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so first you want to go to Google and you want to search for now just select the version for beginners this is completely free click on get started today every single time you'll get paid around $70 so you want to copy your AFF link just click here and copy and then click on this button and now I'm not doing anything at all and the free bot is just working you can see I'm not touching anything okay it's just doing the work I don't have to do anything complete automation it's the free beginners version you can see I'm not doing anything at all I'm not touching anything it is just working for what is going on guys in today's video I want to show you this brand new completely untapped bot that is going to be paying you around $70 per hour you can use completely for free to make over $400 per day as a beginner completely for free or without even having a website now I'm not going to hold any longer I just show you exactly what to do because this is super awesome and the best part about this this is completely free I will also show you where I actually got this bot from and I will show you a very easy way to make money with it pretty much in the next 24 hours but before that don't forget to please smash the like subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below and tell me if you like videos where I show you bots or you are pretty much more interested in working yourself all right guys so let's get started now the first thing what you want to do is you want to go to digistore and you just want to sign up for a completely free account now we are going to be using dig store for this one because I want you I want to make this very easy and very seamless and pretty much a lot of people can go ahead and go to dig store right away so I want to the exact offer to use on the Dig store that is going to be making you money you can use this with any other offer but pretty much dig store is affiliate marketplace where you can go to and instantly grab an affiliate link and start making sales and start making money almost like yeah pretty much instantly depending on how fast you can do this so go right here then you just want to sign up you want to enter your username this is going to be your public username email password and password to get approval and pretty much to just skip the registration process just select you are an affiliate they are going to ask you less questions you can go ahead and sign up for an account right away now when you're going to sign up you're going to land on this exact page in the marketplace and this is where you can pick up all the different products that are in the English market and you can promote right away now the method that I'm going to be teaching you is going to make this pretty much easy to do in any Niche but the more popular Niche you're going to select the bot is going to make it extremely extremely easy so you can go ahead and as you can see there's animals and pets beding systems business pretty much anything right here any method is going to work any Niche is going to work with this one even if you just want to grow your Instagram for example is going to work for this one but pretty much the easy effortless way to make money with this because I know some people just want to get started is going to be pretty much if you're going to promote and offer that is like in spirituality self-development manifestation and one of the best ones is the genie script by m by m by Mr Wesley billion dollar version okay 90% commissions and pretty much you make a lot of money and it's extremely high converting so it's pretty much essentially the offer number two right here you just want to get your affiliate link right here this is extremely high converting offer in this category andway I'm going to be showing you exactly what to do there's a lot of ways for you to do it so it's not going to get saturated that much so you want to get your AFF link which is going to be right here now you want to copy that for that some time ago I created a poll asking you guys if you'd be interested in learning exactly how I make over $60,000 per month with affiliate marketing selling other people's products now this was two months ago and over 700 people already said yes however nothing really happened now in the past 30 days instead of making $60,000 I made over $70,000 just on my one account and over7 ,000 on my tap mop account making around $777,000 in a month in commission now I'm going to be holding a live 5-day master class training showing you exactly how I'm doing this make over $1 to $4,000 per day and more importantly how you can replicate yourself now this is the thing I asked this couple months ago and overall over 1,000 people said yes that they are ready to join and over 700 people from one spot told me they are ready to join for a $47 price tack this is going to be a live 5-day training where over 5 days I'm going to show you exactly how I make $1 to $3,000 per day exact automation that I'm using myself the exact ninja traffing methods that I'm using to generate affiliate sales and also make money every single day on tapm not only that I will also show you how my students make over $700 in a single day and also how you can do the same and get started right on the master class now listen there is no sales page yet however it's going to go live on 30th of October 30th of October that's when we are going to get started however the tickets for this master class are going to go live on 13th of Friday yes Friday the 13th you can join get your ticket and then on 30th you can start with the master class live with me now this is the thing there is over 700 people or maybe 800 people ready to join for $47 out of which I know not everybody is going to join however a huge a lot of them is going to join right on the DAT so if you want to secure your tickets at a discounted price for less than $47 and also do not miss out on the VIP spots last time that this master class got sold out then make sure to click on the link in the first comment sign up for the early bir list and I'm going to send you even more details exactly when this goes live and exactly how you can get an access to the discounted price this is going to be awesome and this is the last time that I'm doing this master class this year so if you don't want to miss out on it make sure to sign up for the ear price get your ticket next Friday when