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I want you to imagine a method that can make you up to $500 in a single day creates passive income but also is able to generate you fast cash in as soon as in 48 hours from the simple setup well thanks to this application this is possible to do and in today's video I'm going to show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this starting from complete scratch and without any experience whatsoever but the thing is I don't want you to just go and use this method one time what I want you to do is to make the most amount of money possible is to do this method for the next 7 days for 1 hour every single day and then for the next 30 days after that do nothing at all and let me know how much money you're going to make my guess is you start making money and you want to return back to this video and you are not going to confirm it because then other people would start using it as well so that's my wild guess but comment down below and let me know in 30 days how much money you're going to make in passive incomes so if you're not going to comment I'm just going to assume that you are just making money and you don't want to share with anybody else but before we get started don't forget to please like the video subscribe to the channel hit notification Bell and comment down below and tell me if you're going to take action on this or you are literally just watching this for entertainment all right guys now let's get started with the method now the first thing what you got to do is let's go to digit store 24 and I'm going to show you exactly how to do this method step by step so you got to get started somewhere the first step the entire method revolves around is we need to pick up an affiliate product now I'm going to show you an example in the dating love and relationships Niche but you can literally do this for any product whatsoever and it's going to work very very well but I just want to illustrate a point using this product right here that is called unlock the Scrambler okay now this is a product in the relationship Niche that pretty much looks just like this and it's pretty much how to turn a girl into your girlfriend with one simple move now obviously this is aimed at guys and pretty much yeah this is what this product is about and also I just wanted to show you that one of my students actually made over $900 and I need to open it up actually this morning you can see it right there that is a my sale but it's also the sale of one of my students he made $930 on complete autopilot while he was sleeping if you want to see exactly how this system works how to get it all set up it's completely autopilot system that my students are making hand hundreds of dollarss in a single day with then make sure to join my master class where I'm going to be showing you over five days exactly how this system works how to set it up yourself or also how to get the same exact system and pretty much the same exact system that my students are making money with right here you can see $900 I got paid $900 myself but also he got paid $900 as a commission so it's a win-win situation and you can get the same exact system I'm not going to tell you we but make sure to join for the master class as that's where you're going to get more information about it all right now now that we have a product we need to actually think about like what is this product about okay that's very important because we are going to be doing something using almost like AI generation that nobody's doing and this is pretty much completely untab method that most people are not doing and you can make a lot of money with this and it also can create you passive income very easily and I will show you how so this product is about how to turn a girl into your girlfriend with one simple move so something about relationships okay now pretty much one of the freebies or one of the problems that people can have with relationships especially guys is like to how to pick up a girl what to what to tell to a girl when they are approaching her so what we want to do is we want to find pretty much couple of free pickup lines or something completely for free that we can create to actually attract people who are interested in this product so I'm I'm just going to search for top pickup lines for shy guys and I have like 26 of them right here okay this entire page is enough or 101 cute smooth funny and flirty pickup lines for him so I'm just going to open up this website because I want to show you a couple of examples what to do with this one because as I said at the beginning of the video I don't want you to just like go ahead do this one time and click and expect to make money it doesn't work that way where in your life money comes from you doing something and then getting money back right away only in like a car wash machine where you are like changing you're breaking your bills into coins it doesn't work when you go to a job you still need to wait and you tell me how long to actually receive a paycheck so I want you to do this method for one product for one hour and do it for 7 days in a row and then for 30 days do nothing and see how much money you're going to make and then come back and Report how much money you're going to make okay because I see a lot of people are like oh I don't I this is a scam it doesn't work if you're going to make money please come back and report but I know most people are not going to do it because if you are making money with something you don't want to share it so yeah I understand it but for those people who are always commenting like scam scam scam it doesn't work does anybody make money well if people are making money they either just don't don't go back to the video or they just don't want to share it but anyways now that we have the pickup lines pretty much let me just yeah there's so many ads right here so you want to just navigate for him and pretty much we are looking for a website that are going to that is going to have like some different like categories of these pickup lines okay so we can see there's like so many ads I just want to go to another website I'm not going to go to that website let me just go to the first one okay we are going to use this website right here and no I don't want to get any secret offers so these are pickup lines that are like cute pickup lindes then there are funny pickup Lins catchy pickup lines so we have pretty much different headlines because we don't want to