One ChatGPT Prompt To Generate Anything!

in this video I will reveal the secret behind 3ai simply one power prompt allows you to create any AI tool in seconds let's start the easiest and the fastest way to understand this concept is with a practical example here I am in charge GPT and usually if you want to ask the language model or charge it within our case anything you simply give it a prompt for example generate 5 SEO optimized titles for a vlog about a topic let's say about from engineering a simple prompt send and charge apt reply with the response five titles very nice but now the problem with this prompt is it generates only a CE optimized titles for prompt engineering so the second step to make this prompt more generic we create something called reusable template what we do is we copy this prompt this basic prompt and what we do is instead of prompt engineering we will turn this into user input for example we open square brackets and we say topic so now with this template that you can give to anybody you can generate SC optimized titles but for different topics they can change the topic and this is what we call a prompt template or reusable template of course this prompt is very basic to understand the concept it's not optimized it's not the perfect prom just for the sake of the example now this kind of kind of prompt this template is good but it doesn't serve our main goal we want to build any AI tool not a title generator so what we are going to do is you will create something called the dynamic power template how simply The Prompt will be something like this prompt and this is our new prompt everything here is dynamic how we can test this I create a simple python script it's called generate template this will generate the power prompt this function takes two parameters the user input which is in our case the topic and the user prompt so now you can see the prompt is dynamic you can input yourself and the topic is dynamic you can input yourself what will happen is we are going to replace the user input inside the prompt to get the template let's see this example so I am generating a template here I am passing now digital marketing as the user input as the topic and then this is my prompt here generate 5 SC optimized titles for a Blog about and you can see here what we have this is the dynamic user input the string that will be replaced inside the prompt and if we run now you will see we get this prompt generate 5 as optimized titles for a Blog about digital marketing so now the prompt is dynamic and the user input is dynamic you can simply change this prompt and generate any combination you want for any AI tool if we go back here to free AI kit you can see all these tools are built the same way if you log into my account to the playground and now what you can do here in the playground is you can paste the prompt and when you select the template it will tell you to enter this Dynamic user input you see you put it here so what free AI kit does is simply generate the tool based on the user input and the prompt you set so we have Dynamic prompt Dynamic user input combined together to generate any tool combination you want any AI tool you want this is why now it's super easy to build AI tools any AI tool with a free AI kit like this one children's story generator it gets this input here and replaces it inside this tool prompt to create a dynamic power template that can generate anything you want I hope you got the idea and there is still something unclear please check my full guy in description below with the scripts with everything with details and if you have any questions I'm here to help you just post your questions on the Forum level Forum I'll be there almost every day to answer your questions and help you totally for free see you later

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