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if you're going to multiply it by like 20 that's 320 dollars and if you're going to multiply that for example by 30 that's 480 dollars you can actually generate per day now they have over 100 000 users since 2017 and you can see this is completely free so you don't have to pay for anything at all just go right here and you want to click on download and you can see this bot for every single click it's going to pay you like 50 cents 51 cents 44 cents 44 cents 42 34 25 25 and the best part is you don't have to do any work yourself at all what is going on guys in today's video I'm super excited because what I'm going to share with you is a method that a lot of people made money with and I actually posted it a few months ago on this YouTube channel I posted exactly five months ago it got 188 000 views and in this method I was showing you exactly how to use these completely free Bots to make anywhere from 20 to 55 cents per click but in today's video and the reason why I'm recording this video is I want to show you an updated version and how to make up to 60 37 cents for every single completely free click that this bot is going to get you all you have to do is just copy and paste and set up this completely free automation bot for you that's going to be driving you these flicks in a certain way that I'm going to show you in this video and adjust it back relax check your stats and you are going to be making money even while you sleep and I think that's the best feeling ever and also in the previous video I was a little chubby I lost some weight so no more chicks and this video should be a lot more pleasant to watch but before that don't forget please smash the like subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below if you like when I upload videos about updating methods with new strategies with new techniques because when I upload a method on my YouTube channel most likely in the next couple of days it's going to get saturated because a lot of people are using it so then I need to come with something brand new for the method to make it unsaturated and then I also want to share with you guys you can make some money so comment down below so I know and let's get started all right now the step number one what you gotta do for this method is you want to go to you want to sign up for a c EPA account which we are going to be using now just for the sake of the video we are going to go with the CPA grip but also there is the reason we are using it and that reason is it has very special offers that I will show you in just a second but pretty much the sign up process is extremely simple you just enter all the details they are asking you make sure this is very important make sure to enter real details because this is the network that is going to be paying you out details that you're going to right here nobody's going to see them just a network when they are going to be sending you money so you want to make sure you are entering the real details and then right here for the publisher type you want to select the website slash instant or gbt now this doesn't stand for chair GPT this stands for get paid 2 so essentially you are incentivizing people to complete your offers and that is completely okay with this network and then where did you hear about this tell them you are coming from YouTube channel called engineering to money check all of this check check as usual and click on the register now then once you're going to be in your account this is how it's going to look like most likely you are one won't be able to access the chat because you need to have some money to actually use it but this is where other people are shouting out their earnings and this is something that I highly recommend you actually scroll through when you are going to create your account because you can see all these people they are making money when I was getting started with CPA grip this was kind of like a place where I hang out because back in the day there were no reels there wasn't really like chat or any groups for people to hang out who were making money online and this was the place the chat on CPA grip and you can see like this person right here made fifty two thousand dollars this person made three dollars there's all kinds of different people you can hang around here pretty much make connections and see people making money in real time which I think is always beneficial because it just motivates you and you are going to be able to make even more money long term because you will actually take action on the methods okay because you don't feel alone by doing this so just some inspiration people are making 100 per day you can easily the message that I'm going to show you in this video you can easily make over 500 dollars per day if you're going to set it up and then do the thing that I will share with you at the end of the video the reason I do this is because I don't want to get desaturated and I also want to reward people who are watching the videos from beginning until the end so if you are going to watch it from beginning Until the End not only I will share with you the updated version I will also share with you the software which is going to do 99 of the work for you which by the way is completely free and also I will share with you the strategy on how to actually make instead of just five to ten dollars per day make 500 per day so what you want to do is on the left hand side go to the offer tools and click on my offers and this is the exact place where you can see all the CPA offers that are on CPA grip now what you want to do and this is one of the secret hacks and I will show you more of them you want to just search for some European country that is going to be listed right here because the European countries they uh their affiliate offers their CPA offers they are paying a lot of money you can see right here this one 21 21 all of these are paying you a lot of money for these pin submits and a credit card submit so these offers are going to be converting very well and also because nobody pretty much not a lot of people are speaking French language not a lot of people are promoting these CPA offers there pretty much there is no competition for you to actually compete against you are going to be most likely the only person doing this because all these offers that are right here nobody wants to promote them because nobody actually understands what's written right here and also this tutorial is not in French it's in English so pretty much if you're going to Niche down in these different languages which are paying you a lot of money like 21 dollars for a CPA offer you are going to be banking a big time now just for the second video let's go with like an Italy like Italian offers and I'm just going to sort them by highest payouts because obviously there are these four Cent offers but if you're going the story by the highest payouts you're going to see that there are all these offers and pretty much like one of the best selling right now not selling but best converting is this 16 offer that's about iPhone 14 pro and pretty much iPhone is just around the corner new release is just around the corner so this is going to get a lot a lot of traction now what you want to do is first of all you want to shorten this CPA link now bitly and all those popular options for some reason they don't work anymore so what you want to do is you want to go to Tiny URL because this seems to be working all the time and you just want to shorten your CPA link right here so instead of having this long ugly link with