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you can see right here yesterday he made 584 pounds actually in a day so that's a little over 600 and today 15 pounds which is I think like 17 just by doing this method now what are you what's going on guys we are here and in this video I'm super excited because what I want to show you in this video is going to be an automatic 250 plus per day method that I posted a few months ago one of my students was taking massive action on it made over 500 pounds in a single day sent me a proof and now also he also improved the method slightly which is very clever and he decides like yeah I'm okay with sharing with the Incognito fam so in today's video not only I'll share with you the method I will show you the improved tips using the done for you copy and paste script that I'm going to share with you guys that he was able to improve this method and make over 500 in a single day 500 pounds actually so over 600 in a single day automatically you don't have to work for this all you have to do is just delete them one time and it's going to be working for you over and over again and this is so clever that literally anybody watching this video can do this and getting very good results even on day one but also even in on day 30 because it's going to work for you on autopilot so just imagine you wake up go to your account see some money there and you realize it's from something you have done a couple months ago but before you get started guys please let me know if you like the methods that I post on this channel from viewers who Reign money or you are always looking for something new just please comment down below and tell me if you just like new methods that I come up with or you like when I post videos about methods that my viewers made money with and I will share with you the updated versions as well comment in the new or update it and also don't forget to like the video subscribe to the channel and hit the notification Bell and let's get started with a step-by-step tutorial alright guys you can see this is the 500 day done for you copy and paste script we are going to be using towards the end of the video which makes all the difference in this method it's pretty much what makes it automatic it's what's going to make it super popular super converting friendly it's just the secret sauce that's going to make you money but we are not going to use it right now first of all what you want to do is you want to go to ClickBank okay you just want to go to clickbank.com or any other Marketplace and you want to pick up an affiliate offer in today's video I will show you a specific offer you can go for and the entire script is customized about that and you can just do it right just by following this so go to ClickBank sign up for an account then once you are in the ClickBank you want to go to the marketplace section right here and you want to navigate to this exact affiliate offer because I picked up an affiliate offer for you guys so you don't have to think about this but also if like thousand people are going to do the same exact method then it might get a little bit saturated but even though 1000 people are going to do this it's not going to get that saturated so go to E-Business any marketing and we are looking for these social media jobs okay get paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube and there is a reason for that okay there is a reason for that also this get paid to review apps you can use it for that but uh the entire script is for this Alpha right here get paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube the reason for that is when you click on it and I have been promoting this after my channel as a good offer very long you can see this is like online social media jobs that pay 25 or 50 per hour no experience required work at home and pretty much people take a one minute quiz and then you are going to get paid for that so what you want to do click on promote and you want to just grab your affiliate link okay this is going to be your affiliate link and just want to save it somewhere so what I'm going to do just open up a notepad and paste it right there okay now no need to shorten it no need to do anything about it we are just going to be using this affiliate link to make money now also visit with this method you can use any other make money online product but there is a reason why we are going to be using this offer because this one when people are going to buy it I'll also show you the affiliate page so when people are going to purchase it it's going to help them find jobs this is not like a course that's going to teach them something it's going to help them find online jobs that people can actually work on online like a job a little little job and pretty much they are doing it kind of like without taking any commission from the job because usually if there's like an agency that's going to help you find like a job like even in real life they they take small percentage so they have incentive to find you a job because then you work and you pay them something from the payout but these this website doesn't do that it's just a one-time fee and that's something we can actually use in our marketing Advantage so you can see there are all these products so pretty much uh first product is like 17 I believe and pretty much then there's upsell number one then there's upsell number two for fifty Seven dollars and there's these upsells as well so that's how pretty much my student was able to make this amount of money this is the screenshot he has sent me now he was using digistore he told me not to leak the method not to leak the offer because it's kind of like yeah he doesn't want to lick it but he was okay with sharing the script which makes the difference and I will show you the detail that makes the difference and you can see he made 15 just like today but 584 dollars overnight because some people bought a lot of these upsells that's the reason how these methods can make you even just like two dollars per day or even like five hundred dollars you get that lucky full funnel for example somebody buys like 97 program 57.37 that's like almost 200 from a single person instead of just those initial twenty dollars so that's how it works okay now next thing what you want to do is you want to go to Gmail you want to go to Gmail just Google Gmail and you want to create your brand new Google Gmail account okay now you don't want to be using this on your main email address you want to make sure you're going to create a brand new one now also when you are going to be creating it just make sure it's going to look professional and it's not going to look something like like Open Door okay this is an example that I use make sure to enter like a first name last name it doesn't need to be yours just make sure like your first name is yours and then the last name can be like a pen name but just make sure it's great looking legit and also when you're going to be creating your let me just enter some random details right here when you're going to be creating your email address is not going to be like with the numbers okay make sure you're going to put there something