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so today I was already able to make one point eight thousand dollars now yesterday one point four thousand dollars in the last seven days ten thousand six hundred dollars and last month this is month of May 42 000 and when I go to the last uh 30 days it's fifty five thousand dollars and pretty much these are my daily earnings one point eight one point four one point nine nine one point four one point two to ten thousand dollars in the past week but pretty much using this method you can see that he was able to get five Warrior plus sales and it's huge thanks to Eric you can see this is the profit this is the first in the first 24 hours and then pretty much he did it again and you can see this sale was 139 dollars then he did it again and you can see 178 dollars that one of my students from the master class that I was actually running for the past five days the incading to my master class he just used one of the techniques and he was able to make 178 dollars in 24 hours using completely free traffic and in today's video guys I'm going to show you the exact method of the exact traffic loophole that he was able to use and make over 170 dollars in a single day without even having a website and how you can get started with it right after watching this video now before we get started if you like videos where I show you methods that my students made money with so you can copy and paste them make sure to like this video subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below yes you like methods that I share where my students actually made money with and they are also completely free also guys I'm opening up 10 spots 14 ambitious people who are serious about making 10 to 30 000 in the next 90 days with my one-on-one coaching program you can see right here pretty much I made 1.8 thousand dollars today last 30 days I made 55 000 and pretty much I'm looking for 10 people from this YouTube channel who would like to get started working with me one-on-one and get to 10 to 30 000 in the next 90 days guaranteed using the same exact system that I'm pretty much using right here now this is not going to be free this is only for serious people who are looking to change their life if you are interested in this make sure to click on the link in the description it's erictaggy.com coaching make sure to watch the video fill out the application and if you are the right fit we are going to get started working together I'm looking for people who really want to pretty much change their life are determined to do this this is not free but if you like to get to 10 to 30 000 in affiliate Commissions in profits in the next 90 days with my help pretty much in your corner one-on-one guaranteed make sure to click on the link in the video description erictaggy.com coaching this is a limited spot offer 10 people first comes first serve or how do you pronounce it after that it's going to get closed I'm not sure when I'm going to be opening up again it's not going to be very early but if you really want to get there and make 10 to 30 000 in the next 90 days using free traffic methods that I was pretty much teaching and pretty much get the Advanced Techniques that I'm using myself make sure to click on the video link in the link in the video description or in the comments Eric taggy.com coaching watch the video fill out the application and I will hopefully see you in the coaching program but other than that let's get started with the message guys now this is the proof from one of my members of the master class that I was running pretty much you have seen me shouting it out the master class in the past few days I wasn't shouting it out anymore because it was happening so if you are also interested in the master class comment down below if you'd like to learn more about it and pretty much he was able to make just from the techniques in the first 24 hours 178 dollars now I might show his name pretty much his name is Trey Dix that pretty much I don't want to be shouting out his name because you guys would be pretty much just going there and yeah just spamming him do not do that but I'm going to show you the exact method that he was able to do and use and pretty much make money just like this and this was in 24 hours okay he pretty much took action I was teaching this method on the day number three and pretty much he took action he got five Warrior plus sales you can see that right here five Warrior plus sales using completely free traffic and one of those sales was 100 thirty nine dollars and pretty much all of that equated to 178 dollars in a single day all in profit he didn't spend a single Cent on paid advertising in single single traffic and I will show you exactly how to do that now first of all what you want to do you want to go to warriorplus.com it's warriorplus.com and pretty much sign up for an account the registration is very simple and then you want to pick up an affiliate offer go to Affiliates right here and you want to click on the offers now you are going to be taking to a Marketplace and by the way if you are think if you think I cannot get approved there don't worry I will show you a way to get approved even if you have no sales history you never made any money online this is super super easy and also if you are not going to get approved here you can just use ClickBank offers but I will show you a guaranteed way that beginners actually can get approved so pretty much what you want to do is you want to pick up an affiliate offer right here now the good thing about these offers is that they will actually show you the stats that these offers actually have because on ClickBank or other affiliate networks you just see the sales page but right here you can see how many sales the offer has the conversion rate visitor value and all the these good things you can make like an accurate decision whether you should promote it or not pretty much what you are first looking for is an offer that has more than 500 or 1000 sales so these uh stats are going to be actually accurate because if there will be like 10 sales and the conversion rate is 27 that means that the offer might not convert well like for 10 people it converted but other than that it might not so it's not proven but if it has more than thousand sales and there's 27 conversion rate that means the offer is very good then the second thing right here is the earnings per click so pretty much how much money you are going to making per visitor to this affiliate offer the higher the number the better so pretty much six dollars is very good and then right here you are going to see the average sale value so with all the upsells on average how much money you can make per customer now this is pretty much average because the student right here made 178 dollars for One customer okay so right here the average is 31 dollars so this is something you can go for and then the last thing right here is the refund rate you want to make sure it's going to be low so that's how you're going to be up an offer based on the stats and then also you want to make sure that it's going to be in the same Niche that