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now I know he's not a lot but I made 247 dollars this took me last seven days but I was literally working like three to five minutes every single day four days so this might not be a lot 247 dollars in a week but it literally took me three minutes more like yeah more like less than three minutes every single day to do this this was by the way completely free no websites no videos completely free traffic so five minutes time seven like 35 it was actually less than five so we can just make it like 30 so pretty much 247 dollars and 10 cents multiplied by two that's almost five hundred dollars per hour of work I was able to make in a week but it took me like 30 minutes so it's like 247 dollars all profit completely for free now pretty much what I did what's going on guys in today's video I want to show you this three minute per day method that I was able to make over 247 dollars with now this is pretty much something that I was able to make in a week completely for free I was testing one of my methods from my old videos quick tip if you want to make a lot of money from methods that nobody is currently doing go ahead check out my YouTube channel and scroll past to the Past videos because when I post something new everybody is doing it but pretty much two months ago nobody's doing those methods so right now they are unsaturated and I was able to make 247 dollars you can see it right here this is all in affiliate commissions all profit all completely free made without creating any videos any websites any paid traffic anything complicated I was literally just doing this for seven days it took me three minutes per day I wish you exactly how to do it right now but before that don't forget to please smash like on this video if you like videos about making money online and also anybody who's going to watch the video is going to make money in the future guaranteed and also to never miss out on any of my future videos make sure to subscribe and notification Bell so I can notify you whenever I upload a brand new juicy method and also comment down below and tell me if you like this video or not or YouTube algorithm so more people are going to see this method so I can help even more people make money online my goal is to help 10 000 people earn ten thousand dollars online so yeah please help me do that and I would really appreciate it but anyways let's get started with the method now pretty much this is the exact profit I was able to make but with this offer you actually need approval so we are not going to be using this offer this is on jvzoo by the way what we are going to be using is going to be ClickBank or dgstore okay now first of all also before we actually get there you want to make sure you're going to just open up a brand new Google Document okay this is very important because otherwise you are not going to succeed with this one I know it might seem like basic but if you are following this methods along I highly recommend that you're going to just go ahead and open up a Google Document right now now the next thing you want to do is you you want to go to ClickBank or any other affiliate Marketplace and you want to find in the marketplace and you can like make money online offer okay kind of like the internet business work from home type stuff that pretty much appeals to everybody and doesn't exclude anybody okay so for example like jobs like this live chat jobs get paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube write app reviews all of these are going to work from ClickBank your case you can use any of these just make sure they are kind of like lower price because then you might wait a long time to actually get a sale it's kind of like lower priced around like 10 17 27 dollars maximum so you can make money from the upsells but also you don't have to wait until you're going to make your first thousand dollars because this method can make you thousand dollars but it's not the easiest way to go about it okay so want to make sure you're going to pick up one of those okay now another way you can do this is you can go to digistore24 because I think there's a couple of better offers right here actually so digistore24 create your account just sign up register now right here just sign up for an account and then go to the marketplace the marketplace is right here at the top and pretty much you want to pick up internet marketing and a business okay so click there and I'll show you the exact offers to go for and exactly what to do with them because the the method is kind of like basic but pretty much the setup is what actually makes you the money so you want to go through these offers now the ones that I recommend are pretty much these ones like secret millionaire bot million dollar replicator then the AZ code pretty much uh this is okay but it's not going to be working the best for this method and also billion dollar duplicate per millionaire blueprint all these kind of like high P products that are kind of like lower price because they are literally just like 17 and they convert very well okay to make money online audience you want to grab one of those now the one that I'm going to pick up is obviously going to be based on the sales rank that's also what you want to do yourself so I'm going to go with the secret millionaire bot okay now this is going to be my affiliate link I'm going to copy that if you don't have your affiliate link you just want to click on promote now and it's going to generate your own but you want to copy your affiliate link and then go back to Google doc and pretty much right there so the the name of the product that we are using is called secret millionaire bot and you want to paste your affiliate link okay so you didn't copy for some reason so let me just copy that once again and put it right here it's not pasting for some reason my keyboard doesn't work keyboard so pretty