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what is going on guys in today's video I'm super excited because I want to show you this completely brand new website which is more like a application online that you can use to make over 155 dollars per day as a beginner and also generate High ticket sales just by using completely free traffic I'm going to share with you everything step by step how to get started and also how to get started without any investment whatsoever but before we do that don't forget to please smash the like subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below something for the YouTube algorithm so this video is going to be pushed to more people and we can actually help make even more people more money alright guys now let's get started now before I actually show you the website that we are going to be using I want to show you the proper setup for this method because most people just go to these website that I will show you later on and they are going to be like okay I don't know how to use this it doesn't make money it doesn't work well you I gotta have to and you gotta use it correctly so this is the correct way to do that first of all you got to go to affiliate Network for example like ClickBank or you go to digistore24 and you want to sign up for an account so click on the register now and it's going to prom and it's going to prompt you to put in a public username your email address your password repeat the password and then this is going to be pretty much what you got to select as that you are an affiliate because if you are a vendor and you are primarily selling your own products they are going to be asking you a lot more questions just select that you are an affiliate I have read the B2B contract and the privacy policy make sure to check them and then click right here to continue then what you want to do is you want to go to Marketplace section and now you want to pick up two affiliate products minimum now pretty much the way you want to pick them up is you want to make sure they are both in the same category so these are the categories that you can choose from but you want to make sure you're going to pick up two of them one is going to be higher priced and then the second one is going to be lower priced and this is just going to make sure that it's going to convert because it's not going to be about whether should I purchase this product or not it's going to be more about whether should I purchase this product or purchase this product so the conversion rate is going to be much higher and pretty much for people who are serious and help budget to invest they can actually purchase the high ticket products and you can make over one a thousand dollars in a single day and for the people that don't have the budget they are going to see the thousand dollar price tag or something that's higher priced and they are going to buy the lower ticket product because it's going to be nothing compared to a couple thousand dollar investment so just go to for example like internet marketing and E-Business this is the category that I'm going to be using and you want to pick up products so which ones I'm going to go for I know this is a high ticket product this one right here passive income system 2.0 so all I'm going to do is just click on promote now and I have my affiliate link right here so what I want to do is I want to save it somewhere but because we are going to be using this website I can just keep it open right here so this is my first product and then this is going to be my second product the secret millionaire bot they are all in the business opportunity space and you can see this one is 997 dollar front end and this one is pretty much 17 front end so pretty much if somebody's going to see these products next to each other they they are not going to think like should I buy it or not it's going to be like which one to go for and then is the buying decision so this is like one hack on how to actually go about it so this is the step number one very next thing you want to go to this website pretty much it's called the direct add me and I'm going to show you a completely game changing feature for beginners how to increase your conversions so even with the amount of traffic you are going to be making sales now what you want to do is simply click on create a free page and it's going to ask you to sign up now I just recommend you're going to sign up with Google because then you don't have to input any of the details and it's just going to sign you up literally in just one click now this is my brand new account that I will show you how to navigate but essentially this is where you are going to land so you want to go to my page on the left hand side and just follow along and do exactly what I'm going to show you you can see on the right hand side I pretty much already did couple of things so it's not my brand new account I thought this is the brand new account but I'm just going to delete these things because this is not something we are going to be using this is a feature that I've been using recently and it's been making me like a good amount of money and if you're a beginner this is something that if you are going to be using you can literally get like 10 or 20 free clicks and convert it into a thousand dollar sale and here's how to do that first of all what you want to do is you want to upload your profile picture now this is not mandatory but it's going to increase your conversion rate so I just recommend putting your picture right there Then pretty much enter your name right there and then pretty much top earning side hustle for August 2023 this is a tagline or a bio this is like the line everybody is going to see once they are going to come to your page I'm just going to delete it because we don't have to have it there now this is where the two products actually come you click on add new item and first we are going to add these two products okay so you want to select link or URL click on link or URL and then we are going to add it so visibility make sure it's visible link what URL do you want to link to that's where you're going to add your affiliate link now I recommend going with the top product as 17 because first product people are going to see is the one in the top it's like 17 yeah like oh 17 then they see 997 and they're like oh okay 17 is cheap so that that's the that's kind of like the way you want to go so link you want to put in it right this so this is going to be your affiliate link you want to wait for it to load up now sometimes it's a little bit slower when you are using this so bear in mind because there's a lot of very very awesome features on this website and it just takes some time to load up now we don't want to use this preview what you want to do is