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and if I check out this month you can see that this month was $66,000 yeah hopefully you can see it right here now this is from tap map oh and I just got a sale one minute ago $88 it was actually 2 minutes ago because my camera didn't want to focus but you can see just there yeah that's like I don't know $150 in the past uh 3 minutes what's happening guys in today's video I want to show you an extremely simple method you can use to make couple 00 per day as a beginner without even generating any sales whatsoever using this free traffic website which is getting a millions of visitors every single month and this method is actually something that I posted couple months ago a lot of people said that they made money without generating any sales and today's video I'm going to show you an updated version of this so you can go ahead and start using it right after watching this video now if you're going to check out uh hopefully you can see the right here I made like close to $6,000 uh this month $66,000 this month 7.5 th000 last month using a very very similar method so make sure that you're going to stay from beginning until the end of the videos you are not going to miss out on any of the important details now step number one what you want to do is let's go ahead and go to cpag now this method is extremely simple to set up and this is the reason why most people are not going to set it up is because it's so easy but just go to cpag grip.

Comom I have gone through set up multiple multiple times there are no important questions that you need to answer there but essentially you want to go right here the monetization tools and you just want to select the URL or file lockers now this is a tool that is hopefully let me just zoom this in and for some reason I could not do that this is a tool where people when they click on a link they are going to be prompted to complete couple of the CPA offers that you're going to select in order to get some kind of content now this is a huge Mis misconception with CPA networks is that you just have to promote the offers by themselves but if you are using like CPA grip or also tap map is coming out with a extremely cool feature is that you can lock any content Behind These CPA offers and essentially make money from the CPA offers but also promote other programs other offers or literally anything to entice people to complete them and for every single one of them you are going to receive $243 at least in this case by the way if you're watching this video that means the Master Class has already started and the price is $197 however one last chance for you to join for a $150 discount so you don't have to pay $197 click on the link in the first comment from me and use the code last chance to get $150 off this discount code is going to expire in the next 48 hours so make sure to be fast because yeah otherwise you can end up paying a lot more later on I will appreciate it okay so let's go to the content and tools and we are going to create a super simple file locker and I'm going to show you how to drive traffic to it so you want to create a new URL Locker you want to make sure that you're going to deliver on what you are promising because that is the only thing with these uh things that you got to deliver on what you are promising because otherwise your account can get shut down okay you don't want to be promising stuff that you are not going to not going to be delivering on now first of all with the URL or file locker right here go to the templates and you want to select the capture verification for this case because you're going to see there's a lot of these different templates which are kind of like emulating like a download page or some kind of a different page like right here or right here but currently we want to like emulate a capture verification that's all we really need and pretty much you can call it whatever you want so I'm going to call it test capture for video button text I'm not the robot and okay okay okay and then locked URL right here this is where we need to add what we are going going to be locking however Next Step you want to go to Google sites because we want to create an extremely simple website that we are going to be using click on blank right here and you want to just delete all the things that are right here so on the left hand side C on the delete header so you are going to have a blank page now the next thing you are just going to add a text box you are just going to add an image and you are just going to just make it extremely simple just one one paragraph at the top then one image and then one Link at the bottom now what we are going to use as the link and the content you want to go to YouTube and you want to search for fortnite highlights and this is important part click on filters and you want to use sord by and upload date to get the best and most recent content this way you are always going to get fresh content and this is also going to mean that nobody's using this content so it's completely untab because the method itself it's very basic but the content you going to use matters the most and the way you want to do it is you sort it by upload date or you just sort it out by this week and then you sort it out by Vi count you can see this way we have like videos like from 5 days ago that have the most amount of views and this is the these are the videos you want to be cherry picking because these videos are here for a reason and these are going to be performing the most so fortnite fails and epic wins 369 fortnite season 4 fin moment so what you want to do is you want to copy this video copy the link address go back to CPA grip and this is the video you want to lock that is okay and you just want to click on Save and that's it now we have the link for the capture now the next thing you want to go to Google and search for thumbnail Grabber and this is an extremely simple method you can literally do it just like this you know like I'm not even going to like catch this video I'm simply just going to do it in front of your eyes just like this because all that I'm going to do is enough for you to make some very easy money so now I have the thumbnail right here you want to copy the thumbnail image address go back to Google sites not this one but this one you want to select an image and I'm going to click on select and you just want to use the link feature so you don't even have to download the image you can see this is how simple it is it's going to take like 6 minutes but the important part is you're not just going to do it once and expect a lot of money to just fall down you want to do this multiple times every single day consistently and then one of these thumbnails you're going to insert are going to make you like a lot of money so make sure you're going to do it multiple times I'm showing you the easiest way to do it make sure to put it into the center then you want to copy and paste the headline of this video and put it right here and put it into the center and let's just resize it accordingly so it's going to look like this okay and now we want to get the CPA grip URL okay copy it and then right below the video you want to put there click here to watch the top moments hold on a second I cannot type off season 4 so something related to the headline okay so people are going to click there that's all that matters because only people that are interested in fortnite will come to this page and that is okay but you want to make sure that they are going to be enticed to click here to watch the video okay and now I click on publish and I'm just going to write anything here here but this is the entire website that you need to create okay let me just show it to you this is the entire thing it's just white background there is just some text and I could have censored the image a little bit better but this is it when people come here if they are interested in fortnite they are going to watch it they are going to see like okay this is the capture they will complete it and you are going to get money I want to copy the link of this website and you want to just paste it right here and it's going to pretty much send you the traffic from the search engine from people who are interested in fortnite so I'm just going to again copy and paste the entire thing you don't have to like come up with something crazy good when you are getting started but fortnite fails and wins you just want to make sure that it's just able to be submitted the enter text special characters so I think this one okay uh special characters maybe this one okay got that and now what you want to do is when it's going to prompt you to select access options and determine venue this is something that's even going to make you some more extra money but it's really what is going to send you the traffic so you want to just select one that's going to be on the left hand side not the premium one because for that one you get a sign up but just skippable ads or non-skippable ads are more than enough for you to actually get traffic if you're going to select one of these options that means this website will send you the traffic because otherwise your content is just not going to be shown so pretty much you can just use any of these because we are not going to use the the platform as the main monetization method but we are going to use it to get the traffic we are using CPA grip as monetization you click on next and now it's just going to like finalize the link depending on the latest solutions that they have came up with and let's just wait for a second and Bam this is it now it wasn't 1 hour ago it was like 1 second ago and you can see this is the video it's from me and this website just created this little like blog post on their search engine by the way the website is called link vertise I have shown it to you multiple times you want to make sure you're going to upload a lot of content on this one because this website is really all about these gaming videos and when somebody's going to see it you can see they can direct access it with premium which is right here which you are going to receive money from or free access with ad now the thing is we are not making money we are going to be making some small peanuts from link vertise but the main monetization method is when people are going to come to our website they click right here and they need to complete the CPA offer and that's what we are using this website for to actually get the free traffic and then pretty much these things are just to make sure that the website is going to be showing our website to more people so they are going to make a lot of money from the traffic they will send to us and then we make the money from locking the content that is very hot on this page and that's it I hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you think about it in the comment section below and for the next one click right here and I will see you there bye for now

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