it's going to go live and I will see you on the master class and then you want to go to Google and search for any link shortener now you can use bitly you can use tly you can use short URL bitly is pretty much you need to sign up there for some reason so you can use any of them we are not going to be monetizing people who are going to be clicking on our links so I'm just going to go with the short URL you just go there you put your affili link right here and Bam now I have my link which is right here from my AFF link which is right here and I just want to use this one right here you just want to copy that and pretty much next thing you want to sign up and this is extremely important to know you don't need any followers or anything you just need a brand new Pinterest account okay no followers no content nothing is required you can get started right now just create a brand new account and that's all you really need then you want to go to your bio and first of all for the website you want to add your affiliate link and because if you're going to visit this affiliate link you're going to see this is the sales page we want to make sure our call to action and the description is going to be about the sales page because there can be anything said right here if I tell people they can get $1,000 by going right here and they don't get it they are not even going to watch what is right here so it needs to be congruent and pretty much one thing that was there by the way I will just refresh it was uh tap here to see to the 20 W script for manifestation so that's what I'm going to put right here about this is extremely important the more congruent you're going to make it the higher conversion rate you need to tell something right here and that's going to be here is my favorite 20 W way to manifest anything in my life let me know what you think about it okay something like that you don't have to like sell it you don't have to like pre-sell it like get my bonuses get no here is my favorite 20 World way to manifest anything in my life let me know what you think about it and the link is right here now just go ahead and you want to save it because otherwise it's not going to be in your profile so this is how it's going to look like so far you can see the short URL you can also add a back half to customize it make it little bit better I know some of you guys are going to do that and then there is this little description right here something like this that's all that really matters for your profile whether it's brand new just add a profile picture that's all you really need you don't need to brand it any way shape or form we are just looking to have a Pinterest profile profile picture then the AFF link right here and a short bio in the in the story now the next thing you want to go to Google and you want to search for sort pin okay go right here and the first one right here the extension you can also go to sort just go to sort sort I'm going to go there but just the first search result and this is the plugin that I'm talking about sorting Made Simple for Pinterest lowers this is completely brand new application and it has so many amazing features but it's brand new so these features are currently available for free as well so you don't even have to pay for anything at all you get started with them and they want to make a dent in the marketplace so they are making everything they can to make it really cool and currently it is completely free so if you're going to go to the pricing you're going to see that they have this lifetime plan for $59 so if you're going to leave for another 100 years you are only going to pay this amount which is yeah nothing then annually $29 and beginners have it completely free you can go with the beginner version that's more than enough to get started that is completely free you want to click on get started today and you're going to get limited view headen analytics you only need those you are going to receive offline saving 100 pins and limited search that's okay because we are going to use it for just to get started and then later on when you're going to make money with this then you can upgrade but it's really like $59 for Lifetime and yeah it's like you can use it as much as you want so you want to click on get started today and it's going to add it into your Google Chrome browser so you can actually use it now before I actually go and tell you what this is about there's so many ways and options to use this but right now I just want to show you one and you want to come and below and tell me if you want me to show you even more features of this really really interesting app because it just makes everything so much faster that means everything is so much easier and there are brand new untabbed methods you can actually use to make money with Pinterest so this is my account and pretty much for this specific method what you want to do there's there's so many features by the way I'm I I don't have time there the video would be like 2 hours to show you everything I'm just going to go to Pinterest and you want to search for one of the keywords that is related to the product that you are promoting so I'm going to search for affirmations I'm going to search for that and I intentionally picked this one because yeah before that it showed me there are no results but essentially what you want to do is before you actually get started you want to make sure there is enough content so you don't do anything you are just going to search and you're going to click on start scroll you can see at the bottom it says start scroll for 5 seconds you click there and you do nothing at all okay this uh bot is going to be scrolling for you so it's going to open up the search results that are not there until you're going to like find them you can see like this is how it's going to work you just want to click there and it's going to be sorting these results and actually like generating them because if you just search for something even like on Instagram it doesn't give you all the results you need to scroll to fill the feed okay so that's what you want to do I'm going to stop it right now just for a demonstration but this is what you want want to do and now I have all this content that it would be impossible for me to go through manually but what this app actually allows you to do you click right here on the right hand side on the sort there are also leads by the way which is awesome but