[I TESTED IT!] Get Paid +$500/HOUR Online Just By USING Your PHONE! (Perfect For Beginners)

before this video starts check out the results I was actually able to get using the method I'm going to show you in this video no Pam just happened yo what's going on guys Eric here and pretty much I want to show the results of the method that I'm going to show you in just the next few minutes I'm currently not at home I'm in Dubai for like a short birthday trip I still set up the method when I was actually going on the plane and the results are starting to kick in you can see that this is my tap mob account and pretty much on this account I wasn't promoting anything this is just my account that I use for my team commissions and when I go to the payments you can see three point three thousand dollars and it's 10 30 almost PM right here in Dubai but the method is going to start in a second and pretty much I will just keep you updated how it's going to go because this is very very good method and it's also like very cool to watch because it works like almost instantly okay check these are the first conversions are happening pretty much uh you can see that I got the sheen conversion 5 that's 25 just right here and I'll just leave it here and hopefully more of them are going to come in and I can capture them okay another one came in you can see that I go to conversion for Apple airpods 666 dollars you can see it so you saw the Sheen and pretty much right now I got these ones so I'll keep the camera just like this and hopefully I will catch more of them live on the camera so let's go no bam just happened just happened how much is that that's like thirty dollars from the cashier buffer so yeah that's almost 150 like 50 okay that's that's awesome okay guys I just woke up I actually set up the method yesterday we already got couple of conversions but I think most of them actually are going to come through the night and also I apologize if I look some something weird I just woke up okay I'm going to refresh the thingy today so far 11 but let's check out yesterday and yesterday is actually two hundred dollars okay so that's that's crazy that's crazy you can see right here two hundred dollars one point four thousand clicks 34 conversions and pretty much today so far eleven dollars okay guys so I just came home to my room in Dubai and I wanted to record an updated version of the methods that I'm testing out and you're going to see this video pretty much today right here it's uh hold on that is focus 24 minutes after midnight and you can see that today I was able to make uh let it refresh 299.50 and go to the stats you can see that yesterday I was able to make 200 I record a video about that and pretty much today 299.50 and there's still a couple of hours left in the day because it's not by my times honey you can see this offer airpods Pro is converting very well and also the dominoes okay so just a quick quick sneak peek but you can see that I've been making like 42.48 36 36 24 12 12 per hour 32 so it depends okay but obviously on the day-to-day basis I'm almost at 300 and I just set it up and it took me just a few minutes to set it up like 20 minutes and I've been just repeating it and in this video you're going to see exactly how to do this yourself so yeah let's get started okay I didn't want to record this I'm going to the bed but we just hit 300 check this out and Bam 305.50 for the day okay good morning quick update guys I just wanted to show you exactly how much we made during the night because I woke up and there were some kitchens going on on my phone so let me just show you exactly how much we ended up with so pretty much 305 was the last refresh that I did for you and let me just refresh it once again and today it's going to be zero because yeah today has kind of just got started but we already got some traffic but lot we ended up at 305 so if we're going to go right here we ended up at 565 do you see it right here 565 okay guys I'm currently on a shisha outside I'm working and I just want to record this quick update video on the on the pepmark method so I'll turn around the screen and shoot the other things that are pretty much so far it's 150 dollars so let me just show it to you right now I'm currently just working on some stuff this video actually went live so you can go ahead and check it out but I want to show you these results right here so let me just change up the ISO and hopefully you can hear me but you can see that today already 155 dollars pretty much yesterday we did that with those juicy 565 so you can see that right there and today so far and I just received a couple of couple of conversions so you can see 24 17 28 dollars per hour 29 right here and yeah the rest of the day hasn't happened yet so let's see where today is going to end up okay it's 21st of April and yeah 565 is today 155 so far today so yeah let's see how it's gonna go and it's just beautiful out there so this is a quick scenery so this is just a quick scenery this is where I'm currently working at until it's beautiful right here it's beautiful what's going on guys Derek here back in my laptop now in today's video I want to show you exactly how I was able to make over 500 and overall like 987 or something like that while I was on vacation in Dubai now this method took me literally just like one hour less than one hour to set it up and today I'm going to show you exactly how to do it but more importantly I'm going to give you the entire