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what's going on guys in today's video I'm going to show you exactly how I was able to make 225 dollars in less than 60 minutes just basically this very simple method which I'm going to show you in today's video for this you don't need to have absolutely no website no followers you don't have to pay for anything at all and the best part is you can have zero skills at all because I'm going to literally show you exactly what to do and this is literally going to take you less than 60 Minutes in a single day to actually set it up and then all you have to do is just do it for like five minutes per day and that's that's pretty much what it is about I actually did this like a week ago it took me like 60 Minutes to actually do this and then since then I was just doing this for like five minutes per day because it's kind of like a set and forget method but this brand new twist that I put on this method actually makes you do it like five minutes per day and so far I was able to get paid like this is what I'm getting paid 225 dollars for for 60 minutes of work but actually potential earnings are two point three thousand dollars pending which I think I will will get paid but I don't want to be pretty much promising you 2.5 000 per hour because that'll be just crazy and you can see this is potential so what I'm going to put in the headline of this video is 225 dollars that I am getting paid but I can also get paid like half of these and it's over one thousand dollars in pure profit without spending a single Cent on ads or on anything at all and in today's video I'm going to show you everything step by step and at the end of the video as well make sure to stay until the end because I'm going to hook you up with the exact copy and paste script that I use to make potentially two point five thousand dollars but officially 225 dollars you can get it completely free but before that don't forget to please smash the like before we get started subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below if making 2.5 000 for just one hour of work would be crazy or not but right now let's get started with the methods you can see 225 dollars and pretty much 2.3 000 spending I don't know should I promise you making 2.5 000 because it can definitely happen and but I'm not sure if that's going to be the case but you can see that I got like three approved refer three approved commissions and 31 referrals these are actually going to convert into Cash most likely I will explain how this works as well and pretty much I only received 133 views pretty much some people click on the link multiple times and 112 visitors okay now pretty much here's exactly how to do this method first of all you go to Google and you search for Gmail and you pretty much create a brand new Gmail account now this is very important because most people don't have an account like this and I'm not talking about like email account but having like a professional account you want to make sure that when you are creating your account you are pretty much going to enter your first and last name so make sure to put there like for example in my case would be Eric taggy then you click on next and then it's going to ask you this is just random I don't really care about that so let me just fill in something random there and I what I want to show you is yeah this is the part create your own Gmail address you want to make sure you're not going to be including like numbers and some random characters like I don't know like door open that's what I like to use as an example make sure that your email address has your name last name and it looks professional so instead of having like Eric taggy five to eight like they suggest me right here what I would go for for example is Eric taggy official mail for example okay not sure if this is actually uh not sure if this is actually available or not it's not going to show you we want to make sure that it's going to have something that looks professional okay so either just your name don't really add numbers you want to make sure it's going to look professional because otherwise the conversion rate that I'm getting right here so pretty much 133 views and 2.3 thousand dollars potentially it's not going to happen Okay this is a very very crucial step of this and if you're not going to do that this is something that most people skim through but just create a very good nice new brand new Gmail account that's going to look professional then the next thing you want to go to Google and just search for this website that is called capture app and pretty much click on the first link right here and I want to show you what we are going to be doing by the way quick hack if you actually go to captera and it's like a extra thing you can just submit a review and receive a 20 Amazon card okay 20 or 10 I'm not sure exactly which one it's going to be but one of those okay but that's not what this method is about you want to go to capture app and you just want to search for gym right here at the top section just search for it for gym and when you're going to see all these products this is pretty much where people are posting different reviews you're going to click on show more and now you're going to see pretty much all these different applications and softwares related to gym now the one that we are looking for is pretty much going to be right here and it's called through coach and you can see this is like the leading expert 4.8 stars out of 827 reviews if you're going to check out any other they have like one review 263 reviews 12 nothing 29 151 4 4 36 okay so all the top products have like very small amount of reviews but you can see right here through coach actually has like 827 and when you click on that you're going to see that pretty much when I'm going to scroll down I'm going to check out the pricing you can see right here they have a 19 per month model but also yeah right here yes has a free trial and this is the reason why I was actually getting the potential earnings and the referrals because these are commissions and people that paid for the software and these are the ones that sign up for the free trial so you can see depending if they are going to convert into commissions are pretty much 2.3 thousand dollars so this is the exact reason now pretty much they are paying 19 per month but I'm going to show you something really really awesome okay now here is the part if you're going to go to Google once again and you're going to search for through coach affiliate program you're going to see uh pretty much just click on this one right here the tsg fitness referral just click on that one you're going to see through code is a number one platform built for personal trainers blah blah blah blah you will be rewarded with 75 dollars if they become a customer okay so if they're going to become a customer you'll get paid 75 and how does it actually make sense if they are just paying 19 per month the thing is you are going to get paid pretty much one time for every single referral you are not going you