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if you're looking for an easy way to make money online I got you covered because today I'm going to show you how to use Google and more importantly Google news as an endless source of content you can use completely for free completely ethically and legally and get paid for doing it literally just for copy and pasting I'm going to show you how to find the best content on Google News that you can turn into cash and I'm gonna show you all the free AI tools that are going to do all the work for you so all you really have to do is just copy and paste couple of Articles use the AI tools to turn them into completely brand new unique content and then paste them onto these two websites which are actually going to pay you for these articles even if you're not going to make any sales you're not going to generate any CPA commissions or you're not going to generate any actions they are literally going to pay you just for people who are going to be reading these articles this is super simple but before you get started don't forget to please smash like subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below something for the YouTube algorithm and also if you'd like to see exactly how I'm making this amount of money pretty much today so far I already made 1.5 000 yesterday 984 last seven days eleven thousand dollars last 30 days 42 000 I'm going to be running a special five day live master class training 60 Minutes of completely awesome training every single day for a week it's going live on the June 19th you can pick up your tickets right now for the lowest price if you're going to click on the link in the video description make sure to act fast because the price is going to increase and this is a not fake scarcity I know there are other websites which promise you all this is going to increase blah blah blah and it never does this is going to encourage okay there was already one price increase make sure you're going to get in before the price increases again the original price is 197 dollars but right now you can get it for less than that alright guys now in today's video I want to show you exactly how to use these articles from Google News if you go to Google and you just search for Google News how to actually use all these different articles that are right here to actually actually make money okay because all these articles that are on Google News they are very popular they are getting a lot of traffic a lot of eyeballs and you can actually use them in a very clever way right now which is not going to work after like one year of this method but right now there's like a very good like I would call it a honeymoon period where you can use this loophole and make thousands of dollars by doing this so when you go to Google News you're going to see that there are these top stories right here and it's not just like articles from Google they are all the news websites for all around the world so for example the CNN is right here then here is BBC and I don't know here's like the Washington Post the New York Times and all these different new websites and they are all congregating if that's the word I hope it is so they are putting all these articles on one place okay because this is why Google news is very popular it's not because it's news posted by Google it's all the top articles from all the top news websites all in one place and the cat categorized for your convenience so this is the home this is obviously the most popular ones but then there's like a us then there's like a world then there's like a local business technology Entertainment Sports science and health so for example if I go to the health section you're going to see there are going to be all these articles again from all the other websites like Yahoo news CBS CBS Evening News DC is CNN all of these are pretty much right on one place and the thing is the reason why they are here is because they are the best of the best from the categories there's a reason why you don't see just like one single News website right here is because all of them have pretty much like different categories and the best articles from them are right here so this is the first thing that's going to make this method a lot easier because you don't have to actually look for anything crazy you just find the best articles that are getting tons of traffic right here now next thing what you want to do is you want to find an article that actually it has some kind of value okay because some of them are really like I would call them like a Twitter post or Instagram post because you can actually click on that for example this one right here send Peery riddles here testosterone boosting Secrets the only thing you need to find is an article that actually provides value because this is something that is really just a new news and it's not really something we can actually use for the long term and you can see the entire article is right here and right here that's it it's really nothing so you don't want to be using those articles you want to use something for example uh like this one that I found pretty much exercises can counteract the genetic risk for diabetes and you're going to see all these there's obviously plenty of ads on these news websites but pretty much this is like a lot longer article that actually has some value to it okay it's not that long but it's much longer and if you're going to read through it it's actually going to make sense now once you're going to find these articles you can pretty much just skim through them and just uh click with your uh Mouse wheel and pretty much open up like a lot of them okay in your different tabs and you just need like 10 to 15 because you are not going to be doing any work after this now as an example I'm going to be using this one okay so what you want to do right now is go to Google Docs and just open up a new document and just want to copy and paste the entire article there because there's a lot of ads and we don't want to be using Those ads okay so this is going to be the the article so I want to just copy and paste all the text I don't want any images I don't want any links I don't want any of these advertisements so just like this and you just want to make sure you're going to do this now listen up we are not going to be a plagiarizing these articles we are not going to be stealing them we are going to be using them as the main content but we are going to make it unique and we are going to rewrite it but we are also going to get paid for that okay so this is the article and now pretty much you have like two options first I will show you the basic one then I will show you the brand new one which is something that most