method done for you and also I'm going to give you a guaranteed approval to tap mob so you can start making money as soon as possible just make sure you're going to watch this video from beginning to the end because couple of links are going to be shared throughout the video so this method is not going to get saturated so all the done for you links all the guaranteed codes are going to be somewhere in this video but right now let's get started alright so let's get started now the step number one for this method what you actually need to do and by the way I was able to do the method while I was just traveling in Dubai because I set it up and then it was making me like 30 dollars per hour twelve dollars per hour or 40 dollars per hour pretty much on autopilot and this is exactly what you can do cool part you don't have to travel anywhere you can just do it from the comfort of your home and I will do as much as possible for you in this video to make it as as done for you as possible and before we get started don't forget to please like subscribe comment down below and let's get started with the step-by-step tutorial step one you want to go to beacons.ai okay now this is the first website you want to go to it's completely free and this is going to be our landing page builder okay I will also give you the exact offers I use the exact exact creatives you can use that are proven to work so yeah you gotta stay well you you should stay till the end of the video because this video is going to be value packed then just go to the sign up and pretty much it's going to ask you for a username now pretty much you want to write here something related to like a giveaways okay so what I went for is pretty much Incognito giveaways and giveaways give a ways if I can actually write it and this was pretty much my beacon thing now it's not available because I actually used it already something that you want to go through this now I will just add there one and don't go with Inka into geodes one because pretty much just come up with your own uh domain or own a link and then click on continue then you can just connect with Google and pretty much finish your sign up then this is how your beacons page is going to look like once you're going to sign up inside now all you have to do is when you're going to go to Links in BIO you can see there is the header just turn it on then the email sign up turn it off links keep it open and then the store turn it off okay and then you want to click on the links and this is where we are going to be adding the links so this is all you need the page doesn't need to be fancy it just needs to look okay okay you can also hide the beacons logo if you're going to pay for it but you don't have to pay for it okay you can just be using the free version because this is literally all we need to do so keep this tab open now the next thing you wanted to go to is going to be tap mop dot IO and this is going to be the CPA Network we are going to be using and I will show you exactly why and also I will show you the exact offers that I've been using and also you can see this is invite only still is in white only but I will get you a guaranteed approval code just make sure to watch your this video carefully okay so now that you are in tap map I will show you how to get this guaranteed approval you want to go to sign up and pretty much enter your first name so I will do that enter my last name enter the username just make sure enter it correctly I'm just doing a dummy account because I'm not going to be using this account as this is going to be just something that I'm just using as a demonstration and for the invite code you want to use eight nine six four okay that is my personal invite code that I got from the creators of the application and pretty much this is going to get you first of all first part of guaranteed approval there are two parts you gotta use my code and you gotta use the secret phrase so this is the invite code click on the next part I'm just going to create a password now for the social media accounts you don't have to add any just make sure to fill it out so if you have an Instagram just put it there select Instagram so I'm going to put there for example Eric taggy and the number of followers just be honest you don't have to lie here because I got you got you approved okay so this is me and then for example go with like business click on next and then let's move on let's move on and pretty much gain more information so how did you hear about us just tell them from YouTube channel link into money how do you plan to promote right there using his methods from Dubai and then additional info secret phrase this is where you will put a secret phrase that I'm going to share somewhere during this video but also I'm going to share it at the end of the video maybe so you better watch carefully because if you're not going to do this you're not going to get approved and then just click on submit and your application is going to get approved within 24 hours because yeah I pretty much pulled some strings for you guys okay now I'm inside of my account this is the account that I'm just using to test out some methods and also mainly for the team members but this is pretty much where I was able to make if I go to this month you can see 961 dollars pretty much in like three days two days and pretty much you can see that 500 over one day and pretty much this one 961 dollars now first of all you can see that these are