STUPIDLY-EASY +$45.50/Hour NO SELLING Method For Beginners To Make Money Online using ChatGPT AI

you can see just on this camera I was able to make 827 dollars this is per week by the way 728 681 506 461 838 487 58 660 541 100 what's going on guys in today's video I'm going to show you this stupidly simple method you can make over 45 dollars per hour by doing this and you don't even have to do any selling yourself the best part about this you don't need to have any skills you don't have to create any videos you don't have to write anything yourself because for like a 95 of this method we are just going to be using AI tools which are going to give you pretty much all the things that you need to just copy and paste but then please pay attention because I'm going to show you how to actually use this content from these AI tools properly to get instant free traffic completely for free in any Niche and easily convert it into sales that can be anywhere from like 45 dollars fifty dollars one hundred dollars or even 200 depending on the niche and the product that you are going to select just make sure you're going to stay until the end of the video because I'm going to review literally every everything and yeah just comment down below if you're going to make money from this or not after you decide to set this up but for that please I need your help could you just go ahead and vote on the poll that I just posted on my YouTube channel pretty much in the past 30 days I made over 33k in affiliate commissions this is my warrior Plus account this is where I've been making the money and you can see that yesterday I closed at 1 500 today I'm already at one thousand and thirty two dollars and pretty much I'm just generating few sales 36 sales 27 sales because I started doing something different I'm actually promoting higher ticket programs higher ticket products which are paying higher ticket commissions and this is something that I think you guys could be actually interested in because in April I made twenty six thousand dollars but pretty much in the last 30 days I made over 33 000 which is well over a thousand dollars per day and pretty much my question to you is if you'd be actually interested in joining a five day live Master Class where I will teach you the exact system and how you can build your very own Incognito of that business that's going to be generating these high ticket commissions even while you sleep as you know my coaching program is currently closed because I'm revamping it and the main thing that I'm going to change is instead of instead of promoting low ticket products I'm going to show you how to promote High ticket products so you can get to those one thousand two thousand dollar paydays very easily and easily reach ten thousand dollars per month now pretty much my question is just please go ahead check out the poll question and just vote what should be the price of the masterclass currently I'm super excited that pretty much a lot of people are interested only 21 people are actually not interested in joining which is completely okay but also if you're going to have any suggestion please make sure to leave a comment I'm going through all the comments in this poll and I'm answering them myself just go through the poll check it out vote and I'll be really happy to answer any comments or questions you might have in the comment section on this poll okay now let's get started with the main thing that pretty much these are the results I've been generating on this ClickBank account and you can see these are all actually weekly payments like 666.

820 87 728 681 and pretty much in today's video guys I want to show you how you can generate these payments yourself as well using this very cool free traffic hack to promote any product promote any literally anything just to get real visitors completely for free to any page any CPA offer or pretty much wherever you want just by using Chad GPT now pretty much the step number one what you want to do is you want to pick up something that you are going to be promoting or something that your entire structure is going to be about now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to go to ClickBank Marketplace and I'm going to pick up a health and fitness offer okay so I'll show you exactly how to do it right here now pretty much what I'm going to be looking for is going to be some kind of like a diet I like to pretty much promote like the diet because it's like a video course it's like a step-by-step that's what I like to promote because most of the products right here at least for this method are not going to work because there are supplements okay so I'm just going to find like a smoothie diet okay 21 day rapid weight loss program so this is what I'm going to be promoting and pretty much the only thing that you need to like think about is what is this product about and what it solves okay so now we have this product the smoothie diet 21 day rapid weight loss program click on promote and you want to get your affiliate link for this one or pretty much for any product a CPA offer literally anything you can actually promote anything with this method and it's just going to work okay and the thing is with this method you can easily make like 45 dollars per hour but also you can build this up to over ten thousand dollars per month okay the same exact process the only difference is you need to stick to a long term so don't just do it for for like an hour do it for like 30 days every single day for one hour and you will see amazing results there is no way this is not going to make you money just stick to it 30 days one hour per day even the same product you are going to make so much money so so good results I I there's definitely no way you're not going to get that now click on the link and they want to shorten it so for example I'm just going to use a tiny URL just put it there and click on make tiny URL and pretty much now you have the link right here so instead of