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step one you want to copy your affiliate link step two now you want to shorten it go to any URL shortener paste it right there and click enter now you want to copy your shortened affiliate link make sure it's going to be short now I want to go to this brand new website which is going to be sending you traffic and you want to sign in then make sure you're going to connect your account then just select the auto pilot mode and click on start now and that's it now this free website is going to take your account on autopilot and it's going to be starting to sending you free traffic on a daily basis without you doing anything at all and you can sit back relax and get payouts just like this on daily basis 57.37 25 23 19 15 13 20. what's going on guys Eric here I'm super excited because today I want to shoot this brand new 12 per hour automatic method that has no cost no website and it works on complete autopilot you have to create any domains and pay for any kind of funnel building softwares I'm going to show you a completely free solution you don't have to pretty much work on it we are going to use this automated software that's going to be working as pretty much working for us so you don't have to work for the traffic and pretty much using this you can get your first results in as fast as 24 hours if you're going to set it up just like just the way I'm going to show you at the end of the video using the autopilot function you want to make sure you're going to use the autopilot function because otherwise it's not going to work that fast and you might not get the results any within the first couple of days and you just think like yeah this method doesn't work at all so let's get started alright guys so let's get started now before I actually shoot the automation website I want to show you the exact proper setup on how you can make 12 dollars per hour with doing this now pretty much 12 dollars per hour it's already a lot but this is only if you do the one-time setup so pretty much 12 dollars that's like per hour and there's pretty much 24 hours in a day so if you do the one time setup you give me like 288 dollars per day by doing this but let's see you're going to let's say just you're just going to make like five times and you going to make less amount of money so we are going to multiply it by 5 that's 1.4 thousand dollars and you're going to make even less money divided by two it's like 700 you can make with this method per day but you make sure you gotta make sure you're going to sit up correctly because there's a lot of bots doing this method it doesn't work anymore the way it used to work you need to do a little Tweaky set up and I'll show you the Tweaky setup right now and then it's going to work like crazy with the O2 pilot function now first of all what we need to do is we need to pick up an affiliate Alpha that we are going to be promoting now for this we are going to be using traffic from a social media site so you want to make sure we are going to pick up something that's really related to social media marketing or making money from like Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube or stuff like that now I have a couple of recommendations for this you can actually just use it right away because you don't have to think about it where you're going to be promoting now pretty much first of you want to go to digistore24 and the reason for this is because this is where the Philadelphia is one the one affiliate offer is ADD and it's called if you search for Instagram it's all these make money with Instagram at first you can see there's like the ad editable Instagram camera templates not this one this is like something very Niche specific we are going for this Instagram Millions guide because it's a very cheap product but also it's very tailored around Instagram so all these social media kind of like uh guides or how to Market on social media this is what we are going for okay so pretty much a page like that or also Instagram guide for beginners if you're going to check out this one pretty much attention Instagram users the page is not really that good so use a different one now this one looks uh this one looks very cool okay so this is about followers and yeah looks really really cool so we are going to use this one okay now these offers are pretty much not able to be found anywhere else that's the reason why we are using digistore and pretty much there's also even like a couple of upsells in the final of this product so instead of just this missed the commission of like four dollars you can make like a couple hundred dollars actually because there's a lot more products in the funnel because a lot of people are currently not promoting it because they know how to do that so this is going to be your first product Instagram grow taking 3.0 so save this one then the next one you want to to go to is going to be ClickBank and you want to go for E-Business and e-marketing and there's again plenty of these social media jobs and they are pretty much the right here live chat jobs get paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube write apps review paid online writing jobs all these top four offers are pretty much related to social media if I'm going to search for example for Instagram I might actually find something right here it's called profitsgram okay let's check out this one uh monster APC and it looks very cool okay so this is one we can use again as well okay so this is another one you can use so now we have like five different offers but pretty much just want to go for like five Max three to five because anything more than five is going to decrease the value anything less than three is like I don't I don't have anything to choose from so three to five offers now once you're going to have them you want to go to this website which is called uh let me just Google that for you it's called card.co okay card dot Co and this is a company free fully responsive high quality Landing page builder c-a-r-r-d dot Co okay I'm not even promoting it but the paid version literally the paid