people don't even use the first option to actually rewrite the article is just go to quill bot quill bot right here and you're going to use the paraphrasing dual quilbard Ai and the reason we are using this one is because if you're going to Google uh AI article tester you are going to see it's uh this one right here you're going to see that when you're going to run an article through quill bot and it's in like AI generated it's actually high quality so quill bar is like the popular basic solution but it's actually the best one to use completely for free so all you have to do is just now copy and paste the paragraphs and click on paraphrase and you're going to see it's going to make it a lot different okay so now you have a completely brand new article you're going to copy this and then paste it right here then again copy and paste this part go to quill bot highlight paraphrase wait for it to paraphrase the entire article copy that and paste it into your document so this is the first thing you can do now the second thing you can actually do is go to this website which is called the bright Sonic and this is like a way nobody is actually using it because I don't know why but it's actually very cool for this because right signing is going to create you an article that sometimes going to pass this AI content detection sometimes it doesn't if it doesn't you can just run it through quill bot and that's okay but if you're going to give it like a very good base and that bass is a original article then it's going to make the article even much better and it's not going to be like an AI generated and if it's going to be in rare case you can just again run it through quill bot and it's going to make it an AI generated now just create your free account it's completely free they have free trial and plenty of credit and then right here you want to use content you just want to search for content and use this tool Which is popular but I haven't seen anybody talk about it called content rephrase okay so click on that and this is going to rephrase your entire content these articles that we have right here into completely unique articles I'm just going to copy this part just to make it a lot faster so pretty much this is the article tone of voice professional quality type premium outputs I can put like three but let me just do like two outputs or yeah just for an example and click on the generate and now it's going to pretty much create me this article or this part you can put in the entire article there and it's going to make it completely unique right here so this is this is it okay so brand new article now it's very similar but it's also unique because you can see this one has like 70 words this one has 74 words and this is again how you can rephrase the entire article and make it premium okay so this is all you have to do to actually take any content from Google News there's plenty of content there for anybody and turn it into a unique article that you have yourself okay now what I want to show you is how to actually have this unique article that is right here ready to rock and roll to actually make you money okay because the article itself if it's going to sit right here is not going to make you any money but you need to pretty much use it in a different way to actually get paid for doing that now first of all what you can also do is you can find like an affiliate program on ClickBank or digistore for example this one is is about diabetes so I can just go to ClickBank search for diabetes and also put this affiliate link into the description so for example the so the sales page of this one goes discover how to completely reverse to type diabetes and all natural proven method so I'll just click on that and add a call to action right here and add a video and this would be my affiliate link okay so I would just do this promote get my affiliate link and I will put it there this is an extra way to do that because I know I said without any sales and stuff like that you can simply do this and the article is going to be monetized as well and then you can upload it you know to like Google group or it's not Google streaming like a Facebook group but now you can actually make money literally just for uploading the article that's the reason why I want to make sure the headline is appealing and it's going to be going for a longer time not just some basic news like the I don't know just some video or whatever now the websites are actually the pretty much the medium.com is going to pay you just for uploading the article and if you're going to upload a lot of them you're going to get paid monthly for every single person who is pretty much going to subscribe subscribe through your article so your goal is to create like a niche specific articles from Google news and apple them to medium you can see that pretty much medium is actually going to pay you just for uploading the Articles and also another website this one is called vocal that media is going to pay you in multiple ways again just for reading the Articles no sales no CPA nothing like that you can see they are going to pay you for reads this is pretty much how it looks like they are also going to pay you if people are tipping you sales which are obvious and pretty much stuff like that but the thing is that they are going to pay you the vocal rewards its users on a CPM cast per thousand basis more commonly known as reads the more reads you post you received the more you are compensated therefore the more you promote your post through our community your social networks friends and family the more reads you'll have in your account once you accumulate 35 in your account you can withdraw the money via stripe it's super easy to do this because you're going to be putting up enough art articles from Google News just Sprint them through the rewriting tools and you can share them on Facebook Twitter anywhere on forums and whenever people are going to be reading them through vocal media you are going to be earning money and you are going to get paid and also if you're going to include couple of affiliate programs just for example like rivers to diabetes you are also going to make money from people who are interested in that and are going to buy the affiliate product and that's it I hope you enjoyed this method guys go ahead and give it a try it's super easy once you're going to get enough articles you are going to be making passive income but also if you'd like to see how I make over one thousand dollars per day then check out this video right here which is going to explain you exactly how it's done and how it all works click here and I will see you there bye for now

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