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and by doing this you go to 134 dollars and 48 cents from ClickBank as her first ever paycheck completely for free no work just by using free methods now the method that she used what is going on guys in today's video I am extremely excited because I just received this email hi Eric I want to see you this I'm very excited and pretty much this is an email from one of my viewers now the coaching student not someone who paid me but actual viewer just like you are watching right now and she told me that I'm sending you a virtual high five all the way from Poland as your devotee subscriber of incognito money I'm toriel I'm thrilled to share my recent accomplishments video in July I successfully generated 134.48 blah blah blah blah and she was not blah blah blah in a disrespectful way but pretty much a lot more text and she was sharing with me the exact method she actually used for my YouTube channel that are completely free anybody can do that she made money with them now you can see this is the proof that she has sent me she made way more than 134 dollars this is just one account right here on the ClickBank which is like 60 63 26 and 17 then this is the payments from Wise that she received from ClickBank and then this is another account on Warrior pass and she made 51 in a single day just by using these three methods now in today's video I'm going to show you the methods but I don't want to view them away because this is the real email that she has sent me there's a lot more text there but I'll be sharing with you an updated version of the methods that she has sent me so you can make even more money and at the end of the video I will share with you extra tips to make even more money by getting even more free traffic now before we get started guys don't forget to please like the video subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below if I should share the second method as well because she actually told me she used two methods now the first method is the one that I'm going to be sharing with you in today's video but there is also a second method that she used to get even more traffic and make extra money so please comment down below if I should share the second method as well with again updated versions ability tools and update tips and tricks below just comment below like second method Eric or something like that so I know I should record a video as well but right now let's get started with the step-by-step tutorial I'm going to show you exactly how she was able to make this amount of money and exactly how you can do this yourself now the step number one you can go to ClickBank Warrior Plus or we can be also using a digistore24 I'm going to show you how to use digistore24 in this video tutorial but to really make the most amount of money I highly recommend that you're going to pretty much use other affiliate offers as well spread out your methods across different niches as well and don't just rely on setting it up once and making money on day one the way this works is you're going to set it up and then you're going to see that a couple of times as well so go to digistore sign up for an account and then you want to go to the marketplace section and you want to pick up a niche okay so for example you can go with animals and pets bedding Systems computer and internet dating love and relationships any of these are going to work as long as it's a popular Niche you want to go for a popular Niche don't go for something like knitting you know know like when you need a sweater or something like that because there isn't a lot of people in this Niche for you to make money fast so pretty much you can go with anything that is going to be in this category just for the sake of the video I'm going to go with internet marketing and E-Business and I'm going to pick up a low ticket product okay but you can do this for any other popular Niche all you have to do is just follow these steps so I'm going to go with like secret millionaire but number one make money online offer top converting offer that converts all types of traffic so a basic make money online offer work from home type of offer for just 17 okay so now that I hit my affiliate link which is going to be right here I can move on to the step number two now the next thing you want to go to Google and you want to search for write Sonic free trial now the free trial is very important because that way you don't have to pay for anything and also you don't even have to submit your credit card okay this isn't premium this is free trial completely free without any strings attached and you want to go right here to write Sonic click here and you want to sign up for a free account you can see there's a lot of paid accounts you can upgrade to paid account later on once you make some money but I recommend just going with a free trial because it's zero dollars per month it's without any credit card without limitations and this is a tool you can actually use with your free trial itself and actually make money from that so I highly recommend you're going to use this then click on start writing and you just want to sign up with Google for a fast access to your account then once you're going to have your account this is how it's going to look like and you have pretty much 10 000 words completely for free that you can use you want to click right here on AI article writer 5.0 now this is one of the best article writers AI article writers on the internet right now because they are always updating it they are competing with chat GPT and they are adding a recent data so this article writer can come up with like new things into the article levels and not some outdated stuff now you want to come up with an article that's going to be short and straight to the point something like top three to five tips about a certain topic because that's going to always attract people that's going to get a lot of traction and that's going to get you a lot of free traffic so what I'm going to go with is top five ways to make money on PayPal something like this click on search articles and it's going to do something to pretty much show you articles right here and then you can just add them right here as the reference articles so this uh this pretty much what you're going to select is going to be like a reference for the Bots to create a brand new article for you so I'm going to go for this one 25 ways to make money online then also this is a YouTube video so I'm not going to go with that one but I'll go with this one nine best ways to earn free PayPal money right here so I will just add those two and then I click on next right here now you can also add like additional information or keywords we don't have to do that that you only need to add the red asterisk thingy but I do highly recommend you're going to add a brand voice right here and you're going to write there and this is important don't put there like professional