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in today's video I'm going to show you how you can make over three thousand dollars in profits without generating a single sale or paying for any paid advertisements the best part is you don't need any skills or any experience and all you have to do is just follow this video tutorial from beginning Until the End make sure to watch closely because I'll show you everything step by step and yeah just let's get started but before that don't forget please smash the like subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below if you were thinking about this method or not because I've seen some people using it already and I think they are coming from my Channel all right now first of all let's go ahead and go to CPA grip this is going to be the affiliate Network that we are going to be using for this example also if you want to make even more money I highly recommend that you are going to be using tap mop because it has exclusive offers that people on CPA grip don't have access to but for now let's go with CPA grip and you want to register for in a free account it's pretty basic once you are going to just go to the website and the cloudflare is going to say that I'm a real person just make sure to fill out all these details once you have your account you can use it over and over again and you don't have to create it anymore now the only thing that you need to care about is the publisher type go with website slash instant or GPT and then where did you hear about us tell them that you are coming from a YouTube channel Incognito money and sign up for an account but make sure that you are going to read these terms of services and that you are not going to be completing any offers yourself because I have seen some people on YouTube sharing tutorials like how to create complete your own offers on CPA grip that's not what you should be doing do not do that because then CPA grip is going to bend your account you're going to lose all your earnings even the legit ones so make sure you are following the terms of service awesome now once you are logged in pretty much you're going to see this entire membership area and you're going to see this awesome chat which I always always like to highlight pretty much you can see other people making money with CPA grip right now so you can see like SEO crack has made 52 000 then Dino has made 400 or 600 and it goes to 16 000.

everybody all these other people and I think this just adds layer of transparency and kind of like it makes it actual because if you're like alone trying to make money online it might be a little lonely but if you have all these people 122 000 making the right in front of you then it's going to be just much more enjoyable I guess now for this method go to the alpha tools and go to the my offers now we are going to be using what we are going to be using is going to be one offer okay so go to Country go with United States go with United States and what you are looking for because they are adding new offers every single time you can see if you're going to sort them by payout actually lately they have been adding very very good offers they're paying you a lot of money like this one right here like install and use tick tock app there is an awesome method you can use with this offer and get paid four dollars and 45 cents over and over again just for people downloading and installing tiktok if that's a method you want me to create because it's so untapped but I believe if I'm going to share it it might get slightly saturated however the earnings potentially this one is huge then please comment below the world word Tick Tock CPA so I know you want me to create a video tutorial about this one because currently it says like the network performance is zero zero zero but the only reason why is that is because people don't know how to promote this offer but when you are getting paid four dollars and 45 cents you literally just need like 200 or 220 people to download a free application and you are going to make one thousand dollars but back to our previous method what we are looking for is going to be a CPA offer that is not here yet and this is why this is untapped opportunity that's why I'm telling you this right now because it's going to be huge right now the offer that we are looking for is going to be iPhone okay currently there is only Iphone 14 but iPhone just announced their brand new iPhone being released and it's going to be such a huge hit that if you're going to do what I will show you with iPhone 14 if you're going to do it one two three days later when there is iPhone 15 offer on CPA grip you are going to be making hundreds of dollars per day because this is going to be so huge everybody is going to be searching for it and because you are going to do what I will show you right now before it goes live when people are going to be searching for it you will just sit back enjoy and see your CPA Group commissions just Bam Bam Bam Bam okay so let's go ahead and we are going to use use the iPhone 14 plus Alpha right here okay so this is how it's going to look like the new one is most likely going to look the same instead of up to one thousand dollars towards the new iPhone 14 plus it's going to say up to one thousand dollars towards the new iPhone 15 plus pro Max or whatever is going to be the version now this is not a guaranteed like win iPhone so you want to make sure that you are following the guidelines but also this is something that I have noticed and please pay very close attention because this is what can actually make or break the earnings that you're going to be making me this one where I have seen people doing from this channel is that they are taking an offer just like this and they don't understand what is the offer about this offer is about to get one thousand dollars towards an iPhone 14 plus if you're going to tell people like sign up to win a brand new iPhone they are going to come right here and they see up to one thousand dollars towards the new iPhone 14 plus in a way they might be getting the same value or even more when they come to the page but what you promise them and what you are delivering on is not the same thing so they will just exit because you just scan them or deceive them so you want to make sure that you are using the same exact claims that are on the CPA offers because people are gonna click there you don't have to worry about it just make sure that when they click whatever they are clicking on is also the same thing on the sales page because if it is up to one thousand dollars towards the new iPhone 14 plus it doesn't say win an iPhone okay so make sure you're going to follow these not claims but these things of marketing next thing you want to go to Google and you want to search for Google news and you just want to go to the first link so you're going to come to the Google news and this is going to be