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recently I accidentally discovered one of the easiest ways to make money online just by using this super cool seven second hack that anybody can do right after watching this video and generate the first result in as soon as 55 minutes the best part about is you can literally just use your phone on this one you don't need anything else no laptop no experience no social media presence and you can make over 300 per day even if you are a complete beginner and in this video I'm going to show you exactly how to start the fastest way and make money so you don't have to waste any time but before that don't forget to please like the video subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell comment down below what you like about this method because I think it's super crazy this 7 second trick I accidentally discovered is going to make a lot of people out of money if you're going to stick to it and the only thing just please comment down below is why are you not able to set this up because I don't see any reason why anyone after watching this video cannot take their phone and use this method just please let me know why you are not able to set up this method right now okay as under step number one what we need to do is we need to pick up an affiliate offer now you know that I absolutely allow make money online offers this is how I make the money pretty much today I made one thousand dollars yesterday 583 last seven days 5.6 and last month 26 and pretty much last 30 days 26.9 I I make money by promoting make money online offers because I know how to make money online so I like to teach it to other people that's why I have the YouTube channel but for this method make money online offers are not going to be the best one okay we need to pick up something different so first of all you want to go to ClickBank I'm going to show you a couple of examples of what affiliate offers are going to work for this method because a lot of people are actually doing this method but they are not making any money from it and the reason is because they don't know what to promote so first you want to pick up any affiliate offer that's kind of like in a popular niches but not in the make money online that is going to include health and fitness this is going to work super well but make sure you are not going to go for the supplements but more for lack of video courses that are going to teach people like how to lose weight and stuff like that how to get in shape how to get like I don't know keto diesel recipes and stuff like that something that's like not really a supplement or something physical you want to go for for example Maxi pure no so I'm just going to go through a couple of these smoothie diet would be very cool because I know that's like a video course that's like a diet uh thingy that's going to work super well and a lot of courses like that okay don't go for like Java burn for example because that's yeah that's like where is sales we don't want to be using that we want to go for something like the smoothie diet again then a slimming tea that looks like a supplement again so don't go for this one we don't want to do that for this method I'm not saying those offers are bad but for this method it's not going to be the best one uh okay okay so pretty much yeah just just go for like some video courses in health and fitness that's the first thing so yeah this one would be also cool how to stretch because that's something that a lot of people can use so pretty much courses like that courses courses not go don't go for like supplements that's like health and fitness then also you can go if you go to all and you go to self-help you can go for like dating guides these are going to convert very well because again these ones are pretty much like a video course it's not going to teach people how to improve themselves so courses like this just pick up any of these I don't want to show you the exact ones to go for because you can do this for literally anything literally anything okay just pick up any of these courses now this is just for ClickBank you can also do this on digistore if you're going to go for example right here a betting systems no no no no we want to go for dating love in the relationships bam all these offers that are right here are going to work very well unlock the Scrambler that's something that's also on ClickBank that's going to work super well and then pretty much education then fitness and health and green products hobby then languages and personal development these offers are going to work super well okay so these are the offers you want to go for now next thing what you want to do is you want to open up your phone and you want to download Tic Tac now this is just my dummy account that I just not just created I created for a case study but I'm just using pretty much for YouTube and for the case that you can see I was able to get like a lot of views right away but there's also like one more thing on how to actually do this and this is something that I have done right here okay now this video I'm just going to mute it hold on I'm just going to mute it this video got me so much traffic on accident did I even say that incorrectly and it still got me 467 views now I know that's not a lot but for a video that is for a completely different Niche than the entire page to get 467 views over day it's pretty much crazy and pretty much this is all you have to do but there's couple of details very important details to actually make this work okay so first of all you want to open up the camera and you don't have to record yourself like this don't even do that you want to just turn around the camera and pretty much you can literally just record anything random okay now make sure you're going to use the 15 second one don't go for 60 don't go for three minutes use the 15 second one and just record some random object okay so what I'm going to record is going to be like this uh the studio light that I'm using okay so I'm just going to record it and you pretty much don't want to record audio but I'm going to be speaking and you want to go for five to six seconds okay so pretty much sweet spot it has to be like at least five seconds but no more than seven so depending on how you're going to like record it that's pretty much it okay so when when the six is going to pop in there that's when you stop recording so it needs to be more than five seconds but less than seven for this method to work and then click on OK and also you want to where is the little volume it's not here so I'm just going to go next and then where is the audio just click on this little arrow right here and click on the volume and make sure it's zero okay if you're going to record something okay so this is pretty much what you have right now now the next thing you want to go to is going to be this Instagram account right here called CEO F Cube okay now this is the person that I used as the as the source for the content you can see he's pretty much posting all these different like uh value posts now there's plenty of Instagram Pages like