you are in so pretty much what you are looking for is something that's going to appeal to mass audience what my student use it was kind of like in the like the YouTube automation space the videos and creating video content for social media so pretty much this is the offer that he was promoting it was called Quantum chat GPT add-on create setting forget 531 per day YouTube channels in 60 seconds there's something about YouTube something about videos and all these different things he was in that Niche so he promoted an offer that's for that Niche if you are in that Niche for example video then you promote this so the offer he was promoting is called Quantum okay now pretty much thousand sales twelve dollars 375 and 44 dollars average per sale so that was great stat that's pretty much for videos if you are for example like in uh chat GPT you can see this one right here the two brusher ultimate chat gpt4 traffic system would be good if you are in AI the traffic generation the affiliate marketing this is all in that place so if you're going to check out a sales page you're going to see that pretty much this is for example stupidly simply three click chat GPD app makes us 520 dollars posting lame 15 second videos okay so this is something that will also work for videos for traffic for affiliate marketing for making money online so this is kind of like the off we want to promote just make sure that the traffic you are going to be getting I will show you how to get it completely free and in 24 hours is going to be related to the offer because otherwise you are getting good amount of traffic you are promoting good offer but these people they don't care about this it's like if you are promoting the best steak to vegans like you have thousands of vegans that want to buy something but they are not going to buy even the best steak okay so this is the kind of like the thing that I want to make across and then right here when you're going to go to the products you're going to see The Purge the upsells and pretty much how much more money you can make from the software because all of them have these upsells so the price commission so there's the main product the upsells and stuff like that and that's how my student was able actually to get that 139 dollar sale that you see right here because he actually got an upsell so one person bought the main product and then he also went through the upsells and then he purchased something uh additionally so for example right here two brusher reseller standard is 127 or ultimate is 147 or the done for your profit tag is 497 dollars and then free profit back do pays 277 and then these are the commissions you are going to get from that so you just generate one sale and pretty much you make a lot more from the upsell so this can happen for anybody now what you want to do right now you pick up an offer you get your Royal post account now you need to get your affiliate link so you click on request approval and then pretty much right here you need to write something about yourself if you want to get guaranteed approval this is what's what you need to put there and it's going to take like two minutes to do to take out your phone and you are just going to record a short video talking about yourself like hey my name is such and such I would love to promote your offer I'm coming from YouTube channel called encoding to money I'm a brand new affiliate please give me a chance to promote your offer then just upload this video to YouTube set it as unlisted and you put the YouTube link right here okay and that's how you're going to get guaranteed approval now that you're going to do that you should get your link within like 24 hours and then this is going to be your affiliate link okay so this is the link you want to be promoting what you want to do is you want to copy this link and then you want to go to any like link shortening website for example like bitly which one do you want to put it right here and then pretty much you want to shorten it okay now pretty much I guess you need to sign up to get your link so if they are actually made it for signing up but just sign up to any of these link shorteners for example like bitly or or tinyurl and you just put it right here and you want to make sure instead of this long ugly link warriorpass.com some numbers and letters you're going to shorten it to something that's going to look much nicer okay so you can use like tiny URL you can use like bitly or cattley or any of these link shorteners just make sure you are going to have your short link ready to go and the next thing what you want to do you just want to create a brand new completely free Instagram account and don't worry you don't have to post your face there you don't have to pretty much show your face nothing like that just make sure you're going to go to your profile file and let me just unzoom this for some reason it zoomed crazy just go to ID profile and you want to make sure you're going to add your short link in the description okay make sure to add it in the description because this is what we are going to be doing you can just write like a short bio from the sales page but I want to show you this traffic generation hack that's going to get you hundreds of clicks to your affiliate links you can actually start generating these sales even with free traffic or as fast as in 24 hours now what you want to do you want to get in your phone you want to log into your Instagram account and what you're going to be doing this is called remixing reels we are going to be using other people's very very popular videos and remixing them okay now that you have this setup ready I have a detailed tutorial on exactly how to do this you can just go to my YouTube channel or check out the next video it's right here get paid non-stop I show you any detail on how to remix these videos and all you have to do is just send traffic to the affiliate link that you have generated from Warrior plus that's exactly how Trey was able to make 178 dollars in 24 hours using completely free traffic get your affiliate link put it in the buy over Instagram and then use this traffic method where I show you in detail so you can follow along on how to do this on your phone completely for free and get targeted traffic for free in 24 hours you get it and you will just pretty much make money that's it guys thank you for watching if you like to join my coaching program and secure one of the 10 spots and get to 10 to 30 000 in the next 90 days guaranteed with my coaching then make sure to click on the editaggy.com coaching fill out the application to make sure you are the right fit so I can actually get into your results other than that for the free traffic hack check out this video right here and it's going to show you how to do it just make sure to use it as soon as possible so it's not going to get saturated because after this video goes live a lot of people are going to be doing that but that still makes you can make a lot a lot of money completely for free and also in as fast as 24 hours click here and I'll see you there bye for now

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