are not getting paid per month and pretty much when they are going to get a customer that even is paying like 19 per month you're going to see that they can actually upgrade to 49 for 20 clients or 99 for 50 clients and pretty much it's always worth for them to get even these 19 clients for 75 dollars because long term they know if they are going to stick and they are going to pay for the software they will just keep using it so it's pretty much like a guaranteed profit even though they are paying money out of their own pocket first so this is very very cool thing now all you have to do after that is go right here right it's going to say register and you are just pretty much going because I agree to terms and conditions or just register with Google I just did with Google because that way you can create a brand new account very fast and it's always faster to do that then once you're going to have your account you're going to land in your members area and they pretty much tell you the exact same thing 75 dollars if they become a customer and pretty much right here you're going to see add a referral to referral link this is going to be your referral link now what you want to do is just want to copy that and then go to bitly okay bitly or cattley or any of these link shrinking surveys you want to make sure you're going to put your link right there and then you want to shorten it and Bam this is going to be where is my link is not here let me just do it once again uh okay I exceeded my quota I didn't know that so let me just go to cattley let me go to the competition because I'm going to go to different link shrinking because pretty much all of them are telling me I exceeded the quota so you just want to make sure that instead of having this long URL you're going to shorten it to this one okay short url.80 RSX whatever whatever okay now once you have this affiliate link this is the easiest part on how to actually get those sales how to actually get those money rolling in and getting those emails to your inbox that you have generated commissions okay what you do is you you just go to Google and you're going to search for this exact thing you're going to say you're going to search for a personal trainer and this is what you want to search for personal trainer in for example Miami in for example Los Angeles in for example any big city town in United States for example in New York okay you want to go and search for those and pretty much one very cool thing on how to get qualified qualified qualified people to sign up is to just use these sponsored ones the reason for this one is because we are not offering them to improve their rankings on Google we are looking for people that are serious about their business and that are not afraid to spend money and pretty much if they are paying for advertisement guess what they are not afraid to spend money so you want to just contact any of these so for example right here one-on-one private training this is exactly what ride it I just went with the sponsored once because that's like the lowest hanging fruit that's going to give you the biggest reward and why wouldn't you do that but all you have to do is just go to their website and you are looking for like a contact information about them so you can just scroll all the way down and for example contact us right here you're going to find that and pretty much book your free workout and pretty much okay so this is not an email address but if I click for example right here this is their Google Map so let me just check it out if I can actually do that so let's go to Maps I'm looking for TS group fitness so hopefully I'm going to see someone there so TS group fitness hold on okay so they are right here and pretty much they don't have the email address right here some of them do have that but as you can also like contact them on WhatsApp for example or but most importantly just do it via email or their form now in this case they pretty much highlight is what are you most interested in you can just tell them like a one-on-one personal training or nutrition coaching just make sure you are honest when you are messaging them and now pretty much this is all I did I just use these uh forms but most of the times I just use the email because you want to make sure you are sending it for a reputable email but this is the part okay what do you actually send them now I have done it couple months ago but then I shared a method on my YouTube channel and it got slightly saturated so I had to come up with another twist and this is the twist that I'm going to give you right now so this is exactly what I sent them okay so this is the first email that I send them pretty much the subject line is I think you are never going to open this this increased our monthly Revenue by fifty five thousand dollars this exact email just pause the video rewrite it it's going to be the first part but here is the important part instead of sending them the affiliate link directly to increase the conversions because I could have gotten like 500 clicks on the affiliate link easily I just sent them would you be interested in me sending you more details completely for free about it I don't want to spam you if you are not interested so this comes across as a polite and you are not selling them or sending just affiliating right like that and then pretty much the next reply if they are going to say yes you will send them a brand new email not just a reply but like a brand new that's going to say read this increase our monthly Revenue by fifty five thousand dollars and you can see right here that's the first line from the previous email so they will be like okay I know what this is about and then just add your affiliate link right here okay right here so the shortened link this one right here make sure you're not going to add the long link because then they are just going to be like skeptically click on it just add it right here and then make sure you're going to change the current date super simple like this this short email is going to get you all those sales and it's pretty much exactly how I was able to make 225 dollars in profit already I just send out those emails like a week ago to all these personal trainers and then throughout the week I was just replying to every single one with a copy and paste message because you can just copy and paste this into your note notes on your iPhone for example add your affiliate link and then just reply wherever you are and as soon you're going to reply the sooner you're going to get the results so this is exactly how I did it hopefully I'm going to get paid those two point three thousand dollars as well but obviously it's not 100 stick rate so maybe like 1.5 000 off from this is going to be profit as well but I'm going to get paid out and that's it guys hope you enjoyed this video and for the next video click right here which is going to show you another awesome highly recommended method by YouTube algorithm for you to make money online and I will see you there bye for now

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