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able to already make 1.1 thousand dollars even though I just sent like 451 clicks and got just nine sales yesterday I made one point two thousand dollars last seven days I made over two thousand dollars per day on average you can see fourteen thousand dollars and pretty much last month this is the month of May I made forty two thousand dollars and pretty much last 30 days I made fifty one thousand dollars in affiliate commissions just by selling other people's products via affiliate marketing you can see it fifty one thousand dollars I'm sure I should be able to keep this up maybe it's going to go down maybe I just had a good time but you can see that on on the 14th I had a very good day I sent 3.1 000 clicks about 89 sales and made three point nine thousand dollars almost four thousand dollars in a single day which would break my record on Warrior plus I never made four thousand dollars I was just 80 dollars and 50 cents away from breaking four thousand dollars and in today's video guys I want to show you this super simple 10 minute method 10 minute trick on how you can make money with affiliate marketing even if you are getting started from scratch starting from zero just by using this completely easy hack to get traffic to get visitors without having any website yourself or without even paying for traffic this is something that anybody watching this video can do there's plenty of traffic plenty of room this is never going to get saturated and all you have to do is just watch this video from beginning to the end as I'm going to share with you the exact step-by-step process all the free tools on how to do this and at the end of the video I'm going to share with you this super simple clever but proven traffic generation method that has been working for years and is still going to work for a very long time and it's available for anybody and you can use it literally in like 11 seconds right after watching this video in 99 of cases and in one percent of case if you are the rare case it's going to take like 10 minutes to actually use it but before we get started don't forget to please smash like on this video subscribe to the channel for more money making methods hit notification Bell so I can notify you whenever I upload a brand new juicy money making video and comment down below something to you for the YouTube algorithm so it's going to push this video to more people I can reach more people and I can help even more people make a lot more money now you can see this is my account guys and pretty much I'm on a mission to help 10 000 people make ten thousand dollars online so if you want to be one of them make sure to be following my YouTube channel and also make sure to please I kindly ask you to do this like the video and comment down below so this video is going to be pushed to more people and I can actually help 10 000 people make ten thousand dollars online that's my question to you okay but in today's video I'm not going to be showing you this amount of money because this is too much okay this is something I cannot put in a short video but I want to show you a quick hack on how to actually make one to two thousand dollars now first of all what you got to do for this method is you want to go to digistore24 okay this is another affiliate Network that we are going to be using and I want to show you how to do this for any Niche because if you are a beginner and you never made like any money online then please just go to the store then go to register now and just sign up for an account it's free it's instant They Don't Really require any approval then click right here on login and navigate right here to the marketplace section okay now this is where you can actually find all the different products you can promote as an affiliate get your special affiliate link and then whenever a sale is made through that affiliate link you are going to get paid that's how affiliate marketing works that's how I'm making this amount of money on Warrior plus 51k it might seem like a lot but yeah you can actually make a lot more money than I'm making right here there are people making millions of dollars per month with affiliate marketing so for that 51k is like like chump change okay now pretty much that's exactly how it works now what you want to do is find a product that you are going to be promoting now I'm going to show you one of the products that you can be promoting like this one right here called geniscript and I will show you exactly like how to actually set this method up for this one but you can do it 4.

Tube Mastery and monetization you can do it for the ultimate keto meal plan you can do it for any products that are on a digistore or ClickBank or Warrior pass or anything all you have to do is just sort them by sales ranks you're going to find the products that are selling the most and that means they are in a category that's very popular that's going to make sure there's plenty of traffic for you to actually get a piece of weight that means there's a plenty of traffic in the category so you don't have any problems with getting it and also that the product converts very very well those are only two criteria you want to go for now for this one what I'm going to do is I'll just use the genie script now you want to click on promote now and it's going to give you this crazy looking affiliate link and this is what you are going to be using to actually get the sales okay now what you want to do is also check out the sales page and this is the thing that we are actually going to be using to create our money making machine okay now just simple headline like this this is all we really need okay so just keep this open next thing we want to go to canva and you pretty much want to search for ebook and then you want to go right here to the all filters and just search and you want to select a free one okay the price right here and you want to go with free so it's not going to show you all the shiny templates that are paid and you cannot use them and you essentially want to pick up an ebook that's going to be concurrent with your Niche okay just pick up something that looks good for you and if it's going to look good for you chances are it's going to look good for other people as well just make sure it's congruent because for example if you're going to go for this one this is like muscle and strength if you're going to use this one there's a guy doing some exercise with the dumbbells and it looks like very about uh health and fitness so you don't want to use this one for example for I know like making money online okay it will make it will be congruent you just don't want to do that this one for example quit your day job right here it has a laptop in the background has a person working so I guess that one wouldn't be good for losing weight so just make sure the only thing it looks like okay is not ugly and also it's congruent okay then another thing you can search for is going to be a book cover because this is going to give you a two-page PDF document and that's all we're looking for so you want to pick up again any of these I'll just go for some something random that I kind of like because I'm going to be using manifestation so I will use this one okay now that's a pro one so let me just use the filters and use the free one only so free ones only and I'm going to go for something that's manifestation okay so like this one there's like a moon so that could make sense then for example I don't know this looks kind of like manifestation-y it just doesn't I don't know like this one like a little sword I know that might be something this one can be like that so I'm going to go for for example I'm going to go for this one okay the one with the moon you click on it you click on customize the template and this is the cool part it's going to give you this page right here in some cases it's going to give you like four pages the book cover so the front back and then the first pages of inside some cases just two of them the front and the back and in some cases just one of them but that's all you really need because you can just easily duplicate it and as long as we have