this all you have to do is just follow him and click on this little plus icon or also just go to your phone on Instagram find him watch his reels then go to the real section and eventually Instagram is going to recommend you these reels with the value just stay longer on those reels and you're going to get so much inspiration right here and this is the reason why most people don't do this because these few steps they don't know that so just do that and it's going to be really easy so all you have to do right now is pretty much pick up any of these like any of these value posts that you like so for example Temple I'm just going to pick up something easy like this one right here and I'm going to pause it and pretty much I'm just going to write it really quickly so I'm just going to put their uh text I'm just going to put their screenshot excuses so screen shot excuses just like this and I'm going to put there like uh uh White text and a rest is going to be black so it's going to look like this and I'm just going to put it into the center and then pretty much left hand side is going to be sorry my phone was and I'm going to hit enter add and also make sure I think it's lowercase at 60 yeah that's not going to work let's do like like uh five percent okay because I think that's like a joke there so I'm just going to put it like this I'm going to put it like this okay so make sure to zoom it unzoom it make it smaller and put it to the left then next one sorry I was putting my phone case on so sorry I was putting my phone case on images that you just read do it make sure it's going to look exactly like the original one so it's going to be pushed by the algorithm and then the next one so pretty much you do all of them and I'm just going to put there something random so I don't have to like waste your time with the video and pretty much right like this so bam now it's like that but you also need to add call to action you can see this person has like by the way there's free Sheen for y'all I'll link it to my page now this is pretty much for the gift card on Instagram you can do it on Instagram or on Tick Tock you cannot put link right away into your own uh bio without making it like a different style but if you make it like a business page then your reach is limited so for the first couple of go to actions you want to put there follow for more okay so that's going to be your first call to action follow for more sorry follow for more and once you're going to reach your first 1000 followers you're going to add the affiliate link or call to action to your bio and then you're going to shout it out but you can see this is how the post is actually looking like and this is all you need to put there okay then just one more thing you need to do you need to add a trending sound now the way to do that is just go to add sound and you can see this is how it's going to look like but because it updates it's going to crack different every time but you just want to use the popular ones okay now pretty much you can see it's like seven seconds because that's how it works if you have like a seven second reel people are going to stop there and the watch time is going to be super high and that's why these super simple reels or tick tocks are being pushed to you can just add these little audio I'm not going to do it because then it's just going to be rambling all the time and then click on next and all you have to do is again just add the description and the tags from the original post and in some cases there's literally just nothing there okay nothing literally nothing I can just put there which one do you like the most one do you like the most and then pretty much like one hashtag for example like self improvement or whatever is related it's like screenshot excuses I don't I don't know any related hashtags pretty much self-improvement or I don't know um hacks or whatever okay just make sure it's going to be there something like this okay and then you just post it okay and I just post uh okay okay pause video and Bam and that's it that's literally it and this video video like this okay video like this actually got me 467 views just on a random post and I just like didn't even I just tried if it actually works and it did work so if you're going to put a couple of hashtags and a couple of uh good uh good recommendations you can see this is like a video of my of my microphone that I currently have right here I was just recording it out of my window so it works just record something random and it's going to work and I pretty much here is a hack how to actually do this even if you have no thousand followers on Tic Tac do it on Instagram as well but pretty much you want to put a call to action right here but in a shortened link now the shortened link is going to be from cattley or any other uh link shortener other than bitly because bitly has all those back halves taken so go to cutlip and when you are short up your affiliate link you want to make sure you're going to sign up for a free account you can see sign up or GoPro just sign up and then you can literally just customize the back half the way you're going to write it there into the into the Reel is going to be looking something like this so for example uh best dating guide and it's going to be catly slash guide123 okay so people can easily rewrite into their browser and if you're going to use it this way you can actually start generating sales and commissions right away you can use it for CPU offers you can use it for affiliate programs from Warrior Plus or ClickBank but pretty much the best way it's going to work out is going to be for CPA offers and those self-improvement courses from ClickBank and also from digistore about getting in shape getting better at pickup getting better at I know dating and confidence and stuff like this and then you can literally just repost these things from for example like CEO fq just record something random you can see they are recording like walking down uh I don't know well just walking listen she was walking nothing nothing special like an escalator just a random post like this just start posting them and you're going to see these are getting like tens of thousands of views and you can literally pre-schedule them in a single day and you can see seven thousand nine thousand twelve thousand nine thousand seventeen thousand sixteen thousand twenty four thirty four so many views with literally just with basic information they were able to Google but there's a lot of pages like this that do this already so you can do it for your own content that you're going to just randomly record anywhere and that's it let me know if you actually love this seven second hat in the comment section below what is the reason you are not going to be able to say that right now and I'm going to see you in the next video which is right here which I highly recommend you're going to check out because it's a very cool way to make money online using this exact method and also something different so click here and I will see you there bye for now

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