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housing these making money online gets so much easier just head over to then you want to scroll right here and go to the section time to earn and click on I'm in and right here for every single click you are going to get paid 14 cents 11 cents 10 cents zero actions zero Casper whatever zero registrations zero sales for every single click you are going to get paid 10 cents 10 cents 10 cents now pretty much the name of the website is what's going on guys in this video I'm going to show you this brand new completely untapped opportunity on how you can make 11 cents every 10 seconds you don't have to generate any sales this is no cost per action no email submits no sign ups no trials no registrations no downloads nothing like that and all you have to do is just use free free free traffic and the best part it's completely brand new untapped opportunity so for that reason the payouts the payouts for this method are the highest they are ever going to be if you're going to do this method pretty much right now you're going to get the most highest payouts you're going to make the most amount of money with the lowest amount of effort because most people don't even know this opportunity actually exists now pretty much I know maybe 11 cents is like not enough for 10 seconds it doesn't mean like it's enough but pretty much if you're going to multiply that 11 cents there's like six 10 second increments in a minute times six that's like 66 cents per minute still not enough but if you're going to multiply that by 60 that's almost 40 dollars per hour and if you're going to do it by 24 that's almost thousand dollars per day you can generate with this and it's not like you have to work on it this is like on average you are going to be making but the money is going to be per click you don't have to collect any registrations you don't have to actually generate any sales for example if you get like 100 clicks and you would make like one sale of hundred dollars that's on average dollar per click but that this is not about that okay this is not earnings per click on average this is per click literally per click you are going to get paid 11 cents every 10 seconds now before we get started with the method please don't forget to smash like on the this one I would really appreciate it don't forget to subscribe hit notification Bell and comment down below and tell me if you like this method or not or if you have seen it before I would really like to know that because I think this is a very awesome method to make money online so before we move on let's see if you have seen this before okay now let me actually show you how this method actually works okay now this is going to be the website we are going to be using and it pretty much says earn with push subscriptions it's easy and pretty much Pro push me is a platform for monetizing traffic with push subscriptions for Affiliates and webmasters now don't worry if you are not an affiliate or webmaster unless you like very easy way to make money with this but I want to first introduce you to the website so you actually understand how it's going to work out now pretty much how to earn with Pro push me is that they are pretty much a push notification network from a well-known giant gold propeller ad if you have seen if you've been online and you have seen propeller ads you know what this is about the pre-match propeller ads are a network for a push notification so you can essentially go to this website you can just scroll through leads where your reputable has been around for a long time you can simply just buy traffic from them via all these push notifications okay so all of these push notifications these are just couple of examples that you are getting when you are going to sign up somewhere so you go to website and pretty much the website is going to prompt you something like this like they want to show notifications you click on allow I'm not going to click on it but you click on allow and then they are going to be sending you all these kinds of notifications like these or these or for example these you can see on the bottom right corner depending on what they are going to select and you you can actually buy traffic from propeller ads on all of these push notifications the in the page push the pop unders pretty much interstitial I don't know what is this on Direct clicks okay now pretty much push notifications is what we are talking about they have a couple of other options now you cannot just generate them out of nowhere so what they created to actually fuel their entire ad company is this another company called Pro push that me and this is where you can actually earn like a cash back on your traffic that's how they are calling it but essentially what you actually are going to get paid for is if you are going to be collecting the traffic via push notifications now this is kind of like they are going to give you like this calculator profitability for a Pro push that me and you're going to write you're going to put there like you for example get uh that this is a lot of traffic let's say you get like thousand clicks okay thousand clicks they are going to tell you that you are going to make like 1.7 okay and this is exact reason why people don't do this so I'm going to select countries like USA and you're going to see it's even less 23 cents per thousand and when I go to desktop it's 20 cents and this is the exact reason why people do not do this okay because I mean I wouldn't do this either there's like a special way on making money with this we're from 1 000 clicks you can make like 50 or 100 dollars very easily and these clicks are free they don't have to take any action and that's the reason why it's so easy to get them because you don't have to actually sell anything or do anything like in terms of webinars calls you don't even have to sell anything you can literally just send them to a video that's it so that's very cool about that and this is the Casper Casper sign up rate so when they click on the push notification if there are people from these countries you can see them right here for every thousand of them this is not per click this is per thousand you're going to get paid like 120 dollars okay so that's the reason why you can make fifty two hundred dollars per thousand people because obviously not everybody is going to sign up but here's how to actually make money with this okay now they have some really good guide about it but I will show you like them Incognito make money online wait you just go to the time to earn scroll there and click on I'm in and you want to sign up for this okay now the sign up process is pretty straightforward it's super simple you don't have to have any followers anything like that now once you're going to sign up this is where you're going to land so this is the members area of the network and pretty much you see statistics you see the sites traffic backlinks and all these good things now the only thing that you need to do is you need to get a website okay now don't worry it's super simple you just go to website that's called the namecheap.com this is where you can buy a domain and then you can pretty much buy any random domain that you're going to be using so for example I don't know I think I need to profits.com for example I'm going to search for it and pretty much it costs a very little amount of money because you can just go with the okay.com is already taken I guess you know by who but pretty much you can go with any of these domains they cost like ten dollars per year you're just going to add them to the card I will just add a random one and then you just want to buy this WordPress hosting this is going to give you a WordPress website and you can start using this propush.me network very easily now they have a tutorial on how to do that but I want to show you how to actually make money with this okay so you're going to do that and then when you go to the rates you're going to see and these are the updated rates because on the website they have like the basic rates but you can see they are pretty much for 1 000 people you're getting paid 143 dollars if they are from New Zealand from United States 114 on Android uh United on Mac 106.

So pretty much these are the rates okay so it's it's all legit and when you're going to sign up we are going to provide your tutorial on how to actually put it on the website now the problem with most people are doing with this is they are literally love aware is the website not this one not this one not this one this one they are just putting the the notifications just like this okay and they are not making any money with this because this is not something you want to be doing because when somebody goes to your website and they are looking for an article the last thing they want to do is click on this and that's why from 1 000 people you will get you will make 20 cents but here's how to actually make like 50 to 100 very easily instead of creating a website like this this is by the way created on WordPress that's why I'm recommending you're going to create a warpers website you're going to create a landing page that looks something like this okay so you create a landing page and it's instead of people putting in their email addresses they are going to sign up for his push notification and this is all legit this is all ethical legal according to the privacy policy according to all the rules but nobody is doing it because they think they are going to make 20 cents per thousand clicks and I wouldn't do it either but using this hack if you're going to send like thousand people right here more than 80 percent I guess are going to opt in because they don't have any other option they can either leave you or click on the yes button without actually filling any of the information get access to the lead magnet that you are providing and you will get paid for that you just give something away for free it can be like a video tutorial guide even a webinar and you can make money with that way but with this one you are getting paid for these notifications okay so this is why I think this is really awesome way of making money online you can easily make over a thousand dollars because you can just literally sign up to Pro push create a website like this and share it on social media and people are going to be clicking there and for every single click click click click click click you are going to get paid now if you like me to create an in-depth tutorial on how to actually do this please just comment below in-depth tutorial if there's going to be enough interest I will go about it because it's slightly technical but this is exactly what you got to do this is the secret sauce great website just like this and you are going to be making money from it no problem and that's it hope you enjoyed this video and if you're looking for another way to make money online definitely check out this video right here which is highly highly recommended by the YouTube algorithm so I promise you you are going to like it if not just comment below that YouTube algorithm sucks

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