the first page that's what really matters now what you want to do is just customize the e-cover to the affiliate offer so this one says exposed 20 word script Alters your DNA allowing you to manifest 100 times faster so this is what we are going to copy copy this and then we just want to put it right here into the text so that's too big so I'm just going to make it smaller but also 20 word script and I'm just I will just enter a 20 word script and I will put this one to any word script as the smaller text okay right here and I know you cannot see that so I need to change it to be the color to be black just like this and this one as well and I will write Here video just like this now I'll delete this one then what you want to do and I will also check out the text transcript so I can have some images for example okay okay this looks okay anything that I would actually use there's a lot of images you can use from the page so make sure to use just just skim through the page if there's something that catches your attention for me nothing will get caught my attention so I'll just use this one I'll just use this little video and I will just screenshot it by the way the two that I'm using for the screenshot is called light shot it's called light shot Liga shot and you just put it right here okay in the screenshot and just like this and then you want to write there free tutorial and then you just want to go to like the effects and put some background to it and put it right here but also make sure it's kind of looking congruent so again effects I'm going to change the roundness to be like a square make the spread smaller and transparency I'll use like a color like this blue one and make it less transparent and also the text is going to be white okay this is something you want to pay attention to don't just rush through this process because then it's going to be like yeah it's not really good I'm not really gonna look very cool so just like like this video and it's going to be the first page and then you just click right here on the duplicate page and it's going to create you another page that looks exactly like this and actually on the first page you don't even want to have the video okay this is going to be the first e-cover so just like this and on this one you just want to make sure the text is white so people can read it and just actually white not the shadow shadowy white but something like this and free tutorial and just move it somewhere right here and video okay so this is going to be the first page and then this is going to be the second page to the video and click here to watch now now the cool part about canva is you just go to digistore again you just copy your link just right click and copy on this part you can actually highlight this part and make it like a link so click on that and you just go to this text and you right click on that and you click on link okay and now you can actually put a link to your affiliate offer and click on done and it's going to add a link there directly to the document you can do the same for the video so people can actually watch that when they click on it and that's it okay so now you have this little PDF right here and then right here they click on go to share go to download and you want to make sure you're going to use PDF because we want to create a book and then select all pages and click on download and now pretty much this is what we created so free tutorial exposed 20 word script Alters your DNA allowing you to manifest 100 times faster video and then free tutorial and then you can see this is a link click here to watch now and this is the video okay so that's it so this is the PDF that we created and this is what's actually going to be doing the selling for you so you don't have to sell any of these products yourself you just give away a completely free pdf but you cannot give it away just like that first of all you go to website let's go to docdroid and you just upload a PDF right here okay the reason you are uploading it right there let me just uh start it once again the reason why you are uploading it right here is because no thanks is because is when you are going to Apple PDF to certain websites some of them are going to disable all the links in the website in the PDF and you want to make sure that when you are uploading the PDF somewhere the links actually work because otherwise you are not going to get any traffic okay so for for this one I know docdroid doesn't disable your links it actually highlights them so if you upload it to like uh Google Docs then it's like there is a link but it's okay then if you are going to upload it to some other PDF sharing website it disables all the links but docdroid allows the links and also highlights them so this is the reason why we want to be using dog Droid all the time for your PDF okay and now all you have to do is just send traffic to this page okay you don't have to sell traffic to your affiliate link you have to send traffic to the sales page and promote it you just give away this completely free exposed 20 word script and people are going to watch it right here they will naturally click on the video go right here and then the sales page is going through the selling process for you now here's how to actually get this traffic this can be for weight loss dark training woodworking make money online affiliate marketing any other niche as well first of all you want to go to Facebook and you don't have to have any followers for this phone okay just go to Facebook create a free account and then you just want to search for a group that's going to be in your Niche now pretty much we are in manifestation so search for manifestation do you want to scroll down and you want to go right here and click on the groups okay and it's going to show you all these different groups in the niche now if you're going to find a popular product chances are there's a lot of popular groups in this niche as well and all you have to do is just join couple of them for example like join this one join this one you can see there's over 1.1 million members right here 429 000 members right here and then pretty much 34 137 000 members just join the group and just create a super simple post that's going to look something like this you want to make sure you are using the color for background and then just put there I just created a two page PDF showing you and then these parties from the sales page so pretty much the sales page is about let me just click affiliate link how to manifest 100 times faster so that's what we are going to use it use if it's about making money online we put it there if it's about losing weight you put it there just make sure it's it's making sense so don't put there how to manifest if it's about losing weight or getting a six-pack comment me if I can send it to you so you are asking for a permission and also this is going to make sure that your post is going to stay at the top on the Facebook group because it's going to be getting engagement it's going to get comments and also whenever you are going to reply to the comment it's also going to get bumped to the top so your post is always going to be floating at the top of the group it's not going to get buried down and this is how you can actually get the traffic most people are just sharing the links in the Facebook groups they get buried nobody clicks on them they're ugly but if you are promoting or pretty much giving away a two-page PDF two-page it's super simple to digest PDF means they can just skim through it and pretty much it's going to help them manifest 100 times faster a lot of people are going to request it a lot of comments a lot of Engagement and it's ultimately going to snowball to a lot of traffic and all you have to do is just post it and that's it guys that's super easy way to make money online with affiliate marketing if you're looking for another way to make money online check out any of my videos on my YouTube channel or check out this one which is highly recommended for the better YouTube algorithm and I hopefully you're going to like it click here and I'll see you there bye for now

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