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recently I asked you guys if you actually prefer a free method to make money online even if it's going to be slow or you prefer a fast way to make money online even if you need to invest a little bit of money and overall a lot of people they told me that they would like to get fast results with a method that even requires a little bit of investment so in today's video guys I'm going to show you exactly how I'm making over one thousand dollars per day and I know what you're saying okay Eric you are making money with this but could I actually make money with this well check out the headline of the video I'm not telling you you can make thousands of dollars per day you can actually make 179.39 just like one of my students who was able to make using this method you can see this is the proof that he has sent me $179.39 in a single day I'm going to show you exactly how he was able to do that I will show you the exact offers the exact setup and also I'm going to show you the exact traffic source to the detail that he used to get paid 179.39 in a single day now before we get started don't forget to please smash the like hit the Subscribe button hit notification Bell and comment down below again if you prefer free way to make money online even if it's going to take some time or you prefer a paid way that's going to generate fast results comment down below I'm going to go through the comments and check it out for the next video ideas alright guys I'm going to show you exactly how my student was able to make 179 in today's video so first of all what you need to do is we need to go to Warrior plus okay this is the network that I'm using to make this amount of money this is pretty much what I made last month when I go to last 30 days it's 28 000 so pretty much these are my results okay but I don't want to be telling you about my result because I know I want to make this beginner friendly so I'm going to tell you about other people's results you can check out the headline of the video it says 179 okay so I'm going to keep this very very happy friendly now you want to go to the offers pretty much just again go to the affiliate and go to the offers and you want to search for this offer okay affiliate one and you're going to find this offer right here now the reason we are going for this offer is because my student was using it to actually make money and also for this offered I got you covered because you can just get guaranteed approval even if you have zero sales pretty much on the warrior plus you have a brand new account and you pretty much you don't have any sales history just when you are requesting your link tell them that you are coming from just just right there incognitive money that's all and they are going to approve you now for this product you can see that there are there all these upsells because this is exactly how one of my students was able to make this amount of money he didn't make it you just buy from the first product and generating 10 sales each good one sale from the front end and then he got a couple of these upsells which are right here 37 27 67 4797 just one of these for example like this one if one of one person is going to buy the main product and the then free package that's over 200 you're going to receive pretty much in a single day and he doesn't need to buy anything more but it could actually happen Okay people are buying these upsells all the time because it's just added upgrade like Fast Cash accelerators 10 10x Auto commission multiplier done for your package in a circle there's all these things that you are going to get paid for just for generating the first front-end sale so get this offered and you want to get your affiliate link which is going to look just like this so get it first then the next thing click on the first link in the video description and you want to come to high level okay now this is all in one sales and marketing platform pretty much for anybody and I have gone through all the other platforms they are actually sponsoring this video I'm going to be completely honest with you you can go through my videos you know I don't take any sponsorships if it's not a solid product and pretty much 99 of them are not I get plenty of emails most of them are just broke they are trash they are broken they don't work so I don't even take them okay I could take a lot of them but pretty much this one actually works it's a very good platform and also if you go in this app through the link in the video description you are going to receive 14-day free trial so you can actually test it out to see if you actually like it if you're going to generate any money and using the method I will show you today you can easily make money for the monthly payment because this is all you really need because again it has funnel Builder it has autoresponder that actually delivers emails unlike some other autoresponders it's not about how to respond it's about if the autoresponder delivers emails it also has Facebook chat but that's going to be replying to people on Messenger all kinds of great features and also one cool part is if you're going to get it and if you're going to sign up you can completely Rebrand it you can see there's only this logo right here which has its high level you can add your own logo right here and sell this as your own product so you can literally sell this to someone else for the monthly payment it's all integrated right here and pretty much use this completely free so pretty much someone else is going to be using the platform under your name with your own branding and they are going to be paying your own monthly subscription so I think this is crazy Grace good comment down below if you want me to record a video just like this about that because I think it's actually crazy good okay so this is all you have to do now for this method to actually make 179 dollars just like one of my students was able to make just go to the sites right here this is where you create your websites your funnels this is where you add email automation this is very important this is where you send emails on daily basis this is where your contacts are added this is where you have calendars conversations this is the Facebook chatbot dashboard and Launchpad with all the overview stuff okay but pretty much first of all go to the site then first of all go to the forums right here next on the Builder first we are going to create our opt-in form and then we just embed it on a high converting landing page template okay so go to forms go to the Builder and you want to click on ADD form now pretty much what I'm going to share with you right here is going to be a 500 landing page template that I paid for 500 back in the day to actually get built for me that's going to have higher conversions than any other page template and I will share with you completely for free okay because I mean why not I want to help you out because then you might end up purchasing my programs pretty much add just first name from the right hand side and add just an email okay now this is what do you do for the usual kind of like opt-in page but for this method we are even going to ditch the first name because we are really just just looking for an email then pretty much what you want to add is this button right here to actually submit and just style the button click on the button put it into the center and then for the text you want to put here yes get instant access