educational nothing like that because nobody's going to be watching that or reading the article you want to put there entertaining okay and this is very important because most people if they are watching content online also like my videos if I was making them boring and educational you wouldn't be watching it but because you are going to select entertaining the article is going to be written in a way where people are actually going to be reading the article which is going to also eventually boost it on the platform giving you even more free traffic so just make sure you're going to put there entertaining and then quality type you can go with a premium or Superior depending on how many credits you have on your account and click on the generate article and Bam now the AI software is going to do all the work for you contacting Sonic analyzing articles it's just going to process the information you have put into that and then you just want to confirm it okay okay so kindly review okay okay so I'm just going to confirm it and it's going to generate me an article right here in front of my eyes in just a few seconds so I gotta wait for it to load up and now it's writing the article you can see it right here if you are wondering why we are using bright Sonic and not chat GPT in this case it's because if you're going to go to Google and you're going to search for AI article detector you're going to find out that the first one you can use like you're going to copy and paste your article there you can see human generated content so it's going to pass the AI detection and the article is going to look like as if human wrote it okay and this is very important because if you're just going to copy and paste like AR generic the article the algorithms already know this is just a Fluff it's fake content and they are not going to push it but if you're going to have an article just like this one this is going to get pushed and you don't even have to spin it or do anything with this article okay so pretty much now we have it and you can see it's 100 human generated content and now you just want to copy and paste the article there so I'm just going to copy and paste the headline and then paste it right here so this is going to be the title make sure there are no some Extra Spaces or anything like that and then all I'm going to do is I'm just going to copy and paste this exact article right here with the disclaimer with the additional information just right here but I'm not going I'm also actually going to put this thing right there because it's not like a disclaimer it's like how accurate the information is so I'm just going to copy and paste it and put them right here as start writing don't put them in subtitles because it's going to make the entire article weird just copy and paste them right here and Bam this is going to be your article and then subtitle can be like five a top five great user way to earn free paper money uh and I can right there these are the best ones for beginners just like this and then I can also go right here to the unsplash image and search for example for PayPal so it's going to give me yeah this is what I'm looking for a PayPal image right here I just click on it and let's just wait for it to load up if it's actually going to do that during the video so I'll just click on the image okay so this is going to be the image and then this is the article now from this you are not going to make any money so what we got to do is go back to digistore copy the affiliate link that we have right here and then add it somewhere into the article so additional information these are the top five ways to make money so method number two is survey junkie so I'm just going to add it right below method number two I'm going to check out a sales page of the product and this is like 60 millionaire but we use this to make thousands okay okay so real reviews okay okay generate daily income just like this so I'm just going to write here extra way check out secret millionaire bot and into the whatever brackets I put a video so people know what to expect when they go there and I will and now I will just add my affiliate link and make it bold so it's going to stand out but it's also not really aggressive and now I'm just going to copy this link that is right here that is highlighted underlined and also bold and I'm just going to add it to few strategic positions in the article so for example right here and also additional information right here and also okay so that's it so that's the entire article and all I have to do right now is click on Save changes and Bam the article has been saved successfully and now it's actually going to be on the website and now this is what's actually going to be making me money and this is exactly what the viewer has done she was posting articles just like this on websites just like this but then also you want to copy the URL of the said article and you want to boost it now I will share with you the exact email she has sent me right here and she was pretty much I found a strategy of crafting articles for platforms like vocal media and she was using chat GPT but this method is much better and then she was boosting them using these websites and so go to you paste the link just like it is you can see top 5 creative ways to earn free PayPal money so all the keywords are also also in the URL you click on complex URLs deep links so it's going to index the entire part and not just vocal that media on rapid Index this is going to send you backlinks right away and then this is the website you click on ADD URL and you are just going to write it right here and this is going to send you even more backlinks you can see it just works right here in front of your eyes it's just building backlinks while I'm recording videos you can see it's in in front of your eyes now she was using welcome that media and also posting a lot of articles for different niches and then one of them actually took off but there is another website you can also use to post these articles that is completely untapped and I'm sharing you this website right here in this video this video is called copy and paste earn 300 per day posting on this new untapped website in that video I share with you the exact method like I showed you in this video but I show you another website that is complete quickly untapped hasn't been mentioned in this video or she didn't even know about it and currently if you're going to use it not only you're going to get fast results there's also going to be no competition so I highly recommend you're going to check out this video right here after you're going to finish this one to make even more money give you more free traffic and get faster results and that's it I hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you think about it in the comment section below and for the next one click right here and I will see you there bye for now

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