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Shady sound guys in the past seven days I was able to make over eleven thousand dollars in affiliate commissions and in today's video I want to show you this completely AI generated website in the past week made me 834.97 in affiliate commissions completely on autopilot completely free and I didn't even have to create anything myself all I did was I just use AI softwares to do everything for me and the best part is you can do it as well yourself now first what I did was I created a hot content ideas using an AI tool so it told me what's currently hot right now then I used another AI tool to create a content for these hot content ideas then I used another it's not this is not really AI tool to create this website for me actually that was making me 834 dollars per week and then I use this next website combined with AI to get completely free directed visitors that are currently making me 834 Dollars around 800 to 900 per week now just before you get started don't forget please like like the video I'm going to show you everything on how to do this step by step but also make sure to subscribe to the channel and notification Bell and comment down below if making 800 per week from an AR website is enough and also how would you spend these 800 would you invest them or would you actually just throw them away on something or you would just spend them on some groceries or would you treat yourself to something comment down below I would love to know that and right now let's get started with this step-by-step tutorial alright guys so let's get started now the step number one what you are going to be doing with this method and pretty much how to get started and this is all I've been doing I could have used my own website my own funnel Builders but I decided like let's just do this just the same way that most people were able to do this and see if this actually works and yeah the results I mean 999 dollars is just on one single website so I know this is going to work for you so what you want to do is you want to go to Google sites just go to Google and go to Google sites and you want to create a new blank website click on new blank website and it's going to give you this kind of like layout and this is all we got to pretty much used now first of all we are going to pick a niche now for this video I'm going to go with like the keto diet health and fitness Niche because it's very hot right now and you can also do this for other niches as well but this one is going to get you like very fast results because there's plenty of people looking for a solution in their problems what you want to do is change the image of the header first of all click on the change the image and you want to go with the select one so you can just search it right here on top and for example let's go with like ketogenic diet and I'm going to search for this and also at the end of the video I'm going to show you where I got inspiration for this as well so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to use uh I don't know this one looks very good very tasty so I'm just going to select this image and then pretty much your page title I'm going to put here something just just think about it a little bit don't make it like to wake make it something specific okay so it's still like a keto diet 2023 and for example like making it look like this okay like keto diet what what happened to the image remove readability so if for example I keto diet 2023 I would go with like a easy way to get in shape using keto diet in 2023 okay so this is what I would do and also I would use a text color but not this one I would actually underline it hold on go right here and then use this highlight color so click on this little more click on the highlight color right here and then use something that's going to underline it's like a black one okay so people can actually read it or I don't know other color for example I'm not sure if it's going to be very good let's like go with like a dark black color this is also going to work anything related to a keto or whatever and also increase the size not that's too much 125 and let's go 115 or single let's go with 16 okay so now it's actually not in its own way the easy way to get in shape using keto diet in 2023 so that's the first thing now the next thing what you want to do and pretty much I always use just these two basic elements like text box images sometimes embed whenever I use drive but for this one you want to make this one website a little bit like nicer so what you want to do is use these content blocks you can use any of them okay the one that I recommend is this one right here because it's just two different images next to each other so you don't have to put as much content there yourself and it's going to look quite quite well so again now what we want to do is just pretty much add the images so click right here and click on select image right here so again we don't have to like look for something specific offline we can just search for it right here and for example go with like keto diet again and find something that's going to be uh very good so for example I don't know let's use these two coconuts okay let's insert it and that's going to be it and then the next one I'm going we're going to select as well and I'm going to go with Google images and let's go with like a keto uh dessert for example and I'm going to find something like this okay this one looks very tasty actually so those two are going to be there now now what you would need to do is you need to click uh think about something that people are searching for so you are actually going to populate this website with very hard articles now you don't have to think about it okay just go to answerthepublic.com make sure to select United States make sure to select English and search for keto diet okay and click on search it's going to give you the most popular things that people are currently looking for and can actually optimize your own website around that so what you are looking for is pretty much make sure to go with these dark dark red ones they are the most searched ones so all these uh kind of like I know what is the English word for them but they are not like strong color this is strong color so you want to go with a strong color there so you get the most searches so how keto diet works or for example when keto diet stops working our keto diet pills safe uh hold on let me unzoom it uh kenkey took that can key to that cause keto acidosis I cannot even pronounce it we'll get to that lower cholesterol and stuff like that so that's the first one then the second one keto they died without dairy keto diet is bad then keto diet with diabetes diabetamine fasting if he died near me he died for beginners so that's the second one then right