the earnings so if I go right here you can see 200 a day 565 dollars that's where I mean the most money then I 184 dollars and then twelve dollars now first of all what I want to show you is when you go to the offers this is where you can pick up the offers and I'm going to show you also the exact offer that I used and the completely done free campaign but first of all I want to explain you why we are going to be using these offers if you want to go with giveaway offers like PlayStation the JD Sports gift card or for example airpods Pro this is the one that I will use I used and I will show you that in a second Apple Watch Seven pretty much all these Apple products work very well and then pretty much just giveaways okay don't go for the work from home offers for this one they want to go for giveaways also the FIFA 23 12 000 points is going to work very well and then also gas card gym gymshark iPhone i413 iPhone 14 all of these are going to go very very cool they're going to work very well for example if you are going to click on the offer let me just go with the airpods if I click on the airpods you can see this is going to be your link you want to copy and paste it to your note to your notepad or to your laptop up because the method is a lot easier to do on your laptop now first of all you want to just get your link to your laptop but second of all what you want to use as well are going to be these creative that's one part I will also give you my own creative that I used that you can use for anything else and it works like crazy you will see why but first of all you to diversify this method and make it less saturated you can also go with these creatives that are right here so swipe up to 30s airpods Pros through way today thank me later that's a crazy crazy good creative second one did you know this popular site is hosting an airpods Bros survey then also Apple hours this side is hosting an airpods per survey for eligible users and stuff like that all these creatives only tap mob has them so you want to be using them they are really high quality and they are going to get you so much traffic and so many conversions let's go with this and when I go to the stats you can see that the offer that I used was actually multiple offers okay but the main that I was promoting was airpods Pro I will show you how to go about that so this one made me 450 56 dollars it's only me 174 this one would be sixty dollars 45 35 24 15 and 12 dollars so all these offers are pretty much what I use but mainly I was promoting airpods Pro so what you want to do is get your link for airpods pro and then also get couple of links for other offers okay so just get a couple links for other offers but the one that we are going to be promoting is going to be at the top okay now what you want to do is get a couple of offers now this is the airpods pro that we are going to be using and you pretty much want to copy the link and put it into the beacons to go to the link so pretty much for the headline right here this is what you want to write here it's going to be giveaways uh giveaways for April 2023 and pretty much and this is how I was able to make more money than just by promoting the main offer I made like 400 with airpods and then all the other offers made me like the same amount of money as well you want to right there try them all okay this is very important because one person can submit details to multiple CPA offers and then description you want to to right here check out his giveaways for eligible users for April 2023 sign up to all of them so that's going to be the headline of the entire page and they want to add pretty much a link and the link is going to be right here so add the link to the airpods okay now in this part what you need to do is you need to create your beacons link now I had to re-record this part because I actually did a small mistake while I was recording this video because I was talking to the camera doing all the things at once now pretty much essentially what you want to do is you want to add like five to seven different CPA offers from tap map right here but keep in mind like the highest one is going to get the most kind of like conversions now one thing you cannot include are actually with the word giveaways okay in the app when you're going to go and search for the offer it's going to tell you that that you cannot include like free or stuff like that those are all the words that are different for other offers but also one of the words is actually giveaways so pretty much once you are adding your tab map offers you shouldn't call it giveaway okay this this part don't call it giveaways you want to call it like awesome things because giveaways is pretty much not permitted with the CPA offer and also while the words you can actually use because this is an offer code get paid to watch YouTube 14 per hour you can actually do this but when you are actually uh where there's actually like a giveaway type of thing what you need to do is pretty much an app for a chance to get airpods Pro okay so don't include view ways do not include win because then your account is going to get shut down and you won't be able to withdraw the money so you want to make sure because they can actually see what pages are is the traffic coming from so when you enter pretty much something like they won't say that no they will see that because they can see where the traffic is coming from so just make sure that you're not going to enter the