and then for the second part subtext right here put there click here to continue okay and three dots so just like this yes it is an access click here to continue now the button color make it like blue and also make it full width and add a 5 pixels Corner radius this is all you need to do and then for the main text you want to add it like 21 pixels and in the subtext you want to make sure that the color is going to be just white and that's the entire styling you need for the button so the button is going to look just like this okay and then also add a little bit of text which you can find right here about the email and then just right here enter your best email below to continue okay just like this make sure the pixel size is 21 or something that's not going to add another row okay because like for example 33 would be too much okay 24 is perfect and that's it that's all you need to do this is going to be our opt-in form you want to grab your affiliate link for affiliate one copy that right here then go back to the page builder click on the options right here now call the form name we are going to call it affiliate one incg for example on submit open URL and your affiliate link and that's it and click on Save form you want to go to the funnels right here to the funnel section click on create a new funnel and we are going to create a new one okay incg F1 now we can also use the template Drive Library which is rich rich with templates and you can actually sell these templates yourself again comment down below if you'd like to get a method about this because templates like this they can easily go for like 30 up to 300 dollars per month if you're going to host them on your account so again if you want me to record a message like that comment down below and I'm going to do that for this one we are not going to be using the templates we are just going to use a default landing page okay I will show you the exact template click on create we're gonna add a new step and let's call the page affiliate one and path F1 incg and click on create a final step in this case we are not going to import it from Quick funnels which works super well for organic traffic and stuff like that it works better than the page I will show you but this page works the best for this method we're gonna create from blank and you are going to get to this page builder now this page builder if you're going to play around with it you will realize this is robust it feels good when you are building the funnels unlike some other uh two thousand dollar funnel Builders out there I'm not going to name any names but you can see I'm not promoting them so just click on the full width then you want to add a row and this is this is pretty much the structure you want to make this page as simple as possible all you have to do is you click on add an element and you want to add a headline now in this case what you can do is either add the headline from the sales page of the offer which is pretty much right here but again I want to share with you the high converting template so pretty much we are not going to be using this one in in most cases you will just use this one but I want to show you the exact template that one of my students used right here 179 dollars again not my thousand but he's 179 dollars pretty much this is the template get instant access on the next page you can use this for any affiliate offer because people know that they are they're literally just one step away and this is going to increase your conversion rate on the opt-in page because they know on the next page they will get access to whatever is right here you want to make sure you're going to edit but also make sure that your the size of this font is a little bit smaller like 21 pixels okay so it's not going to hijack the authority of the headline and that headline is pretty much this brand new two-step system earns a 500 paydays like clockwork now pretty much this is I know super basic maybe even corny but pretty much this is exactly what works okay now hold on I'll just make this 32 and I'll actually duplicate this so I will delete the second part and right here I will delete the first part so I can change the size of the first one just like here so I'll make it a little bit like 30 and then this one is going to be a little bit bigger so it's going to be the same same kind of like width okay so it's going to to be a little bit more stylish like this and also the 500 paydays just underline it and this is pretty much it super simple page that if somebody actually comes to this one they are going to opt-in and now obviously the one thing you need to add is going to be a button but pretty much click on the button and just change the theme to something bluish because the blue seems to convert very well so this one is going to be very cool and instead of click here to sign up again what we are going to add is going to be the copywriting trick yes get instant access and then the subtext click here to continue and receive access on the next page okay just like this and then make sure that this is going to open a pop-up at the bottom left button actions open a pop-up and then just go to the pop-up right here click on the pop-ups it's pretty much right here and then just add one element and that's going to be the form okay pretty much the form that we have created and you want to call it again add whatever you called it and pretty much enter your best email below to continue and that's it okay so when I upload the form this is how the page looks like make sure you're going to save it add a title 500 paydays the title doesn't really matter because we are not going to be using SEO traffic just make sure to add there's something from the headline and then when you're going to preview it this is how the page is going to look like okay it's an axis on the next page reveal these brand new two-step systems 500 pages are clockwork this doesn't really disqualify anyone and it's super simple kind of like super ugly so people are going to be more inclined click on the button enter the email address right here they don't have to enter anything personal and that's it this really works very well I know it sounds seems ugly that pretty much if you come to this page you are like okay your guard is down because you see they are not trying to sell you anything it's an ugly page so like I might as well check it out and then the sales page because you took micro commitment towards the sales page it's going to do the selling job because now you are paying attention for this page you don't have to pay attention you're like okay I'll just do it whatever but on the next page that's where the sale is going to happen I want to go back to the high level and what we want to do is set up an automation okay first of all go right here to the automations right here and you want to create a new workflow because you want to set up an email sequence to the people who are going to subscribe to our page to make sure we are going to make money because you can see my student actually made this money from broadcasting in one day so you just send out an email to his email list so what you want to do is click on start from scratch and click on continue right here and first of all you want to select a trigger the trigger is when a new contact is created just select it right here you can add all these different ones task edit node change customer replied order submitted any of these you can see all of them are available