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you can see this is my other phone this is where I have my brand new account and you can see that for the just yesterday because I haven't opened up the Wi-Fi yet you can see that I was generating all these commissions on autopilot five dollars then right here eleven dollars five dollars five dollars five dollars five dollars five dollars five dollars all these pretty much from this new method that I've been doing just on this brand new account okay I created a special brand new account just to test it out and to show you other methods on how we can make money here and you can see eleven dollars right here because I got two conversions then five dollars then five dollars and this is all yesterday okay all in yesterday and take a wild guess on how much money it was actually in a single day so let me just log into my account very quickly and when I go to the account you can see that I don't know if I made any money today but okay ten dollars Okay so yesterday was 198.

Okay yesterday 235 dollars you can see it right here and when I go to the payments you can see account [Music] 1.3 thousand dollars okay so this is what I'm making on this new account because yeah I just wanted to do that and any new conversions nothing and in this video guys I'm going to show you exactly how I've been making the money on this brand new account how to get started with this genius method and at the end of the video also I'm going to give you a copy and paste done for you script as usual just to make it a lot easier for you to start making money with this because this is like a basic method but I took a Twist on it to actually make it unique and using this twist and this copy and paste script it converts so much better just make sure to stand to the end of the video and let's get started also don't forget to please like the video subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below if you like CPA or not and if you actually like this method I would love to know that because I think this method that I'm about to show you in just a few seconds is genius it can make you thousands of dollars just like in maybe 1.3 thousand dollars on a brand new account and I will show you exactly how to do it completely for free you don't have to pay me only we have to do is just like the video thank you alright guys so let's get started now the first thing that you actually need for this method and I'm super excited because if you're going to just take action on this I guarantee you are going to make money and this is going to be crazy how much money you can actually make with this because it's like something not everyone is going to do I just know that most people are going to skip through this because they're like yeah I don't want to do those five minutes of work but if you're going to do it I promise you thousand dollars is really easy to make with this first of all what you got to do is go to tap mop IO and download this application this is the exact application but I've been using myself to make money with this method because it has just the best payout it makes the most amount of money they are currently in white only but I got you a code and if you're going to fill out the application correctly you are going to get approved so you want to download this application then pretty much fill out this code 8964 to get approved and tell them you are coming from a YouTube channel called Incognito money and they are going to most likely a preview just make sure you're going to fill out all the details they are going to ask you such as your name social media followers and be honest okay tell them that if you are a beginner tell them I'm a beginner I am just getting started I'm following Inca into money I would love to get approved and I'm okay with I don't know whatever okay be being delayed or whatever just be honest don't be like yeah I'm making hundreds of thousands of dollars give me an account and then you just put their social media with zero followers okay the thing that they are looking for are real people who are going to be promoting the CPA offers if you are going to be a real person using the methods and not just like creating dummy accounts they are going to approve you you don't have to have any history any sales history any earnings history any followers they are going to approve you just make sure you're going to use this code 8964 because that's my code and yeah I I pulled some strings to get you approved okay and then this is exactly how your account is going to look like now currently I'm Rank 2 for today because I made ten dollars already but pretty much this is how the account is going to look like you can see this is my recent activity pretty much I've been making money on the different offers as well because yeah these are converting very well so you can just use these offers right here okay just steal my offers Domino's Sheen they work very well fortnite is okay but the Sheen and the gift cards for this method that I've been using work very well okay so anything you can get for free works very well now what you want to do is go to the offers and you just want to pick up any of the giveaway offers as I showed you okay now just make sure for this method just make sure it's something like tangible that people can actually hold so don't go for like cash app 750 or Apple product review because this is for a different methods okay so you want to make sure you're going to go for for example like Domino's gift card or Amazon gift card or Sheen gift card okay because these are all associated with like products okay the cash app is really just money but you want to go for something that's like yeah some something people can hold or even iPhone or something like that these offers are going to work well now then what you want to do is click on the offer uh hold on I need to go right here so you want to find it right here I'll just use a Sheen okay and then this is the offer link you want to put into your laptop okay so you can see this is the code 8964 and pretty much this is the link you want to put into your laptop and you just want to be using this one to actually get the conversions you can see per email submit you are going to get paid five dollars depending on your account and then these are very very important requirements because you cannot use the free download I follow back win or one you want to use like get claim or receive okay these are very important details and these are the reason why people are not getting approved in the CPA networks because they use like free win or one okay don't do that just just use these terms okay they are paying you a lot of money for these email submits so you want to make sure you are delivering quality okay now there are some also good parameter tips promo ideas you can use but I will show you the exact method to go for pretty much for this one these are the payouts and yeah they are very very good and these creatives are something we are going to be actually using okay you want to make sure you are going to be using the offers that have these creatives okay very very important because these are the ones that make everything 10 times easier because not every offer has this but some of these offers actually do have these creatives you can see like this one this is like a video this is a video you want to find like an image hopefully or like a meme something like this okay like this little Swagger notification from a security camera that someone was at the front door delivery he just go drop off my 750 Sheen All I Got by taking the service Link in BIO okay so this is pretty much what you want to be using okay back in my laptop and pretty much now I have the link on my laptop right here for the sheen gift card now you can just put it into your laptop because I just doing it on your phone is kind of like yeah it's just like kind of harder to do and I will show you how to