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now my current balance is $11,000 and available for distribution which means I can also withdraw it to my account is $11,000 same exact money that means there are no refunds nothing is hold back for Reserve or anything like that and this actually came from something that I said up years ago and last time that I checked this account there was like $200 and they don't send any notifications or anything like that and I was like yeah let me just check out what is in my account and there is $11,000 now I set this up a couple years ago and what I have what is going on guys in today's video I'm going to show you a super simple method on how to make $300 per day just by copy and pasting now today if I check out my account this is my other account that I'm pretty much using to mainly get all the commissions that I'm generating I already made $17,000 yesterday was very good to almost $2.2 th000 in the last 7 days I made $10,000 and last month was very good $72,000 but I think you have already seen this before and these are my daily result pretty much $47 in a day very very good amount because yeah not every day is like that like like that it always come to an average and I pretty much came to an average that is over $1,000 per day but also sometimes it's much more than that and sometimes it's almost like 1% if you're going to divide this you can see this is almost like 1% of the earnings which is kind of crazy to think about but this is how the business actually works and in today's video I'm going to show you how to set up these super simple copy and paste passive income streams that can be making you this amount of money as well per day without any much effort but before we get started don't forget to please smash the like subscribe to the Channel hit notification Bell so you will never miss out on any of my future uploads and also comment down below if just for something random if you are going to use this method or you are just watching for entertainment purposes and also if you want to see exactly how I'm generating these numbers right here then make sure to click on the first link in the comment section below to join my 5-day live master class that's happening on 30th of October so when we are getting started the price is going up to $197 the early birth price is gone but you can still pick it up for an extreme discount which is going to disappear on when we are getting started which I think is on 30th so if you want to save tons of money make sure to click there and secure your last spot I'm going to be showing you exactly how I'm generating this amount of money and also using the same exact system that my students are using right now to make over $11,000 per day on autopilot well let's get started with the method now first of all what you want to do is you want to go to dig store 24 and you can pretty much use any affiliate program any affiliate method but this is going to work the more times you're going to set it up so you want to go to digit store 24 Warrior Plus or ClickBank and pick up multiple products that you are going to be promoting because you can set this up extremely extremely easily but the the power of this method is if you're going to set it up multiple times so let's just go to digit store 24 if you don't have an account you can just sign up for a quick account completely for free just enter your username email password select that you are an affiliate so they are not going to be asking you l lot of questions then uh click that you have read the B2B contract and click on continue to sign up for a free account the approval is instant you can pretty much make money within 5 minutes but the cash out takes like I don't know couple of days because obviously like you will not just get money out of yeah just out of your laptop okay now what you want to do is you want to go to Marketplace and this is going to work extremely well if you're going to pick up a product based on these categories now there's a lot of categories right here with a lot of different products but this is exact what you are looking for I already picked up a product to show you a live example what you want to be looking for and the product right here is called smartphone film making Pro I don't know anything about this product and that is the cool thing that for this method you don't really need to know anything whatsoever because if I click on the sales page you're going to see that this is a nice looking product that's going to teach people how to learn to shoot edit share your Sonic yeah pretty much smartphone photography now if you're going to see the price if I'm going to scroll down you're going to see that that this program is $197 let me just find yeah this is a better one $197 where people can pick this up and you're going to receive a 50% commission which counts to be like $97 approximately something like that however if you're going to check out the description right here you're going to see that if they are going to buy through your affiliate link you are going to give them a $50 discount so people who are actually into smartphone film making are going to be enticed to buy through your affiliate link without actually just buying without giving you a commission because this way they are going to get a $50 discount straight without any questions asked just $50 off just like that now obviously this is going to take away from your commission but this also is going to mean that you can literally just get like 10 clicks 10 visitors to your affiliate link and out of those like eight of them are going to convert so the conversion rate is going to be extremely extremely high now what you want to do is just CLI on promote I already did that because I was testing if this product is instant approval and it is so you can pretty much do this method for this product right away and then just go ahead and find from different categories different products that also uh offer like a discount code through an affiliate link now I could just show you an examples but like everybody would set it up and there will be a lot of competition so I'll leave this up to you you can use ClickBank Warrior Plus or any other affiliate Network or you can even use your own product that you are going to be promoting but make sure you're going to pick up a product that has something along these lines now the next thing what you need to do is you need to create a video that is going to be our set and forget method now one way you can do this is you can just go through the sales page and you can download some of these videos now I think most of the product that I was promoting there was never a problem when you actually used their sales material to promote their program so you can actually use it and pretty much they are not going to be any mad at all or you can just take the sales page of the product and then you want to go to this page right here that is called weed IO or a website or AI tool and this is going to convert your website into an AI generated video now for this case the video just needs to be created from the content that is on the sales page the video doesn't need to be crazy good I will show you live example what I have done myself is actually extremely basic so first of all you can use v.