in the main plan for example a bundle to check out for Shopify payments invoice any of them but the one we are going to be using right here is going to be contact created so whenever somebody is pretty much opting into our email list and then what is going to happen again you can do all of these add to Google analytics add a task stripe one-time charge edit conversion so you can pretty much literally uh charge people if they are connected using stripe as sign users add contact tag update affiliate you can even send them SMS messenger voicemail call them all these things that we are going to be using send an email just like this then the from name added your name so Eric taggy from email make sure that the email is legit and can actually get people to reply to that that email if you're going to enter some email like it doesn't even exist it's not going to land in the main tab of the email of the Gmail it's going to go to the spam because they can recognize it's a fake email just put their real email address now for a subject line this is something that works every single time add their delivery everything you have requested is here okay something like this delivery and then just tell them everything they wanted is here and it works really just like just I'm just giving you really like the sauce right here I don't know how to even like sell this email subject line to you guys because I'm giving it to you for free but I could easily charge hundreds if not thousand dollars for this one single subject line because if you are using paid advertising this subject line is going to get you high open rates meaning a lot more money in the long term and you don't have to split test it anymore then the template don't use any then for the message use 14 pixels right here and then just write here and this is super simple but you want to write here hey here is everything you have requested again this is making us 2K per day this is from the sales page of the offer so pretty much it's just a simple reminder this is making s2k and you can replicate within 30 minutes just by clicking on this link again you're gonna love it I promise and then PS here is the link again this works super well and when I was going through my emails this one right here already like every single time people clicked on that okay every single time that pretty much people are clicking on the link they are going to click right here it was never like this link never got any clicks because people are going through the email like hey here's everything you have requested this is making us 2K per day they see the link right here but they also see more text right here so they are like okay this is the link I will remember that but I will first finish the email like you will do that as well and yeah you're gonna love it I promise best and they at this point they might forget about the link but it's like PS here is the link again and there's nothing after that so it just reminds them like okay here is the link again they don't even have to change their eye level they just click right here and they got it this is the this is the psychology behind his email and it works really well okay I will tell you that and now all you have to do is just copy up your affiliate link copy that and then place it right here so this is going to be the first link highlight it just like this click on Save just like this and then here is the link again copy this highlight the part add the link and then that's it and now all you have to do is just send a test email to your email address make sure it's going to be working and Bam this is the link right here so it went to the primary Tab and pretty much that's it okay so if you have done everything that I showed you this is it okay and this is how the email looks like if you go through this you're going to see this is from a normal person another company this is very important and then also make sure you're going to add more emails just like that into the sequence because again you can make the sale from the first email but also from the seventh email so just make sure you're going to do that ascending emails is unlimited and it's free so click on Save action and pretty much click on Save Right Here and Now your automation is ready just go to your sites and you want to get link for your funnel which is going to be right here so this again ugly page it works super well and I want to show you the traffic source that my students actually used to get these results and I will share it with you completely for free okay now the traffic source is actually udemy silhouette and I will show you the exact seller that he was using okay now if you want to get a five dollar voucher for udemy ads click on the second somewhere in the description you're going to find my referral link if you're going to sign up to that you are going to receive a five dollar coupon the way he found the seller this is very important you want to sort it by sales and then scroll below the promoted the promoted are not the bad ones but they are not according to the sale results because this is going to show you how many customers actually got sales from his traffic you can see like this person 90 got sales that's very cool but you want to see the real data to just scroll below the promoted and you can see this one right here this is the actual person Gabe Gabe actually got him the sales you can see 90 sales 40 cents per click so this is the person you can go through other people as well for example black English is very reputable person I know it pretty much him as well also jorg Delgado those are two really good sellers but my my student actually used Cape okay and this is the exact reason why he used him because so many sales from his traffic maybe he's doing something crazy with his traffic I don't know maybe he's has a like gold mine of traffic that he's pretty much mining right now you gotta use it so this is pretty much the person then all you have to do is just add your link to the funnel right here select how many clicks you want to receive for example like 500 clicks you're going to pay 200 and pretty much all you have to do is just generally like one sale like this and you are pretty much almost covered so pretty much if you go to like 400 clicks just one sale like this and you are pretty much in profit you also have email subscribers you are going to be mailing and making even more money and that's it that's pretty much how the system works you just build the landing page send the page traffic there email them with affiliate offers from Warrior plus and you keep on repeating this until your email list is so big that anytime that you're going to mail you're going to make at least a couple hundred if not at least thousand dollars per day you just go check out buy the traffic send them the link and that's pretty much it and that's it guys that's exactly how one of my students was able to make 179 dollars in a single day now go ahead set up to high level pretty much in the video description you will get a free trial you can go ahead and test it out to completely risk free then sign up to udemy for the traffic set it up just like I showed you and you are good to go also comment down below if you have any questions about this so I can help you out all the steps along the way for next video click right here it's highly recommended by YouTube algorithm and I'm gonna see you there bye for now

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