I don't have that much time to go through that go and you're going to see these analytics okay there's plenty of them again so many things right here if it's scrolling too fast just change the delay what you want to do is Click right here where it's says uh pins just click on the pins click on the pins and it's going to open up this dashboard now it might be like complicated what is going on here again I'm not going to show you everything I just want to show you the easiest way to make money with this one so there's all these pins that we have loaded now otherwise there will be no way to do this what you want to do first of all you can see we have 633 results you want to click on sort and you want to go with most comments you can see there's like most recent pin newest most reactions most shares but for just this specific example you want to go with the most commment and it's going to sort them by the most comments you can see right here now all the pins that we have generated or farmed during the search just for the one keyword by the way are right here and they are sorted by the amount of comments but you are also going to see that you are going to see the saves you are going to see the reactions you are going to see the likes you are going to see and this is important repins but also comment okay these are the two metrics that we are really looking for if you're going to go through this you're going to find that couple of pins have very good metrics and otherwise it would take you not minutes but like 10 minute per post to find it now it's going to take you just couple of seconds what you are really looking for are going to be first of all the pins that I will use this example okay because we have it right here you can see this pin right here has 381 comments and only 26 repins this is what we are looking for a lot of comments and small amount of repins that means because there are likes there are Sayes whatever people like it they are also commenting but there are not a lot of repins unlike right here there is 542 comments 4,200 uh rins so there's a lot more rins than there are comments so you are already looking for posts that are just like this which have a lot more comments the at least 100 or more Commons than the repins for example this one 288 and 568 I would still go for this one because it's still not that much compared to this one this one has like 542 and so many repins then right here 264 and 7,000 rins that that's a good post but we are already looking for these ones which have more comments and less repins okay so just a couple of more examples like this one has 182 and 5,000 140 4,000 and pretty much right here 92 and only four this is like if it has like decent amount of saves then that is okay but you want to make sure that it's not like a brand new PIN you want to make sure there is a lot of traffic because this is something we can use for ourself to actually get traffic from these these pins and pretty much you can do this for any keyword you can do this for any Niche because you you're going to see that if I just search Let me just hide is you can see there are all these different quotes and different keywords quotes just keywords I can use to search for like quotes lock screen positive quotes these are all related search uh Search terms and I just searched for one of them so you can do it for any of them and you can imagine if you're going to do it for like 10 keywords if you were doing it manually yeah it would be a lot of work now what you want to do is simply you want to just go up right here and you want to go with this post that I told you that a lot more comments and less pins and these are the posts that you want to be opening up in another card okay so I'm just going to open up one of them and you can see this is the post it goes to the Pinterest and you want to be repinning these posts on your dashboard that is the first thing because these are proven viral pins that people like for some reason it doesn't matter what is the reason but if you're going to have it on your dashboard as well the the likeness and the virality from the original pin is going to be going with your PIN as well which is going to be on your board so your profile is going to be more visible and that way you're going to fill your profile according to the niche you want to stick to the one Niche and this is exactly what this person is doing right now you can see this is the post that he reposted he didn't create this you can see it's by this person right here but actually the post the original one is from Law of Attraction on Pinterest so he literally just took other post he reposted it on his profile and and that's why it got viral or not that's why he got a viral post he put it on his profile and it went viral because the original post was viral now this is not guaranteed every single time but this is the easier way to do it because you are just reposting repinning the posts that are already pretty much proven to go viral and you are leveraging the wir reality so I will just open up this post and instead of just I don't know coming up with some idea all I have to do is just click right here because this is my dummy account I have all the different boards you create a board you're going to call it manifestation and Law of Attraction for example and we are going to keep it just like this I will just create it just like that and Bam I just saved it there and that was one post and I can just go through all of the other post which have more comments than they have repins or just one to one just like this one I can just open it up and all I have to do change the board to manifestation and LW of Attraction and save it there and that is it and now I have to post and all you have to do is just create multiple boards just like this fill them up with the viral pins and then the traffic that's going to this post they are going to check out your account and you can see this person he doesn't post anything all he does is reposting is going to get a lot of free traffic and if you are promoting affiliate product that is related to The Post it's going to make you a lot of money and that's it I hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you think about it in the comment section below click here for the next video and yeah make sure to go and use it as soon as possible before it's going to get saturated bye for now

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