prohibited words and then right here as well stand up for a chance to receive you okay sign up for a chance to receive brand new airpods Pro so make sure I'm not going to call it the giveaways and also call it exclusive surveys for April 2023 try them all and then check out these check out these surveys for eligible users for April 2023 sign up to all of them so this way your actual beacons landing page or like a link tree is going to get approved and when you are going to be making money from something like this it's actually going to work just do not include the word giveaway because actually when somebody clicks on this link then tap mob actually knows that they are coming from this page they are going to double check it once you make the money they won't check it out before that because if you don't make money they don't care but if you are once you start getting conversions they are going to check it out like okay is this person actually doing things correctly if they see like giveaways or something like that they just won't give you the payout so just make sure to keep it as according to the terms and conditions on the offer now the terms and condition of the offer are pretty much every single time under the link so you can just check what kind of words you can be using you can get like get receive or claim but you cannot enter like uh one or win or something like that okay but you can also include no payment required or stuff like that so for example for a chance to win a Sam for a chance to get airpods Pro first 100 people and I can also include no payment no payment required okay so this is going to work so just make sure we're going to set up according to the terms and conditions of the offers on tap pop 20 do you want to go to canva and you want to search for mobile video and it's going to autofill mobile video promos okay and then you just want to use a couple of these videos any of these videos the one that I used was actually this one right here and you can see that these videos are like 13 seconds in length which is perfect okay you want to go for less than 15 seconds and pretty much make sure that they are going to be free now the one that I used is this one right here that I'm going to show you exactly the template and I will also give it to you so you can just fill in the blanks for any CPA giveaway so click on it and pretty much this is how it's going to look like and you can simply add the text now this is the one that I used so this is the first frame airpods Pro giveaway first 100 people only now to change it you just double click it and for example we are giving away iPhone 14 so what you do is for the first row you add iPhone and if it's too big you just change the resolution of the text no resolution upon size and just make sure it's going to be like in three different lines so the product is first two lines and then the last one is give away so iPhone 14 pro for example if this was like too big like like this what I would do is I would highlight it and make it like smaller so for example 200 pixels that's not enough so let's go 100 180 so this is how I would do it okay but if it's like like this big I want to make it as big as possible so 210 and this is it and the animations are already there so iPhone 14 giveaway first 100 people only that's the first frame and also click here this is where your link is going to be but just just add it like a placeholder now the next video next slide is going to be with the product so this is the product and also you click on it and pretty much you can just delete it and add a new PNG icon the way to do that you go to Google and you search for the product name and add PNG and it's going to add a transparent background so you can pretty much download it you can see without the background okay that's very important it's actually going to look very nice like this and then if you delete it just make sure you're going to add your own image click on it and then go right here to the rice and you can add animations so for example like pop okay or wipe or breathe or any of these animations just make sure you're going to add something don't just add it without the animation so I'm going to I'm just going to add like tumble okay and that's the that's the second frame and then the third one is pretty much this one right here sign up now okay so this is it again and then click here okay so this is the entire template now you will get a link to this one you will just import it and all you have to do is just in the first frame you just select the giveaway just change your product name and then on the second frame you just change the image that's all you have to do and then just click on share and you pretty much you are going to get it right here just click on the download and make sure you're going to add all the all the what is it called all the pages okay so all pages three if it's going to be just one page or any current page it's just going to download that one you want to click on all pages so it's going to get you the entire video now this is going to be like do uh it's going to be like 10 seconds long okay so this is all you need to do anything less than 15 seconds and pretty much now that you're going to have the video now that you're going to have the beacons link this is exactly how to get the traffic now I think this exact traffic Source I was able to make over 961 dollars so listen up it's up to you if you're going to use it but if you want to make money