our source of content okay we are not going to be using chat GPT or AI tools for this because we can be literally using Google News to get unlimited amount of content search for iPhone 15 because there are news about it it's just gonna go live and these are all the different stories that you see right here one hour ago three days ago four days ago all these different articles telling about iPhone 15 whatever features blah blah blah blah blah this is Goldmine that is going to make you rich and I will show you exactly how to use it ethically legally without any problems but also how to use this content to get a lot of free visitors to your CPA offers that is going to make you thousands of dollars if you just set it up the way I'm going to show you right now so there's a lot of ways to do this most people are going to take the easy route which is not going to make you any money I will show you the proper route that if you're going to use right now is going to result in huge earnings so you want to take any of these articles for example like I'm gonna take this one one hour ago are you buying an iPhone 14 uh that's actually not a really good one you want to go with one that has enticing headline so this one iPhone 15 Pro Hands-On I found a lot of reasons to upgrade and want to wait until next year okay let's go ahead and check it out so this is Google News okay okay okay so iPhone 15 Pro Hands-On I found a lot of reasons to upgrade and want to wait until next year so this is very interesting like oh I should I upgrade or should I wait until the next year this is exactly what we are looking for update uh posted on September 14th this is exactly what we are looking for okay this is this is exactly now the next thing what you want to do is you want to find a lot of Articles like this but I will cover that a little bit later next if you want to go to foreign account and then you want to go right here at the top and you want to click right here where it says spaces okay and you want to create a what is called like a brand new space now space is essentially like a Facebook group public Facebook group but on quora and what this is going to do is it's going to serve as a website so click on create a space and you want to call it iPhone 15 news and tips something related to iPhone and then pretty much brief description this is where I am going to be posting famous and popular oh okay going to be posting popular iPhone news just like this and click on create now you don't want to be inviting anybody you want to just use it as a website okay and this is exactly what you are going to do so you want to go to that article first of all you want to grab the headline because that's what's going to make people click on it you want to put it right there iPhone 15 Pro Hands-On I found a lot of reasons to upgrade and want to wait until next year and then add like three dots so it's actually a headline and not a finished sentence and now you want to strategically copy and paste parts of this article so for example the first one you could call the iPhone 14 okay okay okay okay so I'm just gonna copy this part and don't worry this is all legal I will show you an ethical how to do it properly and then number one titanium finish means a lighter carry so just like this and also add a bit more information right here and you can see they are doing it as well by adding links right here but I want to do it like this okay and let me just add one more like this one three action button mixed with access just like this and now this is where you're going to add feedback so let me just copy and paste it full article can be found right here okay just like this and then below that this is where important by the way below that you want to add your CPA offer in this way because if you're going to just add the CPA offer right there it's kind of like obvious like okay this entire article is just about a CPA offer but this way we are providing value first we are getting the article we are adding the tips and tricks so people can skim through it very fast and if they are actually interested in this article they click right here and they watch it or they read it you can't really watch an article and then right here at the bottom you want to go back to CPA grip and you simply want to take a screenshot of this one so take a screenshot so whatever we are pretty much promising is going to be delivered the best way to do it is just take a screenshot of the offer because then you don't have to rewrite it and you just want to paste that image right there and at the top you want to add a sponsor of this article this is very important because then it makes complete sense that there is an advertisement that people can pretty much click on and then right here is where you want to add your link click here to check it out and get up to one thousand dollars towards the new iPhone and this is where you are going to add your CPA link and now it's gonna look just like the original article with all these advertisements like if you go to this article you are not like all these ads I would just click away no you see it and it's like okay it makes sense like this there's an article and they are getting pretty much paid for posting it because they have advertisements the same thing is gonna happen on quora just like this and then you just simply want to post it and this is how it's going to look like so let's wait up for it to load up and then this is how the article is going to look like so this is it obviously we are not fooling anybody it's not gonna look like an original sponsor because it doesn't work that way but it makes it obvious like this is the sponsor of the article it's at the bottom if you care click there if you don't care that's okay because this group or not the regroup like a space on quora is about iPhone 15 and you want to copy and paste as many of these articles unique articles into your group because once the iPhone is going to launch once people can actually go ahead and buy the new iPhone they are going to be searching for these things and they are going to be going to your group because this is going to organically rank on Google because a lot of people the way they search is not just like this but they add the quora intentionally so it's not like Google is just going to add it they are literally searching for that so this is one easy way on how to get thousands of completely free visitors just make sure to repost as many articles as possible before it goes live and then add your iPhone 15 offer when it's available on CPA grid and that's it I hope you enjoyed this one this is kind of like the rain code method nobody's buying raincoats when the sun shines but once it starts raining the people who are prepared are gonna make a lot of money go ahead use it and for the next one click right here and I will see you there bye for now

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