EASIEST DFY Method TO Earn +$1,000 Online As A Beginner In 2023 (NO WORK!)

I just found out one of the easiest ways you can make over one thousand dollars online as a beginner this is completely free and all you have to do is just copy and paste now first of all what you want to do is you want to go to stripe.com and pretty much this is going to be the website that we are going to be using to collect the money okay because there's a lot of ways to do it PayPal wise but the website we are going to be using today is going to be accepting stripe so if you have stripe.com that's okay if you don't have it just go to stripe.com this is literally the name of the website stripe.com and this is where you can actually process like credit card payments and stuff like that but also you can receive money just go there and you just want to sign up for a completely free account okay so that's all you got to do for receiving the money now the next thing what you want to do is you want to go to website that's called partnersstack.com then just click on the book a demo or click on login and just want to sign up for a completely free account and this is something we are going to be using because this is the network that's going to be paying us out using this very very specific and very highly converting money making program that I'm just going to share you a message how to get hundreds of people to sign up for and once you're going to see this just please just stay tuned until you're going to see this because I think this is going to completely blow you away now what you want to do is you want to go to the marketplace at the top and you pretty much want to search for a program that is called add Zuma okay now this is the account this is the affiliate program that we are going to be using and if you've seen some of my messages before about this you're going to know that this is a very good affiliate program but you are never you've never seen this method because this one is like it's actually just picking up Golden nuggets from the ground and once you're going to see that I I think just for the sake of entertainment this is going to be awesome now you just want to go and join and then you want to click on go to the program and you want to click on the links on the left hand side right here links because we want to create a specific link okay I have done this before but essentially the main link the default link if you're going to visit it and you're going to go to that link you're going to see that it's going to take you to uh this page which is like online marketing simplified which is like the most non-salesy page that I have ever seen okay so this is something that I wouldn't be using myself to actually promote this program but if you're going to Google for example at Zuma 125 voucher you're going to find these pages that are on the same website and that's very important that are going to show you how to get a 125 dollars in Microsoft ads and also this one right here so pretty much you can use any of these I'm going to go with this one because this one is like 125 dollars when you spend 25 but this one has 125 and also the three so you want to get this page to find it just Google at zuma125 voucher and get to this page do you want to copy link to this page go back to partner stack and create a custom link and pretty much call it for example 125 voucher free page then the link description a voucher page then pretty much customize your links I will leave that a little bit later but setup link destination and this is where you put your link so it's actually going to be redirecting people through your cookie to this page instead of the main known salesy page and then the customization you can call it free 100 125 dollar voucher page okay something like this and click on the create a link and it's going to create you a custom link that when you're going to click on and people are going to visit is going to take people to the same exact page but now you have your affiliate cookie there so when people are going to sign up you are going to get paid now how much money you are actually going to be getting paid let me just go to the summary this is the summary every match for new account you are going to receive thirty dollars for every single person who is going to just claim their voucher completely for free without any credit card submissions payments trials nothing like that completely free claimings of the voucher so that she just needs 30 people and you already made 900.33 and you have thousand dollars you are going to receive 69 nine dollars for every purchase and also thirty dollars for every qualified account connection and yeah that's pretty much the same stuff and they're going to buy something you're going to receive 100 or 200 now the thing is this is not a free trial this is not something they need to pay for a subscribe or do anything they literally just need to claim the voucher after spending 25 and if you are going to find like a method to do this you can make thousands of dollars very easily so what I'm going to show you right now is literally the hands down the easiest fastest way for beginners to do this but before we do that don't forget to please smash the like subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below if this method is going to blow your mind or not as I'm really interested in knowing that because I think this method is really cool so pretty much all you have to do is just get your affiliate link so make sure you are going to be using the link that is going to be the voucher page otherwise this is not going to make any any sense at all now what you want to do just for the sake of the video I'm going to do it this way I'm going to open up an incognito window and you want to go to bing.com okay so you want to go to the Microsoft bing.com search engine and now you pretty much want to search for for example like the best pizza in San Diego something like best local business in San Diego and you're going to get all these search results now it's important that you're going to do it on Microsoft Bing because this is going to make you the most amount of money and when you're going to Sir see these results you're going to see some of them have like web right here but some of them are going to have advertisement okay so if I scroll all the way down I'm going to see yeah right here advertisement and advertisement so these two pages are advertising on Microsoft ads now pretty much all you have to do is just tell them that if they want a free account if they want to get a free coupon they just they can just sign up for free and they are going to receive it because the qualifications to receive this voucher are you need to have a valid account on Microsoft advertising and you need to spend 25 dollars now this might be kind of hard to get for new people but if you are just going to contact people that are already doing that they most likely have not seen this opportunity and they don't need to create a new account they can connect their existing account to add Zuma and that's how you're going to get 30 for every single person and I already have to do is just send them this short email which is going to pretty much tell them to sign up completely for free so pretty much the subject line is congratulations you have qualified for a 325 voucher for advertising no Microsoft ads but on Microsoft ads I made it a typo if you're going to send this to anybody they know they are advertising on Microsoft ads and 125 dollars completely for free it's like why not and pretty much the body goes hey the business names you are just going to enter your pretty much business name that you found of the business so don't just copy and paste it like for every single person you want to make sure you're going to switch it up for every single person or every single business you're going to find on Microsoft a search engine on the Bing and then pretty much my name is enter your name to make it really personal and I just wanted to reach out and to let you know that you have qualified for a 325 Watcher for Microsoft ad you can click here and claim it this is where you're going to add your affiliate link so this is the first part and pretty much tell them the qualifications you need to have an active advertising account they're like yeah I have that you must have spent over 25 dollars in ad spend over the past six months and they're like yeah we definitely spend that and they're like if that is correct feel free to click here to connect your account to our tracking service and we'll send you a 125 coupon for advertising at no cost no strings attached this is how simple it is all you have to do is find multiple businesses on Microsoft advertising Mac on Bing that's the that's the search engine not Google but Bing because this is where they are advertising and just go to the second page for example you're going to see there are all these webs but you want to connect the advertising contact the advertisements because those are really low hanging fluid as they are already advertising there you know right here they are already advertising so you can just send them a message obviously if you like papajohns.com that might not be the best one to actually get fly back but if it's something local they are going to get back to you and for every single email that you're going to send out you can make like thirty dollars all you have to do is just get like 33 people and that's 1 000 you're going to make in pure profit without spending a single Cent from your own pocket and that's it guys hope you enjoyed this method let me know what you think about it a bit short for today but it doesn't mean it's not going to make you money it's just that faster get your Link contact the people and cash in the earnings also if you'd like to see another method to make money online for beginners which is highly recommended by YouTube algorithm specifically to you click here and I will see you there bye for now

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