the longer L we are just going to be using this short link now the next thing what you want to do and this is the first AI tool we are going to be using and this is pretty much one of the best tools to use when you are promoting products or doing making money online from scratch is answer the public because one of the hard ways to generate affiliate sales is to try to promote something that people don't want to actually buy and they are not even looking for and answer the public will tell you exactly what people are looking for and pretty much here if they are looking for something you can easily sell it so then pretty much just go here make sure you're going to enter country United States it's going to be at the top and the language English and then pretty much put there pretty much this product is like a diet so pretty much let's put there how to lose weight okay and click on search and this is going to give you all the search results recent search results pretty much if something changes in the past month it's going to give you those search results if there's like a brand new diet discovered like I don't know a prehistoric diet it's going to be right here show shown as well okay so that's the thing because you don't know maybe in the in January people are looking for something February something March something April May it changes okay so maybe the key to that is popular in January because everybody ate so many sweets during the Christmas period and then pretty much in May people are just looking for a low carb diet so that's just an example but pretty much we're going to see right here showing 128 questions how to lose weight you want to go for these ones the highly searched ones and pretty much just go through them and find something that's going to actually make sense okay so because some of these don't make sense because some people literally just Google whatever is on their mind so pretty much right here what to lose weight uh without exercise what to lose weight in a month that's kind of weird uh how to lose weight without exercise okay so this is pretty much a very very good keyword okay so this is something we can use and then how is to lose weight pretty much one of these is just one setup of this method pretty much just find if you want to do it for a month and guaranteed make money just pretty much find 30 of them them write them down and that's it you don't even have to open answer the public anymore next thing you want to go to open AI chat GPT and this is exactly what is going to do all the work for us okay because now we have the keyword pretty much is how to lose weight without exercise so you go to chat GPT I'm going to zoom it in and you want to write here hey please and by the way am I still the only one that's asking like very kindly the AI tools like uh do stuff for them because whenever I see someone else like going through the chat GPT or two it's like yo write me something do this and I'm like hey please could you possibly do this for me and it's like the same exact tool anyways hey please could you write me a Twitter thread with five posts about how to lose weight without exercise and now it's going to pretty much write you a short thread sure here's a Twitter thread tied to losing weight without exercise is it possible pretty much this is this is what's going to do it's going to write this Twitter Thread about this now this is pretty much a new kind of like content that's been recently popping off on Twitter it's been there for a long time but pretty much recently it's going very viral and I will show you how to actually make it go viral okay if you have a heavy units Twitter before you might like okay Twitter blah blah blah I actually found out a way on how to pretty much make this kind of thing go viral a lot faster okay this is something that most people are not sharing with you but I will share it right here because I don't really use it that much right now so pretty much first of all you want to just copy this Twitter post just open up a chat GPT then go back to Twitter not where your past go back to Twitter and you want to pretty much right here lose losing losing weight without exercise is it possible and then just copy and paste this part okay and this actually is doing it already I've seen it right there okay I will show you what is the hack uh right there okay so I need to do it like this losing weight without exercise is possible uh okay okay okay okay okay here are some tips okay let me just do it like this for some reason it's too long so losing weight without exercise is possible hey everyone I'm just gonna put hey okay so we want to make sure it's within the characters sometimes the chat GPD obviously is going to uh open it up and it's going to be longer now pretty much the first thing you want to do is post this tweet and then I will expose the little secret okay now then you want to click on the post you want to click on it and then you want to tweet your reply this is going to make it like a thread okay so now you're just going to copy and paste the second part just like this and copy and paste the second post okay and put it right there and I think it's actually because of I don't know why it's too long though so when it comes to losing weight Porsche countries key be mindful how much you're eating and try to order set positions options opt for smaller plates and listen to your body's hunger effortless cure okay I'll just delete this part for some reason because I want to make sure that it's going to fill in and click on reply and now once you're going to do the first reply we can actually start using our hack you can see if we are going to refresh this part you're going to see this is like a thread right now okay and you can click on add another tweet and pretty much it's going to add it right below it and now it's going to actually create a thread it's not going to be just like random Twitter posts with replies and comments it's going to become a thread