be just using like pickup lines we want to be using like catchy pickup lines funny pickup lines just make them unique okay so this is the second thing so now that we have the offer we have the free B now we need to put it together in a clever genus way and this is the part by the way if you're going to watch most people are going to skip and if you are not going to skip it you will actually get the golden Nuggets next thing you want to go to Ken and you want to check out the meet the magic studio right here but want to click on more and go to right here where it says infographic but don't just click on this one you want to pick up a one that's going to kind of like resemble the the flirty wipe or the or the relationship kind of wipe so we are not going to use like cars or this one okay like this is a timeline so we don't want to be using this one we want to go with something that's going to just slightly resemble the the relationship and the pickup lines okay so they can be f funny they can be for shy people so you want to somehow illustrate it because if there is a shy person going to be going through this uh infographic then they are going to resonate with actually being shy okay so I'm just going to find something really quickly and yeah there's a lot of them but yeah none of these actually resemble so what I'm going to do is I will just go right here and I will just select a free one okay so I created a very quick one from this template use your social media traffic with this few easy steps this was a template and all I really did was just copy and paste all these pickup lines so instead of this now we have this and I just added a photo of somebody who is not like introvert and I just added X to illustrate the point but that's it so now we have this this part right here now you can make it as as clever as colorful as you want but pretty much this is the important part right now next thing you want to go to and you want to sign up for a free account okay click on sign up for free you will come to the pricing we are just looking for the free account that is right here and all you have to do is just sign up with Google just to make it very fast and then pretty much you are right here now the next thing you want to go to digit store click on promote now and okay so now I need to wait to pretty much yeah be approved anyways I will just use the sales page URL and what you want to do is go to dig store and you want to create a new link and put it right here destination you can call it the scramble explained affiliate link however this is the important part the custom back half we want to make it unique and easy to remember and easy to rewrite that is related to the affiliate offer so pretty much this is uh top five cute pickup lines for introverts I'm going to add here so what it could relate to we are going to add add there the Scrambler pickup okay now you want to make sure that it's actually going to be unique so you can actually generate it and then all you have to do is just scroll down and click on create hopefully this one is available bam now we have this one available now what you want to do is then you just want to copy this part that is right here and I just don't know how to copy it just like this you want to copy it go back to canva and then click on text and pretty much add a subheading and you want to write here right here full list and add the Easy Link okay so just like this but also you want to make sure that this part is going to be at the bottom of every single one of these pickup lines okay so full list is going to be just like this and you want to make sure it's just like bar not barely visible but it's not intrusive okay so full list bitly scramble pickup and I'm just going to copy it and paste past it right here so just like this slightly and also copy and paste this and you will see why to do this because you might be asking oh Eric can I just like repin something no you cannot and I will show you why you need to do it in this way just like this and then pretty much at the bottom I'm going to put one more but I will make it bigger and I will just right there access the four list and make it just like this and make this one bigger okay just like this one and we want to put it just like this so now we pretty much have this post ready to go and this is the reason why you need to pick up a specific affiliate offer get the specific free things from Google create a specific infographic and create a specific uh link on the bit list so now what you want to do is you simply want to just click on share and you want to download it now I'm only going to download the second part because I only want the second page because that is the one and not PDF I just want to as as JPEG and download now the next thing you want to go to interest and you simply want to upload it there also you can make sure that the size is is correct based on the the infographic then the headline and for some reason this is bugged top five cute pickup lines for introverts just like this then the description again about it then the link is going to be right here bitly but this is the important part you just want to publish it to a proper board so we are going to put there like a pick up advice for men 2023 I will create it and I'm going to publish it there but this is the important part that most people don't realize and they are just looking for a shortcut is that now if I see my pin this is my pin this is high quality content that I created that pretty much is mine so I also have my links right here so now whenever somebody is going to just repin this people are still going to be sharing my affiliate link that is embedded in Pinterest and this is the exact reason why you are creating this and not just repinning because you can go ahead and now create like 10 20 30 every single day in one single hour and then do it for like 7 days and have over 100 different infographics across Pinterest and the better you're going to make them the more people are going to be sharing them and more passive income from you because the link is never going to disappear here and then you can also use sord pin to actually get completely free traffic to these pins right away and I'm teaching you exactly how to do that in this video so if you want to get the fast results and also passive income check out this video on how to use sword pin to actually get traffic to these pins as soon as possible

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