version is 19 per year okay and it can create such beautiful pages I think you can see 19 per year for the pro version it's it's crazy good that's the reason why I recommend it to beginners because instead of using click funnels and all these expensive page Builders literally 19 per year do I have to say anything more than that who charges 19 like you literally the domain sometimes sometimes costs more than this so you want to go to this website builder genius website builder then click on new site you want to pretty much create a very simple landing page now I will show you why we are going to be using this landing page builder because pretty much the templates are kind of like moving I would say so pretty much all these templates that you can see I think they are really beautiful and you can't really recreate them anywhere else that easily they are pretty much already pre-designed with all these movements and appearances that you can pretty much use to your advantage now the one that I'm going to use is this one right here the next big thing but also if you are a marketer you can just use the forms right here and you can create like an opt-in form right here all these beautiful looking opt-in forms for example like this one uh you can see it right here coming soon like this is a very high quality opt-in form and you can connect it to like get response right away for each 19 per year I I think that's a steal okay but I'm going to go for the page that I chose already because that's the one I want to use because if you're going to use this angle it's going to work very well so select that page and now we pretty much want to name it this is how the page is looking like it's very nice very very kind of like professional now go to the last container make sure you're going to delete it and you want to preserve them no then do the same with this one delete it preserve no so we just have these things and we want to get this one more time so I'm going to duplicate this one duplicate and it's pretty much drag and drop Builder Okay so super simple very very good drag game drop Builder that works super well okay so this is the entire page now you can do it for more of them I'm going to delete this part so it's not that big you can do it for more of them I'm going to do it one more time as you can see exactly how it's done and pretty much this way you can promote any affiliate offer out there and I'm going to duplicate this part as well and move it right here okay so now we have this very Sleek looking landing page now for the headline you want to just call it the name of the big thing that you are going to be putting there in our case we are going to be putting there make money online products on how to generate income online or something related to that okay so pretty much I'm going to call it the best side hustles in 2023 that pay okay so this is something I'm going to use the side hustle angle is currently very very popular now pretty much what you want to do is you want to pick up an affiliate offer and put it right here in like a very professional way so pretty much the way to do that is first of all let's use the let's use the profits Grant okay you click on that click on the offer and then you pretty much want to screenshot this part and make it kind of like a kind of like this type of rectangle not really a square but like a rectangular screenshot okay then make sure you're going to save it and then you want to click on the image right here and you want to upload this screenshot and then you want to resize it so it's the entire thing is going to fit in there and click on accept and now it's going to look just like this you can see it's cropped out click on the image and this is very important go to This Little Brush icon and change the width to the minimum so it's going to be just like this you can see it's disappearing and Bam now if you put it to Auto it's going to resize accordingly okay so this is going to be the way you're going to put your images there and the reason we are going for the rectangular so it's going to be not too big but it's going to be a little bit more like uh it has a little bit more width to it and now all you have to do is just get your affiliate link so I'm going to click on promote create my hop link just like this copy this and so I'm just going to go to the details and pretty much on the left hand side this part right here you are going to see the details of the button now the label you want to put here click here to check it out and the URL right here is going to be your affiliating you don't even have to shorten it and click on done okay and now pretty much you want to just get the name of the here's how you can make over 700 okay 750 per week in 2023 just by using Instagram so this is what I'm going to put into the headline so 750 per week just by using Instagram okay just by using Instagram okay so it's pretty much hype headline that's going to grab the attention and then pretty much for the description I want to grab uh let's find something so okay this part let's just copy something from the cells but you can come up with something yourself that's all totally okay but you want to make sure it's going to be related from the sales page so it's going to be congruent okay so now we have our first post right here and essentially what you want to do you want to do it for all the other posts there as well for a second video I'm not going to do that because you have seen me doing it one time I pretty much want to then save yourself save your page after every single time you're going to do it the first time you're going to do it it's going to ask you to publish it so side hustles that pay in 2023 and top side hustles that pay in 2023 publish to card Co and let's call it 2023 side hustle Mania for example okay it's going to check it out publish and now uh whoops you have three elements okay okay okay so so I'll just save it as an offline and save as an offline draft and click on Save just like this so I don't have to finish it that pretty much okay but pretty much this is how the website is going to look like on mobile so