Or you can also use steve. a these are all free AI tools which are going to convert a website or any kind of Link into a video that we can actually use for our set and forget method remember this is for beginners so if you're going to make this better you are just going to make even more money so you want to use a couple of these softwares or even use your own software or just download one of these videos which are on the sales page or just use these gifts this is what the software is actually going to do it's going to grab all the graphics all the text and it's going to transform it into a video that you can use then to pretty much promote this program next thing you want to go to YouTube and pretty much click on Create and you want to upload this video now I have already done that and I will show you a couple of hacks to really start generating sales as soon as possible now I have already done that and this is pretty much my video now you can see it's only 1 minute and 12 seconds long and because I'm recording a video right now the audio is for some reason not going to play but all I did was I used a quick loom video that is going to pretty much go through the sale page and all I'm saying in the video is that hey I don't know a lot about this program it looks awesome but I have found out a $50 discount so if you're looking to buy it make sure to click on the link below so this is all I have done and this is what the video is all about so this is what you want to create as well if you don't want to be using AI tools and this is how it's going to look like so the title of this video is smartphone film making Pro $50 real discount this is essentially a product name and then real discount that's all you really need to put into the headline because that's pretty much the most of the sales you are going to be generating from you can set this up for hundreds of different affiliate programs that are offering discounts for affiliate links and then the description is pick up smartphone fil making Pro $50 off and then this is going to be your affiliate link this is exactly what I have done to pretty much make this amount of money on autopilot I made tens of thousands of dollars possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars using this method where the discount code was through Mya feather link so this is exactly what you want to do now here are the hacking parts so if you are watching Until the End make sure to comment below you are a crazy person because most people left out and you are going to be the one who is going to use this method and pretty much there's no competition because most of the people are not watching anymore right now so these are the cool things you want to be doing first of all you don't really need to care about the thumbnail we are not going to be using thumbnail second of all you want to create a playlist that is going to be somewhow related to the niche so in this case it is called how to shoot a video on smartphone that is something that people can be searching for when they are looking for this product now the next thing this is important important important you want to go to a website that is called rapid click on use Tag generator and then the name of the playlist and this is extremely important you want to make sure the name of the playlist is what you're going to copy then go to Rapid TXS put it right here and hit enter and this is going to generate you the best keywords and tags to put on a video for which this playlist is going to be ranking so you're going to copy that and then right here where you select no it's not made for kids that's something you need to select all the time you're going to use these little tags right here and I'm going to delete them and just paste them right here these tags are going to ensure that your video alone is going to be ranking but there's even more cool things that we can do to get the sales extremely fast and that is you're going to copy the name of the playlist you go to YouTube and you search for the name of the playlist and then the First videos you're going to add them into that playlist you can see I have already done that and I might generate couple of sales using this method so you can see all these videos you just right click right left click right here on these dots click on save to playlist and put it into the playlist that we have just created make sure that the videos are from the keyword that is pretty much name of the playlist so name of the playlist which is right here this is how to shoot video on smartphone then you're going to go to Google or YouTube you search for that and the top 10 or 20 videos you will add into this playlist and then the most important part is when you are in your playlist you want to make sure you're going to drag the video all the way to the top and all these videos are going to give you you Authority your video alone is going to be ranking for some specific keywords and this entire thing is going to be one out of your multiple passive income streams that are going to be generating you money now obviously not every single day but even if one time per month and you're going to set up 30 of them that's every single day this is going to be making you money and that is it now all you have to do is just set up multiple of them aim for like 10 different affiliate programs first then 30 50 100 and by the time you are done you commissions are going to be rolling every single day on autopilot now if you're looking for another way to make money online click on this video but I highly recommend you're going to check out the master class which is in the first link in the first comment below this video join as soon as possible before the price goes to $197 and I will see you there bye for now

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