here plenty of different things that people are searching for okay so that's what you want to do okay so that's what you just want to use as your huge research tool so what I'm going to use is pretty much any of this how to so I'm going to go with how keto diet works for weight loss so I'm just going to copy this go back to the website and put it right here how keto diet works or not rocks but works for weight loss and I'm going to add like five tips okay so just like this and I'm going to right there here are five tips on how keto diet works and how to get started right now and the next thing you want to copy the the headline of the article that you're going to be using you want to go to chat GPT and you just want to write here hey can you please write me an article about how keto diet works for beginner weight loss and plus five tips I always by the way am I the only one that actually just says Please do this these AI tools because I actually got a person on a call and mentioned this and I don't know if I'm the only person that's using this but if you are one of those people that also says please and thank you to these AI tools let me know in the comment section below so hey can you please write me a and let's put there a 400 word blog pose okay not just article 400 word blog post how keto diet works for beginners weight loss five tips I'm going to click there and then now it's going to create me this little article so I can literally just use it how key to that works for weight loss five tips the kitchen diet has come a popular weight loss Trend okay and now we just wait for it to actually load up the entire article so we can actually use it and Bam now it's done and this is like a huge article okay so this is the article so we can just use that one but the way you want to do it is pretty much this is going to be the main homepage of your entire page you want to go to pages right here right here go to the pages and click on add a new page and you want to call it how keto diet works for weight loss five tips I'm going to either plus five tips so this is actually the page that we are using again make sure to change this so it's going to be readable and I'm going to adjust this one for readability and now pretty much I'm just going to insert the text box which is going to highlight the huge title add it to the center and also make it like a little bit narrow so people are not going to feel overwhelmed with plenty of text that's too big okay so I'm just going to put this like 48 okay so the headline can actually be bigger sorry more more wider I'm going to delete this part I don't want the headline to be there and change image change header type and let's call it Banner okay just like this and now just add a text box make move it below that and also make this one uh a little bit not that not that uh wide that's very important and then just copy and paste this post just like this okay and just increase slightly not 11 we want like 12 okay so it's easy easier to read so this is the entire page and this is how it's going to work okay so now we have two pages right here I can publish this one and let's call it a keto diet in 2023 hopefully it's not okay so I'm just gonna add one more letter click on publish and now our website is ready to roll but I need to go to the home section and then what you want to do is just highlight this part right here click on add a link and you want to link it to the page that it's going to recommend and click on apply and also link this part to the page as well okay and also link the image and also link the image to the page as well so double click it click on the link and again add the page right there and now if we publish it click on publish one more time and I'm going to the page this is how it's going to look like so far in shape using kindergarten in 2023 now whenever I click on this any part of this it's going to take me to this page where it's the entire article but there's no product we are not making money from that so you gotta fix that so go to that page and never promote products on the main home page always promote it on the sub article because then you can also go to go with like more detailed after that offers so how key to that works for weight loss plus five tips all you got to do is just go to ClickBank and go with like health and fitness and search for detail and just pick up any of these uh products so I'm going to go with like gravity high to low to pick up the most selling ones and let's go with custom keto diet so it's updated for 2023 okay and I'm just going to go and promote get my link and copy that and go back right here and I'm going to write here if you want to receive a custom my ketogenic diet for you just click here okay so these subtle affiliate promotions are going to be right here and I copy that and also add it at the bottom okay so these subtle promotions so if you want and then something like that I'm going to show you another example on how to do this because you don't want to be promoting just single products so this was for how to get started but this one is going to be the key to recipes so for example a top ketogenic recipes to lose weight and then the second part again here are top ketogenic recipes or actually dessert recipes to weight okay just like this and again go back to chat GPT could you please write me a 400 word word blog post about top ketogenic dessert recipes to lose weight and I will just wait up for Chad should be to do that the best thing is he never says or it never says no and yeah well let's wait again and while we are waiting for the article just go to digistore then you want to go to fitness and health and this is going to I know there's this Alpha right here called keto desserts so I'm just going to copy this affiliate link and this is the one that I'm going to include there because when people are searching for desserts they want to get the desserts and this is perfect for Philadelphia for that the previous one is for the custom keto diet so again go back to chat GPT it has done its thing so I'm just going to copy this part again and go back here click on create a new page tap ketogenic uh dessert recipes and I'm just going to add it right here so I'm just going to delete the apart from here actually can I drag it I cannot do that oh not like that so I'm just going to delete this part uh make sure it's going to be for readable add the text box and tap ketogenic recipes dessert recipes dessert recipes to lose weight okay then again text box I'm going to paste the entire article make sure to resize it accordingly so it's easier to read in this day and age everything is kind of like more narrow just like this make it 12 so it's slightly bigger and also this headline right here top giving you recipes to lose weight and make this one like 48.

