(BRAND NEW!) I Made $147 In 24 Hours! Easy Clickbank Money Strategy For Beginners 2023

and pretty much I set it up on Friday on July 21st and then on Saturday I made no money on Friday as well and then on Sunday on 23rd I made 147 dollars and this literally took me 50 minutes to actually set it up so I think 147 dollars for just 15 minutes of work I think it's totally worth it what's going on guys in today's video I want to show you this brand new completely untapped completely free traffic source that you can use to make money on ClickBank in 2023 as a beginner even if you don't want to create a website or spend any money at all this is something that I recently just set up and I made over 147 dollars in a single day and this is a method that most people don't know about it because it's a brand new feature on a website that's getting 1.7 billion visitors every single month this website is more popular than Pinterest and Tick Tock and it's not Facebook and in today's video I'm going to show you exactly how to leverage this opportunity for unlimited amount of completely free traffic but make sure you are going to stay until the end of the video because I'm going to be sharing with you exactly cheat code that I also use myself to get faster results so when you are going to set this up you are going to start getting the free traffic on autopilot within just couple of hours instead of couple of days this is going to speed up your results and help you make money a lot faster now you can see right here pretty much on 23rd on Sunday I made 147.65 but I'm going to be completely honest I set up the method on July 21st on Friday now I'm not going to reveal the exact page that I use myself so you are not going to harm this because this can actually make me a lot more money so I will just keep it running and hopefully update you guys if I get any more sales but please comment down below if just 147 dollars for 15 minutes of work is good enough or you would like to make a lot more money because I think for 50 minutes of work just making 147 it's a game changer the first thing that you got to do is just go to clickbank.com and sign up for a free account now the easy way to do it just click on the login and tell them that you don't have an account it's super simple super basic so I'm not going to go over that I really want to focus on this website which is going to send you 1.7 billion and visitors it's not going to send you that amount but it's getting 1.7 billion visitors and pretty much this website this is not Facebook by the way and it's more popular than Tic Tac and also than Pinterest so this is one of the top websites that we are going to be using to get free traffic which has a brand new feature that most people don't even know about and they don't even recognize this because it's like okay we don't use that website so let's just completely skip this but using this brand new feature you can get a lot of traffic very very easily and it's a set and forget type of method so once you're going to set this method with this website you can completely forget it and it's going to be getting you free traffic on autopilot your ClickBank offers to your affiliate marketing offers and this way you can make money on ClickBank very easily without spending a send on paid traffic on any tools or pretty much for anything at all you just make money first and then you can reinvest them in something more better so what you want to do is want to pick up a product now the way to do this is you can either just go with the most popular products that are on ClickBank because these ones are going to get you traffic guaranteed because the more popular the product is the more traffic it's going to have but to just to make this a lot easier and this is actually what added myself is I went with products that have the affiliate page right here if you go to the affiliate page that have done for your resources okay so for example this one actually has the resources but you gotta opt-in and I don't want to opt in to receive latest offers I don't want to opt in so pretty much they don't really actually have damage resources either way so not this one then not this one or maybe this one let me just check them out you want to make sure that there's a lot of details on the affiliate page that you can actually use okay so what we are looking for is all are always done for your resources that you want to be using like for example email swipes or copy ideas campaign images all this good stuff this is something that's going to work very well and also for example Alpine if I'm going to check this out email swipes okay demographics images awesome awesome so these are the things that you are looking for I will show you a product that I think is very good and if you're going to take action on this it's going to make you money just go to self-help right here and make sure that the sort of results are high to low and then you want to go for The X Factor okay this is a very good product it's going to be paying you on average fifty dollars so you really just need like three sales to make 150 dollars and fifty dollars even just like one sale for just 15 minutes of work I think it's very good so when you go right here you're going to notice they have plenty of these affiliate resources which you can use to make money online because these resources they are designed to convert to this product and actually sell them they are literally helping Affiliates to generate these sales so if you're going to go with the resources that are looking just like this like the page actually looks nice and it's very like uh organized then these resources are going to work well so it's not like fluff content it's actually something you can use to make money now what we are going to be using are going to be articles and reviews okay so just click there it's actually right here articles and reviews you can also use if there are no articles you can use like email swipes for this method and pretty much they just want to select articles that we have right here okay so you can see there are articles for men because this is a X Factor guide to how to to get your ex back so it can be for men and also women but also you're going to see that this is pretty much what we are looking for these articles right here because you can either write them yourself or you can just use these ones or you can rewrite them using chat GPT or any AI software but pretty much for this method I want to show you how to use these default articles and then you want to rewrite them you want to create your own articles using AI tools and stuff like that for that I'm going to be recording more videos about this in the future because it works so well and also guys don't forget to please like the video subscribe to the channel and hit notification Bell so we are going to push this video to more people I'm on a mission to help 10 000 people make ten thousand dollars online my brand new mentorship program is coming up soon so stay tuned for that I'm going to guarantee you'll get to ten thousand dollars in 60 days so stay tuned for that and comment down below if that's something you are interested in now the next thing you want to just pick up an article so for example uh I'm I'm gonna go with I don't know five things five things you must do if you ever want your ex-girlfriend back so I'm just going to use this article it can be any art go for any affiliate product just make sure you're going to have this article for the same exact affiliate product do not use this one to promote L piling it's not going to make sense so now that we have the article we need to get our affiliate link so click on promote to get your name right here then you can use tracking ID but you don't already have to and create a hot link and then what you want to do is you want to copy that but you want to shorten it okay so for that you can go to tinyurl and you can just shorten it using this uh link shrinking service there's a lot of them but some of them do not accept a CPA or affiliate links anymore for some weird reason so just go with tiny URL that seems to be working very well for any links okay so just click there and now you have the shortened link right here because this is where we are going to be sending the traffic so our page is not going to get penalized for pretty much having an affiliate link it's going to have a tiny URL link and now I want to show you how to pretty much get traffic using these website it has 1.7 billion visitors so pretty much the next thing what you want to do is you want to go to linkedin.com and pretty much just sign up for a free account okay it's going to ask you welcome to your professional Community email phone password or just sign up with Google I just signed up with Google because it's much easier just create your free account if you never use LinkedIn don't worry I will show you how to use it and also if you don't have any followers or any social media presence that's completely okay we are going to be using it in a completely different way now this is my LinkedIn profile that I just didn't really use because I don't want to reveal my exact pages that I'm using with this method they work super well I will tell you that now this is pretty much how it looks like it's looking kind of like Facebook on the left hand side you have the profile then the main is the feed and on the right hand side you can see all these different things according to whatever the recommendations are I'm not really the professional with LinkedIn but I just know how to use it to get traffic and if you're actually going to check out the the traffic that it's getting you're going to see that it's much better than Tick Tock and Pinterest and also just underrated or discard so Discord so I'll show you exactly how to leverage this to get a lot of free traffic because there's a feature right here that most people don't even know about it's a recently added feature because LinkedIn never had it before okay so first of all what you want to do is you want to scroll to the top and instead of starting a post you want to click right here to write article okay and this is a brand new feature that I'm going to show you how to leverage very very easily for plenty of free traffic but make sure to stay until the cheat code as well because if you're just going to use this way it's not going it's going to work but it's going to take more than couple of days to get the results and you are going to be discouraged if you're going to use it just the way I'm going to show you it's going to get you traffic in a couple of hours right after you're going to do that so what you want to do is now go back to uh to affiliate page of the affiliate product and you want to copy and paste the headline right here and they want to just copy and paste the entire article that is right here that is right here and you want to place it right here okay you can also add an image that's 1920 times 1080.