much now we have the link right here and pretty much then what you want to do is you want to go to the affiliate support page right here go there and you want to scroll down until you're going to find this kind of like page where you have these email swipes okay and this is very important because what you want to do is you want to scroll through these and you want to make sure you are not going to go for one of these like uh swipes that are kind of like not related to my audience you want to make sure you are going to pick up those that are but in this case I believe every single one of them is like that so what you want to do is you literally just want to copy and paste these swipes just like this and this is very important if you're not going to do this then you are not going to make money with this and I'm not just saying it's just like okay don't do that don't do this literally if you're not going to do this chances of you actually making money with this are not going to happen because I did this for seven days and the reason why I did it for seven days is because I had this document this is very important so pretty much this is the subject line just make it bold and pretty much this is the entire email just make sure you're going to add these kind of like a breaks just like this so it's going to actually make sense and then best you can just add your name okay this is it then I'm going to add couple of these dashes and you want to do it for seven emails okay that's very important because if you're not going to do this then I promise you you are not going to make money with this method because you are not going to commit to it it's super easy but that's the problem with this method it's super easy so you are not going to do that so just create this document and you want to do this just like I am doing right here okay so this is the second email okay again add my name now if you're going to add your name it's going to add a little bit of branding and also I go to file and I'm going to pretty much change the page setup to page OS okay so it's just a long document without any breaks and then you want to do it right here again live swipe number one and I'm going to do it for three swipes okay you want to make sure you always make the subject line bold so you're not going to miss it but pretty much you want to make sure that you're going to do it for seven days okay so I'll just do it for three for a second video but you want to do it just like this okay so this is going to be your document you want to make sure you are going to do it for seven days if you're not going to do it for seven days you automatic medically are like okay I'm not gonna make money with this because then you're going to be like okay I've seen this method I've done this it never worked do this first then do the next step do you want to go to this website that's called Hercules and you can see there's over 350 000 members that you can actually email right now completely for free if you want to go there and pretty much you want to sign up right here gonna sign up it's going to take you to this page create your account just a basic sign up already a Hercules member first name last name where did you hear about as username password re-enter the password subscribe click to use main email address blah blah blah blah and click on create your account it's super simple just make sure you're going to enter all the details and also about the email make sure you are going to use a spare email because you're going to receive a lot of promotional stuff that might not be too interesting for you then you just want to log in and you want to go to the ad mailers and this is the important part okay so what you want to do is you want to select pretty much the test URL and stuff like that select HTML so you can act actually add the links and then pretty much every single day every single morning you are just going to open up this document you're going to copy this part you're going to paste it right here as the subject line then you're going to copy and paste the entire email just like this paste it right there you see you don't do any thinking right now we are literally just copy and pasting that's all you do you don't find an offer you don't find the emails you are just opening up one single document and then you just copy and paste again your affiliate link and then you're going to add it right here click here now and you're going to highlight it and add your affiliate link there make it bold and just like this and add it right here as well and instead of the entire thing let's make just this part bold and that's it okay and this is what you do every single day then you click on submit and add and you're going to see that this has been submitted to 350 000 members back to the mailer and you just repeat it every single day but you need to have this Google Document because otherwise I wouldn't go every single day to the DG store check out the affiliate link check out the email I would just do it just like this this is why I was actually able to work just three minutes per day I just bookmarked this document for other Philadelphia that I was promoting and I made 247 dollars with I created the document and then pretty much added the emails and I did it for seven days it took me like three minutes two minutes per day just log into the Hercules send out an email and Bam 247 dollars in complete profit working just two to three minutes per day and that's you guys I hope you enjoyed this method please let me know what you think about it in the comment section below don't forget to like subscribe hit notification Bell and if you're looking for another video that's highly recommended to you by the YouTube algorithm because this video right here and tell me if it was a great fit or not in the comment section of this video I will see you there bye for now

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