FAIL-PROOF $300/DAY Method For Beginners (How To Make Money Online in 2023)

and this is just one of my accounts in the last seven days ten thousand dollars now this is affiliate commissions by selling other people's products not my YouTube channel not my own product this is ten thousand dollars pretty much in a week selling other people's products using affiliate marketing now this is what is going on guys in today's video I want to show you a helpful way on how complete beginners can make over 300 per day using affiliate marketing and a special hack that I have shared before I actually started a YouTube channel this is a special method that plenty of beginners actually made money way before I was doing YouTube and this still works to this date this is Evergreen and anybody that actually takes this and puts it into action always makes money I'm gonna share everything I don't get to keep I will give you the entire secret complete for free in this video then make sure you're going to stay until the end because I'm going to be sharing with you two very important tools and settings that you gotta use the first one is actually going to make sure you are going to make money and then the second one which is a bonus is just going to make this a lot faster but for that don't forget please like the video subscribe Channel hit notification Bell and comment down below and tell me if you have seen this message before or not and if you're actually going to take action on this all right now without any further Ado let's just get started now the step number one what you got to do is this is the easiest way and app this is the exact way I was teaching it way before I even had a YouTube channel on this YouTube channel I posted over 500 videos but before that I was pretty much again helping people make money online and this is one of the methods that always always worked and people got the results and they made money so first of all you got to go to this is going to work with digistore Warrior Plus or any other network as well I will show you a live example on ClickBank and then you go ahead and try it out on other products as well you are going to be completely blown away and I promise you that stay until the end and you are going to be blown away you can just write a comment right now I am blown away do not post it and then at the end of the video you can post it if you are blown away if not just delete a comment just go to ClickBank and you want to sign up for an account I have shown you this multiple times so I'm not going to go over this step anymore then what you want to do is you want to go to the marketplace and you want to find a product that has been on the marketplace for quite some time okay this is not going to work for products that are completely brand new because we don't want to be promoting new products I always have some methods where I show you to promote a brand new product as that is in some cases advantage in this case we don't want those brand new products okay we don't want to be touching them but again it works for any products just the new ones are not going to work that well so what I'm going to go is I'm just going to go to the categories and I'm just going to select like a random category uh that I haven't used for a long time let's go like languages okay so I'm gonna go to languages and I'm just going to pick up the best-selling product right here if you are going to be using this method you create a ClickBank account and then you go to any of these categories and you are going to go with the best-selling product and you just got to make sure that it's not something brand new just add it the way you're going to see that is that the gravity score is not going to be complete zero or also the rank it's not going to be shown on the first page if the if the product is on the first page and it's not like complete best seller which doesn't happen all the time then it's a good one to go for so this is a rocket languages online language learning courses this is a product that's going to teach people how to learn a language now the awesome part about the method I'm showing you right now is that you don't even have to know anything about the product at all you are not actually going to be promoting it you are literally going to be just making money from the sales so what you're going to do is just go to the sales page and you want to get the domain of the product okay that's very important The Next Step go to this tool and you just want to copy the domain of this product in this case it's rocket languages you want to put it right here and hit enter now this is going to give you some information this is completely free too by the way all you got to do is I'm not even thinking about this okay you don't want to be thinking about this either you just go right here it's a summary and you're going to go right here to the ads and then instead of Google you're going going to select Bing slash Yahoo Okay click there you can see there are 57 results and you can go ahead and try this out on your own by the way you just need like a free account with ISP and Ash you can just sign up with Google through Gmail completely for free and you can do this and you're going to see these are all different advertisements that people have been running that were making them money okay these are all the ones that they were paying for and making money back now how do I actually know that these ones are making money this is a very simple hack on doing this because you can see I have a free version you don't need any paid version but you only get like the top results however if you're going to sort it any different way and we are going to sort it by days scene you are going to get even more results so now I have top 5 results for this scene and this is all I really need because if somebody was running an advertisement for 334 days chances are they were not burning money they were making money and you can see the entire advertisement right here and they were not using a landing page because otherwise the software would not find us this advertisement it find it according to the URL that we put here and that is the sales page so you can see destination URL rocket languages German premium affiliate affiliate has been running this and now we can also see the keywords that he has been running now obviously there's just like two of them right here but these are the winning ones and you can easily just set this up just like hit it and start making money and this is just one advertisement another one another one another one another one this is just one product one category and you can go very very deep into this so what you got to do is once you find this once you find any of this this works for a lot of products what you gotta do you find it next step you want to go to Microsoft advertising and this is the important part this is what people actually mess up they find this advertisement which you can do right now it's completely risk-free you can just go ahead and do that and then they mess up setting up the advertisement because they don't do it in a way they are actually making money so what you got to do is once you find the advertisement we have it right here we have the product we have everything now we just