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in today's video I'm going to show you how I've been using this brand new website and this is something that I never showed you before guys you can see the payment sent I made 88 then right here payment sent a 198 dollars completed I can check out the details and these are the payments that I've been generating 157 dollars right here payments and and also 238 dollars right here payment sent and also this one 385.44 now I have just set this up it took me like 50 minutes and it's currently making me around 35 on average every single hour and in today's video guys I want to show this brand new website exactly how to use it but more importantly how to set it up so it's only going to take you like 15 minutes you don't have to show your face on camera and then exactly one of the fastest way to get completely zero cost traffic to this website to actually make money by doing this overall you can make easily over 300 per day with it but also when I was testing it out I pretty much made like 198 dollars then 88 dollars right here which I know it's not a lot but 157 238 dollars and 385 dollars so I think on the average it's making this amount of money and you can do it without any investment without showing your face on camera and also without any social media followers okay so let's get started now first thing what you need to do and this is like an extra step right away from the beginning is we need to actually create multiple multiple offers and affiliate links so we are going to be making the most amount of money now now the one that I recommend right away is just go to or also go to digital Warrior plus but for this one ClickBank is going to work super well and they want to go to E-Business and e-marketing and these are the offers we are currently looking for because they perform very well now these are the live chat jobs okay you have to try this one so these offers that are pretty much like about work or some kind of remote job people can do online these are the ones that we are looking for now this one also has like a one dollar trial so it's going to be converting very well and also this one right here which is very well known called get paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube also this one right here right get paid to review apps on your phone and also this one paid online writing jobs get paid to do simple writing jobs online so these are the pretty much offers we are looking for now this is a one way to actually get them because pretty much right here this one is going to pay you like 107 on average then this one 38 dollars and then this one 19 and this one 59 okay so what you want to do is go to ClickBank and just go to the top categories and these are going to be the affiliate offers we are going to be using first and also you want to go to CPA grip sign up for an account again pretty simple just put in the details put that you are from your email website slash instant slash GPT any of these settings click check check check check check check check check check right here and then click on register now and then just go my offers and you want to go right here to United States again and we are pretty much looking again for the work from home jobs now pretty much one alpha right here is this one right here take service with opinions that pay because this is completely free now also the next thing you can also go to tap mob and by the way just on this account I made over three thousand dollars already you can see that I'm going to be recording a new videos about tap map very soon so you should definitely subscribe and don't forget to like this video comment down below and hit notification Bell so you are never going to miss out on that I would really appreciate it but also on the tap map you want to use these offers as well because they are going to be paying a lot of a lot of money okay now once you're going to reach like a couple thousand dollars on tap mop you are going to get increased payout as well if you want to use stepmap as well okay but I really want to show you the method that we are going to be using so you want to get these offers for this case I'm going to use this one so CPA if you just want to go CPA go with this offer and then if you want to do ClickBank and affiliate marketing which I do recommend you're going to do with this method definitely go with like live chat jobs and these job offers okay job offers not the make money online products digital courses but these offers now the next thing what you want to do is you want to go to Google and you want to search for this website c-a-r-r-d card okay and this is pretty much the first website you want to go to and you just want to sign up it's completely free and this is a website builder that I actually use myself when I'm promoting other affiliate products being Incognito meaning I don't use my face to do this so I'm using this no face Instagram pages I use this no face Instagram not Instagram but Tick Tock accounts and stuff like that whenever you're going to actually come across a page that's hosted on card most likely it's going to be my page okay now pretty much when you're going to sign up this is how it's going to look like now first of all just go to new site I'm going to show you like the best converting template that works every single time when you are actually promoting anything with this method you want to scroll down until you're going to find this template right here it's called the next thing big the next big thing it's pretty much looking like this and this is a template that I use all the time whether I'm promoting my offers because it's super simple it's really high quality and it's going to increase your camera version rate because most people are going to use Google sites and stuff like that which is going to work but this is my secret sauce and this is the reason why I also like don't share it out in every single video but just here and there just for my loyal viewers so you are going to get all the details and pretty much this is what I use okay and this is how the template is looking like so it has like this little image and headline this is what I use to actually call the entire website so this is like the headline for the entire website you really want to make sure when you are creating these Pages it's pretty much like one thing okay so for example if you are promoting a make money online product everything right there is about make money online when you are promoting a keto product or a weight loss product the entire website is about weight loss as well because this is how it's going to look like okay now first of all the bottom you can just click on it and then click right here on the trash icon to delete it and click on yes and then also click on this part right here and delete pretty much everything you're going to have at the bottom so again let me do this and delete it really quickly this part as well and then this part as well and and also this last part entire thing as well uh do you want to preserve them no so it's going to delete the entire container and okay and now we have pretty much like three or two these uh little showcases for the main things that we are promoting now pretty much for the headline what you want to write here you just click on it and then you just click the site title and put there easy ways to earn extra income online because we are going to be really putting multiple of them and then we just want to click on this little brush icon and make it like smaller so it's not going to take the entire page I like to use like two little uh two lines so don't make the don't make the title too long because you want to make sure it's going to be able to shrink into like two lines and then pretty much right here list a few easy work from home jobs you can start right now without any prior skills or experience and then for the image you can put there something or you can just delete it just make sure it's not going to be blank okay now leave the little arrow right there because when people are going to be scrolling this on their phone they are going to see like easy ways to earn extra income online and then nothing else they need to get like a direction of what to do after now if you're going to scroll down this is where we are actually going to be putting our uh