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now yesterday I made $4,899 now in the last 7 days $112,000 but I don't make this money like right away just magically appearing you can see that today I only so far made $188 so I think I should be showing you more earnings just like this and also the progression because I didn't wake up just with $4,000 okay what I actually did wake up with one of the most common questions when it comes to affiliate marketing for my viewers is okay Eric I see the old affiliate offers all these okay I can make money with this I just get my link but how do I actually get traffic well in today's video I'm going to show you a method you can use to make a couple thousand dollar easily in profit in the next 14 days without any skills spending for any expensive tools or even buying traffic whatsoever this is going to be a completely free traffic method you can use to make hundreds of dollars and easily thousands of dollars in the next 14 days now you can see that today I just made $188 yesterday say 4.8 th000 and last 7 days $122,000 but you can see I'm always every single day is starting from zero when I wake up okay like the clock resets and it starts with zero but when I wake up there's some money and I also woke up and I want to show you this very quickly right now I woke up and to a commission of $939 that you see right here and this is actually a commission that one of my students generated for for himself now if you want to see exactly how he was able to make this on complete autopilot because this happened at 4 hours and 21 minutes in the morning while he was asleep and also if you like to see exactly how I'm generating this amounts on my warrior Plus account make sure to check out my master class and get your ticket that's happening on the 30th of October from the link in the first comment below this video from my channel make sure to don't fall for the scam or don't reply to anybody I post a link to the masterclass discounted price the original price is $197 but currently you can get it for early bird pricing which is increasing very very soon okay so I'm going to show you exactly how to promote let's say warrior plus products with this completely free traffic method what you want to do is just go to the product section where you can pick up the product and I hope you can actually hear me and also don't forget to like the video subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below again if you are going to use this method or you are just watching for entertainment and you just want to Simply pick up a product that you are going to be promoting now I have talked about war plus before already I showed you numbers but right now I really want to focus on the free traffic method so we are just going to go with couple of products or just one product for example like Majestic right here that is going to look very nice okay what we are looking for is going to be a sales page that is kind of like looking very nice and very beautiful just like this one okay so shiny there's a okay there's a lot of things happening right away and pretty much good logo good design this is what we are already looking for okay something shiny like this and not a lot of text if there is a lot of text then you want to make sure that the design is just very basic so the page is like uh white or something along those lines okay so this page is definitely going to work for this one okay so that is the first thing next thing you simply just want to copy the link of this page copy it and you just want to place put it right here into this website which is going to turn this into completely done for you ebook that we are going to inject with our affiliate link okay so you want to do it and it's going to take some while to actually convert it but in the meantime what we can do is simply just Google Sada and this is one of the easiest and free pdf editors that I've been using for a long time now let me just download the file and open it up and let's see how it's going to look like okay okay okay and yeah it looks pretty okay it looks pretty okay obviously there's so many Graphics so it's not going to be seamless because this is a PDF document so yeah as long as it's decent that's all we are really looking for to make it much better you can just simply use a website or landing page that only has text okay but the next thing we want to put it into the SAA and now you just want to add your affili links to the logical places where people can click this is very important because you don't want to be just adding the link everywhere but just the logical places and I will show you why now The Logical places are essentially where you would click when you are browsing the website so for example this is the website and I'm not clicking like everywhere you know where I would click is like the video I would click on play the video then I'm definitely not clicking here I'm just reading that then I'm clicking on the button so that is another thing I'm not clicking here I might right click on the image but I'm not clicking here I'm clicking on the button then I'm not clicking here I'm not clicking here so you get the point so that's where you want to add your affiliate links you simply click on the links you're going to highlight the section and you are going to add the link to it okay and click enter and then you just want to do it for the rest of the page now if it's kind of like this you simply just want to highlight the top part and also highlight the bottom part okay so it's going to be kind of like seamless and yeah then you can also like highlight this part but not just too much okay what you don't want to do is you don't want to like take the entire page for example like this and put it as one big link and I will show you why I put it right here as an example and I will show you why not but this is something you don't want to do and you only want to put it into logic places now click on apply changes and this is going to actually finish converting it you just want to download it and the next thing you want to go to is called uh Google and you are going to Doc Droid okay go to docdroid.net and this is where you want to upload the file now when we're going to view it DOC Droid doesn't disallow links so it's not going to make your PDF linkless hopefully that is a word but what it does it makes them visually makes them look just like this when people are Hing over them okay so there is no link right here but if they want to click on the get click here to get now access they hover and there is the link okay so it highlights the part but also with the image right here like when they want to like hover over it they can see like a little link it's not huge but it's like effective so that's why you don't want to highlight the entire page because then people are just going through it and it's like it's kind of like the entire thing is link so the people feel like elephant in a in a porcelain store in a store with those little cups and everything like they don't know where to move so yeah that's something you don't want to do okay so don't don't do this only do these parts that are small straight to the point and are logical for people to click there so they are not going to have a bad taste of your PDF then you want to go to chat GPT and ask you what are the most common problems problems problems problems when it comes to and in our case make money online okay and it's going to give you all these and you just want to like I guess ask for just 10 of them and lack of skill scams and frauds intense competition incon system income and effort Market saturation Tech and it gives you these problems now let's go with the first one that's lacks of skills okay and now you want to write there the first part is problem that's very important for all my non-english-speaking friends who take problem like yeah problem okay problem is the keyword and then the second keyword you want to write there give me top three reasons for the first problem please why people are not making money make it short post around 300 to 500 Words and this is the also the important part reasons not problems but reasons to the problems and also easy to read and also enticing to read for person who just sees it for a few first lines so it's not like a factual post or factual article but it's more like engaging and not just based on facts and now we have this thing right here and now what you want to do is you want to go back to this sales page and you are looking for pretty much a part of the sales page that might resemble a tutorial okay so I will show you an example so imagine taking over a Channel with 100 million subscribers this is okay but I want to see something much better so Majestic do all the work these are really just the sales points what I'm really looking for is something that is going to resemble some part that could be actually a tutorial okay so this is a good part never pay for traffic again we are not really looking for the most hypy angle we are looking for a tutorial angle on the sales page so this part is going to work extremely well and then what you want to do is just post this into related Facebook group so I just posted it top three reasons why people struggle to make money online I copy and pasted the entire response from Chad GPT then at the bottom I added I just cre a free ebook detailing a software that turns other people's videos legally and ethically into small online income streams if you like access comment below me or DM and I'll send it to you the software yeah I made a mistake there is around $67 to $97 it's not but we want to tell that because that's what is the cross out price on the sales page but they are R running a discount at the moment the app is not free the ebook is so this way we are pretty much filtering out freebie Seekers who are not going to purchase the app because they're like oh yeah I mean might as well just skip it because I will have to pay for it but also if they are going to reach out and they know it's a paid software yeah you are going to get sales and then a screenshot of that part that I mentioned but I also added this little part right here and added a arrow and then pretty much uh just deleted the part where it says then use and name of the software so we can actually yeah be enticed to get the ebook first and then purchase it with your affiliate link and that's it I hope you enjoy this one now if you want to see how to actually make couple thousand dollars in profits using this method then there is a one secret that you need to do and I'm sharing it on my first day of my master class this is exactly the reason I'm able to make this amount of money per day and not just being stuck with like $60 days if you want to join make sure to click on the first link in the comment section and for next video check out this one right here

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