edit the title and you can also add like a background image so I'm just going to add one very quickly and click on the done so this is going to be my image and I want to change the title for the name of the affiliate offer so this is the secret millionaire but I'm going to check out the sales page let me just check it out very quickly so there isn't really any headline so I'm just going to call it secret million billionaire bot and I'm going to put a price tag of 17 at the end so you want to put it just like this okay 17 at the end and click on the done and then this is going to be your link and you want to click on ADD just like this and then you want to click on done then what you want to do is you want to add another item and this is where you're going to add your higher ticket program now not every single Niche actually has this so you can just find something that's higher price so it's going to have a contrast that is very important now copy your affiliate link go back link or URL and we are going to add the link right there click on ADD and it's going to prompt you with these things once again so wait for it to load up because we've got to optimize them now instead of the title you want to put there this is passive income 2.0 and add it right there and add the price tag of 997 dollars and also click right here on this little icon to add a icon to the link and I'm just going to select something that's related and this is more like a video training so I'm just looking for some kind of like a video training that's gonna resonate with people but let me just find something that's going to be suitable very quickly but yeah I'm not gonna take a long time so okay I'm gonna go with this dollar sign and click on ADD right here and Bam now we have two links and you want to make sure the cheaper one is going to be at the top okay so this is how it looks so far and now is where the uh the cool thing from this website actually comes you want to go to the app store on the left hand side and this is all free by the way I can't imagine why they are keeping is free but I'm pretty sure soon it's going to get paid and you're going to come to the App Store go to all applications and you want to click on this contact form right there click there and you want to scroll down and click on install Okay click on install wait for it to load up and it's going to be added right here you want to add a contact form and pretty much the title right here you want to write there questions message me here I am a real person and you click on done just like this make sure you're going to add your email address this is going to be your email address where all the responses are going to go to click on done and then you are just requesting the name and email and a message okay no phone number no country is needed and click on ADD right there and it's going to add this little nice form okay so we can also add an icon to it but pretty much this is the thing that we are looking for because now if I'm going to copy this link and I'm going to visit it this is how it's going to actually look like so this is just like a preview that's not going to be showing up but you can see this is how it's going to look like so people can check out the passive income system they can check out the secret millionaire but when they are going to visit my page they see my face right here they are going to check out the programs okay okay and then they can actually click here and just message me that directly from this short link that I created so they can enter their name email address and message and ask any questions they have about these programs and this is the thing that's really going to increase your conversion rate is because people are going to ask just couple of questions so you can easily find on the sales page of the product and if you're going to reassure them about that that's how you can actually make a sale from very little amount of traffic that you're going to send to this page so you can do this in any Niche you can add multiple products you can add tap map affiliate offers where you are getting paid just for the list submits but this is the important part adding this contact formula because this is where people are going to message you and you can actually send them the links for maybe other programs that they are interested in or maybe they are not interested in these programs maybe they have purchased them already and you can send them to pretty much another affiliate link and this is the type of link you can actually put into your bio on Tick Tock or Instagram so if you have an Instagram account you can just put it there and multiple links that you are already promoting just like this account that I have where I'm promoting the Netherland University and I pretty much got paid literally just for posting videos so if you haven't seen that if you want to get paid literally just for posting videos check out my previous video but this is the free traffic platform where you can actually submit this link and get in almost instant free targeted traffic in a make money online Niche so what you want to do is go to this website that is called worldprofit.com and on the left hand side you want to go right here and click on a free classified ads and place ads for free and then you just want to submit your link on this website because this is a website where people go to to learn more about internet marketing online business and affiliate marketing and all these websites that you see right here people are doing it right now are getting this traffic and these are the categories business opportunities Business Services affiliate marketing entrepreneurs freebies you can just share your link right here and this is the power because you can just put your link but because your link is going to have got questions message me here I'm a real person that is going to resonate with people that's going to differentiate yourself from other people who are literally just posting links to affiliate offers which they don't make any sales from because honestly if I just see in the Philadelphia right here it's not really like I want to buy that I'm buying from a person and that's what this application is going to do for you and then you just really got a reply to the messages and that's how you're going to make the sales and that's it I hope you enjoyed this video guys go ahead take action on this the massive potential of this application is virtually Limitless and also if you want to see how to actually get paid just for reposting videos on Instagram or Tick Tock check out video from yesterday right here because I made over 140 on PayPal just for reposting a couple of videos click here and I will see you there bye for now

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