I highly highly recommend you are going to go for it okay so first of all what you want to do is you want to go to this website that's called shoutcard.com and you just want to browse different influencers and you want to buy a shout out now listen up this is going to get you a lot of fast and quality traffic you want to just find influencers that are in humor and memes category so I'll just deselect all of them wait for it to refresh I also also change up the channels wait for it to refresh then click on Instagram wait for it to refresh and then humor and memes and wait for it to refresh and you can see for example these influencers right here 31 000 followers you're going to see their prices are kind of like thirty dollars twenty dollars fifteen dollars ten dollars for the feed post what I would do is I would use the Dan free campaigns from tap mop okay but also to maximize your earnings also buy Instagram story shout out because they are very very cheap and they are going to get you a lot of targeted traffic and this is just like a smaller account but if you go to bigger accounts like 288 000 followers you're going to see the feed post or permanent feed post or a real they are a little bit expensive like 380 dollars but the IG story and the link is only 28 dollars it's also comparable to this one which is like 31 000 followers to get 10 10 times the amount of followers for just double the price okay and you literally just get few conversions and you will make your money back so you buy this and pretty much add to cart and then you just send them this video with your beacons link and that's it okay so this is one way to do that so just go through these influencers I'll show you for example this one or this one let's check out the prices I know you need to invest but it's like a small investment and once the money starts rolling in you just got to be reinvesting it okay you can see this one right here for example 786 000 followers the IG story is 75 only okay this 144 000 followers you can see IG story forty dollars okay so this is the first way to do it but also what I was doing was I was pretty much contacting influencers directly who are not on this page and pretty much the niches were too very important the first one was like celebrity Niche and the second one was cartoon shows the yeah cartoon shows pretty much now the first one is the celebrity Niche if you go to like a account like PV eliber you can see that 314 000 followers and someone is promoting a 750 Sheen gift card as you can see it works and then pretty much you just go to this account you click on this icon right here and you're going to get a lot more of these recommended Pages just go ahead contact them pay them like ten dollars for a story shout out with your own link tell them to add the link right here where you just click here your beacons link and you are going to be pretty much set for good so this is just one page bvee Libre then this one right here Justin Bieber purpose 13.

you can just pause the video go to these Pages again suck my beeps that's the weird one adjusting Theory 10 000 followers clips of peeps 11 000 so there's plenty of them okay plenty plenty then the next one is like Family Guy reels 87 000 followers again you can see these ones are getting like thousands of views these reels it can be pretty much just again messaging them and telling them that to buy a shout out you need more accounts click on this icon and just go through these ones you can see there's a lot of them and also South Park reels so any cartoons like Family Guy South Park Simpsons any of those and they are going to work very very well and all you have to do is just write them I will show you exactly what good mess message wait for it to load up hello I'm looking for a quick Instagram bio shout out plus link can you please let me know your rates thank you they are going to tell you something but make sure just tell them like listen I know these pages are going for like 15 to 20 dollars is that something we can do together because listen they don't get a lot of shout out requests because most people don't know what to advertise on those pages but DCP offers are going to work very well so they are either going to take your 20 or they are going to get no shout no zero shout outs at all okay guys and now for everyone who's watching Until the End comment down below you are a crazy person if you are watching Until the End these are the links and codes to use to pretty much get guaranteed approval and to get this done for your campaign that I used right here now the first link is pretty much incomeoney.com canva airpods if you go to this link you are going to get imported the exact template that I used on kenwa and then the code to put into tap mop is going to be Incognito IG method okay just like this they are going to go through the applications and if they see my code which is going to be 8964 and also this thing at the additional notes and the secret the secret uh phrase you are going to get guarantee approval okay so this is it just use it and don't forget to share your results below if you're going to take action and that's it hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you think about it in the comment section below and for the next video check out this one right here which is highly recommended to you by the YouTube algorithm and tell me if it was a good recommendations bye for now

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