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and you can see if I open up my notifications you can see that I've been generating all these commissions on tap mob you can see 35 minutes ago ten dollars I've been actually waiting to get a live commission but it's just been taking so long so it's kind of like hard to get live commissions on a video but it might happen so hopefully it is going to happen and 35 minutes ago a commission ten dollars five dollars ten dollars eleven dollars five dollars five dollars you can see all these commissions from tap mob are just rolling in on autopilot completely for free traffic and if I open up my tap mob account let me just do that very quickly you can see that today I made 109 but because I was already recording this I know I made more money so let me refresh this very quickly and there's going to be something more and Bam 119 all right here because I've been waiting for that commission to get it live on a video and you can see today 190 dollars yesterday 400 and and 42 dollars right here and when I go to the revenue by day and by hour you can see every single hour I am getting paid on an autopilot this is today so we have zeros right here but this is yesterday 25.28 28 26 33 29 42 26 11 10 17 16 15 22 26.

What's going on guys in today's video I'm extremely excited because I want to show you a brand new method on how to get paid 100 per hour or even more and you get paid instantly using this completely free plugin and 100 free traffic the best part about this one is anyone can do it right now you don't need any Tech skills any experience or you don't even have to have a website and this works so fast and it works completely worldwide now make sure to watch this video from beginning until the end because I'm going to be sharing with you step by step exactly what to do so you can go ahead and start implementing this method yourself and also start making money as soon as possible buddy for that don't forget please smash like subscribe the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below something random for the YouTube algorithm and let's get started with the step-by-step tutorial and yeah if we get any more live commissions hopefully I can catch them on a video alright guys I'm the step number one for this method what you got to do is you want to go to tap mop IO this is going to be dcpa Network we are going to be using because of their best offers that are converting like crazy are pretty much exclusive that means none other CPA Network actually has them and are going to be paying you the most amount of money so you want to go to tap mob IO and you want to just download it because this isn't a mobile application on app store on Google Play and the reason why I want you to be using this one because this video is aimed to show you a method that's going to pay you very very fast and this one is going to be paying you as soon as in one to two business days usually it takes like 7 14 or 30 days for a network to pay you out they are literally paying you one to two business days when you are going to request the money so it's like if you need money they will just send it to you where fat so this is why I actually love them and also they are just very very good CPA Network that is highly converting something that other CPA networks are not doing and it's just making me money all the time so you want to go to Dev map IO and sign up for a free account now when you're going to be signing up make sure to use this code 8964 that is my referral code you can use anybody else's code but the thing is you are not going to get approved if you are not going to use any code at all so yeah you might as well use my code I get a little Kickback when you are going to be making money and yeah thank you very much for that bam we just got a live Commission on a video I'm super glad that I was able to catch it live on a video I'm not sure if you heard a catching sound but that happened live on a video and also when you're going to join I highly recommend you're going to check out their Discord right here discord.gg slash that map and join because this is a great place where you can learn even more methods not just from me on my YouTube channel but there's a lot of members right here posting different strategies posting what is working for them you can join and pretty much share what is working for you see what is working for other people and just chat with people who are doing the same exact thing because there's a lot of different CPA or affiliate networks out there but there is no community and this is something that I absolutely love this is what CPA grip also has as well like a chat but it's like the bass line like a little chat but this is a complete community of people who are using tap map making money with it and I think this is one of the best place to actually learn new methods on how to make money using tap mob alright now now that you are in your tab map account pretty much is my tapam account and at the beginning I hit 119 dollars right here but I just got a commission so I will gladly refresh it and show you the live stats you can see it right here 124 I'm super happy when this happens live on a video but I want to tell you guys it's not about actually getting the live commissions on a video it's it's about getting these payouts like here like 442 dollars yesterday I was not looking at my earnings at all and I made 442 dollars this is what it is about it's not about those cheap dopamine rushes when you get a commission I just want to make that very clear now what you want to do is go to the offers right here and you're going to find that there's a plenty of offers okay since I was showing you this network they added so many offers that this method that I'll be sharing with you works for all of them and that's a secret hack on how to make the most amount of money I will show you how to do this for just one of these offers now what I'm going to pick up is going to be this five dollar cash app 750 gift card offer if I click on it you can see this is my link right here the RW rdzy it's like reward Z and pretty much this is going to be the the offer that I'm going to be promoting what I need to make sure I'm not breaking okay because if I'm going to be sending low quality traffic that is breaking the rules they are not going to be happy and they are going to shut down my account so make sure to always read this because always also sometimes they give you like tips on how to promote them but this is essentially what I'm going to be promoting you can see the payouts are for UK and also us and it's all five dollars and it works on Android Apple and also PC and also you can see these creatives this is what I allow about that map is they are going to essentially give you creatives you can promote now this is most likely for Instagram but I'm not going to be showing you the Instagram method I have covered this already on my other video so if you want to see that make sure to check out my other videos but I'm going to be showing you a different method this time that works really really well and you can just use it to promote any CPA or even affiliate offers but you want to get this link which is right here the rvd.com rewards.com into your laptop because this entire method can be done on your smartphone but it's just much easier for me to explain it on the laptop so I'll get this link I'll put it into my laptop and I will show you the next steps okay so this is my cash app offer right here and this is where I'm going to be sending all the traffic to so now that I have you on the laptop this is the next step what you got to do you want to go to tick tock and don't worry we are not going to be using Tic Tac for a traffic Source because we are going to be using different website but we are going to using Tic Tac fashion wave you want to go to tick tock and you want to search for a keyword that is related to your CPA offer so in my case I have the cash app offer so that's pretty much related to money so I'm going to search for make money online now this is going to show me all the popular videos and this is the page that I'm looking for because every