these uh numbers you are just going to shorten it and it's going to look something like this so this is going to be the actual link where you are going to be sending the free traffic which is going to be paying you at around 50 up to 67 cents per click now it's not going to be paying you that every single time but on average but this average is only going to happen if you're going to do it just the way I'm going to show you so what you want to do is you want to copy this link then what you want to do next step for the free clicks you want to go to Pinterest and if you don't have any followers that is completely okay because I will show you how to use Pinterest you can get it we are truly unlimited amount of free clicks so you want to go to your profile you can somehow edit it maybe add a color background but the important part is you go to edit your profile you're going to add the shortened tiny URL right here to the website and then about you don't write there anything in English what you do is you go to Google you're going to search for Google translate and you are going to select Italian language and English language and then pretty much in the English you want to write here if you are from Italy check out this link and you might receive a free iPhone 14 pro valid until the end of the month only and this last part is a scarcity that entices people to take action right now because they can actually see the link but they're like yeah I will check it out later but if it's like valid until the end of the month only you will put everything away and you're going to take action so what you want to do is you want to copy this note English version the Italian version copy that then put it in your story right here about and you want to make sure you're going to save it so now your profile is going to look like this and now it's in Italian so this is very important now the next thing what you want to do is again go to Google and this is where you're going to find we're actually unlimited amount of free visitors that are going to be converting into these 16 conversions so what you want to do is again use the translator of anyone to write here something related to like saving money giveaways surveys iPhone enthusiasts something related to the iPhone offer so who would be interested in a brand new iPhone 14 pro pretty much people that are into saving money that are into Tech that are into iPhones that are into phones or people that like to complete surveys and sweepstakes to receive gift cards now what I'm going to search for not search for but what I'm going to translate is that just going to be like saving money okay saving money tips actually because also people who are saving money they are always down for a good deal so Italian it says this so what I'm going to do is I'm going to copy this then go to another Google window search for that and this is going to be very important you're going to add their Pinterest okay and now you have tapped into the best performing Pinterest boards who are about which are about saving money in Italian that's the step number one you want to open up these results because most likely if you don't speak Italian you won't understand what's actually written there and I don't understand that either but that's not something you need to understand and you are looking for boards and posts that look something like this that are most likely about saving money or are about some tips and pretty much these boards the way they work is most people are just reposting other people's content and you want to be opening up these contents well not contents but these posts and you're going to see that this is like Rhys parmir I don't know some account but it has content from another page and the content is from this page right here for a person which who has 27 almost 27 000 followers and this is the way you're going to tap into this high quality free traffic pools so you're going to find the keyword with Pinterest on Google open up the top search results and then you want to be opening up the posts that are most likely because I don't know for a fact I cannot read that but I'm going with my hopes that this content is from uh is about saving money and then you're going to be opening up these profiles because those are actual original posters okay so you want to open up like a couple of them so I'll just open up like two of them for a sake of the video and now you see this person is actually posting these not the real by these posts because they are under created and now you have found a gold mines what you can do right now is you can see this is her bio she's getting 323 000 monthly views you can simply click on followers and you can see who is following her now if these people are following a person who is posting tips about saving money in Italian most likely they are from Italy and they are into saving money as well and all you have to do right now is just follow them like this now this is the slow way slow way of doing it but this is how you tap into this massive free traffic pool and here's how you can completely automate this process all you got to do is just use this tool which is still in a beta phase after couple of months which means it's completely untapped that's going to get you free Pinterest followers likes and Views by automating these tasks this is a completely free Pinterest tool where you can set up these profiles and set to follow every single person who is following his profile on the basis whether your account is not going to get shut down now this this tool is called sumibo so I'll just show it for a second you can just Google some Evo Pinterest you're going to find it right there and it's an auto follower Liker that gets your organic traffic followers likes and fans and listen up I'm not promoting these tools I'm pretty much recommending it because it's completely free for the first couple of accounts and you want to be using this tool to actually automate the task and here's how you can make the most amount of money by doing this you simply find a lot of these profiles so you can actually follow decent amount of people on a daily basis but also instead of having just single account because there is a limit on how many people a single account can follow per day you are going to create multiple accounts like 5 10 or 20 and that way you can 20x your free traffic that you are going to be getting from Pinterest completely for free so instead of just generating for example like 1 and conversion from this iPhone offer for 16 dollars if you're going to multiply it by like 20 that's 320 dollars and if you're going to multiply that for example by 30 that's 480 dollars you can actually generate per day just make sure to go ahead give it a try it's completely free you don't even have to have a credit card just create a lot more accounts create a lot more CPA offers and also test out the different countries just like Norway for example which is going to be paying you over 27 for a single CPA conversion and that's it guys I hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you think about it in the comment section below and if you want to see another highly recommended video just for you that's highly recommended by YouTube algorithm which is going to show you another way to make money online check out this one right here and I will see you right there and also comment down below if this was a good recommendation or not so I know you guys should turn it on or turn it off the YouTube recommendations AI click here I will see you there bye for now

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