Okay I make it bold and also change up the alignment where is it right here single okay so just like this and then again get your affiliate link go back here and click here to get 50 dessert recipes click here to check out 50 more recipes for delicious keto desserts then you just want to grab your affiliating once again and put it right here using these subtle promotions okay just like this make it bold copy that part and add it at the bottom as well okay so you are always providing value and you are always promoting a product so let's publish this one right here and let's link this one as well so the way you do that again you highlight this part link it and you want to link it to hold on let me just do it right here link it and let's link it to top ketogenic desserts apply this one as well top ones and this one as well now maybe it seems like a lot of work but guys this has been generating me over 1000 almost 1 000 for the past week okay a just simple download websites like these ones okay and click on publish and then this is how the website is going to look like so it has this article it has this article and pretty much this one is about how to get started and then this one is how to lose weight using the recipes okay for the desserts and I pretty much all you got to do is just send some traffic here I'm going to show you as well on how to do that so what you want to do you want to go to quora.com and you want to search for your main keywords like keto and then you want to go with questions right here only questions and pretty much want to make sure you're going to be answering the ones they like the most amount of follows okay because these ones are going to also notify these 1.5 000 people who are currently following this question 712 1.3 410 372 430 280 and all you got to do is for example what is the keto diet you go you even just click on answer right here and then you just go to check GPT and you tell delete to please explain me what is ketogenic diet in 150 words or less for a quick answer you enter enter so you click on enter so it's going to actually write the answer and you are just looking for something short so people can actually go through it very fast and you just wait for it to load up with the answer that is going to come up with so hold up for that and yeah we're just gonna wait for it so it's actually going to do the work and then just copy this part and you add it right here right here and also make sure you're going to make it easily readable so you're going to add spaces between that okay so then it's easy readable and you can add now you need to actually add call to action to your website copy that for more info I highly recommend this show and call it blog don't website but call it blog click on this little whatever it is a a and add a link to your website okay just like this and add add okay and that's it on purpose and this is all you got to do is just answer these questions and whenever somebody is going to come to your page they are going to see the content and that's important you need to add content to your website you're going to add like four more articles all generated by chat gbt and then just promote it on quora using these chat GPT answers so this is it okay people come right here they are going to check it out they are going to check out these articles and they're going to be our products from right here and because you're going to add multiple products multiple articles multiple affiliate offers you can make like one thousand dollars per week just from one website that I got as well right here and that's it I hope you enjoyed this method now this is just for using one single website like this in a weight loss Niche and I created like six articles using chat GPT just make sure you're going to go with the most popular ones according to the answer the public that's the best key because you don't want to be populating your site with stuff that people are not really curious about just make sure you're going to populate it with stuff that people are actually interested about and it's going to work like crazy now where did I actually got idea to actually use this myself it was actually from Smart money tactics from this video that he posted two weeks ago and I tested it out and it already made me over one thousand dollars so I highly recommend you're going to check him out as well check out Alan and comment Down Below on his most recent video that Incognito money has sent you and it's going to be very cool other than that click right here on this video to check out the next video which is highly highly picked by algorithm specifically for you so you can get the most viewable experience to check it out and tell me if this video was actually the best for you

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