okay so I'm just going to do it for the second one and you want to do it for all of them okay just make sure there's like uh there's like a five post okay that's kind of like the thing I don't think I should post actually the first one choose nutrition that is food focus on or what what is the emojis that much no no Focus incorporating neutronize food okay okay okay think of rule okay okay these options will help you okay I'll just delete this bar again okay just want to make sure you're going to go through this and make sure that it makes sense it provides value and also fits within the characters I don't know why all of these are not fitting right now but pretty much I want to show you the hack Okay now click on tweet and you're going to see I will refresh it and now it's becoming a nice thread so now what I'm going to share this people are going to see this as a thread and they are not going to see this as just a post with the replies it's going to show all these things and also it's going to highlight the first part which is what your portion size to the Arduino series is a valuable Twitter thread now that's the first part the second part which chat GPD in this case already done for us is you want to always include one hashtag per post this way you are not just blasting the entire thread for a couple of hashtags or for one hashtag you are actually making sure that all of these threads all of these posts are spread out in the niche as you can see this is like weight loss tips this is like portion control this is like nutrient dense foods and it's just making sure that the entire post has this SEO juice okay so this is very important because you want to make sure that the entire structure has value and also every post contains one hashtag related to the niche but it's different than other else you don't want to include like how to lose weight in every single one of them okay just make sure you're going to put like a different hashtags in this case chat GPD done it all 4S okay and pretty much the last thing I will show you that right here I'm just going to uh add another tweet and pretty much I don't need to add the right tweet I'll just show you how to do the call to action you can act you want to actually add for the last post you want to add call to action to your affiliate offer so pretty much if you're looking for a simple diet to follow I highly recommend 21 day smoothie diet here are the results people got using it and then just include your link and click on tweet and now when I refresh it you can see this is going to be my entire thread okay so you can see it right here this is the main part second the first second and you want to include third fourth and fifth and then include your link right here you can pretty much use I think like more than 30 Tweets in a thread I believe I have seen some like this I don't know if there's like a limit but there is more than that now pretty much what you want to do right now because this is the already almost done thing but if you have no followers it's going to get some traction or here and there but you want to pretty much boost it a little bit so first of all you want to get a link to the main part okay to this main Twitter post and you want to click on the pretty much the date okay to actually get it if you click on the date right here you can see if I click on this one it's going to be linked to this one I don't want that I want a link to the first one because if I get a link to the second one you can see it's only going to show the second one then the the next one and before that it's going to be kind of like it's like messed up so you want to make sure you're going to get a link just click on the timestamp of the first main Twitter post now you have the entire thread and here comes the hacking part now it's not really a hack it's just a little boost for beginning what you want to do is you simply want to go to SEO clerks and you want to buy this Twitter retweets online for the main pros this is going to show Twitter that your post is actually valuable and what it's going to do it's going to give it like a test run to couple hundred people to see if it's actually valuable if those people are going to like it and follow it which they are because it is valuable it's going to show to even more people and even more people this is how the algorithm works and pretty much that initial boost is the only thing that actually separates you from getting those initial results so the algorithm can actually show it to more people and this is how you can get it you just simply buy like 30 Twitter retweets online it costs like one dollar now pretty much maybe the first post is not going to go wild right away because the way it works is if your first post is going to get some traction usually the next post is boosted right away and then if that that post is going to get decent traction which is like okay do Post in a row let's boost the next one a little bit more then a little bit more and then pretty much like a fifth or six post they are going to go viral and that's where you get the most amount of traffic and most amount of sales and literally all you have to do is just did like 30 questions from answer the public the news chat GPT to create this super simple uh Twitter threads boost them make sure to add a keyword and that's pretty much it and that's guys I hope you enjoyed this method pretty much this is exactly how much money you can be making with that even more because if you're going to do it for 30 days maybe the first 21 days you're not going to get any results at all but the results are going to stack in your last nine days are going to get you a lot of sales just try it out for 30 days and I promise you it's going to work watching let me know what you think about this video and also don't forget to like subscribe comment below and vote on the poll about the Incognito height affiliate selling system

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