professional so for example if your name is door open it will be like door open for example maybe we can use this one let me let me see if it actually works it does work so don't open or door open official official so there are no like uh grammar mistakes or anything like that just make sure you don't go for these letters okay it doesn't look professional doesn't look professional that's very very important then the next thing we are going to be using is going to be this completely free traffic Source this is the traffic source that he used but you could also use other traffic sources for this method called worldprofit.com just come here and you just want to sign up for an account I already showed you how to get traffic from this one you can just sign up very easily now what I'm going to do is that I'm going to log in right now so I'm just going to scroll right here I'm not the robot and I'll show you what you need to do on this website login and this is exactly what he did as well okay so I'm sharing you this in a basic format because this is what he has done and I know if he had made money with it you can as well so you're going to log in offer and login now to the members area and pretty much you want to go to the free classified ads on the left hand side right here just go right here free classified ads Place ads for free okay now pretty much what we are going to be looking for is going to be these advertisements that are showing up right here and when you're going to be submitting them you just click on post an ad you want to submit them in these two different categories so home business and business opportunities and make money now and business opportunities okay because those are two about making money online and they are for people who are looking for like a job okay these Health business opportunities are not the ones that we are looking for but business opportunities is also something you can do but you can only Post in two categories and two subcategories at once so these are going to be the ones you want to be using now next thing what you want to do is you want to go to your Gmail account that you have created you want to go to the setting window and go to all settings and pretty much what you want to do is just go to the general right here and you want to scroll all the way down okay and this is pretty much an autoresponder that we are going to be using now pretty much I showed you multiple ways but the way I'm going to show you right now it's crazy good first of all make sure to click on vacation responder is on and now this is the exact script you want to be using first of all you want to copy this headline I will give you a link to the down for your script by the way this is the headline and it pretty much goes I will show that at the beginning it's pretty much a re so I can response so pretty much it's going to be response only so we also want to add it to the headline because it's going to get a lot of open rates forty dollars per hour social media job application and then pretty much read Facebook page okay so this is very important that you add it there and this is the rest of the script so body you just copied as well don't worry the link to this document is at the bottom of the video description make sure to check it out and pretty much the rest of the body goes like hey thank you for contacting us currently we are looking for serious individuals who are looking for remote work mainly on social media sites like Facebook Twitter Youtube okay the simple jobs you are going to be doing are posting or replying blah blah blah blah and this is the important part this is the kind of like the thing this is for serious people only as we provide all the training for you to be able to complete these jobs so we charge a fully refundable one-time fee of 17 so pretty much it's like fully refundable so they know they have to pay for it and it's like it's completely transparent so now they know that so it's not like oh here's the method and oh you got to pay for it it's like you gotta pay for it because we provide the training it's fully refundable if you don't get any jobs within the first 60 days you can request a full refund of this amount so it's like completely risk-free and it's super to the point because literally only people that are looking for a job are going to buy this and they are going to get a job so that's like everybody is going to make money from this so you just copy and paste it there and then you just want to add your affiliate link to these uh positions right here click here to join and claim your 50 discount so you just make it bold and you add your affiliate link and make it just like this and then also right here and then there's like a disclaimer at the bottom why is there a cost because we don't take a percentage of your earnings with our social Media Partners we have to charge a very small fee to cover associated with our web hosting blah blah blah blah however we work with our deal with the Social Media Partners to offer a free fifty dollars once you complete your first paid social media jobs so there's so many opportunities for this to make a sale and because you are going to be providing it via email it seems even more legit and it's hard converting even though it's an affiliate program but if you're going to provide it this way the sales are going to Skyrocket you want to save this and you can see right now it's saved right here so pretty much it's going to be working and now all people need to do is just contact this email address and to get it just post an advertisement on wordprofit.com posting ads to contact you for people who are interested in getting paid like 40 dollars per hour just working on social media for more information contact me on my email address and pretty much immediately they are going to get a response now you can also post this on Craigslist so pretty much this is a new traffic source that I didn't mention in the beginning but if you post it on Craigslist this is the same exact things that people are posting there just go to Craigslist post it there as well you will get so many leads and because they say it's fully refundable they will get the money or they get a refund so they are completely honest and transparent about it it's something means for both of you pretty much the customer and you you set it up completely automatically and once you're going to get like couple of those initial and also full funnel sales 250 or 600 like 584 pounds is not going to be a problem so that script can be found at the bottom of the video description and these two important parts about the refund and about the full transparency of the payment I would make this really really high converting and that's it guys I hope you enjoyed this video now if you're looking for another method to make money online that's highly recommended to you by the YouTube algorithm click here and tell me if it was a good decision or not because YouTube algorithm is Sometimes good sometimes bad so click on this video and tell me if this method is going to be for you by commenting on the video I came from YouTube algorithm

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