one page prompt you can pass the style and the topic as parameters and then you will feed it with title template successful templates I collected as we mentioned before then this prompt will generate titles not only using AI but based on real data this what makes your tools and your service stand out in the company petition you are not just selling charging petition they turn YouTube titles we are telling charging PT use the successful data with this powerful prompt combine them together to generate successful and proven titles and you can do the same for a lot maybe thumbs of scenarios and tools and if you go down the prompt at the end you will see the output is formatted in Json format I give an example how I want the format why Json simply because in this way I can integrate this prompt in any script I want in any function I want this is what we call function chaining in prompt engineering where you can make a prompt act as a function so you can build any tool you want thousands of ideas if you understand this concept fans of ideas can be created using this method the function chain method I will leave a link in the description for a full guide on how to use this function chain method and I will give you the prompt how I built the tool everything I did with this tool for free the link in description now if you need help as I promised you I provide free support you can simply go to my website click on forums on the public forum and ask any question you want I'm almost there almost every day to answer your questions and help you in your journey online to sum up we will use YouTube as a data source we are going to collect data then we are going to monetize this data with a newsletter with a membership with a SAS with a tool a lot of ideas combining this data with AI and as a start point if you want to learn how to build an AI tool on WordPress in like five minutes you can get started with this video here hope you enjoyed smash the like button if you learned something new today see you soon

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