putting our affiliate offers so first of all you want to get your first affiliate offer live chat jobs click on the sales page of the offer and this is how it's going to look like okay so this is pretty much online right here and this is something that I don't actually like so I'm just going to go to the affiliate page I'm going to use a different affiliate link to pretty much get a different sales page because this one is like I don't want this one this is what you want to do it's going to select landing page and then click on variation for example 280 I'm going to put there something okay okay create a hot link click on the Hop link and check out the page how it's going to look like okay this is this is much much better and now what you want to do I use this uh little extension called light shot if you just Google it or light shot this is what I use to pretty much create a short it's not short but small screenshot make sure to don't include the country because in this case it's a customized to me so you want to make sure that when people are going to click on the affiliate link it's going to be customized to them if I put my country there the image is not going to customize so you highlight this entire part then you take this little uh underlining thing and underline the 280 dollars per day and 35 dollars per hour right here okay it doesn't need to be perfect and then you want to save the screenshot then you go to the page to the card Builder click on upload and you put it right there then make sure you're going to put the entire thingy there and click on accept and now pretty much you want to click on it as well and you want to just get it at the first part you can see right here it's going to distort it but if you go all the way to the left it's going to be looking much better okay and now pretty much you just want to write here what is the job about again you can use this uh you can use the sales page to actually get the all the things you need and again make sure it's only like two lines because then it's going to be hard to read and then 30 dollars thirty five dollars right this okay put it right here again and then pretty much you want to click on this little text and you want to make duplicate it and then copy like most of the text right here and then this is really going to be like a small size text okay this is not going to be something like a selling point okay you want to make sure this is going to be like a small small part like this so it's not going to take a lot of real estate and then the details guess what this is going to be your affiliate link now the affiliate link you want to make sure you're going to use the same one you used for the preview on the card okay so you want to go right here and then highlight this entire part right click copy you don't have to shrink it actually click on details and then you just want to change the label like click here to sign up and then the URL right here is going to be your affiliate link and click on done okay so this is going to be the first page and also I forgot to change this part so I'm going to delete this part and also this one should be much bigger actually but it's going to be changing both of these okay now kind of like too lazy to create a new one but this is this is what you want to do okay like these little Windows because this is what's going to actually do the selling for you this high quality page and again you want to make sure you're going to highlight this entire thing and you want to do the same for the next one so I'll show you the next one as well so this is live chat jobs and for example the second one is going to be get paid to use Facebook now if I click on it check out the sales page okay now this is a good this is a good screenshot that we can use so again click on the live chat highlight this entire part just like this try to make it like Square size because then it's going to look very cool again get the underline make sure to underline the amount and mount and also add a little arrow for example and yeah that's it and then again save it upload it to the card and again resize it we can accept then click on it and then the width change it to the smallest amount so it's going to resize accordingly and again now just get something from the sales page and put it right here so online social media jobs okay okay so online social media jobs that pay 50 dollars per hour or copy that part you want to put it right here and again to change the text you click on the a to change the text and you click on the Little Brush icon to change the appearance okay so this is how it's going to look like and again come right here to the sales page and then you just want to put the information right here so just like this it's really just copy and paste and then again details you want to put here a click here to sign up and then you want to get your affiliate link for this one and again create hop link copy that and put it right here okay and click on done I want to do it for all the offers I recommend like going for like three to five again don't overdo it like 100 because nobody's going to go through 100 and you are just wasting your effort instead of doing like 100 offers you want to create like multiple pages in different niches so I recommend not going to three to five but this is like the thing you want to do then what you want to do is you want to click on publish this site click on this little this cat if if you remember what this is this is not just a save icon and pretty much click on the title and put there something that's related to your website so pretty much easy ways to earn extra income online and then description again you can just click on the description of the website click on Save and paste it right there Then action make sure to publish it to a card core URL that's going to be working no problem and then pretty much extra ways to earn online 2023 it's available anything on publish okay now this is the secret source of actually converting this because if you're going to put it on Google site you can make money with this but the conversion rate is not going to be as high but because I'm also using this myself I don't want to be Shouting Out Card in every single one of my videos because it's just a secret sales that I use myself and now when you click on view site this is where you are actually going to come and there are all these animations okay this is the reason why we are using it because this doesn't seem like just like a Google website when people come here it's like very aesthetically pleasing to watch this website and go through it so easy ways to earn extra income online you can see this just didn't just appeared but actually is just like a very very good uh animation to it it has animation so work is live chat assistant 280 a day people can see it right here then click here to sign up make sure your affiliate links are actually working and then also the second one right here click here to sign up again this is what they are going to go to and again you want to add like three to five because again people are not going to go through more than like 10 and 4 is much better used if you're going to actually create multiple sites in different niches and that way how you're going to make the most amount of money and now you really just need to send traffic to it now I created a in-depth tutorial on how to create get unlimited traffic using Instagram without even showing your face so for that all you have to do is just use your phone and create a brand new Instagram account and this is the video on how to do that in that video I'm telling you that the monetization part is going to be in a separate video this is the video about it you want to use the card website make sure to use the card website if you're going to find an Instagram account that actually has a card website most likely it's my account or after this video with some of your accounts but this is the way I make money from the Instagram because most people are using like a bio link and all these short which are good but this is better because nobody is doing this and it's not saturated so to see the tutorial just click right here and see exactly how to get thousands tens of thousands of free visitors to your car website and make a lot of money

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