go to Microsoft ads I'm gonna go to campaigns and I'm going to create a brand new campaign create an ad and this is what you got to select because I don't know how but some people mess it up first of all go to visit to my website and please if you're going to take action on this write down below right now I'm going to test it out and when you are going to make money not if but when because I know this works especially if you're going to use the second bonus I will share with you at the end of the video just comment how much money you have made okay please do not gatekeep this method for yourself Inspire other people as well and yeah it just feels good so select visits to my website and you want to select search ads do not use this audience ads click on search ads click on next and then you can call you whatever so I'm gonna call it test campaign for Incognito money fans and then individual budget you can go with like 20 dollars per day that is okay then location you want to select United States because I will show you why we are searching in United States right here okay I need to unzoom this but we are searching right here in United States so whatever language you or location you are searching for that's the one you want to be using but currently we are going for United States that's the easiest one to actually make money just go with United States and you want to select people in your Direct locations and uncheck the second one and go right here and click on Save and Go to The Next Step then check that your website is not ready and then you want to copy and paste the keywords now in some cases you're going to have more keywords in some cases you're not going to have as many keywords in this case we have two keywords so I'll just copy them so add group name I can carry whatever and I'm just gonna copy and paste them that's all I'm gonna do I'm not going to modify them okay I'm not creating a brand new campaign I'm just using a campaign that's already making money and now what you got to do is Click right here to create an advertisement now this will be very hard to do there are all these AI tools but we gotta just simply go right here and just copy and you do right here you just paste that's all you gotta do okay all you gotta do now there are some new settings on Microsoft ads you need to have three of these categories so I'm just going to copy the second one from the second advertisement okay that's not going to make that a huge difference you just want to make sure you are copying it and do not copy the ad that's just that's just the algorithm actually getting it and I need one more description so buy rocket languages okay online language courses designed by language lovers created for you you just put it there okay so far it's literally just copy and paste and then right here you want to add the URL of the product right here the final URL but this is why people don't make money number one is they don't add their affiliate link this is where you added the tracking template and you want to add your affiliate link here because otherwise your advert advertisement is not going to get approved okay this is where you add your tracking link shortened link whatever you are using to track your clicks or stuff like that or just your affiliating you add it right here okay that is very important then you click save and you don't need to create multiple ads you can but the easy way just to make some money just create one that is proven to work then scroll down click on Save and Go to The Next Step and again this is second part why people don't actually make money is because first they don't add their affiliate link make sure to add it the second thing you want to make sure you are using this enhanced CPC adjust my bit to get more conversions or you just click on maximize clicks and you want to select I want to set a maximum cost per click and you put their 40 cents this is one setting so you're really just buying traffic you are not really optimizing campaign or anything like that this guy has been writing the campaign for 300 days so yeah we don't need to do that anymore and then this is the third part why people don't make money is because they optimize this differently and then it just doesn't even like show up in the search engine and then this is the last part you wanted to go on Advanced campaign settings scroll down and then right here add distribution and you want to just select Microsoft sites and select traffic okay this is this is the part because the first one is going to show your advertisement on all across the internet where Microsoft ads have reached we don't want that we only want to be shown on the search engine because otherwise that is low quality traffic that doesn't convert into sales that's cheaper traffic but it's traffic from people that are just playing games on their phone just miss clicking they are not really interested in the product we want to just select this one because that's going to get you the high quality traffic which is slightly more expensive but it's actually going to convert into sales so this is what you got to do affiliate link then just buy traffic pay 40 cents per click and then select this part and I have one more bonus for you on how to make this completely risk then all you got to do is just click on Save and launch your campaign now what you got to do is you want to find a lot of products and set up these little niche campaigns for them they might be spending five to ten dollars per day which might not make you money every single day but if you're going to set up 10 of them that's going to definitely make you money per day and here's exactly how to speed up your results because I know that if you are paying for traffic you might be like yeah I don't want to invest it's like what you got to do and this just works right now and you are going to tell me in the comments if you have watched until the end just go to Google and you want to search for Microsoft ads coupon and you want to scroll down until you're going to find this website they are currently giving away a 250 euro Microsoft ads coupon which is over 250 dollars for Microsoft ads to test it out and this is a proper coupon available for anybody all you got to do is just create a brand new account you can see all you got to do is just spend fifty dollars within the first 90 days now let's snap if you're going to do this method you're going to spend the money either way but in this case they are going to get you give you a 250 credit which is completely risk-free and whatever you're going to make from this is going to be pure profit so you get like 300 worth of advertising credit for just fifty dollars so even if you make like 100 from spending 300 on ads which is very bad overall you are still in profit and you can see it's right here it's pretty much in 2023 but right now go ahead set it up and tell me how much money you're going to make and that's it I hope you enjoyed this method let me know what you think about in the comment section below and for the next highly recommended money making method not by YouTube algorithm but by me click right here and I will see you there and you tell me if you like this video or not bye bye

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