I can play the animations right here and you can see this is something that this website is very good about and you can see this is the reason also we are using the image in like a width format because the square would take a lot of real estate and we don't want that much okay we just want to get a previewed website and you can see there are all these cool animations happening just want to do it for all the the other pose as well if you're going to do this there's no competition for you because most people don't know about this website and it makes beautiful sales Pages these are called landing pages but I think if you're going to put anything right here it's literally like a sales page that's going to get your Authority very high and then whatever you're selling it's working just just perfectly and I want to show you exactly how to get the traffic to your page so you can actually start generating around 12 per hour now first of all go to Instagram and don't worry you don't have to have any followers at all now pretty much what you want to do is just go to your bio section and you want to write there I make 750 per week from this automated profile 100 autopilot no followers required start renting out your profile now and then for the bio that's where you're going to put your card URL okay now this is the reason why we are using a mobile optimized landing page builder because the traffic from Instagram is mostly coming from mobile so that's why we want to use this one okay so you want to make sure you're going to put your card right here and this is pretty much buy we can post with you right now and rewrite it this is the first part that's why you don't need to have any followers or just some basic content because then it's going to Intrigue people like how are you actually making this money but because then you are giving them the link and they are going to see these side hustles that pay and there's going to be 750 per week just by using Instagram it's going to get the algorithm put two and two together they are going to check it out and that's how you're going to start generating these sales now how to actually get traffic to this one and this is something genius and most people are paying for or they don't even know actually exists okay so this is the first time I think anybody sharing this on YouTube completely for free just please pay very very close attention first of all what you want to do is you want to go to the software that's called plexi.com and this is where you can get the real Instagram followers and using organic AI growth and automations no Bots no fake followers it's pretty much like a very good uh Power bot for Instagram you can get it completely for free for one day and then you can just create multiple accounts and Get It Free now go to the dashboard and you pretty much want to make sure you're going to connect your account first okay connect your account and it's going to add your account now this is one of my accounts where I was doing this healthy diet tips number one you can see my trial already expired now pretty much once you're going to have your account ready you want to go to the dashboard you want to go to the automation right here now it says it's in beta but it's pretty much because Instagram is ever evolving and what you want to do is you want to make sure that all these things pretty much connect your Instagram account and you just add your password just make sure you're going to do that because otherwise it cannot work and pretty much make sure your account is set on autopilot this is a setting because you can pretty much use this as a manual scheduler or use it as an autopilot function and then once you have it ready to go you click on start growth now pretty much what you can do with this software you can see see how automation Works can just set it up to be following specific kinds of people this is all you really want to use this software for now this is the specific kinds of people who are most likely buyers Buy buyers that are going to convert into sales so first you want to go to Instagram and you want to find these motivational pages okay like mindset therapy for example you just go to this page right now they want to scroll down and if you're going to check out this post you're going to see some of these posts are actually like just from the page there's nobody else tagged and then there are other posts if I'm going to go through them very quickly there's going to be someone else tagged okay and that's a promotional post okay this one right here real Wyatt Walker and pretty much this is like a promotional page this guy actually paid this website to have his profile displayed and all you have to do is just follow the people who are liking the promotional post okay because the post is literally like a sales copy if there are people who are liking the sales copy they are really interested in what he's selling and this is like the best kind of followers you can actually get on Instagram because they are currently on Instagram they want to make money online they are looking for these options they just want to follow the people right here you click on the likes and these are the people you are actually going to set up in Plexi to be followed okay so when I go to the automation you can see all these thingies once you're going to put in your password and all that good stuff you can just select your automation settings so pretty much I want to marry followers from United States and you put all this interest and all these things there until it's going to catch up with this post you can just literally copy and paste this exact post and select people that interacted with it and select likes and it's going to be following these people in a healthy manner when your account is not going to get banned once they're going to see a notification from you they are going to carry a profile see your bio see the link see the high quality page see pretty much the Instagram and social media working jobs and that's how you're going to get paid from this method on autopilot

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