So let me just go ahead and check out if this page actually has these images let me just scroll down or up okay okay generate links okay oh images and Banners so we can use this one okay so I'm just going to download this one and upload it right here so this is how it looks like now all you have to do is just scroll all the way down and this is where it's going to they replace with your affiliate link that's where you want to add your tiny URL so I'm just going to copy that and place it right here so click here to check out this video presentation and you want to go right here add a URL link put it right there apply and then delete this part okay so it's not going to be looking like that like oh or add your affiliating and this is it okay so this is your article this is all you have to do do not overcrowded with these affiliate links because then it's going to be spammy and then you just want to click right here and go to the next now it's going to ask you to shout out a post now what you want to do because you also want to include couple of hashtags you want to get the most popular ones for this one just go to Google and search for Rapid Tax IO Tick Tock and it's going to get you this website right here now this is something that I'm always using for my YouTube videos but this is something that has a brand new feature for tick tock now it's kind of similar to Instagram because they don't have an Instagram version but the Tic Tac ones work the kind of like the same it's like the same exact hashtags and what you want to write here is going to be your main keyword so pretty much how to get your ex back so that is how our keyword and we are just going to copy in these okay now you don't have to think about it that much the the way for this method is to just make it very easily so I'm just going to copy that and then right here I'm going to write check out this tutorial on how to get your legs back and I'm going to enter my keywords and then I'm just going to click right here publish and then you can see this is going to be your article so this is going to be like your own website and pretty much this is going to rank on Google and as long as you're going to have these hashtags there it's going to rank for these keywords but it's going to take a couple of days to actually do that so if you're watching Until the End comment down below you are a crazy person because right now I'm going to show you a hack on how to speed up these results you want to copy the URL of your article or or your post on LinkedIn and then you want to go to these two websites one of them is called index Kings and another one is called pink farm and what these are going to do is that they are going to blast your website with some backlinks they are going to notify the search engines that your website is live this usually takes couple of days but if you're going to use this website they are going to do it right away so I'm want to place your url right here just make sure you are going to delete the latest part so only this part is there because this is the link to your website and then click on mass pings okay and that's it it's going to send you a pink and then also index Kings is a little bit different you want to place the URL and check complex URLs so instead of just uh indexing the linkedin.com it's going to index the entire website URL so you are actually getting this exact website index instead of just LinkedIn so you're getting your own post index and then click on rapid index and you can see it's going to be building up the backlinks right here in front of your eyes okay and this is what's going to actually boost your website to the top rankings of search engine this is what's going to get you the free traffic on autopilot and if you are pretty much putting there an affiliate article with your affiliate link this is what's going to get you sales because people are going to click right here and then you got end up making money overnight while you sleep just making money just like this now obviously it's not instant but this is all you got to do now just sit back relax and enjoy learning on autopilot and that's you guys I hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you think about it in the comment section below and for the next video which I highly recommend you're going to check out check out this video right here which is going to show you a crazy powerful way of making money online that I think you're going to absolutely love and a lot of people made money with this one so if you never made any money online check out this one right here

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