single one of these videos is tied up to an account that has plenty of more videos so this is what you want to do and this is how you're going to find the first content now the next thing that's going to make it so much easier is you want to go to Google and you want to search for sort for tick tock and this is the free plugin that I was talking about you want to click on it and this is essentially going to allow you to sort videos on Tic Tac that you you cannot do it otherwise so just download this application onto your Google Chrome it's completely free just click on add to Chrome and this is why it's going to help you out then you're going to go to tick tock and you're going to open up these accounts okay open up the first nine these accounts most of the times they change because the top videos are pretty much changing all the time but yeah some of these accounts are just posting very good videos so their videos are always going to be in top but you just want to find the top nine accounts now then you want to open up any of the accounts that you actually like for example I like this one it has 88 000 followers and it posts videos about making money online or online income however you can see like this video got 26 000 views this one has sixteen thousand this one has two point two million what you want to do is now you want to click on the plugin sort for tick tock and click on start it's going to prompt you to just sign off but you don't have to do that just click on OK and it's going to sort it already did it all the videos by the amount of views so this is the most viewed this is the second view third fourth fifth sixth and seventh and this is very important because these views are not just random they are highest viewed because people liked these videos the most and that's the reason why tiktok was pushing them so much it's not just about the views it's about the content so if you're going to either recreate a video most likely we are going to go viral as well but also you can simply download these videos yourself re-upload them to this website which I will show you right now and get the same amount of traffic and this is just one account you want to do it on another account as well so this is another account I will just click there sort by Tic Tac and you can see like the top videos here like couple hundred views most likely because Tic Tac is not pushing them but if I'm going to click on start this is going to sort videos by the amount of views now first of all it's going to scroll all the way down I'm not doing by the way anything it's doing it all automatically first of all it's going to scroll all the way down it's going to then digest or I don't know how to say it in technical words digest all the videos by the amount of views and Bam now we have the creme de La Creme from this account 22 million views 159 000 views adk 67 63 57 49k and these are just two accounts and what you want to do is you essentially want to do it for all the videos or all the accounts that are top performing for that one keywords so if you are in for example weight loss if you are for example make money online you just search for it you click on the top nine accounts and then you do that and again now we have 6.3 million views 1.3 million views 891 219 146 1 124 and so on and so on so I'm just going to take one of these videos that I like the most I actually like this one this is the one that I like because the person is wearing like a hoodie he's not even showing his face so this is the one that I'm going to use I'll just copy the link and they want to go to Google and you want to just search for download Tic Tac videos and the snapdick is going to be the first app snapdick that app you just paste it right there and it's going to download the video make sure to use download HD without the watermark that is very important download the video and you are going to wait until the advertisement is going to come through close video and let me just do it again and now the video has been downloaded now the next step you want to go to pinterest.com and you want to create a pin right here and then you want to upload this video if you don't know how to actually upload videos because not everybody can do that nobody is sharing it I'll do that in a second but right now I want to show you what to actually do for a video so this is the video and then for the title you want to add whatever is going to be in the video from Tick Tock so I don't know what is there because I don't want to listen to it but I will go right here and I will just listen for the first three to five seconds to get the hook of the video so let me just listen best way to make 5 to 10K online okay the best way to make 5 to 10K online so that's what I'm going to write out here the best way to make 5 to 10K online and then what you want to do copy and paste the headline again put it right here because on shorts people are not really like reading the description that much they're already focusing on the video this is what you want to do and then you want to tell people check out the description for a gif just like this now you don't want to be specific what is there so people are going to be going there just out of curiosity and then right here for the board click on create a board and call it make money online for beginners or something related to the to the niche that you are posting and you just want to Simply click on publish okay do it just like this and you're going to have your first short form content on Pinterest now I can just see my pin and this is it okay the best way to make the best way to make 5K online check out the description for a gift this is is why we want to make a chart because then people don't have to agree to the entire description then what you want to do is go to your profile click on edit your profile and this is where you want to add the CPA offer from that map okay so this is going to be the CPA offer make sure to go to tinyurl and you want to shorten it and just copy it and then go back to Pinterest and you want to add it right here as a website just right here and then about that's where you're going to put the description for the CPA offer click on the link for a chance to get 500 750 cash App gift card now this is a 750 cash-up gift card but I always like to include like variety or range because then people are going to click there and see what is actually the amount they are going to receive and because I'm promising or just telling them like 500 to 750 when they are going to see the 750 the upper range they are more likely to take action and complete the CPA offer so you get this you get the website and you click on sale also to actually post videos you want to go to account management right here in your edit profile and make sure your account is going to be business instead of convert account to personal it's going to say create a business account and that's how you can actually post these short videos on Pinterest and that's about it all you got to do right now is just post one to two videos from Tick Tock or Instagram that you're going to find in your Niche you want to repost them on Pinterest and build up your audience who are pretty much people watching these videos and make sure that the CPA offer that you are promoting is related to the content that you are posting and then just create multiple accounts and repost multiple videos about Fitness diet weight loss or whatever is being popular and promote the CPR first this way because then people don't have to buy anything they are just checking them out and this is going to stack and eventually going to bring you to over 100 trillion two hundred dollars per day on autopilot earnings just from these three accounts make sure you are not going to stick to one account but to multiple multiple accounts and that's it I hope you enjoyed and if you're looking for another way to make money online make sure to check out this one right here which I picked up of myself personally not YouTube me myself and I and let me know if you're actually going to love it click here and I will see you there bye for now

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