do it on my phone on my laptop so I can pretty much show you the message a lot easier but pretty much this is the CPA offer and now we also have this image right here okay this is one of the images that I downloaded you can also download the video you can download any other image just make sure to get one of these creatives from tab map that's the reason why we're using them because you cannot get these creatives anywhere else like any other CPA network doesn't provide you with these creatives now pretty much I will show you how to get a lot of traffic using these creatives but first of all what you want to do is also go to canva and then create a design and we are looking for like the uh phone resolution okay so portrait mode portrait or just call it like Instagram story I believe and yeah Instagram story and we are just looking for this resolution now what you want to do is just go right here to the big ground and just select a dark background and then just go to text and you just want to write here do you shop at Sheen and something like this and then another heading click below to get 750 gift card for shopping okay something like this and again just make it smaller like third no that's too small let's make it like 40 or 56 and pretty much the headline goes do you and pretty much use whatever CPU Alpha you are promoting so for example do you eat uh at Pizza Hut do you have an iPhone do you shop at Sheen do you I don't know shop at Amazon and stuff like that and then pretty much the bottom is clicked below to get 750 gift card for shopping and then pretty much one more thing that you need to do is just enter one of these squares just put it like right here okay and then pretty much in that you want to write here at a heading and pretty much right there Paul and just make sure it's actually like visible so I'm just going to put like a dark color and this is going to be the pull okay now this is all you have to do now we have one image that's going to look something like this so this is going to be the first thing that you're going to use and then the second one is right here okay and also this is just what you got to do because this is just for the illustration purposes now once you have that you pretty much just download it and they want to go to Instagram and you're going to find all these Pages not just one of the pages that is actually currently doing it is this one right here called bvlieber pretty much pop culture page about memes and celebrities and you can see 750 Sheen gift card they are making hundreds they are making thousands of dollars whenever they are going to shout out the gift card now all you have to do is just find any of the pages you can even just find this one just go to this page then click on this little icon and these are all the gold mines that you can use right now okay if you have done this that you have signed up at tap mop you have a downloaded this Meme and you pretty much create a digital template this is the easy part most people are not going to get here so if you are here make sure to comment below you are a crazy person and that you're going to take action on this method then just open up any of these Pages for example the any of these okay any of these and then you want to check out if they have in a bio something related to the gift cards or the apps or the CPA offers from tap mop okay if they don't have that chances either chances are they don't even know the app exists okay and they are losing a lot of money because they could be pretty much making a lot of money just by promoting the offers so you can see these don't have that and all you have to do is just buy a very cheap because the shout outs on these pages are very cheap a cheap story story shout out don't don't buy a shout out for the Post because that's like a lot more expensive and you it might not even work what you are really looking for is a story shout out story shout out now the shout out is going to be with two images this is what actually works the best first one is this one the the meme the video the creative from tap map that's going to Intrigue people like an actual photo of how I feel after finishing another scene survey me after I earn 750 to Sheen all from surveys put the link in BIO they're like okay what's up like yeah that's cool like this little baby Yoda but then the next post and this is just something you're going to send to the to the page as a template it's going to be do shop at Sheen Paul that's where they are going to put a poll with Instagram click below to get 750 gift card for shopping and this is where they are going to put your link okay now that's the creatives but you got to know how to actually send this to them and this is the script that I've been using recently and it's been working very well and there's like a very detailed very small detail why now the script goes like this hell I'm interested in a quick story shout out on your page what are the rates this is pretty basic then I have a very profitable advertisement very profitable this is a keyword because they'll be like okay very profitable that's cool that's going to be suitable for your audience it's a two-story free shout out this is very important first to qualify that's this image second to convert and that's pretty much this one right here because it's like do you shop at chin then there's a poll and then there's a link okay the poll is there to make sure that the story is going to get a lot of Engagement so it's going to be shown to all the people of the all the followers of the page okay if this if the story is like people are just going to skip through that it's not going to be shown to other people because when you open up Instagram you only have like five stories at the top and you want to make sure yours is going to be the first one so first to qualify second to convert that's awesome they are going to tell you the rates that's awesome my current budget is 15 just go with 15 that's like two or three conversions depending on the offer more like three but it's going to tell them that you are going to tell them I'm open to creating a special link for your page and giving you 20 of the profits now because you told them you are you have a very profitable advertisement they are just going to do it for 15 you don't have to pay a lot of money from your pocket and you will just pay them from the profits that you are going to get from tap map you can create like a special tracking link the custom link just created that's what you're going to send them and if they are going to get a 20 they are like okay this must be profitable like this is not just some basic shout out they are going to do this for you and yeah you are just going to make a lot of money okay you just do it for other Pages like celebrity football FIFA games PlayStation any of these niches that you're going to find on tap map just find one big page then click on this little thing this plus icon it's going to show you related Pages then find those and you can do it again and go down the rabbit hole find a lot of pages send them this message right here and once you're going to get just one shout out track the results get the screenshots and that's something you can also send to these pages to entice them to advertise your link because they are going to see this is profitable you have the links they don't have they don't have the links they don't have the code to actually sign up to that map and you are going to making a lot of money and that's it guys that's exactly how I was able to make over 1.3 thousand dollars but promoting the tap on buffers on this account one of the methods that I've been using if you'd like to see another method that's very cool to make money online make sure to check out this one right here it's highly recommended by YouTube and I'm sure you're going to love it click here and I will see you there bye for now

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